(Repertory, Nov. 1979)

         Cancer is the greatest menace to which the mankind is exposed today. 

         There are about 700,000 Cancer cases recorded every year in India’s hospitals alone, as revealed through a news item in Calcutta Statesman of October 2, 1979.  The global figure as we may derive from this must be quite appalling.  And, there has been as yet no definite knowledge as to its etiology [causation] and no effective therapeutic measure to control or cure Cancer. – A great many die a painful premature death.

         We believe Homœopathy has a vital role in the matter and a heavy responsibility since a great bulk of the affected patients who had once been treated in the Cancer hospitals and had a relapse, or a metastasis, invariably, come finally in their last desperate bid to elude the ugly and untimely death, to the leading homœopaths, and, a good number of them is really cured and restored to their normal former life, a fact which the people elsewhere as here do neither know nor care to know unless compelled by the stark situation.

         After we had published in our last issue a homœopathic and Ayurvedic view in the matter rather briefly, there had been persisting demands from different sections of readers for a fuller view and our actual clinical position in the matter.

         In  compliance, we have been able in this short space of time to organize and offer seven Cancer Cure Reports, contributed very graciously from their clinical records by three of the leading seniormost physicians of the city Drs. H. SIRCAR, P.C. PAUL and B.K. BOSE, and an illuminating feature on Cancer, very kindly written for us by Dr. B.K. SARCAR, M.D.., with which we start. -Editor.

         To think of remedies for Cancer is confusion, but to think of remedies for the patient who appears to have Cancer is orderly. – KENT.

         If there is a remedy at all for Cancer, it is there in Homœopathy. – Dr. BENOYTOSH.


         The research work regarding Cancer, seeks an answer to the question as to how the Cancer-tumour originates.  The first Cancer cell, as mother cell, is derived from body cell.  The change over from the last body-cell to the first Cancer-cell, is the prime reason of the Cancer problem.  As long as Cancer is regarded as a disease of the cell, the therapy will concentrate on destroying these [cancerous cells] by operation, by X-Ray, Radium, or other means, in the belief that the disease is cured when these Cancer-cells have been destroyed.

         Now, regarding this Cancer problem, two points arise, namely, first, the changeover from the last  body cell to the first Cancer cell, which is not the beginning of the disease, bnut, the last stage of a process, which is only understood from the consideration of the whole organism.  Now, the main problems, what the change the Cancer cells show in their relation to the organism as a whole, is not based in the cells themselves.  The question as to what conditions are necessary for a Carcinoma to develop, can be considered from several aspects.

         The fact that the number of people who develop Cancer, is steadily increasing all over the world, suggests an enquiry into the living conditions which man has created for himself during the last decades.  This period is characterized by the application of a materialistic outlook in all spheres of life.  Technical science and chemistry, for example, applied to agriculture, the food and pharmaceutical industries etc., are altering the conditions under which we live, and numerous questions arise as to the connection between our modern form of civilization and Cancer.

         On the other hand, the progress made by social hygiene and medicine, under the influence of natural science, has contributed indirectly to the increase in Cancer mortality, in so far as they have increased the average length of life.

        The problem presents quite a different aspect as soon as it is concerned with Cancer in the individual.  The illness belongs to his life-history and can only thus be understood.   Another aspect from which Cancer can be considered is the emotional personal life.  The soul life, which Rudolf STEINER also calls the astral, finds the physical expression in the formations of inner organ.  The condition in the body which precedes the growth of the tumour, can be tested by the capillary-dynamic method of Kellie.  Cancer can also be considered from the aspect of the vegetative processes in the body, the reason of the formative forces.  These formative forces find their physical expression in the tissues which are permeated with the body-fluids.  The metabolic processes in tumours, the dependence of the growth of hormones, the part age plays on the disease, are all questions which arise on this level.

         Modern study of diseases is based on the study of changes which are brought about in the body during illness.  These changes, observed in organs and tissues, came to be regarded more and more as false, rather than the expression of the disease.  When the progress of physical methods of observation showed the body to be built up of the cells, the causes of disease were thought to lie in the cells.  These conceptions, which have latterly to a certain degree given place to a more living conceptions of disease, still reign supreme, and almost exclusively in the sphere of Cancer pathogenesis.  Just as the cells stand on the origin of life, so the first Cancer cells stand at the beginning of every cancerous growth.  If the cell, according to Virchow, seems the last formed element of all living organism then the Cancer cell is an origin, unit and essence of the Cancer tumour.

