(According to O.A. JULIAN) 
ABSCESSES                                            Pyrogenium 
ABSCESS OF THE LUNG                     Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
ACETONAEMIA                                    B. Sycoccus 
ACNE                                                       Anthracinum, Psorinum, Tuberculinum    
ACNE CONGLOBATA                          Tuberculinum (Residuum) 
ACNE PUSTULOSA                              Variolinum 
ACNE ROSACEA                                   Tuberculinum (Marmorek) 
ACROCYANOSIS                                  B. Morgan, Tuberculinum (Denys, Marmorek) 
ADDISON’S DISEASE                          Tuberculinum (Bacillinum), Malaria officinalis 
ADNEXITIS                                            Colibacillinum, Medorrhinum, B. Morgan,

                                                                  B. Sycoccus               

                                                                  Tuberculinum (Bacillinum, Residuum) 
ADENOID VEGETATIONS                  GONOTOXINUM, Mucor M., Psorinum, 
                                                                  B. Sycoccus, Tuberculinum

ADYNAMIA, increased                         

  susceptibility                                           Anthracinum


AGEING, premature with memory         

  disturbances                                            B. No.7, Medorrhinum 
  desire for                                                 LUESINUM, MEDORRHINUM 
ALCOHOLISM                                       Luesinum 
ALLERGIES                                            ANAPHYLACTIC LUNG 
ALOPECIA                                              Luesinum, Streptococcinum, Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
ALTERNATINGLY, symptoms              
  appearing                                                 PSORINUM 
ANAEMIA                                               Malaria officinalis, Medorrhinum, MUCOR M, STR-E-COCC, B. Sycoccus, Tuberculinum (Spengler) 
ANAL Fissures                                         Luesinum 
ANAL Fistulae                                         Pyrogenium 
ANAL PRURITIS, with worms              Medorrhinum 
ANGINA, malignant, Pseudo- 
  membrane from beginning, dark; 
  no difficulties in swallowing, 
  no pains, exhausted state.                       DIPHTHEROTOXINUM 
ANGINA, chronic                                    Medorrhinum, PARATYPHOIDINUM B 
ANGINA PECTORIS                             Luesinum 
ANOREXIA                                            BRUCELLA M., (Vaccinotoxinum) TUBERCULINUM (BCG, MARMOREK) 
ANOREXIA, of infants                           Anaphylactic lung, TUBERCULINUM (AVIAIRE) 
APHTHAE                                               Psorinum

APHTHAE, in mouth, with scaly

  lips                                                           MONILIA A 
APHTHAE with Gingivitis, 
  brown tongue, toothache                        PENICILLINUM 
APPEARANCE, puffy, pasty                  MALANDRINUM 
APPENDICITIS, chronic                         Tuberculinum, Streptococcinum, Colibacillinum 
ARTERIOSCLEROSIS                           Luesinum 
ARTHROSIS                                           Tuberculinum (Residuum), Vaccinotoxinum 
ARTHROSIS of Knee                             Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
ARTHROSIS of Knees, small joints        B. Morgan 
ASTHENIA,                                             MUCOR M, B. No.7, PENICILLINUM, Scarlatinum, STRE-E-COCC., TUBERCULINUM  (AVIAIRE, BCG) 
ASTHENIA, Post-infectious                    Malaria 
  with chronic Hypotension                       TUBERCULINUM (BCG) 
ASTHMA                                                 ANAPHYLACTIC LUNG, Luesinum, Malleinum, Medorrhinum, PENICILLINUM, Pertussinum, Psorinum, B. Sycoccus, Tuberculinum. 
ASTHMA, Humid                                    Tuberculinum (Bacillinum), Mucor-M

ASTHMA, Infantile with Fever

  phases                                                      Tuberculinum (Aviaire) 
ASTHMA, of plethoric people                 Tuberculinum (Denys) 
BACK and joint pains                              MALARIA 
BACK and joint pains, 
  with much fatigue                                   VACCINOTOXINUM 
BED-WETTING                                      Lyssinum, Medorrhinum, Psorinum, Tuberculinum 
BLEPHARITIS                                        Medorrhinum, Psorinum, Tuberculinum, Vaccinotoxinum 
BOECK’S disease                                    Tuberculinum (Marmorek) 
BONES, Cysts, Necrosis, Ulcers              Luesinum


  Tuberculosis, fistulating                          Tuberculinum 
BRAIN AND SPINAL CORD,              
  Organotropic Nosodes                            Luesinum, Lyssinum, POLIOMYELITIS, Variolinum 
BREATH, stinking                                   DIPHTHEROTOXINUM, MALANDRINUM 
BRONCHITIS                                         Influenzinum, B.Sycoccus, Malaria, Tuberculinum                                            (Marmorek) 
BRONCHITIS, Capillary                         Tuberculinum

