Nosodes are very important medicines in the homœopathic armamentarium.  In fact one cannot function effectively without such Nosodes as Tuberculinum, Medorrhinum, Psorinum and of-late Carcinosinum to mention only few.  We already have several good literature on the Nosodes and lot of information keep pouring in through the homœopathic journals reporting cures.  However, there are several ‘lesser’ Nosodes, for example Streptococcinum, Malaria officinalis and the Bowel Nosodes which have a great role in our therapeutics, which lie in separate articles, pamphlets, etc.  The French School has good literature on such Nosodes as Tuberculinum Residuum, Denys, B.C.G. The late Dr. O.A. JULIAN’s Book is valuable in this regard. 

      Some years ago I came across a Materia Medica by Dr. Walter BUSCHAUER, wherein he has given on one page according to BOENNINGHAUSEN Method – Location, Sensation and Modality and on the opposite page according to KENT – Generals to Particulars.  Depending upon the method one chooses to study the remedy which again depends upon the case before one, the information can be obtained.  This small Materia Medica of twenty Nosodes before you is on this format.  The information has been collected from JULIAN and Dr. BUSCHAUER. 

      A Pathological Repertory of the Nosodes drawn from Dr. JULIAN is also given. 

      A very important word of caution.   One must study the remedy in different ‘source’ Materia Medicas before prescribing.  This work is only an addition for quick reference and does not replace any extant work. 

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August 2007                                                                                                        K.S. Srinivasan  

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