         The very first stages of the development of the egg show only cell characteristics, i.e. growth and division.  What  arises  at first therefore is nothing more than a little heap of cells.  Then something fundamentally new appears, something which can never be explained from the cell and its potentialities.  The little heap of cells, while developing further takes on definite well marked forms, other than those which would arise from a mere formation of cells, and a the same time the cells, begin to differentiate and later become well-defined organs.

         The cancerous tumour has also in all probability, its origin in a single cell.  Just as the cell stands at the origin of all life, so the first Cancer cell stands at the beginning of every cancerous growth.  If the cell, according to Virchow, is the last formed element of all living organisms, then the Cancer cell is the origin, unit and essence of the Cancer tumour.  Like the ordinary normal cell, the cancerous tumour, has also in all probability, its origin in a single cell.               A detailed study of the cancerous tumour cell shows that there is no qualitative difference recognizable between these and normal cells.  Tumour cells in vitro [test tube] behave analogously to not yet fully differentiated normal cells which have been brought to endless proliferation by the use of growth activators.  That is to say, tumour tissue shows no tendency to differentiate under conditions in which normal cells regularly manifest this tendency.  In Cancer, the cell-principle free itself a stage further from  the control of the organism than even tissue cells in vitro can normally attain.  The fact that tumour cells, even when artificially hindered in growth, do not differentiate further shows that even in the body.  These cells can develop according to their own laws.  The cells contain only the causes of differentiation - the formative forces of the organism impose differentiation on them.  The Cancer tumour can be understood from a knowledge of the principle underlying cell growth but organism cannot.  The tumour has none of the characteristics which belong to the oroganism and organ, such as, limited size, shape, structure.  In Cancer, the cell principle frees itself a stage further from the control of the organism than even tissue cells in vitro can normally attain.

         In short, in normal life, the cells of which the body is composed,  have  proportional relation between themselves as regards their number and structure.  But in a case of Cancer this balance between the body as a whole and the cells of which the body is composed is mysteriously altered leading in some cases to mere proliferation of cells of which the body or a particular part of the body or an organ is  composed, or degeneration of he cells themselves.   The difficulty is that, life is a mysterious phenomenon which defies our ordinary human conceptions.  As such, when the life-force and the cells composed in a living body get mysteriously disbalanced, sometimes huge proliferation of certain types of cells take place or some sort of degeneration of cells appear leading to various kinds of disturbances, both functional and morphological.  But the difficulty is that, as life is a mysterious force, so its working on cells are also mysterious in different ways, producing different types of disbalance in the structure and function of the different parts of the body as a whole.  But, whatever explanations we may try to give for the disturbance taking place in the workings of the life force working in and through the cells, will never be complete as our human reasons fail to that extent.  All we can find is that, there is disbalance between the life force and the body cells in which and through which the life force acts.


From the clinical records of

Dr. H. SIRCAR, M.A., M.D.,

Case 1:  Cancer in Breast

The subject, an accomplished woman of 33, in appearance fair and fatty, a resident of North Calcutta, who held a position in a respectable office and looked after her father’s business,- unmarried, - used to drive the family car herself, - had, first a cancerous affection in her right mammary gland about 12 years ago, confirmed by biopsy, and, under the conventional treatment, mastectomy [amputation of the breast] was performed on her. She came under my treatment on 26.12.1976, with a relapse, or rather a metastasis [shifting of the disease], now to her left breast and the sensations

and symptoms were the same, - severe tingling and burning pain, more or less constant as she had experienced in her right mammary gland 12 years ago.  There were also several fresh nodular growths in the area of the amputated right mammary gland, with the same tingling and burning pain as occurred to her before the operation. - She did not seek now the conventional treatment and, preferred on her own the homœopathic course.

         The following were her signs and symptoms:

1.     Bleeding piles; blood oozed even while micturating [passing urine],  2.  Cranium hot, 3. Burning in palms and soles, 4.  High Blood Pressure, 5. Dysmenorrhoea [difficult menstruation], with severe drawing pain in uterine region during the period, with a prolapse [falling forward of the uterus], 6. Hyperchlorohidria [excessive acidity], 7. Early history: suffered from severe form of Typhoid which had caused her temporary loss of memory

         A short course of the treatment as was given to her is furnished with the corresponding clinical record of her gradually developing conditions.