BRONCHITIS, chronic of

  old people                                               Diphtherotoxinum 
BRONCHITIS, grippal                            Tuberculinum (Aviaire) 
BRONCHO-PNEUMONIA                    Tuberculinum (Marmorek) 
  of children                                               Tuberculinum (Aviaire) 
BRONCHIECTASIS                               Psorinum, Tuberculinum (Bacillinum)

CALCIUM DEFICIENCY, with           

  Phosphaturia                                           MUCOR M 
CANCER, old people                               B. GAERTNER 
CARBUNCLE                                         Anthracinum 
CARDIALGIAS                                      Luesinum, Streptococcinum 
CATATONIA                                          Colibacillinum, Psorinum 
CERVICITIS                                           Luesinum, Medorrhinum, Psorinum, B.Sycoccus,                                          Tuberculinum 
CHARACTER DISORDERS                 Medorrhinum 
  of Children                                              B.Proteus 
  in Bronchitis and Pleuritis                       Tuberculinum 
CHILBLAINS                                         B. Morgan, Tuberculinum (Marmorek) 
CHILLY, sensitive to cold                       MEDORRHINUM, PSORINUM, TUBERCULINUM, Colibacillinum


         acute                                                 Pyrogenium, Paratyphoidinum B  
         chronic                                             B.Morgan, Paratyphoidinum B, Colibacillinum 
         subacute                                           Paratyphoidinum BB  
CHOLERA INFANTUM                        Medorrhinum, Psorinum 
CHOLELITHIASIS                                 B.Morgan 
CHOLERIC, aggressive nature                B.Proteus 
CICATRISATION, delayed                    MALANDRINUM 
  Peripheral, Arterial                                  B.Proteus 
COLDS, recurrent                                    TUBERCULINUM 
CONCENTRATION, wanting of            MEDORRHINUM 
CONDYLOMA                                       Medorrhinum, Penicillinum 
CONGESTION, of lungs                         B.Morgan, Tuberculinum (Aviaire, Marmorek) 
CONGESTION, of the mucous               
  membranes and organs                            B.MORGAN 
CONSTIPATION                                    BRUCELLA M 
CONVALESCENCE, delayed                Psorinum 
CONVULSIONS, of Children                Medorrhinum, PERTUSSINUM 
CONVULSIONS, epileptiform               Lyssinum, Pertussinum, B.Proteus

CORYZA, with copious

  watery discharge                                     TUBERCULINUM (DENYS) 
COUGH                                                   Leusinum, Lyssinum, Malaria, Medorrhinum, PENICILLINUM, PERTUSSINUM, Psorinum, TUBERCULINUM (AVIAIRE, BACILLINUM), Variolinum 
COUGH, acute, loud irritative cough      TUBERCULINUM (AVIAIRE) 
COUGH, attacks, spasmodic 
  with mucous expectoration                     PERTUSSINUM 
COUGH, chronic in Winter                      Psorinum 
COUGH, chronic with 
  mucopurulent expectoration                   TUBERCULINUM (BACILLINUM) 
COUGH, dry, asthmatic                           PENICILLINUM 
COUGH, nightly                                      Luesinum, Medorrhinum 
COUGH, spasmodic                                 Lyssinum 
COX ARTHROSIS                                  Lyssinum 
CYANOSIS of the face                           PERTUSSINUM 
CYSTITIS, acute and chronic                  Colibacillinum, Enterococcinum, 
                                                                  Paratyphoidinum B, B.Proteus, Tuberculinum 
  with hallucination                                   Medorrhinum 
DECUBITUS, with crust formation        Pyrogenium

DELIRIUM, acute                                   Lyssinum

DEMINERALISATION, of Children     Psorinum, Tuberculinum 
DEPRESSION                                         Tuberculinum (Denys), Vaccinotoxinum 
DIABETES MELLITUS                         Medorrhinum 
DIARRHOEA, foul smelling                   Psorinum 
DIARRHOEA, mornings, 
  bloody with pains 
  in liver and splenic region                       MALARIA 
DIARRHOEA, stinking                           PARATYPHOIDINUM B 
  with liquid stinking stools                       Anthracinum 
DIGESTION of fat, disordered               B. Gaertner 
DIGESTION, slow                                   COLIBACILLINUM 

