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VOL. XIII, 1996
Lead me from Untruth to Truth
Lead me from Darkness to Light
Lead me from Death to Immortality
Adyaya I Brahmana 3 Mantra 28
(This service is only for private circulation. Part I of the journal lists the Current literature in
Homeopathy drawn from the well-known homeopathic journals published world-over - India,
England, Germany, France, Belgium, Brazil, USA, etc., discipline-wise, with brief abstracts/extracts.
Readers may refer to the original articles for detailed study. The full names and addresses of the
journals covered by this compilation are given at the end.)
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1. QHD, VOL. XIII, 1, 1996 3
2. QHD, VOL. XIII, 2, 1996 51
3. QHD, VOL. XIII, 3 & 4, 1996 106
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1. Zu Hahnemanns "Fragments de viribus medicamentorum" (HAHNEMANN's
"Fragmenta de viribus medicamentor”)
KLUNKER W. (ZKH, 39, 1 & 211995)
In 1796 HAHNEANN published to the world his discovery of the principle of Homoeopathy as
a scientific therapeutic art through his essay "A New Principle for Finding the Healing Powers of
Medicinal Substances" This was followed in 1805 by the "Fragmenda de viribus medicamentorum"
which was the forerunner of the: Pure Materia Medica.
The "Fragmenta" was in Latin. The Materia Medica part of the "Fragmenta" was Included in
the Pure Materia Medica, however, the "Preface" to the "Fragmentawas never translated from the
German. For the first time now the Preface has been translated from the Latin into German, and
presented in this article. This Preface clearly states that it is essential to know the pure action of
medicinal substances apriori. This translation will ensure that it will not be lost for posterity. (An
English translation from the German will be given separately, in the QHD. it is also interesting that Dr.
Josef SCHMIDT also has done similar service to Homoeopathy by translating the Preface to the
"Fragments" which has been published in the A HZ, 2.40,3/1995. = KSS)
2. SWEDENBORG und KENT - Uber den Einfluss von Emanuel SWEDENBORG auf die
homoopathische Philosophie des James Tyler KENT (SWEDENBORG and KENT - On the
influence of SVJEDENBORG over James Tyler KENT's homoeopathic Philosophy)
Van GALEN E. (ZKH. 39, 1/1995)
Several American Homoeopaths, C. HERING and J.T. KENT, prominent among them, were
members of the "New Church" based on the theories of the Swedish philosopher, scholar and mystic
Emanuei SWEDENBORG (1688 -1772). Classical Homoeopathy as it is known today is based on the
teachings of such stalwarts like - HERING and KENT. How much of the 'classical' is Homoeopathy as
it is known today is based on the teachings of such stalwarts like HERING and KENT. How much of
the ‘classical’ is 'hahnemannian'? Surprisingly very little is-known about the influence of
SWEDENBORG's theories on the development of Homoeopathy in the USA and consequently the
'classical' Homoeopathy as known today, A study reveals that in the case of KENT at least the
influence of SWEDENBORG was great.
A very interesting study, (Please also refer to Dr. G.S HEHR's 'Was Kent a Hahnemannian?' in
the BHJ Vol. 73, 2/1984, pp. 71-74 = KSS)
3. Die Wiederkehr des Verdrangten in Homoopathie and Psychoanalyse (The Return of the
Suppressed in Homoeopathy and Psychoanalysis)
APPELL R. (A HZ, 240, 2/1995)
The return of the suppressed according to HEHING's Law and the Rules of Transference
Neurosis are essentials of the healing process in Homoeopathy Psychoanalysis. Not only patient but
also Homoeopathy as well as Psycho-analysis itself suffer from unresolved reminiscences and
suppressed memories which do not fit with the ideals of science. Instead of denying these memory
traces, they should be realized and integrated as enrichment of the therapeutic arsenal.
1. QHD, Vol. XIII, No.1, 1996
(The journal lists the current literature in Homoeopathy drawn from the well-known
homoeopathic journals world-over -English, American, German, French, Belgian, Swedish, etc,
discipline-wise, with brief abstracts/extracts. Readers may refer to the original articles for detailed
study. The full names and address of the journals covered by this compilation art giver at the end of
part 1 of this journal and reader are requested to refer to them for full articles.)
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4. How Freud's Arsenicum Pathology was Instrumental in, his Founding of Psychoanalysis
ZAFIRIOU Vangelis (EJH, 1, 1/1995)
This is a very interesting study of Sigmund FREUD's pathology and its influence on FREUD's
theory of Psychoanalysis. With the help of the rubrics in KENT's repertory the psycho-pathology of
FREUD is juxtaposed with the Arsenicum pathology. The study also points out that one's pathology
shapes one's destiny or even genius, In the case of FREUD the main aspects of his Psycho-analysis
theory, structure and practice and his own pathology are similar to Arsenicum. The author also
concludes that true understanding of the real dimensions of psychoanalysis can only be reached
using the tools provided to us by Homoeopathy.
5. Homoeopathy: Art or Science?
VITHOULKAS G. (EJH, 1, 1/1995)
The European Journal of Classical Homoeopathy (EJH) has begun a section titled
'Crossfire'. This section is to "criticise the theories and practical procedures which emerge from the
approach of various people connected with the development of homoeopathic knowledge. It will prove
to be a platform for well-disposed critical comments, even though sometimes these may take an
extreme or provocative form."
In this very first issue of the journal the teachings of Dr. Rajan SANKARAN reflected in his
books The Spirit of Homoeopathy and The Substance of Homoeopathy are taken up. The
criticism is quite strong. VITHOULKAS argues that carrying the 'art' too far in practice and more so in
teaching would lead to bitter disappointment. In the subsequent numbers of the EJH we see readers'
arguments in favour of and against. Although the Editor has said in the beginning that the criticisms
may take a 'provocative' form, such harsh criticism may lead to avoidable bitterness. We see very
Interesting arguments from the readers in the remaining numbers of the EJH.
6. Dreams in Homoeopathy -A Snake in the Grass.
MORTELMANS Guido (HL, 8,1/1995)
In the recent times we have come across 'dream provings' viz. a remedy is "proved" with
reference to its dreams only. Dreams are considered a part of the 'Mind' in this sense (the complete
Repertory Vol. I MIND contains Dreams).
While there are as many dreams as there are dreamers, dream of snake has been
considered with particular attention -perhaps because we have many snake remedies. One cannot
otherwise say as to why the snake dream is given so much importance.
In this interesting article the author discusses: The Doctrine of Signatures, the frequency and
content of dreams, the symbolism of dreams, Dreams in the Repertory, the use of dreams in finding
the remedy. A long and interesting list of 'references' is also appended.
1. Antipyrine
TARKAS P.I. (NJH, 4, 1/1995)
A brief Materia Medica of Antipyrine
2. Grindelia
Compilation of the remedy symptoms
(sources?) with two cases from KENT.
3. The Plant Platinum
SHUKLA Chetna (NJH, 4, 111995)
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26 year-old woman, married, with foul-smelling leucorrhoea worse after coition and after
micturition; burning urination, eruptions in the pubic region. Irregular and delayed menses. Her case
looked like PIatina and Pulsatilla. She liked flowers particularly red rose; dreamt of rose gardens and
lying amongst roses daily and enjoyed Gulkhand. Remedy was prepared from fresh red rose petals
and given in the 30 potency and she made a total cure.
The author has made a 'proving' of the Red Rose in the 30 potency with 8 provers. .
4. "Held by a Finger"
MANKANI Meena (NJH, 4, 211995)
The author says "I have gathered an understanding of Silicea out of treating 13 cases of
"anxiety neurosis" wherein Silicea was clearly indicated. The age group of all these patients was
between 19 and 37 years ...There was a common pattern as to the predisposition and the aggravating
factors ...one rubric seemed to be central to the understanding of Silicea in these patients and that is -
Dreams, held by finger, being."
5. The Tricky Python
SHUKLA Chetna (NJH, 4, 211995)
A new remedy "Python" prepared from the excreta of Python, was used for treating the
backache in a woman. The basis was: the patient enjoyed reading Egyptian stories revolving around
the stories of the Pharaohs, the queens and their ceremonies, slaves to work; she loved to be an
Egyptian or Roman Queen with all the riches, slaves working for her. Sometimes she dreamt of an
Ichchadhari snake which can change its form whenever desired, or huge big snakes like Pythons; of
water, travelling, of landscapes, rivers. Often dreamt of snakes coming to sting her daughter but she
always saved the child.
Encyclopaedia of Mythology and the World Book Encyclopaedia confirmed that the patient
was mystically involved in the stories of Roman Egvotian mythologies as the serpent Python and
Hence remedy prepared to 30 potency from the excreta of Python relieved the patient's
ailment. The author says that a short proving also was done which confirmed the symptoms. The
author has also used rabbit's urine in one case successfully!
6. Ekzem - Natrium carbonicum (Eczema - Natrum carbonicum)
FORESTER G. (ZKH, 39, 1/1995)
A chronic Eczema was cured with Natrum carbonicum. The peculiar localisation of the
eczema: finger tips and below the nails was thus verified ("Blistered spots on all the toes and finger-
tips, as if scalded, enclosing the nails all round, as if the nails would be taken off by suppuration."
Symptom No.919 Chronic Diseases)
7. Aconit is nicht nur ein akutes Mittel (Aconite is not only an acute Medicine)
KELLER G.v. (ZKH, 39, 1/1995)
Aconite is not only a remedy for acute fevers. According to HAHNEMANN it can be used in
chronic diseases as well. (See Introduction to the remedy in the Materia Medica Pura) The author
relates a case of spasmodic neuralgia of the face.
8. Natrum sulfuratum -Teil1:Eine Arzneiprufung (CROSERIO) aus HAHNEMANNs Nachlass.
Teil 2: Drei weitere Arzneiprufungen aus HAHNEMANNs Nachlass
(Natrum sulfuratum - Part 1: A Proving (CROSERIO) from HAHNEMANN's legacy. Part 2:
Three further Provings from HAHNEMANN's legacy)
KLUNKER W. (ZKH 39, 2&4/1995).
Natrum sulfuratum (Na2S) was introduced 150 years ago into Homoeopathy but the remedy
has not been dealt with in any of the extant Materia Medicas - JAHR, HERING, HUGHES-DAKE,
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 6
in T.F. ALLEN's Encyclopaedia only a poisoning is mentioned.
