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Lead me from Untruth to Truth
Lead me from Darkness to Light
Lead me from Death to Immortality
Adyaya I Brahmana 3 Mantra 28
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literature in Homeopathy drawn from the well-known homeopathic journals published
world-over - India, England, Germany, France, Belgium, Brazil, USA, etc., discipline-
wise, with brief abstracts/extracts. Readers may refer to the original articles for detailed
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VOL. XXV, 1 & 2 2008
Part I Current Literature Listing
Part I of the journal lists the current literature in Homeopathy drawn from the well-known homeopathic
journals published world-over - India, England, Germany, France, Brazil, USA, etc., - discipline-wise, with
brief abstracts/extracts. Readers may refer to the original articles for detailed study. The full names and
addresses of the journals covered by this compilation are given at the end of Part I. Part II contains selected
essays/articles/extracts, while Part III carries original articles for this journal, Book Reviews, etc.
1. The Search for True Natural Disease
(HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
The author has expressed unhappiness at the
mutual criticisms of Homeopathy Practitioners
among themselves, as ‘classical’, ‘modern’, etc.
In this connection he discusses ‘true natural
disease’ and ‘indisposition’. (ref. §78 Organon.)
The conclusion is that we should put aside our
differences long enough to recognize the quality of
both old and new methodologies and that progress
should not require the casting out of all the good
that previously existed. He further pleads that since
Homeopathy is about finding the similarities and
not difference, we should rather look for
similarities in our methods rather than accentuating
the differences.
2. The Shadow of Homeopathy
An Analysis of the Current Situation in
Homeopathy from a Jungian Perspective
(HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
This article discusses the importance of
understanding Jung’s concept of the shadow both
for homeopathic practice and the profession of
Homeopathy as a whole. Much of the difficulty
that HAHNEMANN had with public acceptance of
Homeopathy is continuing to this day due to
attitudes that remain in the group collective
unconscious of the profession. Methods to make
these attitudes conscious are suggested in order to
prevent unconscious repetition of behaviour that
sabotages the acceptance of Homeopathy in the
world today.
C.G. JUNG introduced the term shadow to
deal with suppressed qualities. Working with this
subject as homeopaths deepens our understanding
of the structure of problems and of healing
processes in our patients and in ourselves.
1. Semiotics and Simillimum: Prescribing
without a Proving: A Case of Rio Grande Wild
Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo intermedia)
BROWN Doug (AH. 12/2006)
“Semiotics is concerned with everything that
can be taken as a Sign” (Umberto ECO, 1976).
Doug BROWN says that while Provings
constitute a foundational cornerstone of
Homeopathy, the limitation of our proven remedies
are that the seemingly indicated remedies fail to act
or continue to hold”. Also that “Signs point
towards a substance which makes sense of the case
at the deepest possible level but for which there is
no Proving and often no extant remedy.”
A Case that stalled: 55 year-old woman with
intense pain and a confusing story of drug abuse
and emotional turmoil. For an year Morphinum had
helped her and then it didn’t. Now, the ‘themeis:
issue of survival, multiple sensations, extensive
inter-personal conflict with a sense of victimhood
and a need to dominate. She experiences pain as
being driven out of life before she is ready to go.
Feels trapped and vulnerable. Awareness of
egotism and negativity within herself. Yearns for
freedom and escape.
The movement out of her body is upwards.
These features indicate animal aspects [There is so
much more of ‘animal’ in everyone of us, indeed =
KSS] of the case and especially avian, i.e. bird
remedy. The patient’s case did not fit into any of
the known Bird Provings. The important feature of
Wild vs Domestication and used for food pointed
out either chicken or Turkey.
Potency of Rio Grande Wild Turkey’s
feather was given on 19.8.2004. She continued
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
improving; repeated four times over a period of 15
months due to relapse and subsequently two doses
of M. She continues to do well and feel a sense of
forward movement in her healing process. [Where
is Homeopathy” in this kind of reasoning?