26.12.1976:   On examination, she was prescribed,

1.     Asterias rubens 200

2.     Collinsonia 200

3.     Glonoine 6x, as an add-interim drug to control her high B.P., and, sometime afterwards,

4.     Hypericum 200-1 dose to lessen her pain in the inflamed area of the earlier operated right breast.

Note:  The first drug Asterias rubens in 200 continued for some time,-1 dose every 7th day, - and 4 such doses which proved to be effective, with other

drugs coming occasionally on indicated symptoms.  The improvement gradually became slow and the

further indications for other complementary remedies became evident as per symptoms.


1.     She had developed burning sensation from throat downwards to stomach, intestine, urethra and ovary,

2.     Dysmenorrhoea continued,

3.     A lumbar pain, which was not there, appeared and rotated to both sides of the abdomen reaching down to both the knees.

4.     She was now putting on fat.

5.     Pain in left breast though subsided considerably, was still there.


1.     Xanthoxylum 200 finally relieved her menstrual pain and the concomitant pain caused thereby.

2.     Carbo animalis 30, - 3 times daily, repeated several days, removed her burning sensations from all over the body, and,

3.     Berberis vulgaris, cured her urinary troubles etc., completely.

Note:  The position was now much better but some of her symptoms continued to reemerge occasionally, as in this case her piles became acute again which was relieved with,

4.     Aloe 30, continued in repeated doses for 10 days.

June, 1977:  The concluding Note:

         For the cancerous affection and to start with the case she was given Asterias rubens which > her to a good extent.  Carbo animalis maintained the improvement further with bright prospects of cure.

         And the following drugs given in due course led to her cure to satisfaction and she took her normal duties, even driving the car herself which had been her hobby previously and she took main and active part in her father’s business.  From information I receive now and then about her, she is well and fit upto this day.  The following were the medicines also used in connection with her treatment:  Lachesis 0/30 and Calcarea carb. CM


Cancer in Oesophagus

         The subject, a male, 75, of Patipukur Calcutta, a businessman, was referred to me by one Dr. Chatterjee.

         The X-ray report dated 3.11.1975 read: “The radiographic appearances are suggestive of Carcinoma of lower end of Oesophagus,”       Symptoms: Dysphagia,-both solid and liquid.

         Vertigo, of 3 years standing.

         Pain in the pit of stomach during eating, with burning.

         Special liking: sour things, meat, eggs, milk.

         Habits: Smoking; tea, very hot, many cups during the day.  Food habits irregular; he ate anything, - meat, chop, cutlets, purchased from cheap shops in course of the day, in his establishment.

         Tongue: coated white.

         Temperament: rather hot.

         I took the case on 16.11.75, when the case was declared hopeless by the treating Cancer Hospital and the patient also was not wanting to stay there anymore as he could not eat solid or liquid food normally and anal feeding was being given to him at the time.

         Important indication: The patient had ropy and tenacious mucus and had suffered from Pleurisy in the left lung 3 years ago.


1.     Lachesis 200, 1 dose was given, - and after 2 days,

2.     Hydrastis can. 6x-3 doses daily.

Special Note:  The patient improved and could take food orally on the third day, - he took 1 cup of milk orally and felt better.27.11.75.  Rx/-

3.     Lachesis 1M, 1 dose

4.     Alfalfa Ø: 15 drops in 1 ounce of distilled water, twice daily after taking the milk.

Special note: He was by then taking cow milk orally daily to about 1 k.g.

         There was, however, distention and pain in mid stomach which gave trouble to the patient.

         14.12.1975: Rx/-

5.     Condurango 30, 3 times daily every 4 hours was given to the patient for a week, and on,


6.     Cheldonium Ø, 10 drops in 3 spoonful of water was given twice daily before principal meals, to encourage his appetite.

Report: The patient’s general health improved appreciably with improvement of his appetite also.

2.1.1976. Rx/- Kali Bichrome, CM 1dose.

Note:  This was the drug I thought of instantaneously as I saw the patient, but in order to find out the full and complete manifestation of the symptoms of the drug to ensure its fullest effects on the patient, I had to give him remedies in the Q to improve Liver, Kidneys etc., and, stop the spread of the disease attacking other organs of the body.  I had taken recourse to other drugs in the meantime, and actually, after administration of this drug, I got the desired effect to the fullest extent: the patient improved by leaps and bounds and there were no troubles in his alimentary canal, stomach etc., and other digestive organs.