DRYNESS of throat

  with absence of thirst                              Anaphylactic lung

DUPUYTREN’s contraction                    Tuberculinum (Residuum) 
DYSENTERY                                          Lyssinum, Tuberculinum 
DYSMENORRHOEA                             Luesinum, Medorrhinum, B. Morgan 
DYSPEPSIA, nervous                              Tuberculinum (Marmorek) 
DYSTHYROIDISM                                B. No.7 
ECLAMPSIA                                           Lyssinum 
ECZEMA (see “eruptions”,                      
  “skin eruptions”)                                     Malandrinum, Medorrhinum, Monilia A., 
                                                                  B. Morgan, Penicillinum, Psorinum, Streptococcinum, Str-e-cocc, Tuberculinum, (Denys), Vaccinotoxinum, B. Sycoccus 
ECZEMA, acute                                       Vaccinotoxinum 
ECZEMA and Furuncle                           PENICILLINUM 
ECZEMA, chronic                                    Monilia A. 
ECZEMA, chronic, 
  moist particularly after vaccination         Malandrinum 
ECZEMA, chronic, of the scalp               Psorinum 
ECZEMA, dry, scaling                             Streptococcinum 
ECZEMA, dry, itching, 
  scaling with Fissures                               Tuberculinum 
ECZEMA, eyelid                                      TUBERCULINUM (BACILLINUM) 
ECZEMA, new born infants                    Stre-e-cocc 
ECZEMA, of the finger, hands, 
  popliteal space, axilla, mammae, 
  elbow, anal region, 
  folds of buttocks                                     Monilia A 
ECZEMA, of infants                                B. MORGAN 
ECZEMA, of auditory meatus                 Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
ECZEMA, peri-anal, of infants                Medorrhinum 
ECZEMA, with linear fissures 
  of the skin and folds of 
  mucous membrane                                  MONILIA A 
EMACIATION                                        Paratyphoidinum  B, Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
EMPYEMA                                              Pyrogenium 
ENCEPHALITIS                                     Pyrogenium 
ENCEPHALITIS, post vaccinal              VARIOLINUM 
ENCEPHALOPATHY, with feeble- 
  mindedness                                             Pertussinum 
ENTERITIS, infectious                            Pyrogenium 
ENTERITIS, summer                               Paratyphoidinum B 
ENTEROCOLITIS                                  Pyrogenium, Tuberculinum (Denys) 
ENTEROCOLITIS, haemorrhagic           Eberthinum 
EPILEPSY                                               LUESINUM, Lyssinum, Tuberculinum 
EPISTAXIS                                              Medorrhinum, Tuberculinum 
EPISTAXIS, stinking secretion                DIPHTHEROTOXINUM 
EROTOMANIA                                       Lyssinum 
(see “skin eruptions,” eczema)                  BRUCELLA M 
ERUPTIONS, blisters or pustules, 
  with burning pains                                  VACCINOTOXINUM    
ERUPTIONS, scalp, itching, 
   particularly in evenings                          MALANDRINUM 
ERYSIPELAS                                          Anthracinum, Vaccinotoxinum 
ERYTHEMA nodosum                            Tuberculinum 
  of young girls                                          B. Morgan, Tuberculinum (Marmorek) 
EXCICCOSE, Hydropenia                      PARATYPHOIDINUM B 
EXCITABILITY                                      BRUCELLA M., LYSSINUM, B. SYCOCCUS,                                        TUBERCULINUM, VACCINOTOXINUM 
EXCITABILITY, easy                             TUBERCULINUM 
EXHALATIONS, bad                             MEDORRHINUM, PSORINUM 
EXHAUSTION, mental and physical      B. No.7 
  with profuse diarrhoea                            EBERTHINUM 
EXHAUSTION, with restlessness           PYROGENIUM 
EXOSTOSIS                                            Luesinum, MALANDRINUM 
EYES, chronic                                          Luesinum, MORBILLINUM, 
  (Conjunctival inflammation)                   Psorinum, VACCINOTOXINUM 
EYES, Organotropic Nosode                   Diphtherococcinum, Gonococcinum, Herpes-virus 
FACIAL paresis, after chilling                 Botulinum, Luesinum 
FAINTING SPELLS                               BRUCELLA M 
FEAR of animals, particularly dogs         TUBERCULINUM 
FEAR of night, of diseases                      Luesinum 
FEVER-ATTACKS                                 STR-E-COCC


  from least exertion                                  TUBERCULINUM (DENYS)

FEVER, light, of short duration               TUBERCULINUM (BCG) 
FEVER, subacute, protracted                   Paratyphoidinum B 
FEVER, sub-febrile, chilly, asthenic        PENICILLINUM 
FEVER, with anxiety and delirium          Anthracinum 
FEVER, with chilly feeling, 
  then heat and copious perspiration         MALARIA 
FEVER, with much perspiration, 
  from exertion; nights                               Variolinum, BRUCELLA  M 
FIBROMA                                               Luesinum 
FURUNCLE                                            Anthracinum, Malandrinum, Penicillinum, Psorinum, Pyrogenium, STAPHYLOCOCCINUM 
GASTRITIS                                             Medorrhinum, Monilia A., Tuberculinum (Denys) 
GASTRO-ENTERITIS, acute                  Anthracinum, Paratyphoidinum BB, Pyrogenium 
GASTRO-ENTERITIS, chronic              Colibacillinum 
GASTRO-ENTERITIS, of children         B.Sycoccus 
GINGIVITIS                                            Monilia, Str-e-cocc, Tuberculinum 
GINGIVITIS, with aphthae, 
  brown tongue, toothaches                       PENICILLINUM 
GLANDS, hypertrophy                            TUBERCULINUM (AVIAIRE, BCG) 
GLANDS, hypertrophy of the 
  mediastinal glands                                  TUBERCULINUM (BCG) 
GLANDS, inflammed, septic                   TUBERCULINUM (BCG)