HAHNEMANN said that the o n l y way of
knowing what is ‘medicinalin a substance is the
Proving on healthy humans. Thus was
Homeopathy born. Now there are several
scholars amongst us who are not only one-up but
seem to be many-ups over good old
HAHNEMANN. Melanie GRIMES the Editor
of AH would like to us not to complain but tolerate
with these ‘speculation’, even ‘wild speculations’ in
the garb of Homeopathy! Yet those of us who
still consider that the Science founded by
HAHNEMANN and nurtured by
alone is the Homeopathy abide so. = KSS]
2. Lac Cameli Dromedari: Camel’s milk: a
(SIM. XX/2007)
The milk obtained from a domestic camel in
Cairo was frozen and transported to Canada and
then to Hahnemann’s Labs Pharmacy, San Rafael,
California where it was de-frozen and potentised to
12c and 30c. This Proving was according to the
methodology given by Jeremy SHERR in his book.
The Symptoms are given in the ‘Schema’ form.
3. HAHNEMANNS Arzneimittellehre in
neuem Licht (HAHNEMANN’s
Materia Medica in new light)
LUCAE Christian und WISCHNER
Matthias (ZKH. 51, 1/2007)
More than 200 years after the publication of
HAHNEMANN’s first Materia Medica the
Collected Materia Medica (Gesamte
Arzneimittellehre) appears as a first complete
compendium of all Provings of HAHNEMANN. In
this article all the new aspects of the Collected
Materia Medica are presented in an overview.
The evolution and sources of HAHNEMANN’s
Materia Medica are discussed by combining 17
remedies appearing in both, the Materia Medica
Pura as well as the Chronic Diseases, new issues
on HAHNEMANN’s presentation of symptoms
have become evident. Finally, the implications of
HAHNEMANN’s original works is emphasized.
Although several Provings have been done
after HAHNEMANN and many Materia Medicas
have been published almost all of them could only
be considered as complementaries, extensions, etc.
but none of them could or would displace the
original work of HAHNEMANN. They are as
much relevant today as they were two centuries
4. Microcystis aeruginosa Proving of Blue
Green Algae
GRIMES, Melanie J. (AH. 12/2006)
This is the most common toxic
Cyanobacterium in fresh water. They produce two
main groups of toxins namely Neurotoxins and
Peptide Hepatotoxins.
The themes of the proving symptoms are
given; symptoms which were cured during
Provings are also listed. (This report of the
‘Proving’ is somewhat haphazard. How many men
and women? How many hours/days etc. after
which the symptoms (each one) appeared? Without
putting it up to the Profession with full Proving data
and obtaining cured cases, the author has given
’rubrics’! Anyway, this is the way in which so
many ‘Provings’ have been carried out in the
modern days by the preachers of ‘innovations’. =
5. Leonurus cardiaca (Motherwort)
Mother and child Reunion
LUCAS Joy (AH. 12/2006)
Leonurus cardiaca was proved in 2006 as it
had little or no proving at all. Its common names
are ‘mother wort’ and ‘lions heart’. The reasons for
this are explained.
Leonurine is its active alkaloid. There were
many references to mother/child relationships in the
Provings. Another word which came up often was
‘wicked’. This relates directly to both mischievous
and yet protective nature of this remedy. A story
based on the Provings is given.
The ‘full proving’ data can be downloaded at
www.homeopathicmateriamedica.blogspot .com
6. Acer cercinatum: A proving and cured cases.
OLSEN, Steve (AJHM. 99, 3/2006).
Acer cercinatum, The Vine maple, was proved
on nine people, five of whom produced symptoms.
the proving was not double blind. The provers
were instructed to take three doses per day until
symptoms began, or upto nine doses. 30c potency
was used. The central themes which emerged were:
disgust about being too overweight, jealousy,
insecurity and perfectionism.
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
A keynote of the remedy is that although these
patients maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet and
appear healthy they feel inferior, regard themselves
with disgust and feel self-conscious about being fat.
The proving symptoms Materia Medica and
Repertory additions are given. Three cases helped
by this remedy based on these themes are given.
7. Homeopathic Meaning
A Chapter from Carbon: Organic and
Hydrocarbon Remedies in Homeopathy
(AJHM. 99, 3/2006)
This is a re-printing of “Homeopathic
Meaning,” a chapter in Dr. Roger MORRISON’s
new book Carbon. In this chapter Dr. MORRISON
reviews the principal characteristics his study
uncovered of the various groupings of hydrocarbon
8. Alnus rubra the Red Alder:
A proving and cured cases
OLSEN, Steve (AJHM. 99, 4/2006)
This article consists of Chapter 5 of the book,
Arbor Medica: Four new Hahnemannian Provings
with cases.