CROSERIO of Paris proved the remedy which was published in the Archiv fur die
homoopathische Heilkunst" (translated into German from the French), in 1838. This material was
brought to the knowledge of the homoeopathic world by Dr. Pierre SCHMIDT in the LlGA Congress in
1931, but it has continued to lie suppressed. Dr. KLUNKER has now, for the first time perhaps, made
German translation from the original hand-written manuscript found among HAHNEMANN papers
collected by Richard HAEHL. Three later Provings have also been taken up and published. (English
translation of these would be published in the OHD as early as possible = KSS)
9. Arzneiprufung von Cyclosporinum (Drug proving of Cyclosporinum)
B.O., SELMER H., TVEITEN D. (A HZ, 240, 1/1995)
Cyclosporinum represents a major medical advancement in immuno-suppression and organ
transplantation through suppression of the "helper T -cells" (CD4). The Norwegian Academy for
Natural Medicine did in 1991-1993 a proving of Cyclosporinum D 12- 200. The main characteristics of
the remedy are weakness, coldness, dyspnoea and weakness, dryness and symptoms from the
digestive and urinary systems. The remedy will be clinically tested by a group of experienced
homoeopaths during 1994 for immunological properties.
10. Ein Dulcamara-Fall. (A Dulcamara Case)
BRAUN A. (A HZ, 240, 1 & 2/1995)
The Solanaceae Dulcamara, 'Bitter-sweet', was praised as a remedy against the bad effects
of cold, especially wet-cold long before HAHNEMANN. Inability to accommodate oneself to a sharp
fall in temperature is found mostly among allergic persons; in old age it occurs much more. K. ST
AUFFER has this in consideration when he says "where Aconite is prescribed in strong, young
persons, Dulcamara is for older persons with reduced power of resistance". According to Otto
LEESER it is similarity of steroid alkaloids with cholesterine by which the latter is removed from the
borders of 'Cell in Dulcamara which makes the entrance of other substances, for instance allergic
substances, easier; up to now provings showed a certain miss of psychical symptoms, different from
most of the other Solanaceae. Main effects: arthralgic-neuralgic symptoms, urinary system, skin and
mucous membranes.
A case is presented from which the importance of initial symptoms of the skin in Dulcamara
becomes evident.
11. Einsatz von Einzelmitteln an der Kurklinik Benediktusquelle vom 1.02.91 bis 20.09.92 (Use of
single remedies in the Rehabilitation Clinic Benediktsquelle from 1.2.1991 to 20.9.1992)
ZEEDEN H. (A HZ, 240, 1/1995)
The possibility of applying homoeopathic single remedies (including complex medicines,
organ-derived remedies and Nosodes) in a Clinic for rehabilitation are reported and discussed. The
results show that in more than 50% good results can be obtained. The limiting factors are also
12. BACH - Bluten und Homoopathie (BACH Flowers and Homoeopathy)
FRANZ A. (A HZ, 240, 1/1995)
Edward BACH, an English bacteriologist and homoeopathic physician (1886-1936), began his
career with investigation of the bowel bacteria. He was the first to develop a method of microbiological
therapy. With application of the homoeopathic potentizing technique, the Bach-Paterson Nosodes - in
use until today -is derived. Subsequently he used these remedies exclusively according to the mental
symptom picture of the patient.
Later on, BACH turned away from the bowel bacteriae - not at least for aesthetic reasons -
and looked about for plants with similar healing powers. He found them in the course of his daily walk
through the English and Welsh landscape. Inspired by the early morning dew on the flowering plants,
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 7
he developed his own potentizing method of the blossoms using spring water and sunlight -a further
application of the three alchemistic principles Sulphur, Mercurius and Sal.
Primarily used by medical amateurs and in esoteric circles, the Bach flowers were considered
only very little until now. While employing these remedies, the homoeopathic rules are applicable
including the Hering's Law. Therefore homoeopaths must, in the opinion of the author, study this
wonderful healing method thoroughly.
13. Medorrhinum
MASTER Farokh J. (HH,20, 1/1995)
This is a brief essay on Medorrhinum, high-lighting only the important features.
14. Comparative Study of Ignatia, Natrum muriaticum and Staphysagria
PANCHAL Priya (HH, 20,1/1995)
Useful study of the 'differential' of Ignatia, Natrum muriaticum and Staphysagria .
15. All that Yields Is Not Pulsatilla
WEINSTEIN Corey (HH, 20,2/1995)
While Pulsatilla is the first choice for 'yielding' patients, it is not correct to imagine that there
are no other remedies equally called for in this characteristic. The differential between Anacardium,
Alumina, Calcarea carbonica, Causticum, Ignatia, Sepia, Silica, Pulsatilla are highlighted.
16. Franciscea uniflora
MMS H.P.J.A. (HH, 20,3/1995)
Franciscea uniflora is an unproved drug. Information in the BOERICKE Materia Medica is
only few lines. However, this remedy has been found to be of great use in certain Arthritis cases,
Bechterew's disease. The author has narrated case from practice. (See OHD V, 3/1988 for more
information on this remedy)
17. Gall-stones cured by Fel tauri
NIMBHORKAR M.P. (HH, 20,3/1995)
Fel tauri 6 repeated doses over a long time (about ten months) removed completely gall
18. Aconitum napellus – History
MANDAL Tapan Chandra
(HH, 20, 3/1995)
Interesting study of this remedy.
19. Anhalonium
VITHOULKAS G. (EJH, 1,1/1995)
The European Journal of Classical Homoeopathy is a new journal to join the distinguished
journals in Homoeopathy. The journal is edited by George VITHOULKAS whose name is quite well-
known. In this, the first number of the journal Anhalonium also known as Anhalonium lewinii,
Lophophora williamsii, Mescaline, Mescal buttons, Peyote, Peyotl, Pellote - is studied.
The homoeopathic clinical picture of the remedy as described by VITHOULKAS beyond its
singular sociological and historical interest, presents a rich and interesting source of symptomatology
which apart from anything else may eventually cause it to be prescribed more frequently. Only the
remedy's 'essential features' is published. Complete clinical picture may be found in Volume II of
'Materia Medica Viva' of VITHOULKAS.
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 8
20. Using the Bowel Nosodes
LAING Richard (BHJ, 84, 111995)
The Bowel Nosodes are very under-used remedies; one comes across very few cases
reported in the journals. Only the British Homoeopathic Journal and among the Indian journals the
Medicina Futura Homoeopathy write on these valuable Nosodes.
In this article the author reports cases treated with Morgan Pure, Morgan Gaertner, Gaertner,
Sycotic Co., Dysentery Co., Bacillus f'Jo.7. In almost all cases the 6 potency has been used b.d. until
Dr. LAING quotes from John PATERSON: John PA TERSON apparently used the nosode
related to the patient's constitutional homoeopathic medicine, giving it as 3c-6c, 2 or 3 times a day.
This was said to make the dying process in terminal cancer cases, gradual and peaceful. A
suggestion worth pursuing.
Much interesting material in this article.
21. The other Natrum salts
HOLLAND Lee (BHJ, 84, 111995)
This is a very interesting study of comparative Materia Medica of five Natrums -Natrum
sulphuricum, Natrum muriaticum, Natrum carbonicum, Natrum phosphoricum and Natrum
arsenicosum. The Key-notes of the remedies are mentioned. There is also a Table comparing all the
five Natrums, with reference to the Generalities, Food desires and aversions, Constitution.
22. Anac, Anac, Who's There? A Study of Anacardium
WOLF, Carol "Me!" (JAIH, 88, 111995)
In this very helpful treatise, Dr.WOLF describes some of his experiences with Anacardium in
the treatment of behavior disorders in children, typically children who have been the subject of
parental abuse or neglect. Central characteristics consist of the following: callousness, violence,
cruelty, intimidation, evil, behavioral aggravation from sweets, cursing rages (oft directed at the
parents), low self-esteem, bravado, lack of conscience and empathy, religious mania or denial of God,
and aversion to school work. Contrary to the well-known memory deficits typical of this remedy,
Dr.WOLF has discovered that many Anacardium children possess a keen memory, which is
frequently employed in quarrels with their parents.
23. Millefolium: A Little Known Bruise
WOOD Matthew (HT, 15, 111995)
Achillea Millefolium a remedy known to Homoeopathy since its early days has been rarely used.
The author says that this remedy is very good for bruises with cuts. This remedy is mentioned by
HOMER for its use in battle wounds. The Roman legions called it Herba militaris. Arnica and
Millefolium are compared and the author concludes that for bruises with bleeding Millefolium pack
(external) is great.
24. Confirmatory Symptoms and Keynotes MALERBA Larry (HT, 15, 2/1995)
This small case is very interesting for the insight it gives in the curative range of the
homoeopathic remedy Borax.
A two-week-old male baby suffered from a broken left clavicle due to difficult labor. The child
was irritable, slept increasingly longer .hours only to become more irritable after waking up; rashy,
pimply face; white coating of the tongue; suddenly refusing to nurse, especially the left breast. It was
also noticed that the child would start and his arm would fly up during the descent of the swing. Borax
30 calmed the child immediately as also the knee bending. He nursed easily and was not startled by
noises. The remedy was repeated two weeks later and the rash on his face became stronger. He had
also developed full use of his left arm!
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 9
A very interesting case.
25. Aristolochia anecdotes
SHELTON Susanna (HT, 15, 2/1995)
The author cites two cases in which the near-miraculous speed with which Aristolochia
clematitis 30 healed friction blisters. The relief was overnight! For more information on this remedy
read Edward C. WHITMONT's article in his book Psyche and Substance.
26. Two Bromium Cases
JANSEN Jean Pierre (HL, 8, 1/1995)
Two cases -Boy, 16 years age, Girl, 11 years age -are reported to highlight the mental
symptoms that were common to both and the remedy was Bromium. A strong mental symptom
common to both was Fear of being alone in the evening. The first case was a Mononucleosis and the
second Hayfever.
27. Etude du Mental de Bryonia alba (Study of the Mental of Bryonia alba)
ALAERTS Jean (RBH, 47, 1/1995)
This is an interesting study of the 'mind' of Bryonia: The longing to return home. (Delusions
that he is away from home: that he is in a strange land; Attempts to escape; Talks of home; Desire to
go home). The delusion that he is under the control of strangers. Themes of work, business. Fear of
poverty (Suspicious; Avarice; Envy; Kleptomania, etc.) Fear of being poisoned. Anger, irritable,
vexation. Delusion of being injured. Fear of suffering (Anxiety about health; Fear of death; Fear of
impending disease; Fear of insanity; Despair of recovery, etc.) Desire to be quiet; Averse to being
disturbed; Desire to be quiet; Aversion to company;
The author uses the SEHGAL method of interpretation of the symptoms in this connection.