GLANDS, inflammation

  during dentition                                      Mucor M 
GLANDS, inflammation 
  of the parotid gland and maxillaris         Anthracinum 
GLANDS, of the throat swollen              DIPHTHEROTOXINUM 
GLANDS, Lymphadenopathy                 Luesinum, Streptococcinum, TUBERCULINUM (BCG) 
GOUT                                                       Medorrhinum 
GRIPPE                                                    INFLUENZINUM, Pyrogenium, Str-e-cocc, Tuberculinum (Aviaire)    
GRIPPE, with moderate 
  fever and high grade weakness               INFLUENZINUM 
GRIPPE, gastrointestinal                          Pyrogenium 
  stunted growth                                        B. GAERTNER, Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
HAEMORRHOIDS                                 LUESINUM, B. Morgan 
HASTINESS, with twitching 
  in legs and burning in heels                     MEDORRHINUM 
HAY-FEVER                                           Psorinum, Tuberculinum 
HEADACHES                                         BRUCELLA M., B.Dysenteriae, INFLUENZINUM, Luesinum, Lyssinum, MALANDRINUM, MALARIA, Medorrhinum,  B. Morgan, STREPTOCOCCINUM, B.Sycoccus, TUBERCULINUM (Aviaire, BACILLINUM, Marmorek), Vaccinotoxinum 
HEADACHES, chronic                           Lyssinum, Tuberculinum (Marmorek) 
HEADACHES, congestive                      B. Morgan 
HEADACHES, deep-seated, worse 
  from movement                                       TUBERCULINUM (BACILLINUM) 
HEADACHES, occipital, with band 
  sensation                                                 Variolinum 
HEADACHES, occipital, with pale 
  appearance                                              MALANDRINUM 
HEADACHES, occipital, 
  with vertigo and indisposition                MALARIA 
HEADACHES, of students                     B. Sycoccus, Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
HEADACHES, periodical                       B. Dysenteriae 
HEADACHES, with chills, 
  muscle and joint pains                             INFLUENZINUM 
HEADACHES, with ill humour and 
  hallucinations of sight and hearing         STREPTOCOCCINUM 
HEART ailments, after rheumatism         Medorrhinum 
  Endo-Myocarditis                                   STREPTOCOCCINUM 
  (heart valve affection)                             
  with slow pulse                                       EBERTHINUM 
HEART NEUROSIS                               Tuberculinum 
HEART, of old age                                  Tuberculinum 
HEART, Organotropic Nosodes              DIPHTHEROTOXINUM, LUESINUM,                                                     STREPTOCOCCINUM 
HEART TONE, weak, arrhythmias          PARATYPHOIDINUM B 
HEAT SENSATION, retrosternal            Anaphylactic lung 
HEEL PAIN                                             Medorrhinum 
HEPATITIS, chronic                                Tuberculinum 
HEPATOCHOLITIS                               Malaria 
HERPES                                                   Luesinum, B.Proteus 
HERPES, of eyelids                                 Tuberculinum 
HERPES SIMPLEX                                Luesinum, Vaccinotoxinum 
HERPES TONSURANS                         Tuberculinum        
HERPES ZOSTER                                   Vaccinotoxinum, Variolinum 
HOARSENESS                                        Diphtherotoxinum 
HUNGER, gluttonous                              MEDORRHINUM, PSORINUM 
HYDROCELE                                         Tuberculinum 
HYDROCEPHALUS                              Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
HYDROPHOBIA                                    Lyssinum 
  sensorial, with physical, 
  breakdown, particularly in children        B. Gaertner 
HYPERTENSION                                   Luesinum 
HYPOCHONDRIACAL                         Malaria 
HYPOMENORRHOEA                          Penicillinum 
HYPOTENSION                                     Psorinum, Tuberculinum (Denys, Marmorek) 
HYPOTHYROID                                    Psorinum, B. No. 7. 
HYSTERIA                                              B.Proteus, TUBERCULINUM 
IMPATIENCE                                         MEDORRHINUM, VACCINOTOXINUM 
IMPETIGO                                               Malandrinum, Monilia A., Psorinum, STAPHYLOCOCCINUM, TUBERCULINUM (Bacillinum, Marmorek)     

IMPOTENCE, premature

  senility                                                     B. No.7, Luesinum, Medorrhinum 
  changeableness of the symptoms            TUBERCULINUM 
[INCONSTANCY, mental                        Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
INCONTINENCE                                   Luesinum, Lyssinum