         The following were the drugs which were also used in course of his treatment: Condurango 30, Kali bi. C.M. Carcinosin 1M, Lachesis 1M, Hydrastis Ø.

         The improvement continued; so much so that by the end of June, 1976, the patient was practically fully cured; he could take his normal diet now, with however, certain restrictions, to be followed yet for some time.


Case 1: A cancerous growth in abdomen.

         The subject, 46, a house wife, who hailed from Ranchi, came with her complaints to see me on 19.2.1977. She had developed abdominal symptomswhich were suspected to be on account of her suffering from Appendicitis.  Abdomen opened, a big mass was found to have developed on the right iliac [the right hip-joint region], which bleed on touch.  It was suspected to be a malignant Sarcoma, and nothing could be done at that stage and the surgeon closed the abdomen and prescribed her a medicine.  The patient, before taking the medicine prescribed, came to see me for a consultation.

19.2.1977.            The case was taken.  On examining her I found the following symptoms:

1.     Menses scanty, but the cycle regular, - duration,   1-3 days.

2.     Nothing irregular detected in her digestive system.  She preferred sweets and meat.

3.     A hot patient:- felt relieved from cold application.

4.     Family history: Most important,-father died of Cancer Prostate gland and the mother had Cancer in Uterus.

         In advanced cases, Dr. Paul said, when tissue-changes have occurred, specially in the incurable cases, there is a dearth of characteristic symptoms on which the Doctor can possibly prescribe.

         Thuja 200, 1 dose was given in 4 globules No.10, dissolved in half ounce of distilled water, to be taken in empty stomach in early morning.

26.2.77: Report:                   The condition remained same; no                improvement was noticeable.  Carcinosin 200, 1 dose in the same way was prescribed.

The patient went back to Ranchi and came after about a month to report her condition.

26.3.77: Report: There was definite improvement now: on palpation, the mass felt perceptively less in size.  I referred her to her surgeon for a confirmation, the report was that there was definite improvement, which, the surgeon, however, was given to believe, was in consequence of his earlier medicine as prescribed.  I had no say in this matter since it was the patient’s as well her peoples’ exclusively private preference.


DR. P.C. PAUL. B.M.B.S.; B.M.S., P.G.R. (Hom.),

                  Dr. Paul dictated himself from his records, 2 unique 1 dose cure Cancer Reports: first case, a malignant abdominal tumour and the other, a Throat Cancer.

Concluding Note:  I gave her no further medicine as the improvement continued undeterred till the mass was finally dissolved or absorbed in the system by about the end of June, 1977, though the patient continued reporting her condition periodically, as advised, and also at the same time she went to the same surgeon for a check up, and he also confirmed that the mass had totally disappeared.  Consequently her health also improved considerably and she gained in weight.

Remarks:   Carcinosin was prescribed in this case, when I had a definite knowledge of the history that both her parents had suffered from cancerous affection, and Carcinosin  in this case was, as proved, the only choice left to deal with her case.


Throat Cancer

         The man, about 40, a resident of Howrah, had Aphonia, for the last 1 year.  It was a case of suspected malignant Tumour in the Larynx; the patient consulted a number of eminent. E.N.T. specialists in the city, and was finally advised for surgical treatment.

         The patient, on being assured by the specialist that he could wait for another month, came to see me for a consultation on 5.12.1978.

         Causation:  The man was a football fan, went to see a game on a wet day and shouted too much during the game in excitement and then his voice failed him.  It felt worse in winter.

Symptoms:  Cough worse in early morning and in winter.  Digestive system normal: desires both salt and sweet.  There was nothing noticeable in regard to his own or his family’s past history.  He was a hot patient and sweated too much.

 15.12.1978. I prescribed him Argent met.  200,  1 dose in the manner I usually do and as stated.

18.12.1978. Report:  No improvement in his condition was noticeable.  I prescribed Thuja 200 one dose now in the same manner.

7.2.1979.  The hoarseness is gone; the patient is feeling better in every way.

         He was sent to the throat specialist again for a report; it was confirmed that the mass had reduced considerably and operation was not necessary at present.  No medicine was given.

7.3.1979:  He was found to be fully free as he also felt it himself.  There were no complaints and no symptoms.  The surgeon also, on examining, declared that the mass had disappeared altogether.


From the clinical records of


         Better known as Dr. Bijoy Kumar BASU, an author of about a score and a half widely read books on the system, and one of the top physicians of the City.  He studied with Dr. J.T. KENT.

