NOSODE                                       PYROGENIUM 

ORGANOTROPY              Nervous system, HEART-                                                                          CIRCULATION, Respiratory passages, 
                                             Digestive organs, Uro-genital-tract, 
                                             Trunks and Joints, SKIN 
Head:                                   Violent congestion of blood to 
(Meningitis,                          head, with throbbing in the temples, 
Mastoiditis)                          better from                                                         pressure 
                                             Throbbing in head and in the ears, 
                                             Pressing headaches, in occiput, in 
                                             the eyeballs, worse from                                    cough 
Face:                                     Pale, dark rings below the eyes. 
                                             Burning cheeks; trembling, 
                                             twitching alae nasi 
Heart-circulation:                 Consciousness of his heart. 
                                             Heart weakness, palpitation 
                                             Pulse rapid, small, thready not in 
                                             proportion to the temperature 
Respiratory passages:           Cough, with copious expectoration 
(Empyema, Lung abscess,    of stinking mucous worse from                         motion 
Gangrene)                            in                                                                        warm room 
                                             While coughing, taste, like pus 
Digestive organs:                 Tongue red, as if varnished dry, 
(Infantile enteritis,               Fetid taste.  Teeth dirty yellow 
Cholecystitis, Septic            coated.  Abdomen distended, tense, 
Appendicitis, Typhus,          sensitive and painful 
Cholera, Anal Fissure) 
Trunk and Joints:                 Feels as if whole body beaten.  As if bones 
                                             have been broken.  Numbness of the joints 

Skin:                                     Cold, livid, covered with cold clumpy 
(Furuncle, Phlegmonous,     stinking sweat.  Stinking ulcers in                    old people 
Abscesses, Panaritium, 
Decubital ulcers, 
Ulcera varicosa)                                                                                                          



Mind and Emotion:              High grade EXHAUSTION WITH 
(Encephalitis)                       RESTLESSNESS.  Bed feels too hard; 
                                             must continuously move to ease the painful 
                                             parts.  Mentally irritable, loquacious.  Thinks 
                                             that he is another person when turning on 
                                             the other side in bed.  Delusions about the 
                                             position of parts of his body 

General:                                GENERAL INFECTIOUS SEPTIC STATE, with 
(Septicaemia, Pyaemia,        DIVERGENCE OF PULSE AND TEMPERATURE, 
Puerperal toxicosis,              oppression of heart and RESTLESSNESS.  Putrid, 
Grippe, Gastro- intestinal     cadaverous odour of the body, the breath, the perspiration. 
Tuberculous cavity)              Bruised, sore pains all over the body. STINKING 
                                          EXCRETIONS.  Local tendency to suppuration and lymphangitis 

Side affected:                      

Thermo-regulation:               Oscillating Fevers. Periodical chilliness, about 19 hours.  Fever 
Disposition to Perspiration:  with copious cold, sticky, stinking perspiration 
Thirst:                                   For fresh water, (which would however be 
                                             vomited when it has become warm in the 
                                             stomach; whereas, warm water which subdues 
                                             the nausea, will be held) 
Desire for: 
Aversion to: 
Stool evacuation:                 Stinking diarrhoea.  Brown or black stools, 
                                             with involuntary passage of wind.  
                                             Constipation with dry, black, carrion-like 
                                             stinking stools 
Urination:                             Tormenting urge for urination (Bladder tenesmus) 
Sleep:                                   Restless; crying out from oppression of chest, 
                                             with choking sensation 
Dreams:                                Anxious dreams 

Menstruation:                       Feverish.                                                   
(Puerperal Fever,                  STINKING MENSTRUAL BLOOD 
Metrorrhagia,                       Uterine bleeding, black, stinking. 
Abscesses of Mammary                                            
Glands)                                Lochia stinking, brown, with chilliness,  
                                             fever, sweat.                                              
Stool:                                    Carrion-like stinking, diarrhoeic, brown 
                                             or black, dry. 
Urine:                                   Scanty, dark colored.  Albuminuria with 
                                             Cylinders.  Urine of putrid smell. 
Perspiration:                         Stinking sweat, copious, cold, clammy 

Agg:                                     From PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENTS

                                             From TOUCH 
Amel:                                   From WARMTH (WARM ROOM, WARM BED, 
                                             WARM DRINKS) 
                                             From change of position in lying         

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