The central themes are Generosity and
Forsaken feelings. Keynotes are: worse from
change of weather, strong thirst, bruises easily; dry,
inflamed skin; burning pains and sensitivity to
The proving symptoms and five cases treated
on the basis of above themes and keynotes are
Remedy comparisons and Repertory additions
are given.
9. What Substances Should We be Proving:
Some Thoughts on Gaps in Literature and in
the Substances hitherto Chosen for Provings
KATIRAI Foad, (AJHM. 99, 4/2006)
This paper looks at gaps in the homeopathic
proving literature and the criteria by which
homeopaths have, hitherto, chosen what substances
to prove. A series of criteria are suggested which
are rooted in the place substances occupy in
relation to humans and human homeostasis i.e.,
what we are made of, what we eat, what we wear,
what we have added artificially to our environs and
what exists naturally in our environs. These
considerations can form a basis for determining
what provings should be conducted next.
10. Alcoholus, Hydrocyanic acid
Excerpted from Dr. MORRISON’s new book
(AJHM. 99, 4, 2006)
Alcoholus: The central themes which include:
isolation, aloneness, numbness or ecstatic states
alternating with despair or fear, intoxicated
sensations, distance from others, passivity,
dishonesty/lying, the need to feel heard or cared
Hydrocyanic acid: The key components of
which include: collapse, fear betrayal, desire for
company, distress during cardiac symptoms,
confusion, aggression, cyanosis, spasms, tetany.
11. Enallagma carunculatum
A proving of Tula Bluet Dragonfly
GRIMES, Melanie J.
(HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
This proving was conducted in 2002 with 25
provers. The remedy themes are given and
additions to the Repertory are given.
Remedy picture indicates possible use in
Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Dyslexia. [A
remedy qualifies to be added to the Repertory only
after repeated verifications. In recent times every
‘new’ remedy ‘proving’ comes with a case or cases
and a list of “additions” to the Repertory. This way
our Repertory will become voluminous like the
Encyclopaedia Brittanica but perhaps unreliable =
1. The Shadow of PTSD in Chronic Diseases – a
SHANNON, Tim (SIM. XX/2007)
A 35 year-old, thin. African American, referred
by his adopted mother. Much abused in foster
homes. Presented with lack of concentration.
Dwelling in the past. Frequent headaches > much
after treatment by Chiropractor Claustrophobia.
Weeping from depression almost daily. Occasional
outbursts of anger. Isolating himself. Nail biting
Nightshades are useful for patients with
difficulty integrating their ‘dark side’ with their
daily life.
Stramonium M from 29.12.2004 to 18.7.2005
repeated four times in this period and patient
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
improved. [20 pages has been used up for this case;
a verbatim report – probably recorded; a simple
case is made to appear as if too complicated by
bringing in ‘themes’, etc. = KSS]
2. Psychiatric Medications and Homeopathy: A
journey Through Bi-Polar Disorder
(SIM. XX/2007)
45 year-old white male with Bi-Polar II
Disorder with Panic Disorder. Recurrent suicidal
depression alternating with Hypomania. His sexual
function and desires affected by drugs. No stability.
Hopeless. Exhausted. Fear of failure. Feels
attacked. Talks in terms of percentages.
He needed a remedy from Mineral Kingdom.
Cuprum metallicum 200 in July 2004.
Aug. 2004: overall fatigue is better. Still episodes
of feeling attacked. No control over it. Heart races.
Cuprum arsenicum 6c q.d. and p.r.n. with
Sept. 2004: only one episode. No depression.
Significant change in energy. No anxiety/panic.
Continue the medication.
Nov. 2004: Feeling stable. Doing well overall.
Underlying anxiety due to the Psychiatrist’s
warning about homeopathic medicines,
Cuprum arsenicum 200
Dec. 2004: Feels good. SL.
Cuprum arsenicum 200 one dose every three
months and eleven months later a dose of 1M.
Dec. 2005: Energy is fine. Slowly reduced his
psychiatric medication.
Aug. 2006: only on 25mg. of Seroquel.
Periodically repeats Cuprum arsenicum M.