28. Du rire aux remedies en Homeopathie (Laughter in the homoeopathic remedies)
RODEGEM R. (RBH, 47,1/1995)
Laughter js a non-verbal message. In this interesting article the physiology of laughter
(vocalisation), the laughter rubrics in the repertory, the miasmatic gradation of laughter, the
denominations (exhilaration, smile, gay, gaiety, mirthful etc.), the qualifications (idiotic, imbecile,
sardonic, etc.), the modalities, the alternations, the detailed rubrics in the repertory I etc. are all
discussed. The article shows the detailed and thorough study 'of one action occurring under different
moods, circumstances, variations, and the remedies that are relevant.
29. Veratrum album -A Travers quelques cas (Veratrum album -some cases)
SOUK-ALOUN P. (RBH, 47,1/1995)
Five cases are reported to show the range of action of this remedy.
1. Asthma
KOTHARI Manu (NJH, 4, 1/1995)
This is one more article from the author who has cleared many wrong notions. He quotes
from CECIL's Textbook of Medicine "The currently accepted definition does not specify a cause or
causes, identify unique clinical or pathologic features or mention immunologic mechanisms. It does
describe, however, the fundamental abnormality that is common to all asthmatic patients -reversible
hyper-responsiveness of tracheo-bronchial smooth muscle". So, that is asthma! He gives one more
quotation from The American Thoracic Society's definition of Asthma "a disease characterized by an
increased responsiveness of the trachea and bronchi to various stimuli, and manifested widespread
narrowing of airways that changes in severity either spontaneously or as a result of treatment".
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 10
2. Asthma and Its Natural Cure
KONDEKAR Prakash (NJH, 4, 1/1995)
What Naturopathy could do in Asthma. The author gives the following tips which all can follow
to their benefit.
1. Take a 3 to 5 kilometre walk early morning in the fresh air.
2. Take sunbath in mild sun two times a day.
3. Perform suitable Yogasanas for 5 to 10 minutes daily.
4. Take simple vegetable diet without extreme taste.
5. Take only freshly prepared warm food. Keep the ratio between cooked and uncooked food
one to one or as close as possible.
6. Diet has to contain fresh leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits.
7. Take germinated moong, matki and methi with one meal preferably lunch.
8. Avoid taking toxic drinks like tea, coffee, instead take herbal tea or decoction.
9. Avoid bananas and strawberries since they release histamine in the body.
10. Avoid sleeping during day.
3. Bronchial Asthma: Psychological Considerations
PAREKH Mahesh (NJH, 4, 1/1995)
Emotions may modify the immunological or allergic mechanism responsible for some cases of
4. Acute Attack: Treat with Constitutional or Acute?
HUMRANWALA Parinaz (NJH, 4, 1/1995)
An 8 year-old girl with severe broncial asthma and allergic bronchitis; Cough would end in
vomiting. Suffering since 5 years. Has been on steroids, Restless; Dromomania; Fear of dogs and
cats; past history of Tuberculosis; Desires milk products; Worse damp weather and change of
weather. Tuberculinum bovinum 200 repeated 4 times over a period of 14 months cleared her
completely. This remedy was her constitutional.
5. A Case of Asthma
BHATT Shraddha (NJH, 4, 1/1995)
4 year-old boy with recurrent cold, cough and fever since 1 1/2 years age, every two months.
Worse at night. Fear of animals; Desires fat, ice-cream. Tuberculinum after which there was a change
which called for Phosphorus, which relieved.
6. Asthma -A Personal Experience
WADIA S.R. (NJH, 4, 1/1995)
The author was converted to Homoeopathy by his own personal experience -he was suffering
from Asthma as a medical student and was cured by Homoeopathy. Diet and Yogasanas playa great
part in this. He narrates two cases: A four year-old girl who developed eczema after the triple vaccine
immunisation; this eczema was treated with topical applications and then came Asthma which was
treated with antibiotics and cortico-steroids. Another case is that of an army Major 38 years, with
Asthma. In both cases Thuja and Natrum sulphuricum were the main remedies.
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 11
7. The Open Book
PARTHASARATHY Vishpala (NJH,4,1/1995)
A 28-year-old man with 'difficulties' in breathing. He spoke of himself quite freely and openly.
Phosphorus covered all his rubrics.
8. The Unfortunate Sarsaparilla
SHUKLA Chetna (NJH, 4, 1/1995)
Feeling unwanted, unfortunate; morose, offended easily; Quiet disposition; Desire to be silent;
Irritability during menses -in a 26 year-old girl pointed to Sarsparilla for her chronic colds.
9. Asthma versus Arsenic
SHAHI Hardeep (NJH, 4, 1/1995)
A case of Arsenicum album in Asthma.
10. Struggle for Success
MURTHY Prabhakara (NJH, 4, 1/1995)
Whatever be the ailment a complete
case-taking including the mental and the peculiar symptoms, the concomitant symptoms etc. would
lead to the curative remedy. The author demonstrates this with two cases.
11. A Case of Bronchial Asthma
MEHTA Kishore (NJH, 4, 1/1995)
3 Year-old boy much pampered; tantrums, obstinate; colds, cough, sorethroat, worse change
of weather, damp, sweets, seaside, fruit juice, tomatoes, night, lying on left side. Better sitting,
fanning, dry weather, bronchodilators and occassional steroids. Became worse after birth of a sibling.
Lachesis cured. Study of a case in its evolution, Miasms and chronology are all essential for a
successful prescription.
12. Help Me, Please?
PARTHASARATHY Vishpala (NJH, 4, 2/1995)
In this Editorial for the number dedicated to 'Neurosis' the Editor says that an area with high
percentage of Neuroses is -Marriage. She cites two cases to point this out. It was Staphysagria in one
and Kali carbonicum in the other. While the environment in which the patient lived -which indeed was
the cause of the Neurosis -remained unchanged; the patient was able to cope up with the
environmental stresses after taking the homoeopathic remedy.
13. Neurotic Disorders
ASRANI CH. (NJH, 4, 2/1995)
This is a brief article describing Neurosis and the clinical features.
14. Behind the cause
BANSALV.P. (NJH, 4,2/1995)
In this short article the author suggests to look behind the cause of the ailment.
15. Neurosis and Homoeopathy KASIVISWANATHAN T.K. (NJH, 4, 2/1995)
The different kinds of Neurosis and the homoeopathic treatment is discussed briefly; a short
list of the rubrics in the repertory is also appended.
16. Neurosis -It's Natural Cure
KONDEKAR Prakash (NJH, 4, 2/1995)
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 12
Franz Anton MESMER opined that the
infuence of the planets is also responsible for
and health could be had by reestablishing harmony of magnetic fluids. Sigmund FREUD postulated
traumatic experience as the chief cause of neurosis. Tranquilizers and other drugs are used in the
Allopathic Medicine. In Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Relaxation are the main methods.
17. The Intoxicated Social Worker
SHEILA RAO (NJH, 4, 2/1995)
The first case vindicates what Dr . PARTHASARATHY has said in her Editorial (see 12
above). This 24 year-old female, married to a person from a different economic and cultural
background couldn't be happy and became mentally ill; behaved in a bizarre manner. Cannabis indica
M (repeated) cured her.
In the second case, a 30 year-old married woman developed fears and anxiety after hearing
that she may be suffering from Tuberculosis (after an X-ray) Although a second X-ray after one
week's treatment with antibiotics showed that the there was no Tuberculosis, she did not overcome
her fears, sleeplessness, etc. Tuberculinum M (prescribed on the basis of the shock that she was
suffering "from Tuberculosis!) cured.
18. Cases from Neuroses Clinic
MARATHE Rama (NJH, 4, 2/1995)
Case 1: 19 year-old girl with Vitiligo all over her legs; left- sided migraine.
Out of the four remedies in BOERICKE's Repertory for Leucoderma (p..910), Natrum
muriaticum was selected since it suited her mental state which brought about the desired result.
Case 2: 45 year-old woman, obese. Vague complaints like exhaustion, sleeplessness,
inability to control her diet, etc. Anxiety, ideas crowding her mind at night leading to sleeplessness,
fear that something would happen, fear of infection (she went to a Naturopathy camp but on hearing
that some AIDS patients were attending the camp she stopped). Calcarea carbonica was her remedy.
Case 3: 25 year-old woman with complaints of menstrual irregularity, indigestion and
constipation. She was staying in a working women's hostel and was employed in a private company.
She had to work for her family (her father had died two years ago) .She was much irritated to be
staying away from her family, and always talked about her home. Fear of poverty, insecurity. Bryonia
(Homesickness and Fear of poverty) was her remedy.
19. Melancholia labelled as Schizophrenia DAGADE Ramakant B. (NJH, 4, 2/1995)
19 year-old girl of a doctor. She developed depression due to disappointment in her academic
career. She failed to get admission forthe study which she wanted to and when she at last got a
chance to study abroad she developed fears, nervousness; Complained that her parents were more
interested in her younger sister. Demanded attention from all members of the family. Lachesis M one
dose with Bach Flower Remedy Holly 5 drops b.d. improved considerably. At this time she was put
into the care of a leading Psychiatrist who diagnosed it as Schizophrenia and with ECT and other
drugs she became worse. She was now again brought for homoeopathic treatment and Lachesis M
and Holly (Bach Flower) completely restored.
20. A Case of Depression
SEN Chandrima (NJH, 4, 2/1995)
56 year-old man, formerly happy-go-lucky, began to talk irrelevantly, which was diagnosed
as depression and treated with anti-depressants. He seemed disinterested in everything, sat like a
dummy, and did not communicate even with his wife and daughter. He had a wayward younger
brother whom he loved much and supported him in everything; this brother behaved so badly as to
cause the death of his father. Depression came on after this. His late father seemed to be telling him
that he was responsible for the state of affairs since he supported the younger brother in all activities.
Phosphoric acid M (4 doses) restored him.
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 13
21. The Trapped Woman
DHAWALE K.M. (NJH, 4, 2/1995)
30 year-old, married woman, with lot of tension and related problems; also a 'tinnitus'.
