AHZ   :  Allgemeine Homöopathische Zeitung.

BHJ  : Formerly British Journal of Homeopathy, Now known as HOMEOPATHY.

HG    : The Hahnemannian Gleanings.

HH    : Homœopathic Heritage.

HR    : The Homœopathic Recorder.

HM    : The Hahnemannian Monthly.

IHA    : International Hahnemannian Association Proceedings/ Transactions.

JAIH  : Formerly The Journal of the American Institute of Homoeopathy, Now known as American Journal of Homeopathic   Medicine.

MA    : The Medical Advance.

RBH  : Revue BeIge d' Homoeopathie.

REP  : Repertory

RES  : Resonance The Magazine of the International Foundation for  Homœopathy.

ZKH  :  Zeitschrift für Klassische Homöopathie.


* The icteric symptoms of Myrica  are undoubted.  Dr. WALKER proved the drug under my own observation.  By reference to the two Provings made by him, it will be seen that during the first Proving he had “drowsiness, with heavy frontal morning headache, yellowness of the eyes, scantiness of urine, and light-colored faeces,” – all the premonitory symptoms of jaundice.  At this point the medicine was suspended, and the above symptoms disappeared.  At the next Proving the same symptoms recurred, but this time were kept up by the action of the drug until complete jaundice obtained.  This jaundice, I believe, was owing to suspended secretion, and not to obstructionHad the latter condition been the cause of the jaundice, critical discharges of black, tarry matters would have been noticed, whereas, in this case the faeces, under the action of Digitalis, gradually resumed a healthy color and appearance, and the same change occurred in the condition of the urine.  Jaundice appears to be a secondary effect of Myrica; consequently when used as a curative agent in that disease, the lower attenuations will be best indicated.

*  Hahnemann did not say, in his § 104, “once the totality of symptoms has been got together, the hardest part of the work is done,” but rather, “When an accurate record has been made of the totality of symptoms that define and characterize the case really well, in other words, when one has an accurate picture of the disease, the hardest part of the work has been done”.

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