INFLAMMATION, after immune

  vaccination                                              Tuberculinum 
INFLAMMATION, indurated, 
  blue-violet, vesicles, ulcers                      ANTHRACINUM 
INSTABILITY, emotional                       BRUCELLA 
  emotional and character 
  disturbances, vicious, fits of rage 
  of children                                               Luesinum 
INTERTRIGO                                          Monilia A 
INTESTINAL haemorrhages                   EBERTHINUM 
INTESTINES, Organotropic                    Colibacillinum, Enterococcinum, Paratyphoidinum 
      Nosodes                                              B, B. Proteus, Tuberculinum 
IRITIS                                                      Luesinum, Tuberculinum, Vaccinotoxinum 
KELOID                                                   Luesinum 
KELOIDS, in the vaccinated spots          Vaccinotoxinum 
KERATITIS                                             Luesinum, Tuberculinum, Vaccinotoxinum 
KIDNEY stones                                       Colibacillinum, B. Morgan 
LARYNGITIS, chronic                            Gonotoxinum, Influenzinum, Luesinum, Tuberculinum (Marmorek) 
LARYNGITIS, spastic                             Medorrhinum, Pertussinum 
LARYNGITIS, tuberculosa                     Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
LASSITUDE, excessive                           TUBERCULINUM (SPENGLER) 
LEUCORRHOEA                                   Anaphylactic lung, Medorrhinum 
LIBIDO, loss of                                       Psorinum 
LICHEN PLANUS                                  Luesinum 
LIPOID NEPHROSIS                             Penicillinum 
LIVER AND SPLEEN, affections          Malaria 
LIVER INSUFFICIENCY                      Medorrhinum, B. Sycoccus 
LUMBAGO                                             Lyssinum 
LUMBAR region, pain in                         MALANDRINUM 
LUNG, apex of, pains in                          TUBERCULINUM (AVIAIRE) 
LUPUS, Erythematosis                            Tuberculinum (Marmorek) 
LUXATIONS, relapsing                          Psorinum 
  inguinal                                                   Luesinum 
MALTA fever, chronic                             Brucella M., Malaria 
MANIC states                                          B. Proteus 
MARASMUS, chronic, 
  after Salmonella infection previously     PARATYPHOIDINUM B 

MASK like face                                        BOTULINUM

MASTITIS                                                Tuberculinum 
MASTURBATION                                  Medorrhinum 
MEASLES                                                Influenzinum, MORBILLINUM 
MEASLES, with lung complication         Tuberculinum (Aviaire) 
MELANCHOLY                                     Colibacillinum, PSORINUM, TUBERCULINUM 
  mixes up words, with asthenia, 
  oppression, irritability                             COLIBACILLINUM 
MEMORY, loss of especially 
  for one’s own name, 
  poor in calculation, in mathematics         LUESINUM 
MEMORY, weakness, 
  cannot remember that 
  which he experienced just before           MEDORRHINUM 
MENIERE’s disease                                 Tuberculinum, B. Morgan 
MENINGITIS                                          Influenzinum,        MENINGOCOCCINUM, Pyrogenium

MENSES, elevation of

  temperature before                                  TUBERCULINUM (SPENGLER) 
METEORISM                                          BOTULINUM 
METRITIS                                                Colibacillinum, Medorrhinum, Psorinum, Tuberculinum 
MIGRAINE                                             Medorrhinum, B. Morgan, Psorinum, STR-E-COCC, TUBERCULINUM (DENYS) 
MIGRAINE menstrual                             B. Morgan 
MIGRAINE, periodical                            Tuberculinum 
  irritation of the mucous membranes 
  and synovial membranes                         B . SYCOCCUS 
MUSCLE spasms                                     B. Proteus 
NAILBITING                                          Medorrhinum 
NEPHRITIS, Albuminuria                       Penicillinum, Pyrogenium, Scarlatinum

NEPHRITIS, Albuminuria

  and Haematuria                                       Tuberculinum 
NEPHRITIS, post vaccinal, 
  with Albuminuria and Oedema              Vaccinotoxinum 
NEURALGIA                                          LUESINUM, Medorrhinum, Psorinum 
NEURASTHENIA                                  Brucella M., Colibacillinum, MEDORRHINUM, Psorinum, Tuberculinum 
NEURITIS                                               Malaria, Medorrhinum, VARIOLINUM 
NIGHT TERRORS                                  B. Sycoccus, Tuberculinum 
NOSE, Furuncle, relapsing                       Tuberculinum 
NOSE, Organotropic Nosodes                 Diphtherotoxinum, STAPHYLOCOCCINUM 
NOSE, Ozaena                                         Gonotoxinum, Luesinum, Malandrinum, Str-e-cocc,             Tuberculinum 
NOSE, Polyps                                           Gonotoxinum 
  Coeliac disease                                        B. GAERTNER 
OBSTIPATION                                       B. Gaertner, Luesinum, Medorrhinum, B. Morgan,                     Psorinum, Tuberculinum (Marmorek) 
OBSTIPATION, Atonic                          B. Gaertner, Psorinum 
OBSTIPATION, chronic                          Luesinum 
OBSTIPATION, spastic                           Tuberculinum (Marmorek) 
OBSTIPATION, with clayey stools         Medorrhinum 
OBSTIPATION, with painful 
  sensitivity, of the caecal region               Monilia A 
OCCUPIED, continuous urge to be         Anaphylactic lung 
OEDEMA, with Albuminuria                  PENICILLINUM 
OEDEMA, Angioneurotic                        B. Proteus 
OEDEMA, chronic, joints of the 
  lower extremities                                     Brucella M., OURALINUM 
ONYCHORRHEXIS (brittleness of 
  nails due to longitudinal fissures)           Luesinum, Tuberculinum 
OPPRESSION                                         PERTUSSINUM 
  with anxiety before events                      B. DYSENTERIAE 
OPHTHALMIA                                       Medorrhinum, Psorinum 
  dorsi (Scheuermann’s disease)                Luesinum, Tuberculinum 
OSTEOMYELITIS                                  STAPHYLOCOCCINUM 
OSTEOMYELITIS, chronic                    Tuberculinum 
OTITIS, protracted                                   Mucor M 
OTORRHOEA, chronic                           Luesinum, Medorrhinum, Tuberculinum 
OTO-SCLEROSIS                                   Medorrhinum, Tuberculinum 
OVARIAN CYSTS                                 Luesinum, Medorrhinum, B.Sycoccus      
OXYURIA                                               B. Gaertner