Detailed history points to Natrum muriaticum. Case Analysis is quite educative.
22. A Case of Anxiety Neurosis
KUMAR Veera Balaji, V. (NJH, 4, 2/1995)
A middle-aged Professor of Zoology in a College with compulsive neurosis fastidiousness,
anxiety until work done, worries over trifles -and profuse sweating on slightest exertion. Nux vomica
200 restored.
23. A Case of Post Traumatic Neurosis
DHILLAN M.S. (NJH, 4, 2/1995)
This brief report of a 26 year-old man who fell from his scooter into a pit 10 meters deep and
suffered depressed skull fracture in the right parietal and contusions of occipital region affecting
cerebellum and in hospital, is very interesting and should open the eyes of those sceptical of
homoeopathic treatment in severe traumas. Opium M and a week later Nux vomica M and then XM,
restored him to complete normalcy rapidly.
24. And the Master Whispered
BANKER Akshay (NJH, 4, 2/1995)
A single dose of Pulsatilla M relieved the sufferings of a 25 year-old male, suffering from
asthma from childhood.
25. Cactus-g returns the Honeymoon Pleasure DAVE Gaurang (NJH, 4, 2/1995)
45 year-old woman with Vaginismus, tightness in vagina even from slightest touch, lack
enjoyment and moisture in the vagina, coition very painful. There was repeated history of Malaria.
Natrum muriaticum M did not produce expected results. Cactus grandiflorus 200 t.d.s. for 3 days
removed all the complaints. Now Natrum muriaticum completed.
26. Convulsions -Differential Approach
(NJH, 4, 2/1995)
A 6 month-old baby was getting high fever with convulsions and no remedy (homoeopathic)
relieved. It was now revealed that the mother who already had two children wanted to terminate the
third pregnancy and therefore took Cyclonorm E and Cyclonorm P and 3 ml. injections of Nirvaquin.
The pregnancy did not terminate and she delivered this baby. Secale cornutum XM stopped the
convulsions although the child had fevers.
27. Asthmatic Bronchitis with Primary Complex in Paediatric Practice: A Discussion with Two Cases
BALAKRISHNAN E. (NJH, 4, 2/1995)
The author quotes extensively from the past Masters -FARRINGTON, CLARKE, BOERICKE,
ML TYLER, PHATAK, KENT, BOGER, BAKSHI KS, on Pertussin, Ant-t., Ip., Nat-s., Dros., Spong.,
Phos., Tub- av., Ars-i., Calc.
In the two cases cited by the author, Rumex crisp us was the remedy.
28. Persistent Warts
WADIA S.R. (CCR, 3, 3/1994)
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 14
Sulphur, Silica, Bacillinum, Thuja (in that order) were used for the eradication of Warts (face,
back of right thigh, chin) -cauterized earlier; recurrent Sinusitis with vacuum headaches associated
with thick greenish discharge and Eustachian catarrh, in a 23 year-old doctor.
29. Two Cases Lichen Planus –Mother and Son
WADIA S.R. (CCR, 3, 3/1994)
Case 1: 7 year-old boy with Lichen Planus. Has suffered fungal infection, measles, all routine
inoculations, BCG etc. History of Diabetes and TB in the grandparents. Grinds teeth and wets bed.
Stubborn, sucks thumb. Thuja, Cina, Sulphur, Natrum muriaticum, Bacillinum healed totally.
Case 2: Irregular menses in a 31 year-old woman, since 17 years. All vaccinations taken. Suffered
Jaundice, Measles, Chicken pox. Polyp on vocal cord. One abortion and then two normal full-term
deliveries. Sepia, Pulsatilla, Thuja, Sulphur were her remedies.
The author rightly justifies the use of the remedies and their order according to the progress
of the treatment.
30. Few Cases
MISTRY D.E. (CCR, 3,3/1994)
Case 1: 35 year-old man, separated from wife. Operated for Fistula, history of coryza, ear
discharge, piles and asthma. Diabetes and Piles in father. Sulphur, Bacillinum XM, Silica, Hepar
sulphuris were his remedies.
Case 2: Hyperacidity in a 22 year-old, obese female; burning of palms and soles and vertex.
Case 3: Pharyngitis. 35 year-old woman with sore throat, hoarseness while talking, scanty
menses, sensation of food lodged in throat. Argentum metallicum
Case 4: Acid Dyspepsia. 49 year-old man. Bleeding per anus; Eructations off and on with
obesity. Periodic right-sided headaches. Achy, fidgety feet. Pulsatilla, Tuberculinum, Lycopodium,
Mercurius solubilis, Syphilinum, Sulphur. .
31. A Case
21 year-old male. Headache, sensation of numbness in head, twitching of eyelids, lids so
heavy that would like to keep the eyes closed. Drowsiness on waking from sleep. Drowsiness always
preceded the head symptoms. Yawning frequent. Sleeps on abdomen; amorous dreams. Fatigue,
brain fag.
History of joint pains at 7 years age, and took Penicillin upto 18 years age. Masturbates
much. Erections failed when he attempted with a prostitute.
Staphysagria M and he improved. About 7 months later he took a concoction of the leaves of
Cannabis indica and developed terrible sexual stimulation and masturbated much; as a result became
very weak. Arnica M one dose and then Cannabis indica 200. One month later Staphysagria M.
32. Environmental Allergies and Chemical
BRESLOWS (CCR, 3,3/1994)
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 15
Two Cases are presented. The first one is of a 37 year-old woman who had suffered much
since childhood -alcoholic parents. Felt unwanted, much wronged, never-will-succed-in-anything
feelings, etc. Attemped suicide. Depression. Hyoscyamus helped her a great deal.
The second case is of a child 2V2 years. Her mother had an affair with her husband's best
friend to take revenge on husband. The child soon after birth was given in adoption to a stable, loving
family. The child liked to be naked, urinated on the floor, handled genitals, was malicious, destructive,
struck her mother when angry. Hyoscyamus M.
The author has worked both the cases adopting Dr. Rajan SANKARAN's teachings
('Delusions' as the major rubrics). Both the cases are very interesting.
33. Asthmatic Bronchitis
38 Year-old male, an Ayurvedic doctor, with Asthmatic Bronchitis. Allopathic and Ayurvedic
drugs helped to some extent after which they became less effective. History of anti-rabies vaccine,
fungal infections; has taken all vaccinations. Father died of Adenocarcinoma of intestines; was also
diabetic. Chewed tobacco and took many cups "of tea; sweated on palms and soles and neck. Cough
worse at nights 2100 hrs. to 2330 hrs.
Tabacum 200 and then Nitric acid 200, Thuja. Patient improved. Follow-up wanting.
34. Haemoptysis
23 year-old female with Haemoptysis since one week, about half cup per day; rise of
temperature in the evening since a month. Appetite much less; excessive thirst and salivation since a
month. History of Vaccines; itching all over body a month ago, had applied external ointment. Father
died of Pulmonary Koch's. mother chronic cough. Laboratory tests and examination of the respiratory
system = negative finding. Short tempered, consolation aggravated, likes small company.
Tuberculinum M. No Haemoptysis from next day, no cough, no fever. One week later Natrum
muriaticum M. Remains well.
35. Right Toe Gangrene
SHINDE prakash (CCR, 3,3/1994)
This is a very interesting example of what Homoeopathy can do in so-called 'surgical' cases
and how a leg was saved from amputation.
A 32 year-old mason developed a non-healing ulcer of the right toe with pain and swelling of
the right leg, after injuring the right toes while working at construction. The diagnosis at the hospital:
(a) Non-healing ulcer over right foot; (b) wet gangrene of the tips of the toes of the right. After trial
sympathectomy with local dressings failed an above knee operation was proposed. The patient
approached Homoeopathy at this stage. He was restless, moaning due to burning pains in ulcer and
toes; aggravation by cold application; walking gave temporary relief.
Rhus toxicodendron (Gangrene, angrenous sores; Agg. cold in general; Injuries; Ulcers
unhealthy; Agg. uncovering; Walking amel.) gave dramatic relief in 24 hours. The remedy was given
in 30 potency 6 doses per day for 2 days. Calendula dressing; Subsequently Rhus toxicodendron 30
t.d.s for 5 days and then once a day for 10 days with intervening Acid phosphoricum 200 one dose for
5 days for suspected bone infection. Lastly Rhus toxicodendron 200 alternate day for 5 doses.
Completely healed.
36. A Case of Urticaria
SHINDE Prakash (CCR, 3,3/1994)
A Textile Engineer with Urticaria since over an year with temporary relief from anti-histamines
and steroids. Itching worse perspiration. While Manganum came nearest it was not fitting totally;
according to the periodic table Ferrum came next and the modalities also matched. Ferrum
metallicum gave expected response.
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 16
37. A Case of Epistaxis
APTE (CCR, 3,4/1994)
Epistaxis in a 12 year-old boy was relieved by Phosphorus; Tuberculinum gave lasting relief.
38. A Case of Allergic Rhinitis
SHINDE Prakash (CCR, 3,4/1994)
28 year-old male with Allergic Rhinitis since eight months. The complaint began while working
in a Mustard field. Sneezing even for least dust, exhausting him. Worse upto 11 a.m. Sneezing
followed by watery coryza. Worse closed room. Discharge hot. lodum, Lycopodium and Sulphur over
a period of three months.
39. A Case of Rheumatic Fever
SHINDE Prakash (CCR, 3, 4/1994)
Septic tonsillitis leading to secondary synovial Arthritis in a 9 year-old boy was cured promptly
by Apis mellifica 30 t.d.s for 3 days.
40. Case of Cervical Spondylosis
SHINDE Prakash (CCR, 3,4/1994)
56 year-old man with Cervical Spondylosis with Cervical rib and advised surgery. This has
recurred after 15 years; the first time it was treated homoeopathically. Bryonia 30, 200 and M over a
period of 3 months cured.
41. A Case of Urinary Tract Infection
SHINDE Prakash (CCR, 3,4/1994)
68 year-old female, doctor, complains of loss of sensibility of urine passing, frequent urination,
as if some urine remained, Pus cells plenty.
Causticum improved initially but failed to hold; Sulphur aggravated and pus cells also
increased much. Petroselinum cured.
42. A Case of Neuralgia
SHINDE Prakash (CCR, 3,4/1994)
30 year-old male with complaint of pain at base of left lower teeth since two years
extending to the forehead; since 2 years pain extends to the right thumb from neck; worse when
raising arm, rest, initial motion, when alone and better pressure, motion of hand, when engaged.
