NOSODE                                      PENICILLINUM 

ORGANOTROPY              Nervous system, MUCOUS                                                                       MEMBRANES of the eyes; Ears; of                                                                   the RESPIRATORY PASSAGES,                                                                                       DIGESTIVE ORGANS;Heart-                                                                                            circulatory-organs.  KIDNEYS,                                                             (female) Sexual organs, MUSCLES,                                                                  JOINTS, SKIN. 


Head:                                   Heavy, with unwell feeling, worse from           motion 
(Neuralgia)                           with intensive, general feeling of chill. 
                                             Pain forehead, above and behind.                     right 
Eyes:                                    Eye; SWELLING OF LIDS; more in the 
(Oedema, Conjunctivitis      lower lids. Conjunctival irritation, puffy             
Hordeola)                             agglutinated eyelids in                                       morning          
                                             Lachrymation; stye developing                          slowly 
Ears:                                     FURUNCLE and ECZEMA of auditory 
(Otitis externa)                     meatus, with slimy-suppurative secretions.  
                                             Tinnitus aurium. 
Heart:                                   Pains over the heart (precordial), worse on        waking up 
(Carditis)                              Palpitation, irregular heart beat, fast pulse. 
Respiratory passages:           Coryza with slimy, or thick yellow 
(Rhinitis, Sinusitis,               discharge.  Pains over the chest. 
Laryngitis, Bronchitis          Hoarse, DRY COUGH which occur                 paroxysmally 
Asthmatica)                          and which compels the patient to 
                                             twist and bend, better from                               rest. 
                                             Cough with yellow or whitish-yellow, 
                                             thick expectoration, ASTHMATIC AIR 
                                             HUNGER around                                              4 A.M. 

Digestive organs:                 MUCOUS MEMBRANE OF MOUTH RED, 
(Stomatitis aphthosa,           with WHITISH FLECKS and gum-bleeding. 
Gingivitis,                            TONGUE coated BROWN-YELLOW, with 
Angina gastritis)                   clear imprint of teeth.  Small papules on the 
                                             borders of the tongue.  PAINS, particularly 
                                             in the incisors - TEETH and the right upper 
                                             canine teeth, with radiation to the right antrum 
                                             of Highmore.  Pharyngeal areola red with swelling 
                                             and coated tonsils.  Spasmodic pains over the 
                                             stomach and around the navel 
Trunk and Extremities:        JOINT PAINS, with OEDEMAS, worse from             motion 
(Polyarthritis, Nephritis)      MUSCLE PAINS with weariness from 
                                             least                                                                                motion 
                                             Pains in the lumbar regions, 
                                             Joints cold, as if numb, stitching 
Skin:                                     Sweaty skin, OEDEMA, in FACE. 
(Eczema, Urticaria)              ERUPTIONS which secrete clear, flowing 
                                             secretion.  FURNUCLE, warts 

Mind and Emotion:              FEELING OF WEAKNESS with mental 
(Adynamia, Somnolence)    depression.  Feels well only in lying 
                                             position; any exertion difficult 
General:                                Changing infectious conditions.  APHTHAE of 
(Infectious diseases              GUMS with TOOTH ACHES, with BROWN 
Polyarthritis,                         TONGUE.  CATARRH of MUCOUS 
Chronic Reticulo-                 MEMBRANES with slimy-suppurative secretions. 
Endotheliosis)                      ECZEMA, FURUNCLE, Warts.  JOINT and

                                             MUSCULAR PAINS.  LIGHTENING PAINS

                                             worse from motion, accompanied by stitches 
                                             under the skin.  ALBUMINURIA WITH 

Side affected:                      RIGHT 

Thermo-regulation:               CHILLINESS, SUB-FEBRILE STATE, 
                                             continuous fever 38° evenings, 
                                             remaining for long time 
Disposition to Perspiration:  Hot or cold sweat, of stale odour 
Desire for: 
Aversion to: 

Stool evacuation:                 Constipation without urge 

Urination:                             Scanty.  Kidney pains both sides, 
(Nephritis Nephrose)            which radiate to hips 

Sleep:                                   Deep, or restless; wakes at 2 hours with 
                                             uneasiness; vertigo, worse from motion 
Menstruation:                       Strength: Weak 
                                             Onset: Late 
Leucorrhoea:                        Discharge, yellow or white, not irritative




Stool:                                    Constipated 
Urine:                                   Scanty, albuminous 
Perspiration:                         Hot or cold sweat, of stale odour 
Agg:                                     AT 4 hours 
                                             From WET COLD 
                                             From MOTION 
Amel:                                   From REST 
                                             From DRY, WARM WEATHER                     

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