PAINS, burning of vertebral column

  and joints                                                MEDORRHINUM 
PAINS, burning intensive                         ANTHRACINUM 
PAINS, in the wrist joints and 
  aches of joints                                         Variolinum 
PAINS, lightning like                               PENICILLINUM 
PAINS, of back and joints with 
  much tiresomeness                                  MALARIA, VACCINOTOXINUM 
PAINS, of joints and muscles                  PENICILLINUM 
PAINS, of joints, worse while 
  at rest, not affected by 
  atmospheric variations                            TUBERCULINUM (RESIDUUM) 
PAINS, of joints and muscles 
  of the lower extremities                          BRUCELLA - M 
PAINS, particularly at nights, slowly 
  increasing and slowly decreasing 
  of the bones                                            LUESINUM 
PALLOR, exhaustion                               MALARIA

PALLOR, of the skin and

  mucous membrane                                  TUBERCULINUM (SPENGLER) 
PALLOR, perspiration hydropenia          PARATYPHOIDINUM B 
PALMS pain and heat in the ears             TUBERCULINUM (AVIAIRE) 
PANARITIUM                                        Anthracinum, Pyrogenium STAPHYLOCOCCINUM   
PARALYSIS                                            Luesinum 
PARALYSIS, Atony                               Diphtherotoxinum 
PARALYSIS, Diphtheritic                      Botulinum, Diphtherotoxinum 
PARALYSIS, of the Vocal Cord            Diphtherotoxinum 
PARALYSIS, of walking, speech, 
  respiration                                               BOTULINUM      
PARALYSIS, rheumatic                          Vaccinotoxinum    
PARASITES, chronic, intestinal              Tuberculinum

PARESIS, of the joints of lower

  extremities                                               Tuberculinum 
PAROTITIS, epidemica                           OURLIANUM 
PEMPHIGUS                                           Luesinum 
PERIARTHRITIS, Humero-scapularis    Medorrhinum 
PERIODICITY, with agg. in Autumn 
  and Spring                                               MUCOR-M 
PERITONITIS                                         Tuberculinum (Marmorek) 
PERITONITIS, fibrous adhesive             Tuberculinum (Residuum) 
PERSPIRATION, nightly                        TUBERCULINUM 
PERSPIRATION, smelling like fish        Medorrhinum 
PERSPIRATION, stinking                      PSORINUM 
PHLEGMON                                           Pyrogenium, STAPHYLOCOCCINUM 
PHLEGMON, connective tissues             Vaccinotoxinum 
PHLEGMON, gangrenous                       Anthracinum 
PITYRIASIS, Rosea and Versicolor        Tuberculinum (Bacillinum, Marmorek) 
PLEURITIS, sicca and exudativa, 
  relapsing                                                  Tuberculinum (Marmorek), TUBERCULINUM (BCG) 
PNEUMONIA, grippal                            Tuberculinum (Aviaire) 
POISONING from Shellfish, Mussels     Paratyphoidinum B 
POLIOMYELITIS                                   Botulinum 
POLYARTHRITIS                                  Botulinum 
POLYARTHRITIS, beginning                Penicillinum          
  (see “Rheumatism”)                                Brucella M 
POLYPS of Uterus                                   Medorrhinum 
POX VACCINATION, desensiti- 
  zation of ill effects after 
  Pox vaccination                                       Malandrinum, Vaccinotoxinum 
  retarded state, after                                 VARIOLINUM 
PREGNANCY, vomiting of                    Medorrhinum, Psorinum 
PROSTATE Adenoma                             Medorrhinum 
PROSTATITIS                                         Colibacillinum, Medorrhinum, Tuberculinum 
PRURITIS Analis                                     B. Morgan 
PSORIASIS                                             Psorinum, Tuberculinum 
PSYCHOPATHY in Colibacillosis          Paratyphoidinum B 
PSYCHOTICS, Depressive                      B. Morgan, Tuberculinum 
PSYCHOTICS, Manic                             Anaphylactic lung, Tuberculinum 
PSYCHOTICS, Psychopaths, 
  suicides                                                   LUESINUM 
PTOSIS, of the lids                                  Luesinum, BOTULINUM 
PULMONARY Sclerosis                         Tuberculinum (Residuum) 
PULSE and temperature, 
  divergence of                                          PYROGENIUM 
PUSTULES, malignant                            Malandrinum 
PYLOROSPASMS                                  B. Dysenteriae 
RAYNAUD’S Disease                             B.Proteus 
REACTION power, poor                         PSORINUM 
RECTO-COLITIS, haemorrhagic            Luesinum, Tuberculinum 
REFLUX through the nose, of 
  what was drunk                                      BOTULINUM, DIPHTHEROTOXINUM 
RESISTANCE, very low                         TUBERCULINUM (AVIAIRE) 
RESPIRATION, accelerated                   PERTUSSINUM 
RESPIRATION, weak, with hacking 
  explosive cough                                      MALARIA 
  crying, anguish                                        PERTUSSINUM 
RESTLESSNESS, with exhaustion         PYROGENIUM, Variolinum 
RETARDED development, 
  of children                                               Medorrhinum 
[RHEUMATISM                                       Brucella M., Colibacillinum, GONOCOCCINUM, LUESINUM, Malaria, MEDORRHINUM, PENICILLINUM, Psorinum, Scarlatinum, STREPTOCOCCINUM, Str-e-cocc, B. Sycoccus, TUBERCULINUM (BCG, DENYS, Marmorek, RESIDUUM), Vaccinotoxinum. 
RHINITIS, chronic                                   Malleinum, Medorrhinum, Psorinum,                                     Tuberculinum (Denys)                        
RHINITIS, purulent                                 Str-e-cocc., Vaccinotoxinum 
RHINITIS, spasmodic                              Mucor M., Pollen 
RICKETS                                                 Medorrhinum, Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
SADNESS, with inferiority complex       PSORINUM 
SALIVATION                                         Luesinum, Lyssinum