Suffered business losses two years back. Natrum muriaticum relieved. The dosage: 200 every 4th
day 4 doses, every 8th day 6 doses, (what is rationale for this 4th day and 8th day and the number of
doses? = KSS.)
43. A Complicated Case of Cervical Spondylosis, Cholelithiasis, Pancreatitis, Coccyalgia
SHINDE Prakash (CCR, 3,4/1994)
This a very complicated case of a 57 year-old medical officer who had tried available
treatment in Allopathy; underwent Cholecystectomy in 1990. Ultimately he was advised by a
Neurosurgeon to undergo Thecal Decompression. This patient totally recovered after Calcarea
phosphorica 30 to M, Graphites 200, M, followed by Causticum 200, M, relieved in all respects within
one year. (How many 'surgical cases' can get cured by Homoeopathy! = KSS.)
44. A Case of Cervical Herniation
SHINDE Prakash (CCR, 3, 4/1994)
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 17
34 year-old male, Architect, with pain left cervical extending to left finger with desire to press
the finger; pain left axilla; Cervical pain on looking upward and downward. Irritable, always busy.
Nux vomica 30, 200, cured. (Another so-called 'surgical' case cured by Homoeopathy = KSS)
43. A Case of Sterility
SHINDE Prakash (CCR, 3,4/1994)
35 year-old female, married since 12 years, with one daughter 11 years age. Obese, chilly.
Leucorrhoea since last 3 years with much itching; Bearing down sensation, so that she had to cross
her legs;stitching pain vagina extending upward; nausea morning; Empty feeling in stomach. She did
not conceive second time. Tube block.
Sepia 30 t.d.s. for 7 days. Sepia 200 six doses for 2 days. No improvemet. Sepia M two
doses. No improvement. Husband has been taking Penicillin injections. Medorrhinum 200 to husband
and the patient. Leucorrhoea, itching totally stopped; bearing down reduced. Became pregnant, and
delivered healthy child.
Gonococcal block removed by Medorrhinum. Did the medicine remove the Cornual block or dissolve
46. Lateral Wall Myocardial Infarction
GUJAR BANSI (CCR, 3,4/1994)
37 year-old male, many adverse life situations; first wife who was loving and kind, lost;
second wife abusive and insulting; loss of position in office due to scheming colleague; etc. suffered
myocardial infarction. He was treated homoeopathically by remedies appropriate to the symptoms and
over a period of about 5 months he was much better and could join his office. Acupressure also was
47. A Case of Sciatica
MISTRY D.E. (CCR, 3,4/1994)
30 year-old married female with right-sided Sciatica was relieved by Colocynthis 200.The
interesting point in this is that whereas Colocynth is better lying on painful side, this patient was worse
lying on painful side; nevertheless she was cured.
48. A Case of Rheumatism and Seminal Discharge
MISTRY D.E. (CCR. 3,4/1994)
23 year-old male with Epistaxis in summer; joint pains worse getting up; seminal discharge in
sleep twice a week followed by weakness; chronic headaches since 2 years; feeling heat in body.
Phosphorus, Carcinocin, Picric acid, Sulphur were some of the remedies given, but the patient
abandoned treatment and later reports said that he underwent allopathic and ayurvedic treatments
and became much weaker and debilitated with doubtful Koch's.
49. Zwei Pulsatilla-falle (Two Pulsatilla Cases)
SRINIVASAN K.S. (ZKH, 39,1/1995)
The author describes two cases of Arthritis healed by Pulsatilla. He shows how to heal with
only one remedy at a time, without looking at the name of the disease. The aggravation produced by
high potencies is also pointed out.
50. Akute Segmentpneumonie mit Segleiterguss - Sehandlung durch das chronische Grundmittel
(Acute Segment Pneumonia with accompanying symptoms. Treatment by the chronic
HEE H. (ZKH, 39,2/1995)
After successful treatment of her chronic disease by Nat-m. the patient suffered an year later
with an acute Pneumonia with high fever with an unclear muscular spasticity of throat region. The
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 18
healing of not only the acute but the chronic was accomplished with repeated doses of Nat-m. the
chronic remedy. .
51. Noch Einmal:der Wert der Symptome (Once again: the Value of Symptoms)
KELLER G.v. (ZKH, 39,2/1995)
Sometimes we can find the remedy more easilly with one very highly characteristic symptom
than with a multitude of more common symptoms. This is demonstrated by the author with a
Causticum case.
52. Ein Aurum-Fall. (An Aurum case)
ZEEDEN H. (A HZ, 240,2/1995)
In an elderly patient (75 year-old man), deep-seated shin-bone pains under diabetic Ulcus
cruris vanish rapidly and he remained pain-free for a long time, with Aurum D 200. In addition to the
physical and mental symptoms which were relieved by Aurum it was obseNed that it corresponded to
the favorite color and handwriting of H. V. MOLLER's patients.
53. Rare remedies in Common Practice
SHAH Sinal S. (HH, 20,1/1995)
Specific uses of 'rare' remedies like Menispermum, Turnera, Guarea, Je
chuck, etc. A very useful compilation (Recall the three articles of David WEMBER that appeared in the
OHD Vol X, 4/93, Vol XI, 1 &2/94, and Vol. XII, 3&4/95. = KSS)
54. My Experience with Rare Medicines in Acne
GOSHAR Meena (HH, 20,1/1995)
Elevan homoeopathic medicines with their specific relevance in acne.
55. A Case Report
COLABAWALLA Zenobia M.(HH,20,1/1995)
36 year-old housewife with simple (non-toxic) Goitre with iron deficiency Anaemia. Calcarea
iodide M and then XM beginning with single dose and going up to thrice a day while the thyroid went
on to shrink! 56. A Case of Hypertension PAVRI K.R. (HH, 20,1/1995) 52 year-old married
woman; known hypertensive (BP. 160/90). On allopathic drugs for hypertension. She came in July
1992 for difficulty in swallowing which was worse for liquids and empty swallowing. After complete
case-taking Sepia was prescribed -30 to M over a period. The allopathic anti- hypertensives were also
at the same time gradually reduced and ultimately totally withdrawn. Patient continues to be well
without any medication.
57. Haemorrhoids in a Child cured by
Homoeopathy -
A constipated two and half-year old male child with haemorrhoids external was cured with
Mercurius so/ubi/is 200 three doses, one a week.
58. A Case of Anxiety Neurosis with Lipoma
THAKKAR Paresh V. (HH, 20,1/1995)
28 year-old married lady with complaint of Insomnia since three years. She also had a
swelling on the forearm, soft, doughy, measuirng 3cm X 2cm. mobile. Constipated. She suffered
severe mental trauma; she spent sleepless, anxious nights, because the police used to visit at nights
to investigate a case of robbery foisted on her husband; later the case was withdrawn.
Ammonium muriaticum 200 three doses. Sleep improved, Lipoma size reduced, no fears.
59. Diseases of the Breast
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 19
KODIA Kamal Eruch (HH, 20,1/1995)
Common ailments of the female breast - Mastitis, Abscess, Cracked nipples, the repertory
rubrics useful in these conditions and some remedies.
60. Catharsis -Its importance in Homoeopathy
MISRA Bichitra Bhusan (HH, 20,2/1995)
Accumulation of repressed emotions results in rapid cure. Hence HAHNEMANN's admonition
to allow the patient to talk and the physician to listen without interruption.
61. Some Aspects of Chest Pain
WALKER Thomson (HH, 20, 2/1995)
The Physiology and Pathology of chest pains, in brief. Useful in daily practice.
62. Symptom -A Perspective
KOTHE Arvind (HH, 20,3/1995)
Tells briefly what is a subjective/objective symptom, concomitant, characteristic etc.
symptoms, what key-note is.
63. Spondylosis
AGARWAL Madhu (HH, 20,3/1995)
Briefly tells what Spondylosis is and mentions some of the remedies frequently indicated
(Rhus toxicodendron, Bryonia, Dulcamara, Rhododendron, Radium bromatum, Formica rufa,
64. A Case of Acute Trigonitis treated with Digitalis
VAZE S.H. (HH,20,3/1995)
Digitalis is a very important remedy in urinary complaints. A 72 year-old woman with Acute
Trigonitis was cured with Digitalis XM.
65. Stuttering
NIMBHORKAR M.P. (HH, 20,3/1995)
A small article on the causes of stuttering and some of the remedies more often indicated.
66. How to Prevent Heart Disease
KOHL! Bindu (HUD, 3, 111995)
General guidelines to prevent heart attack, which is mainly due to wrong life-style.
67. Case in My memory -Angina Pectoris
DHINGRA Sangeetha (HUD, 3,
A 38-year-old male with a history of pain since 6 months, from the left side chest radiating to
the left ear along the lower jaw. Sensation of choking, constriction in the throat. Precipitated mostly by
tension, anxiety and anger and sometimes when in a hurry. Naja 200 three doses, repeated after five
months. (Pain radiating to jaw -Naja)
68. Homoeopathy After "MI"
CHAWLA Rajesh (HUD, 3, 1/1995)
The author says that life after MI can be made comfortable with homoeopathy.
69. Diet and Heart Disease
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 20
GUPTA Babita (HUD, 3, 1/1995)
A brief article on how important diet in heart disease is.
70. Pulmonary Infiltration with Eosinophilis
KANSAL Kamal (HUD, 3,3/1995)
The pathology of Eosinophilia followed by four cases treated homoeopathically.
71. Kidney Stones and their Management
KANSAL Kamal (HUD, 3,3/1995)
The pathophysiology of Kidney stones and their homoeopathic treatment. Eight cases treated
homoeopathically reported; five cases given Sarsaparilla, one Pulsatilla one Nux vomica and one
72. Pulmonary Eosinophilia associated with Scabies
KANSAL Kamal (HUD, 3,3/1995)
That the curative remedy may be indicated by a symptom far removed from the main
pahtology is demonstrated by this case.
26 year-old man with wheezing since 10 days; severe breathlessness. Has been gettir:lg such
attacks since and this one was third in 5 months. Depends on inhalers (Bronchodilators and Steroids).
Examination revealed Eosinophils 28%, Ipecacuanha, Arsenicum iodatum did not give the desired
result. His wife rpvealed that while everyone in the family suffered badly from scabies, the patient was
suffering the least from scabies. Now, Psorinum M three doses a day for three days gave complete
73. Gastro-intestinal Diseases -Case
Reports (HUD, 3,2/1995)
Cases reported by different homoeopaths.