Cuprum arsenicum was selected on the basis of
feeling of being attacked in paroxysms, of Cuprum
metallicum and restlessness and anxiety of
Arsenicum. [While it is a fact that the patient has
been almost restored, can we say that he has been
‘cured’; how far are we in synthesizing artificially
the qualities of two remedies? Will it not lead to
any number of combinations? How did the
psychiatric disorder arise? The cause? Why is it
that there was no ‘exteriorization’ in the form of
any skin eruption? So many questions arise. =
3. The Divided Face: Cuprum Case
SMITH, Jennifer (SIM. XX/2007)
A 70 year-old man with pain in left side of face
and head for the past 20 years. It feels like a
divider and in the centre of the forehead. Perspires
on one side and not the other. Does not like heights
and flying in air-planes. The pain feels like a
cramp and tightness. Described pain as like a metal
which expands when it is hot and contracts when
cold. History of severe leg cramps. Cuprum
metallicum M.
He was also given another dose of the same
remedy to be taken if there is a relapse. Two
months later: much better. Divided leg feeling
gone. Seven months later. Relapse but now on the
left. The one powder earlier given was taken and
there was prompt relief. [The author says that
Cuprum came into his mind when the patient
explained his pain as when a metal expands and
contracts. He explains that he used Rajan
SANKARAN’s teaching. There are no dates, and so
we do not know of the follow-up period. In a
chronic case of 20 years standing, should we not
wait for two years at least before reporting it as a
cure, (as advised by von BOENNINGHAUSEN in
his ‘last work’) and more so because there seems to
be no homeopathic aggravation, nor any skin
manifestation, etc. If BOENNINGHAUSEN,
HERING, KENT, LIPPE etc. are all irrelevant and
there is no ‘last appearing symptom’, a miasm and
no ‘order’ in the disappearance although there
certainly is an order in the development - of the
disease, what is left of Homeopathy? = KSS]
4. Die Anamnese bei Adoleszenten (The
Anamnesis in Adoloscents)
HEÉ Hansjörg (ZKH. 51,1/2007)
Discussions on treatment of adolescents are
scarce in the homeopathic literature. A study was
undertaken in Germany recently. It revealed that
adolescents as against children and grown-ups, do
not benefit much from a prolonged treatment. The
present study in this article is to provide ideas of
what is different in the adolescents; of what is
occurring while taking the case of an adolescent.
Often the youngsters do not wish to identify them-
selves as sick and they do not give out all their
symptoms and in fact most of them do not know
what exactly is bothering them. The Homeopath
too would feel un-sure and his/her patience may
wear off. This article attempts to discuss these and
suggest as to how to solve this and obtain full case
and select the most suitable remedy.
Some probable questions (not a prescribed
one) that may bring about indications:
“Has there been a change in the relationship
between you and parents?”
“What could your parents do so that you are quite
happy? What would you wish of an ideal mother,
an ideal father?”
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
“What are the typical sentences of father, mother?”
“What limitations are necessary? Whom would you
do without?
“What wishes, expectations and fears are there in
connection with the important limitations?”
“Is it possible to improve some or the other?
“How would a perfect day seem?”
:When are you happiest?
“When in your life so far have you been most
unlucky? Have you thought of ending life?
“What are the main feelings you have during the
“Do you have the feeling, that people take you as
you would like to be?
“Do you feel that other people understand you?
How do others value you?”
“Do you have the feeling you do wrong”?
“Where do you hold yourself?”
“How do you think of your later life?”
“Do you have an idea what one could move?
5. Homöopathie in der stationären
Psychiatrie) (Homeopathy in
Psychiatric patients in Hospital)
ROHRER Anton (ZKH. 51,1/2007)
Whereas psychiatric out-patients who are
dispensed only medicines, there are those who need
hospitalization, care, needs, medicines and other
suitable measures. Also the ‘chronic diseasemust
also be removed. A good characteristic symptom
can be taken for selection of the remedy, even if it
is “pathognomonical”, or it is a known adverse
symptom from orthodox medicine.
A case is presented and it is explained with the
help of the Therapeutic Pocket Book suitable
remedy is found for the case with depression,
alcohol abuse and attempt to suicide.