SCALES, (see “Eruptions,”

  skin eruptions)                                         Monilia A 
SCIATICA                                               Malaria 
SCIATICA, left side                                Medorrhinum 
SCHIZOPHRENIA                                 Colibacillinum 
SCROFULOSIS                                       MALLEINUM, Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
SCURVY                                                 Tuberculinum 
SEBORRHOEA                                       Psorinum 
   Fish-brine odour                                     MEDORRHINUM 
SECRETIONS, acrid, stinking                 ANTHRACINUM 
SECRETIONS, bad-smelling with 
  tendency to develop into Ulcers             LUESINUM 
SECRETIONS, stinking                           PYROGENIUM 
SEES double (Diplopia)                           BOTULINUM, Luesinum, Medorrhinum 
SENSITIVITY, to noise, light, 
  drafts of air                                             STREPTOCOCCINUM 
SEPSIS                                                     Anthracinum, Pyrogenium 
SEXUAL excitement                               Lyssinum 
SHATTERED, washed out feeling, 
  with perspiration, thirst                           INFLUENZINUM 
SINUSITIS                                               Influenzinum 
SINUSITIS, chronic                                 Mucor M., Str-e-cocc 
SIT-STILL, cannot                                   TUBERCULINUM (BACILLINUM)

SKIN, alterations (Dermatosis) after

  antibiotic therapy                                    MONILIA  A 
SKIN, and appendages, 
  hair and nails, dry                                   MUCOR  M 
SKIN, and mucous membranes, dry         TUBERCULINUM (MARMOREK) 
SKIN, chapped from Washing 
  or Cold weather                                      MALANDRINUM 
SKIN, dry, desquamating, itching            MALANDRINUM

SKIN, Eruptions

  worse in cold, but itching more 
  in warmth of bed                                    PSORINUM


SKIN, Eruptions, with Liver

  disorders, Gall stones, Migraine             B. MORGAN 
SKIN, Organotropic Nosodes                  Luesinum, Staphylococcinum 
SLEEP, less need to, without 
   symptoms of fatigue                              Anaphylactic lung 
SLEEP, restless, tossing about                 MALARIA 
SLEEPLESSNESS                                   BRUCELLA M., Colibacillinum, LUESINUM, Malaria, Medorrhinum, STR-E-COCC., Tuberculinum. 
SLEEPLESSNESS of Children               TUBERCULINUM (BACILLINUM,                                  MARMOREK) 
SLEEPINESS, persistent                         MENINGOCOCCINUM 
SOMNAMBULISM                                Lyssinum