The first case: Cancer in Uterus

Introduction:  Dr.BOSE described the case rather interestingly: one day some carriers brought to his clinic a doolie, i.e. a small covered litter, inside which sat or was dumped an amorphous mass that was once a human body, and that it was living, could only be understood from a pair of expressionless starring eyes.

         It was stated to him that this was a woman who had Cancer in her Uterus and Rectum, rather on old case,  and that they hailed from Sambalpur, Orissa.  The woman was admitted to Chittaranjan  Cancer Hospital some time ago, but her case worsened, they had summoned them and had discharged her this morning as the case was hopeless, with the verdict that she had now barely 48 hours to live.  They had brought her to him before taking her back to her place by the night train, as they had been advised to do so by a friendly group of onlookers at the hospital compound.  Could he really do anything to lessen her pain so that they could take her home at least alive?  And by now, two of the last most precious 48 hours of her life had been wasted!

         Dr. BOSE who has a shy and good humoured smile on his knowing face rarely failing him, briefly surveyed the case in his unhurried manner and prescribed Thuja 1M, 3 doses, to be taken 1 dose every evening for three consecutive days, and Calendula Lotion for local application and asked them to take her back as arranged, by the night train, and report after a reasonable time.

         This was on 5.7.1957; a letter arrived on 3.8.1957, stating that the patient was too weak, and the Ulcer gave off awfully fetid and putrid smell. Bose prescribed no medicine. The letter dated 14.9.1957 stated that there was no offensive odour now in the discharge, and the patient was less weak, though however, there was still some burning pain in the wound.

         Dr.BOSE prescribed Medorrhinum 1M 2 doses, and the next report after about a month gave clear indication that the medicines were now producing curative effects.

         The report dated 18.11.1958 after a year confirmed by all indications that the patient was on the way to full recovery.  It took the patient about a year and a half to be fully cured, Dr. BOSE began and completed his treatment of the case with Thuja  with other drugs coming in the interim period as per the symptoms, as gradually developed and disappeared.

         The true clinical picture of the disease and its curative course are now stated in Dr. BOSE’s own words:

         A doctor has to be as skillful as a detective in order to find out the patients’ symptoms, Dr.BOSE insisted, in order that he may arrive at a totality of symptoms to construct the drug picture of the case for successful homœopathic treatment.

         He had gathered in course of the following month the symptoms of the patient:

         The subject, one Mrs. Panigrahi, 36, wife of a Police Officer in Orissa, had at the age of 8, before marriage, a spell of very high fever which continued unabated for about 2 weeks.

         After her marriage at 16, she became a patient of Chronic Diarrhoea which Leucorrhoea from 1946.

         The husband had Gonorrhoea in 1950, the resultant reflection on the patient was that, her Leucorrhoea, with Rheumatic pains in the joints with swelling became manifest which > in winter, and

1955:  Severe dysmenorrhoea, preceded by long spell of amenorrhoea. Then metrorrhagia, every 8 or 10 days, finally, the flow contained pus and mucus.

         By about the same time she had developed a tough Tumour at the right side of her stomach, which was surgically treated.

         She was having Ayurvedic treatment at the same time, or alternately with the allopathic treatment, and nothing proved to be of any avail in her case.

Family History:  A sister of the subject had suffered from Cancer.  They were in all 13 brothers and sisters of whom only the subject and her two brothers survived.

Feb., 1957:  Cuttack Hospital diagnosed her case to be Cancer in Uterus.  X-ray and the radium therapy were given which stopped the blood and mucus discharge, inhibiting at the same time her menstrual cycle.  But on every 5th or the 7th day, there appeared a rectal haemorrhage which continued for about 3 months when Inguinal Colostomy was done on her.

         She was released from the Cuttack Hospital in May, 1957 and was admitted to Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital in June, 1957.

         Her present signs and symptoms as gathered by Dr. BOSE were as follows:

: Since the operation in rectum, she had continuous discharge of blood and pus through the canal.

: Stool, passed through the tube and collected in the attached pouch, were tough and hard,-stool 3-4 times daily.

; Anorexia.

; Severe burning after micturation

; Severe burning pain in all the joints, in winter and with mild pressure.

: Burning in Vertex,  palms and soles.

Conclusion:  As indicated earlier, the case continued to improve under Dr. BOSE’s management, and the subject showed definite improvement by November, 1958, after about a year and a half she came under his treatment.