6. Eine Beobachtung zum §216 Organon
(An observation on § 216 of the
BÜNDNER Martin (ZKH. 51, 1/2007)
§ 216 explains that a so-called physical
complaint may sometimes become even life-
threatening, may by the rapidly increasing mental
disturbances become a so-called delusion, a kind of
melancholy, or a raving; thereby the physical
symptoms recede. Thus it becomes a ‘one-sided’
disease, similar to a local disorder. This is a
difficult-to-understand Aphorism. This observation
seems to have been made by HAHNEMANN much
earlier, 1810 as may be seen from the Organon I
edition. We have not come across much written
about this Aphorism. Is it so that in these days we
have not observed such a disease course? Or is it
that the modern medicine is now capable of so
treating these conditions that a deflection of a
disease is no more noticeable, or possibly that we
have not been not thoroughly?
A case is reported in which there was Digitalis-
intoxication leading to hallucinations; this mental
state came on after a life-threatening
Bradyarrhythmia was relieved. The mental as
well as the physical complaints were relieved with
appropriate homeopathic remedies.
7. Staphisagria bei Depression
(Staphysagria in Depression)
HINDERER Rolf (ZKH. 51, 1/2007)
This case has been analysed and worked
according to C.M.BOGER. First BOGER’s method
is briefly explained. A man, 34 year-old, with
severe exhaustion of over six weeks; he felt that
this rises from his brain. He has been experiencing
these phases since 10 years from time to time but
now it has been persisting for over six weeks.
From the symptom-totality of the patient and
the history of the family, first the Generals are
extracted with which a basic repertorisation is
carried out, followed by a complementary repertori-
sation of the peculiarities.
8. Thuja, Sykose und Impfung Causa und
Effekt (Thuja, Sycosis and Vaccination (Cause
and Effect)
REIS Stefan (NAH. 2, 1/2007)
A wider view in Homeopathy is that Sycosis
as detailed by HAHNEMANN is identical to the
affections following vaccination and even that
vaccinations may trigger sycotic illnesses.
Therefore sometimes Thuja is prescribed routinely
for all sequelae of vaccination. This is a
The author says that ‘cause is a fundamental
criteria for remedy selection comes from allopathic
indication-standards. This is debated with the
example of prescription of Thuja for sequelae of
In any case, most of the cause’ rubrics in our
repertories are of clinical nature and therefore must
be evaluated so.
9. Heilungs- und Sequelae symptome bei der
homöopathischen Arzneiwahl (Curative and
sequelae symptoms in the selection of
homeopathic remedy)
RABE Steffen (NAH. 2, 1/2007)
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
The author takes up the study of a case with
symptoms which arose supposedly as a
consequence of curative action of the homeopathic
remedy. He takes up an article in the ZKH,
First the source of knowledge of the curative
remedies, viz., the Materia Medica is discussed,
then the place for the ‘sequel’ symptoms and then
the place for the curative symptoms; These
considerations are with reference to
HERING. Interesting discussion.
9. Ein Fall von bedrohlicher
Hämangiomatose (A Case of a life-
threatening Hæmangioma)
WESTHOFEN Heike (NAH. 2, 1/2007)
This is a case of an infant, four months old,
very seriously ill, with Hæmangiomatosis.
The child has neonatal Hæmangioma in the
corners of the mouth, on the cheeks, throat,
umbilicus; on the lips and in the buccal mucous
membranes small and large Hæmangioma are
present. The actually life-threatening lesions are a
sub-glottical-circular haemangiomas scattered,
which lead to a Trachea stenosis, with inspirator-
ial Stridor which could be heard; these were
becoming worse. Recently the child has been
developing Cyanosis of the lips and cyanotic eye-
rings, generalized dyspnoea. The child has been in
the hospital and had to be intubated, narcotized
since she could not by herself breath because of the
haemangiomas. And her life was under threat due
to this. She is on Cortison without much help. A
colleague treated her homeopathically with
Spongia, Fluoric acid, Sambucus niger in low
potencies because of the acute state without
perceptible improvement. The case came into the
author’s hands.