SPASMS, of the Digestive

  and Urinary tracts                                   LYSSINUM

SPASMS, of vessels of the

  Gastro-intestinal canal                            B. DYSENTERIAE 
SPLEEN, enlargement                              Malaria 
SPONDYLARTHRITIS                          Tuberculinum (Residuum) 
SPRAINS, recurring                                 Psorinum, Tuberculinum 
STENOSIS, of the Rectum                      Luesinum 
STERILITY                                              Luesinum, Tuberculinum (Residuum) 
STOMACH ailments - pains                     BOTULINUM, TUBERCULINUM (DENYS) 
STOMACH  Ulcers                                  B. Dysenteriae, B. Proteus, Tuberculinum 
STOMATITIS                                          Monilia A., Psorinum 
STRABISMUS                                         Luesinum 
STYES, frequent                                      Tuberculinum 
SUDDENLY appearing functional 
  or organic disturbances                           TUBERCULINUM (DENYS) 
SUNSTROKE                                          Lyssinum 
SUPPURATION, chronic                        MALANDRINUM 
SWALLOWING, disturbances of           BOTULINUM, Lyssinum 
SWELLING of the eyelids                      Variolinum 
  of the upper Eyelids, one-sided              COLIBACILLLINUM 
TABES                                                     Luesinum 
TALKING, very hurried                          LYSSINUM 
TASTE like pepper; desire for 
  cold things, sour things                           MALARIA 
TEETH-CARIES                                      Luesinum, Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
TEETHING, in infants, complicated 
  with Rhinopharyngitis,  Otitis, 
  Skin diseases                                           Str-e-cocc 
TEETHING, late                                      Tuberculinum 
THIRST, burning                                      Botulinum 
THIRST, intense                                       Anthracinum 
TICS                                                         B. Sycoccus 
TIMIDITY                                                Colibacillinum, B. Dysenteriae 
  in Arteries, Joints, Lungs, 
  serous coats, skin                                    TUBERCULINUM (Residuum) 
TOES, skin fissured, itching, 
  Interdigital                                              MALANDRINUM 
TONSILS, hypertrophy                            Luesinum, Medorrhinum, Mucor M, B. Sycoccus,                 Tuberculinum (BCG)                          
TONSILS, Organotropic Nosodes           Meningococcinum, STREPTOCOCCINUM 
TONSILS, Phlegmonous                          Mucor M 
TOOTHACHE                                         Lyssinum 
TOOTHACHES, consequent to 
  demineralisation                                      Tuberculinum (Marmorek) 
TOOTHACHES, with Gingivitis, 
  Aphthae                                                  PENICILLINUM 
TOOTH, neck of teeth lying exposed      Psorinum 
TOXICOSIS, of Infants                           Malaria, Paratyphoidinum B., Pyrogenium 
  fibrous in plethorics                                Tuberculinum (Denys) 
TUBERCULOSIS, intestinal                   Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
TUMOURS, benign                                  Penicillinum 
TUMOURS, pedunculated                       Medorrhinum 
ULCERS, chronic                                     Psorinum 
UNDERNOURISHED                            Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 
URAEMIA, chronic                                 Botulinum 
URETHRITIS                                          B. Sycoccus, Psorinum 
URINE and stool retention                      BOTULINUM 
URINARY disturbances, Spastics           Lyssinum 
URINATION, frequent 
  urging painful, burning                           COLIBACILLINUM 
URINE, Albuminuria in children             B. Sycoccus 
URINE, Albuminuria with Oedema         PENICILLINUM 
URINE, chronic Albuminuria                   Enterococcinum 
URINE, cloudy, bad smelling                  COLIBACILLINUM 
URINE, cloudy, containing Acetones 
  and Uric acid                                          MALANDRINUM 
URO-GENITAL SYSTEM,                     Colibacillinum, Enterococcinum, 
  Organotropic Nosodes                            GONOCOCCINUM, B. Morgan, B. Proteus 
URTICARIA                                            Medorrhinum, Penicillinum 
VAGINISMUS                                        Lyssinum, Medorrhinum 
VAGINITIS                                             Medorrhinum 
VAGINITIS, atrophic                              Luesinum 
VARICELLA                                           B. Sycoccus, VARIOLINUM 
VARICES                                                B. Morgan 
VEGETATIVE dystonia, 
  with anxiety, chilliness                            MUCOR M 
VERTIGO                                                BRUCELLA M., Medorrhinum, B. Proteus, 
                                                                  STR-E-COCC., Variolinum 
  (Ischaemic muscle contracture)               Tuberculinum (Residuum) 
VULVA, Eczema                                     Monilia A 
VULVO-VAGINITIS                             Medorrhinum, MONILIA A 
WARTS                                                    B. Sycoccus, Medorrhinum, Penicillinum 
WASHES the hands frequently, as if 
  obsessed, fears mental derangement       LUESINUM 
WASTING AWAY, thinning away         BRUCELLA M., MUCOR M, Paratyphoidinum B, 
                                                                  STR-E-COCC., TUBERCULINUM 
                                                                  (AVIAIRE, Bacillinum, BCG, MARMOREK)  
WEAKNESS, extreme                             PSORINUM 
WEAKNESS, feeling, mornings              Anaphylactic lung 
WOUNDS, old, delayed cicatrisation      MALANDRINUM 

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