Case 1: Lactose intolerance in a 6 months old child. Rash at one month age relieved by
external application. Sulphur 200
Case 2: Stomatitis in a child of three and half years. Due to the ulcers in the mouth the child
was unable to take solids. Local applications and anti-fungals, vitamins and even homoeopathic
treatment since 6 months, have been of no avail. The child has history of recurrent urinary tract
infection since one-and-half year age, and given broad spectrum antibiotics and injections. During
dentition had green diarrhoea. On examination distinct fetid breath; salivation profuse; Kali chloricum
30 six doses over 3 days. Ulcers completely cured in eight days.
Case 3: Colonic Polyposis in a 37 year-old man was relieved by Teucrium 30 three times a
day from September 1993 to August 1994. (Teucrium 30 t.d.s. for 12 months!!!)
Case 4&5: Stools mucoid with pain abdomen since ten years in a 31 year-old man was
relieved with (i) Dysentery co.202, three doses (2) Colocynth 200 SOS for pain abdomen and (iii)
Kurchi <1> (Holarrhena antidysenterica)
In the next case, 34 year-old woman with restlessness with unsatisfactory stools; mucous
stools; ineffectual urge with only mucus pased. Dysentery co. 202 relieved.
Case 6: Eight year-old; vomiting with pain abdomen. Icterus. S. Bilirubin 5.4 mg; Ultrasound scan:
changes of fatty degeneration in the liver. Phosphorus 200, Arsenicum album 200 and then China 30.
74. Fistula-in-ano and Haemorrhoids
KANSAL Kamal, CHAWLA Rajesh (HUD,3,2/1995)
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 21
38 year-old woman with fistula in ano; painful, yellowish, thin, fetid discharge. Chilly person
who desired sweets. Haemorrhoids on maternal side. Known case of haemorrhoids since 18 years.
Tuberculinum 200, three doses; repeated after a week.
29 year-old man with fistula. Thin, watery discharge. Tuberculinum 200, three doses, followed
by Ledum 30 t.d.s. for 7 days and Echinacea «1>.65 year-old man, fistula since 10 years. History of
Koch's. Tuberculinum XM one dose followed by Ledum 200 t.d.s. for 8 weeks(!).
Haemorrhoids in a man, with burning, oedematous. Thuja 200 followed by Capsicum 30 and
lastly Apis 30 q.i.d. for 4 days.
75. Pancreatic Cancer -Hunting a Killer
KANSAL Kamal (HUD, 3,2/1995)
Update on the disease.
76. Homoeopathy in Emergency Cases
ORTEGA Processo Sanches (HUD,3,2/1995)
A very small article stressing that the homoeopath should know when surgery is called for and
when medicine.
77. Obstructive Jaundice -Ascaris lumb. Responsible
KANSAL Kamal (HUD. 3,2/1995)
Sixty year-old female with features of obstructive jaundice. Suspectid worms Chelone «1> 3
drops b.d. for 2 weeks and she threw up (per mouth and anus bunches of worms. Then Chelidonium
30 for two weeks cured.
78. Ein Fall von Colitis mucosa und Asthma (A Case of Mucous colitis and Asthma)
SCHUSTER Bernd (ACD, 4, 1/1995)
76-year-old man, thin and small built. Diarrhoea since years; in forenoon he must visit the
toilet 3 or 4 times, in all ten to twelve times a day. The diarrhoea comes so suddenly that he would
sometime fear that he may not make to the WC. He passes more mucus; hangs from the anus like a
thread and does not get dissolved in water when washed. The stool and mucous are passed without
pain, and least flatus. The sudden urge for stool which kept him in constant tension was the worst.
Cannot urinate standing because he would then have the urge to stool, he should therefore sit and
pass urine. He has already been treated by many doctors. All tests have shown everything as normal.
He was a mason and suffered from Asthma, worse summer. His Asthma began when he
started training as mason. As 8-year-old his tonsils were removed. Appendix surgery. Kidney stone
crushed. Thorough repertorization pointed to Kali bichromicum, confirmed by careful reference to the
Materia Medica. The remedy was given in LM 18, once daily three drops. Progressive improvement.
He remained well (free from the Diarrhoea and much better Asthma) until two years later when he
died of a heart attack.
Symptoms cured and ameliorated:
-Intense. frequent and sudden urge for stool with spurting diarrhoea, mucous stool, worse in
Autumn and Winter.
-Involuntary passage of thin mucous from the anus.
-Passage of tenacious, thick, .stringy mucus from the anus, or passing thick mucus without
-Summer-Asthma with waking up between 4 and 5 hours night with wheezing, dyspnoea,
yawning, and better from bending forward.
Tenacious expectaration.
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 22
- Dryness of the lips.
79. Eine Rauchvergiftung (A Smoke -poisoning)
SCHWARZ Erik (ACD, 4, 1/1995)
The patient. a man, had inhaled smouldering cable smoke and was thus poisoned. Was admitted
to the hospital where they opined that his brain had been starved of oxygen for a long time and gave
no hopes. The brain was not capable of function. The poisoning was in June 1979. The brother and
wife of the patient were advised to put him in a nursing home. They however wanted to avoid it.
The patient was like a child, said the brother. In the mornings he comprehended very slowly
but later in the afternoon onwards nothing. On 15 November 1979 he was brought to the clinic: He
appeared indifferent and stupid. He reacted very slowly to the questions. He sat on the chair and went
on shaking his legs and grinning. He had no interest in the TV. In the morning and forenoon he was
very pedantic and trifles disturbed him. Since the smoke poisoning he could not read.
With the scanty symptoms obtained after much effort, the following were taken for
Restlessness, legs, while sitting; conscientious about trifles
With these two symptoms Lycopodium and Rhus toxicodendron
So further differentiation from the following rubrics:
Smoke aggravates
Ailments, from Carbon monoxide
Since these were not confirmative of any remedy –
Smoke agg. Smoke intoxication indicated Lycopodium.
Lycopodium LM 12 b.d. 5 drops on 27 November. He was again seen on 8 January 1980.
The patient could not be recognised. He showed interest and could converse. He continued with the
medicine which was subsequently once a day, etc. His vision to read was only slightly improved, and
therefore could not continue his job. But he attended to all household work, purchases etc. In Summer
1992: he reported well in every way.
80. An Exceptional Case of Anencephaly VITHOULKAS G. (EJH, l' 1/1995)
A three-year-old girl born with almost half of the brain missing and the other half damaged.
CT Scan report in October 1993 showed (1) left cerebral hemiatrophy with temporal lobe aplasia, (2)
Parencephalous right basitemporal region with atrophic right temporal lobe. The child suffered from
frequent epileptic convulsions, totally paralysed, could not stand or sit and her head was falling to one
side; she had no contact whatever, no speech and did not respond to voices, a total vegetable.
Convulsive involuntary movements of the eyes with divergent strabismus of the right eye.
Agaricus muscarius 30 in repeated doses was prescribed and the child began to improve.
She has been progressing steadily. In the subsequent issues of the EJH the steady improvement is
being reported. She is yet to be fully cured. A remarkable case indeed.
81. Unexpected Remedy in a Case of Depression
ANTONIOU K. (EJH, l' 1 /1995)
Case 1: 15-year-old girl; depressed, thinks she is not-goodlooking, is ugly; Fear, timidity; fear
of thieves, accidents, shadows, storms and bicycles; Hot and sweaty palms; finds emotional relief
through writing poetry; sentimentalist; menses too early. Stramonium 200 brought all round
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 23
improvement. Stramonium should not only be seen as aggressive but also as sensitive, romantic, and
vulnerable, in the sense that it can be easily hurt. It also writes gloomy, melancholic poems.
Case 2: 19-year-old girl, student; intense irritability and tremendous sensitivity to cold;
Irritable and tense; when tense wants to bite something, hit something hard, when she feels
misunderstood she wants to throw things; strong sense of insecurity; strong dysmenorrhoea,
constipation or diarrhoea, and high sensitivity to noises. Fear of getting lost, no sense of space or
sense of balance. Affectionate, sentimental, effusive and of a mild character. Very anxious about her
health. Cannot be alone.
Arsenicum album M helped her. Three years later she was given Stramonium 30 because her
irritability had not abated to a great extent and she was still complaining about it. This did not help. A
fresh evaluation was made of the whole case and given Anacardium 30. Between the 6th and the
15th day after taking the medicine she had a tremend
nervous crisis, a fit of wild fury and
hyperactivity. Since then she has been much better. She had a small eruption of eczema on her hand.
Irritability ameliorated. Has been much better. An interesting brief discussion follows.
82. Good bye with a Hug
(HTIMES, 2, 1/1995)
This is a case from the files of Dr. Sarla SONAWALA who departed this world on 13 January
1995, presented by her daughter Dr. Vishpala PARTHASARATHY.
16-year-old girl with complaint of recurrent headaches; pain bursting, located in the frontal
region and root of nose. Worse in sun, after meals, after school, while stooping and emotional upsets.
Better under a fan, pressure and sleep and after playing badminton.
Repertorization on the basis of the mentals, generals and the modalities Kali bichromicum
was given which was followed by Silica.
83. Azoospermia: A Case Study MISHRA S.C. (mfH, 5,3/1995)
Azoospermia in 31-year-old man, treated with a number of homoeopathic medicines over a
period of over 18 months at the end of which significant improvement was observed.
84. Cervical Spondylitis
SHAH Rupal (HTIMES, 2, 1/1995)
24-year-old man with cervical Spondylosis since two years. He also has an itching eruption on
the back since three years. Acidity sub-sternal off and on. Varicocele operated. Craves spicy, chillies,
potatoes. Aversion sugar, salty. Addiction to tobacco. Easily frightened. Apprehensive about trifles.
Nervous. Loner. Although a teacher by profession he had stage-fright.
Gelsemium improved him.
85. Chronic tonsillitis
SEVAR Raymond (Simile, 5, 1/1995 issued with BHJ, 84, 1/1995)
22-year-old man with recurrent tonsilitis. Since childood suffered caseous deposits on the
tonsils. After a detailed history the rubrics -'Anger ailments, suppressed from' and 'Trembling
externally emotions, after' were chosen and Staphisagria 200, one dose given on 9.9.1993. He made
rapid improvement all round. Towards end December 1993 he had acute tonsilitis and he took a
course of antibiotics. The smelly white lumps on tonsils had never gone away and were worse
recently. The rubric 'caseous deposits in tonsils. K. 448: Chenopodium anthelminticum 6c tds for a
week. Rapid clearing of the smelly white lumps in a few days with no recurrence. Remains perfectly
well three months later.