         “She was now well”, the husband wrote in a letter dated 18.11.1958 to Dr. BOSE,  “could walk about 2 miles daily, … practically free from her previous physical weakness and she now looked after the household work and did the cooking herself..,” the letter said,

         Following drugs were also used in connection with her treatment as per the symptoms:

         Natrum sulph, 1M, 10M, Phosphorus 1M, Nux vomica, 200, Cinchona 200, Teucrium 6x

         Dr. BOSE had summoned the patient in order to see her personally and was satisfied that all the reports he had received earlier were true to the letter.  The patient could also now pass stool normally, the normal passage having been restored meanwhile.  The husband kept in touch with Dr. BOSE  for about 10 years and there were no further complaints reported about her.


Cancer in Oesophagus

(Note: This is the second case of Cancer in Oesophagus, the earlier case having been reported from Dr. SIRCAR’s clinical records,-ED.)

         The subject, 62, a businessman, a resident of South Calcutta, one Sri ROY, had the following Pathological findings:

         “X-Ray chest: Cauliflower filling defect in middle third oesophagus, more anteriorly with dilatation of oesophagus above it due to oesophageal neoplasm, malignant.”

         He was admitted to Calcutta Medical Research Institute in July, 1974 and was discharged from there in October 1974, as the case proved to be beyond them.

         Diagnosis:  “CA., oesophagus.  Oesophagus copy shows, growth of lower end of oesophagus ….emphyseamatous lower zones,…”

         Other clinical findings of earlier date of 5.7.1974 read:

         Blood sugar,-post prandial [after food], 132mg [normal].  Hb%,-11.8 gm [short]; WBC: 6,100 [normal]

         He came under Dr. BOSE’s treatment on 18.10.1974, after he was discharged from Calcutta Medical Research Institute.

         His signs and symptoms were now as follows:

:   Diglutition,  solid food absolutely none.

:   Insomnia

: The patient is melancholic, morose silent, taciturn, emaciated and anaemic.

:   Heavy Bronchorrhoea with Asthma, expectoration fetid,

:   White coated tongue with black patches,

:   History of piles,-

:   He had suffered from severe form of   


Note: Dr. BOSE paused here to insist that Homœopathy could really be of great service in the treatment of Cancer, all forms of Prostatic troubles and, Asthma.

         He had also a note of warning: he said that, in Liver Cancer, or in Cancer in Stomach, where the affection does not reveal through X-ray plates, biopsy is risky, for, he has seen in 3-4 cases the patients to succumb after their abdomens were opened for this purpose.

         Dr. BOSE took this case on 18.10.1974, and prescribed,

         Natrum sulph 200, 2 doses.

Note:  His first dose is administered in 1 or 2 globules of No.10, crushed in Sac lac, and the second dose in 1 globule dissolved in 2 drams of distilled water + 10 strokes.

         Report on 21.10.74:  Acute dyspnoea and cough.

         Tuberculinum 200 1 dose.

         Report on 26.10.74: Bronchorrhoea appreciably less, insomnia relieved, ‘I feel distinctly better’,  the patient declared.

         By the end of the year, his respiratory troubles were very much relieved, but there was a reversal by mid February in regard to his bronchial trouble in the form of heavy Bronchorrhoea, so much so, that there was a cause for alarm; the colour of the mucus was yellowish.

14.2.1976: Kali bi. 1M, 2 doses were prescribed.

17.3.1976: Heavy, loose, easy mucus expectoration and vomiting continued.  Appetite good, but the patient could not eat.  He was restless and was being affected easily by cold.

Bacillinum 1M, 2 doses.

Note: He had again a bad turn; on 28.3.1975 a fetid dark haemorrhage appeared from the trachea  Arsenic alb. Q3, 8 doses in solution.  It had quick action; haemorrhage and Bronchorrhoea were fully controlled by 31.3.1975.

         The report dated 5.5.1975 stated:  Patient was fully restored; he could now eat normally; there were no symptoms of bronchorrhoea and Asthma.

Note: Full recovery in this case, however, was not to be achieved easily.  The patient again had an attack of Hemoptysis [hemorrhage through mouth], and this time the blood was fresh and bright red.  He could not eat as such, had to be fasting.  Pulse imperceptible.  Dr. BOSE got an urgent call.  It was on My 6, 1975.

Finding: Vomiting frequently,-prostrated for a while after vomiting; thirst for cold water.