86. Cyclical Depression
SEVAR Raymon (Simile, 5, 1/1995 issued with the BHJ, 84, 1/1995)
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 24
Depression since 33 years; good three weeks, bad three weeks, regular cycle. Periodicity not
exact, one or two days either way. During good weeks, energy good, feels very well, no symptoms.
During bad weeks, energy drained out. Feels sad, tired, drained, hard to cry, 'holds it in, bottled'
because is embarrassed to cry. Feels 'ashamed' about how she is, cried freely during the consultation
and apologised.
It all began after she suffered the shock of her husband being hospitalised due to a bad road
accident. Fear turned into depression. Fear snakes.
She was on Phenelzine 15 mg tds, Nifedipine retard 20 mg bd. Chilly.
Opium XM did not help. Aurum metallicum 200 also did not help. Now she came during her
'well' period. Speaks quickly. Restless. Lot of energy. Wakes at 6 am and works til110 pm. Cheerful,
lighter. Must move, and quickly. Thinks quicker. Feels happy. Aristolochia clematitis 200 one dose.
Depressive phase not returned. The excess energy gradually came down. Sleep normalised.
Stayed well for five months and then depression returned just as bad as before. Aristolochia clematitis
200 single dose. Guarded prognosis.
Read Edward WHITMONT'S Psyche and Substance for an excellent account of Aristolochia
87. Benign Dental Cyst
RATNAKER M. (Simile 5,1/1995 issued with the BHJ, 84, 1/1995)
Benign dental cyst which had destroyed the symphysis of the mandible, in a female. A bone
graft was proposed.
Acidum nitricum did not help. Hecla lava 6c tds for ten days then bd for two weeks and she
made good improvement.
88. Oral Leukoplakia
PAl P.N. (Simile, 5,1/1995 issued with
BHJ, 84, 1/1995)
Kalium cyanatum 6c bd relieved persistent burning in a thick white patch in the middle of the
tongue, measuring 1 II x 0.5" in male 45 years. The remedy was given for thirteen weeks.
89. Herpes which wouldn't quit
(Resonance, 17, 1/1995)
44 year old woman with chronic herpes since 17 years, of the face; off and on. She needed
Cafcarea sulphurica 200 repeated five months later. The analysis of the long case is very interesting.
90. Clairvoyance and its Treatment
ROY Sosi (QHQ,3,1/1995)
The author appears to have confused clairvoyance with delusion. He narrates two cases in
which Lachesis improved the mental ilfness.
91. After-pains from Herpes Zoster
PIETERS G. (QHQ, 3, 1/1995)
Neuralgic pains from Herpes Zoster which was not relieved by allopathic medicines (which
cost quite much), was relieved within 4 days with Hypericum 30.
92. Hair and Scalp Problems
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 25
LEWIS Joe A. (QHQ,3,1/1995)
This is a brief article on some of the common ailments and the remedies generally used in
problems of hair and scalp.
93. Hypertension
MISHRA S.C. (QHQ, 3, 1/1995)
A brief discussion of Hypertension and three cases treated homoeopathically which controlled
the Hypertension.
94. A Child with Grandmal Epilepsy
VIJAYKAR Praful (IJHM, 30,1/1995)
A four-year-old girl with Grandmal Epilepsy. The first attack came on when she was in the
ICU with Neonatal Jaundice; another attack at 11 months and since then on Tegretol and Sodium
Valporate. EEG revealed the presence of intermittent bilateral hyper-excitability; right more than the
left. CT Scan showed flaring of Atria of lateral ventricles with heterotropic congestion. She suffered
from recurrent colds, coughs, especially when she is tired after physical exertion and during cold, wet
days; cold is usually accompanied with high fever. A sensitive yet contented child who would never
Opium 30 was given on 1.6.1993, 9.10.1993, 15.11.1993 and Opium XM on 19.2.1994.
Significant improvement did not follow the above' prescription.
The case was reevaluated and Causticum 200 one dose was given on 24.4.1994 which
immediately manifested its curative action. The remedy has not been repeated until November 1994.
The author makes an interesting observation: " A 'constitutional remedy' is the one which
represents constitution in its entirety and not the mind alone. It has to go through and through to every
system in the organism right up to tissue and down to the cellular level because each cell of ours is
representative of us. Hence what special qualities are present in an individual cell or a system and the
organism as a whole is the 'Actual Mind' of the organism and this is what determines the constitutional
95. A Case of Seizure
MEHTA Kishore (IJHM, 30, 1/1995)
A 41-year-old married woman who gets convulsons since 1985. She suffered four
spontaneous abortions, one ectopic pregnancy terminated. She was on regular allopathic medicine.
The case was diagnosed as post-vir.al Encephalitis seizures. Kali bromatum M was given in June
1994, repeated in August 1994, StramoniumM; Natrum muriaticum 30 in December 1994, January
1995, February 1995, Natrum muriaticum M March 1995 and April 1995 and in May 1995 Natrum
muriaticum XM. Since the last dose no attacks.
96. Perceiving Totality in Epileptic Patients
JAIN .C.B. (IJHM, 30,1/1995)
A nine month-old girl with Epilepsy. Congenital Cataract which was operated three months
ago and could make out light and movements. Bufo rana 30 from 23 January to 27 March 1992
without benefit even after going up to the 200. On review Zincum metallicum 30 once a day and she
began to improve; the medicine was given t.d.s. and then the attacks stopped. The child developed
eruptions on the scalp. The child continued to be attack-free.
A 24-year-old, married woman with Epilepsy since two years. It began after vexation and
disappointment. There was amelioration from drinking water. Cuprum metallicum 30 daily and
Tuberculinum bovinum M (Three doses) were given from 1 August 1984 and July 1985 while at the
same time Gardenal which she had been taking was tapered and finally stopped. She remains attack-
free since July 1985.
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 26
97. Case of the Mentally Retarded Child
KULKARNI Ajit (IJHM, 30,1/1995)
A 19-year-old lad with epileptic attacks since three years age. Was said to possess low la. He
was on anti-epileptic drugs continuously and was constantly drowsy, drooling. After 12 years- age he
became violent, destructive, attempting to run away from home for long hours; became thin. He was
able to recall long-back movies seen by him or things. Mercurius 30 t.d.s. from 23- 1-1994. His
salivation reduced and attempts to run reduced; the anti-epileptic drugs were tapered. However, he
slipped and fell on 19.3.1994 and became unconscious and again became destructive. The entire
case was re-examined and he was now given Bufo rana 30 and higher. All-round improvement set in
including his behaviour. Still on treatment.
. Epilepsy with Unconsciousness
JOGALEKAR Ajay D. (IJHM, 30,1/1995)
19-year-old young man with Epilepsy since two and half years, and was on anticonvulsants.
Has undergone treatment in different hospitals. Now if he travels even the least he suffered
convulsions. Bufo 200 was given on 19.11.1991 and in infrequent doses and then M potency on
27.2.1992. Bufo M was repeated on 2.4.1992 and meanwhile the anti-convulsants were withdrawn.
The patient dropped out but came again on 21.11.1992. The case was re-taken and Calcarea
carbonica 200 was given in repeated doses, b.d. and then t.d.s and q.d. This was continued for one
year and in the interval Tuberculinum bovinum M. There was gradual improvement.
99. A Case of Exfoliative Dermatitis
BANERJEA Subrata K. (IJHM, 30,1/1995)
Six-year old male child with eruptions on the face since six months; itching, stinging and
cutting pains; occasional burning; weeps with pains; small red blotches, pustular and vesicular
discharging fluid and pus. Worse night, warmth, gentle rubbing, motion, summer, washing, sour
food/fruit, perspiration. Has been on allopathic medication including cortisone ointments and
Ayurvedic medicines. Chronic loose stools four or five times a day with froth and mucus. Painful
cervical lymph nodes since three years. Profuse and sour smelling perspiration, staining yellow.
Cortisone 200 two doses on 12.12.1989, 28.2.1990. No change.Sulphur M two doses. No
change. On 6 July 1990 Croton tiglium 30 two doses and improvement began. The remedy was
repeated in 200 potency, on 16 October 1990. Cured.
100. Homoeopathic Approach to the Problem of Cancer
KASAD K.N. (IJHM, 30,1/1995)
This is an interesting article. Cancer is the end product of the disease which had begun years
back in the patient. The precancerous state has to be ascertained in order to prescribe. Since almost
all cancer cases come to the homoeopath after surgery, chemotherapy, irradiation, etc. it is
impossible to get a proper picture of the underlying state. However it is possible to give palliation and
occassionally the cancer also may regress.
Important rubrics relevant to cancer pathology are mentioned. The case-taking and
understanding of the phases are explained. A list of remedies specific to the organs are given
followed by three cases.
101. Epilepsy: Clinician's Approach
ASHOK P.P. (IJHM, 30,1/1995)
This is a brief article on the subject. The author is a Consultant Neurologist.
102. Perceiving Conscientious -II
BARV ALIA Praful (IJHM, 30, 1/1995)
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 27
Case 1: 29-year-old male. Herpes Genitalis since two years. One episode every 4 months
with burning and soreness for 3 days. Pimples + on face. Aurum metallicum healed his complaints.
The remedy was selected on the basis of the mental state of the patient.
Case 2: 56-year-old male with Congestive Cardiac Failure. Associated complaints like
Hypertension, IHD, Diabetes, etc. He was a conscientious person. Misfortune in his business caused
mental trauma. He was a straight-forward, honest person even in his business dealings and his
inability to pay his creditors made him feel that he was responsible for their problems. He was on
prescribed allopathic medicines.
Aurum metallicum 30 daily gradually raised to b.d. and then t.d.s., then 200 daily. Insulin and
anti-hypertensives were continued. The patient improved steadily.
103. Travails of the Conscientious Stern Teachers
SHINGALA Kirtida (IJHM, 30, 1/1995)
Case 1: 73-year-old lady with inflammation of right knee joint. Osteoarthritis since an year,
worse since three monthe. Teacher by profession. She was ambitious, hard-working to achieve her
goal, scorned her husband who was rather docile and ambition-less. She was haughty. There was
underlying frustration but nevertheless she achieved her aim. Ferrum metallicum M (Ailments from
vexation; Conscientious about trifles; Egotism; Haughty; Craving sweets) in infrequent doses cured.
Case 2: 50-year-old lady, (Headmistress of a school) with Psoriasis. Her ailment was
precipitated when parents of children whom she had refused to be enrolled came in a crowd and she
was thus forced to interview all of them. She experienced a strong feeling of guilt that she was not
doing her job properly and went into severe depression. Basically a very conscientious person; a
perfectionist who demanded the same from others. Excited when injustice is meted out to subordinate
employees. She passed through a strong feeling of guilt when she is pressurised to give admission to
wards of political big-wigs and bad elements.
She was shocked when her husband died suddenly, and she did not shed a drop of tear. She
felt that she had neglected her duty in not taking care of her husband.
Cyclamen cured her .
104. Epilepsy and Emotion
HATTANGDI Sonal A. (IJHM, 30, 1/1995)
Discusses briefly the relationship between emotion and epilepsy. Two cases from A
Textbook of Epilepsy by J. LAIDLAW, A. RICHENS, D. CHADWICK, are given to stress this.
105. The Treatment and Prevention of Post-vaccinal Disease
SMITS Tinus (JAIH, 88, 1/1995)
Dr. Tinus SMITS, through illustrative case histories, identifies some of the numerous adverse
vaccine side-effects and demonstrates an effective method for their treatment when caught early
enough, within the first year. He says that the best treatment is to use the potentized vaccine and to
give it in four potencies over four successive days
30 on day one, 200 on day two, M the third day,
and XM the fourth day. If at any time during those four days an aggravation ensues, the subsequent
doses are suspended and after waiting the whole series is restarted, 14 days later. If a child is
unusually vulnerable, e.g. he had a severe reaction from an earlier vaccination or you are expecting a
strong reaction for whatever reason, every potency can be spaced out a week or more apart. If a
given potency does provoke a strong reaction the same potency can be repeated weekly until there is
no longer any reaction.
The argument is also presented that delaying immunization until after the age of ten months
could help prevent many vaccine side-effects.
106. A Case of Oral Polio Vaccinosis
SCHAFFER Rodney (JAIH,88,1/1995)
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 28
This is a case report of the successful use of a homoeopathic preparation of Oral Polio
Vaccine used to treat a febrile illness which occured 8 days after a dose of Orimune. The incidence of
mild Poliomyelitis and vaccine-related Poliomyelitis as well as the clinical presentations of the 4 Polio-
virus-related syndromes are reviewed. The symptoms in this case upon which the OPV in potency
was prescribed are described.
107. Obstacles to Homeopathic Treatment VITHOULKAS George (JAIH, 88,1/1995)
Disease is manifested as a consequence of stresses impacting one or more of the three-
Ievels that constitute the human organism:
the physical body
the emotional-sexual sphere
the mental-spirituallevels
The obstacles to the homoeopathic treatment would similarly arise at the appropriate levels.
For example: on the physical level -a herniated disc which causes sciatica or a foreign matter stuck in
a part; these need surgical interference plus Homoeopathy. Chemical blockages like coffee or alcohol
in great quantities. And then there are miasmatic obstacles. Permanent organ damage, cases
suffering from an undefined, general weakness of the physical body, also would cause obstacles.
The emotional blockages are classified as:
(1) Husband Syndrome -in women who are not sexually or romantically attracted to their
(2) Deep Emotional Insecurities -these can dramatically alter one's life. These are very
difficult to be cured.
(3) Inescapable Familial Situations -like having a retarded child in the family; conditions of
extreme poverty.
(4) "Sinful" Habits -practices which the patient considers as unwholesome or sinful like
homosexuality, masturbation, drug or alcohol addiction or unhealthy state of mind.
(5) Emotional Death - persons who have suffered emotionally tremendously in life and have
come to the conclusion that there is no love in life, no friendship, no companionship can, as a
consequence, die emotionally.
Mental Blockages - persons who seek 'spiritual' life-style due to frustration; without going
through the stages of spirituality, such person adopts prematurely a 'spiritual' cloak. These are very
difficult cases.
The Health Freaks -those with fixed ideas about health and disease and their symptoms are
greatly modified by these ideas and diets that they usually follow. Hypochondriacs fall in this category.
The 'Intellectuals' will give you a false impression about their overall health condition most of
the time. Since they have the tendency to understand everything that is happening in them in a logical
manner and thus to explain it to themselves and to others, they always give their own interpretation to
their symptoms.
The Independent Patient -they do not want to depend upon the doctor. When they come for
the follow-up visit, they will be likely to confuse the interpretation of their response to the remedy by
suggesting that any improvement they have noted could be due to some other influence, therapeutic
or otherwise, in their life. You have to be very careful with these individuals because there is an inborn
fear that they may depend upon someone if they admit that your remedy made them better.
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 29
VITHOULKAS has given example cases from practice to explain the points.
108. Homoeopathic Grand Rounds
JOHNSTON Linda (JAIH, 88, 1/1995)
A 69-year-old woman, a college professor, with Hypertension, left hip pains, shortness of
breath, hoarseness and weakness. The case improved with Causticum and Digitalis over a total 14
month treatment period. The totality of the case, analysis by Dr. JOHNSTON and comments by Drs.
Mitch FLEISHER, Dean CROTHERS, Paul HERSCU, Karl ROBINSON and final comments by Dr.
JOHNSTON by way of response to the comments, all make very interesting and thought-provoking
109. Clinical Snapshots
Case 1: 65-year-old woman complained of waking up every night with anxiety and
restlessness and inability to go back to sleep for two to three hours after was cured by Cedron 30.
(Clock-like regularity of symptom. The woman said that when she awoke she did not need to look at
the clock since it occurred so exactly at 3 a.m.)
Case 2: Verbascum thapsus 200 cured severe cough in a man of about 30 years. Rumex,
Spongia tosta, Phosphorus, Drosera failed and Verbascum was chosen because of concomitant left
ear pain with trumpeting, deep cough.
110. The Need to Observe and Perceive
ANAND Sunil (HL,8,1/1995)
The author points out, with two illustrative cases, the importance of observing children who
are brought for treatment and not take the parent's statement as totally correct. For example, a child
was said to be "easy to get along" whereas she was observed to be difficult to get along with! Recall
HAHNEMANN's admonition to be present in the interview with all our senses and thus perceive.
111. A Case of Asthma
DAPTARDAR B.G. (HL,8,1/1995)
A girl child of 3 years age with Asthma was treated with Valeriana selected on the basis of the
mother's emotional/mental state.
112. The Gift"
WITTENBURG Christine(HL,8,1/1995)
50 year-old woman with Migraine and Menieres wus healed with Cocculus. The case is
illustrative of psychic wounds leading to illnesses to protect one from developing serious damage.
113. A Case of Alopecia Totalls
NAIDU Rajiv (HL,8,1/1995)
Dreams of big black snake, dreams of terrifying demons, of being pursued and killed,
tremulous bngue, delusions etc. led to prescription of Naja which remedied baldness completely.
114. A Case of Menopausal Symptoms
BIANCHINI Roberto (HL,8,1/1995)
This case of climacteric flushing which began after curettage in a 57-year-old women was
treated with Argentum nitricum. The remedy was selected on the basis of the 'situation' and
'delusions'. The remedy was given in XM and then 200.
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 30
115. Leprosy -A Challenge to Homoeopathy CHAKRABORTY Dhruba, ADHIKARY, H.K.
In this essay the authors explain the methodology and medicines (homoeopathic) for
treatment of Lepromatous Leprosy. They have worked a 'general' method instead of individualization.
They have come to conclusion that Mercurius succeeds in 60%, and Kali iodatum and Lycopodium in
20% and 15% respectively, while Natrum muriaticum, Aurum metallicum and Hepar sulphuris in 2%,
2% and 1 % each.
1. Asthma: A Repertory at a glance
CHOWDHURY Pran Gobind (NJH, 4, 1/1995)
This is a compilation from the KENTRepertory. However, it does not seem to be complete.
2. Additions to Asthma
DHARI Dushyant Kamal (NJH, 4, 1/1995)
Many additions to the Repertory are given, but the author has not indicated the sources from
which he has drawn these 'additions'.
3. Neurosis: Its homoeopathic Approach
SARANGI Ananda Prasad (NJH, 4,2/1995)
The article has nothing to do with the title of the article published. A short list of some mental
symptoms have been drawn from the Repertory and put in.
4. Linking Rubrics
BHARUCHA Piroja M. (HH, 20, 1/1995)
This is a very useful compilation. The author has drawn a list of what are called 'cross
references', 'related rubrics', 'linking rubrics'. For example, 'Disobedience' is linked with: Abusive,
children insulting parents; Disobedience; Answer, questioned, does not answer, when; Answer,
refuses to answer; Audacity; Contradict, disposition to; Quarrelsome; etc. etc. In day-to-day practice
one takes note of such links and jots them down in the repertory SO that time may be saved. The
Synthetic Repertory by Drs. BARTHEL & KLUNKER and the Synthesis Repertorium by Dr. F.
SCHROYENS give many cross-references.
5. Analyse h:oiufig konsultierter Repertoriums- Rubriken (Analysis of frequently consulted
TERLINDEN Michael (ACD, 4, 1/1995)
In this, the second part, the author examines the rubrics " Anxiety in dark" and "Fear of dark" in
the KENT repertory and the Synthesis of SCHROYEN's.
6. A Short Repertorial Study on Etiquette and Mannerism
SHAH Rajesh (HTIMES, 2, 1/1995)
Observation and noting down of the behaviour and mannerisms of the patient forms an
important part of the homoeopath's work. One will find many rubrics in the repertory in this regard.
The manner in which the patient behaves, answers, conducts himself, gestures, etc. are all valuable
clues to the careful 'medical observer'. In this article the author has chosen some rubrics for study.
7. Issues of Control
SHORE Jonathan (JAIH, 88, 1/1995)
In this article Dr. SHORE offers an outline of a procedure he has employed to create a new
rubric - in this instance, "control" -the need to be in control or the sense of being out of control.
Remedies for inclusion were selected on the basis of Dr. SHORE's clinical experience (review of
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy 31
records) plus a novel method of confirmatory study, invoking concepts of symptom polarity and
compensation, detailed in the text of this paper.