Phosphorus 30, 5 doses, complemented by Arsenic alb 30,-3 doses, as indicated.

7.5.75 evening: vomiting stopped,-the condition of the patient was better.

Report.-11.6.75: The patient’s conditions further improved; he could now walk and enjoyed it.

29.7.75: Conditions very satisfactory: the patient came himself to Dr. BOSE’s clinic to report his conditions.

Concluding Note: He had one desire in his life to pay a visit to Brindaban,-a place of pilgrimage,-which he did by bus subsequently.  ‘He is well since and without complaints till to this date.’ Dr. BOSE concluded.


Was it a case of  Tongue Cancer?

         The case was not clear: The renowned surgeon, Dr. Panchanan CHATTERJEE advised the subject, 48,-a lawyer, practicing till today, at Alipore court, Calcutta,-for amputation of the tongue,-and the Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital, Calcutta, where his case was being treated,  did the biopsy,  but did not say in words that it was a case of Cancer, and advised him to get his case treated outside.  He came to me on 21.4.1961.

Signs and Symptoms:

         Tongue; thickly coated white, on which minute hard points like raised heads of pins were seen arranged and distributed in rows [papilloma?], which were however, without pain or any bad odour; tongue surface,-uneven and rugged.

         Amebic dysentery with constipation, dyspepsia and flatulence Hypochondriacal, melancholiac and sad.

          Condyloma in lower abdomen and glands penis.  Fetid urine.

         Prone to having cold all through the year.


         Heavy smoker; addicted to drinking. 

Past history: Suffered from Malaria, Kalazar in childhood and adolescence; suffered from Gonorrhoea and Syphilis 11 years ago.  Had an Ulcer above the cheek bone 5 years ago.  The ulcer gradually spread and had now attacked the tongue.  Kahn Test [for finding Syphilis] positive.-During the past allopathic treatment, he received 60 Lakhs Diamine injection and Penicillin several lakhs, besides intake of huge amount of Vit, B & C none of which however, did him any good.

Family History: Wife, a tender-aged college girl, became the victim of Ca. Cx., [Cancer cervix] and, had a resultant Septicemia from biopsy, and died after two years’ of treatment.


         It is interesting how this wreck of a case began to improve almost from the beginning after it came under BOSE’s management.  We give below the record straight from Dr. BOSE’s clinical papers:

21.4.61: Thuja 2c,-2 doses.

28.4.61: Repeat

12.5.61: Tongue conditions 75% >; white coating of it, however, as before.

19.5.61: Ac. Nit., 2c,-1dose

26.5.61: White coat slightly diffused; sore cracks appeared on both corners of the mouth. – No medicine.

2.6.61: Ac.Nit., 1M,-2 doses

16.6.61: Tongue conditions 90% >  Except a slight patch mark in one area, the entire tongue surface was normal.

28.7.61: Thuja 1M,-2 doses

14.10.61: Dulcamara 2c. – 1 dose.

21.10.61.  He was better except some digestive disorder.-Lycopodium 2c,-1dose.

4.11.61: Thuja 10M,-1 dose.

All his symptoms disappeared.-“He is well since,-practising.  He had also married for the second time and is living happily.  No complaints as regards his second wife has so far been brought to my notice”.-Dr. BOSE concluded.

Study Note

1.     Cancer, by all indications, is a product of a complex Miasm, with Sycosis predominating and Psora at the base, as the clinical use of and cure by the anti-sycotic drugs in all the cases as reported, indicate and confirm. –This is sufficient enough a hint that there may be one, or a set of specific drugs for Cancer, found from among the Miasmatically indicated drugs under an intensive research care, if undertaken in right earnestness,

2.     Our second observation is a suggestion which we put before the society, rather blandly:

         The Cancer cure reports indicate that there is as yet no specific drug for the treatment of Cancer in the conventional system, and we doubt very much, from our knowledge of Hahnemannian therapeutic law whether there will ever be any,-yet, the cases, as we have noticed, severely damaged by the conventional treatment, namely, by X-ray, radium therapy and surgery,-have been restored by homœopathic treatment, in the cases, as we may surmise, where the tissue changes had not been so unalterably severe.

         The society as a whole, and its custodians in particular are now very seriously to consider, whether it is advisable to send all clinically confirmed cases of Cancer, to a constituted board of experienced homœopaths for an opinion, before finally resorting to conventional methods of treatment, if at all. –editor.

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