The author discusses in detail information and
data we have studied in JAHR,
with regard to the treatment of such life-threatening
10. Practical Miasmatic Prescribing
BANERJEA Subrata Kumar
(AH. 12/2006)
The knowledge of Miasms is helpful in the
following ways:
1. Anti-miasmatic remedy opens up cases where
symptoms are scarce and in cases with conjoint or
contaminated pictures due to various physical,
emotional or iatrogenic suppressions.
2. In the absence of any recognizable Totality, to
select on the basis of psychic essence, nature and
character of the individual. This is capable of
surfacing suppressed Miasm.
3. To evaluate the necessity of a change in the plan
of treatment or change of remedy.
4. To evaluate the homeopathic prognosis of the
5. To clear up the susceptibility to get infection
and thereby strengthening the constitution.
Key-words and criteriae for the “Four Great
Miasms” are given.
11. Responses to the Simillimum
EVANS Gwyneth (AH. 12/2006)
The cases presented illustrate an unexpected
reaction and changes in the inner being of the
woman. She quotes § 9 and writes that assisting the
person to a state where they can focus on the higher
purposes of existence is the most important and
satisfactory one.
Case 1: A woman who had immigrated to New
Zealand and was having trouble in settling down.
A remedy was given to cure her homesickness.
Three weeks later, she felt much clearer and
stronger; had rediscovered the unity within herself.
Case 2: A woman in early thirties with problems of
dealing with issues arising from sexual abuse in
childhood with a sense of powerlessness
Stramonium M. Immediately after the remedy, she
dreamed of a situation in which she was helpless
and unable to get away from a person who terrified
her. Two weeks later she dreamt of a situation
where the group was not listening and supporting
her. She decided that she did not need that situation
and was strong enough to leave and find a better
This illustrates the change at a deep level shown
through dreams.
Case 3: A woman with recent ectopic pregnancy
and wanting to become pregnant. Unresolved
issues of Incest. Recent history of violent
relationship and current boy-friend treating badly.
She works as an agency temporary worker. After
second day in any workplace everyone would stop
talking to her. She would feel uncomfortable and
dislike it and would not go back. Hated herself and
suicidal feelings. Lac caninum 200. Two weeks
later, now job and people valued her. They enjoyed
her company work. She had spoken to all her
family about the abuse in childhood and was able to
cope with tat. She looked like a different person.
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
Case 4: Young woman with respiratory and sleep
problems. History of self-abuse with alcohol and
drugs and sexual abuse during childhood. Suicidal
thoughts, humiliated and self-disgust. She is in the
process of recovery. Each remedy making her deal
with another chunk of memories and issues from
past. After Lac caninum M she told “for the first
time my life, I feel the 5 foot 10 inches that I am”.
12. Benzinum: How Color preference
and a recurrent dream led to an unusal
(AH. 12/2006)
Since birth, 4 year-old girl has slept too much.
She is very weak and recurrent dreams of children
getting burnt with fire. Has very big blue eyes,
wide open as if staring with astonishment. Mother
had a shock during the pregnancy.
The Gynaecologist during a genetic screening
found abnormal signs and wanted to abort. From
that moment mother was sure that she was carrying
a disabled child. Though further tests were
negative caesarean due to mal-position. Baby
needed Oxygen and was too weak to drink. Her
color preferences were lemon yellow, red and
After Opium M, sleep reduced. No other
changes even after Gels., Hepar and Phos.
After re-evaluation with color preferences
indicated Petroleum, a highly inflammable kind of
petrol was reasoned out. Benzinum C 30;
continuous improvement. Weakness went away in
three weeks. Frightful dreams and epistonus never
13. A Case of Chronic Psoriasis
(AH. 12/2006)
55-year-old male with extensive Psoriasis.
Severe itching with silvery scales since 15 years.
Allopathic and Ayurvedic Medicines improved his
Dreams of religious places and flying. Earlier
liked sweets. Domineering, movement of tongue,
side to side. Frown, vertical and horizontal .
Lycopodium 200 on 4 Aug. 1993. Two weeks
later, no change. No change in psoriatic lesion.
Itching slightly better. No change mentally.
Retaking the case in September. Afraid of
being in dark, of ghosts, wants to cling on in fear.
Delusion alone in wilderness. Stramonium M.
Two weeks later, itching much reduced; calm
and relaxed. No dreams.
Two months later - lesions getting smoother
and less itch. No change in size. Helpless feeling.
Stramonium M
Further two months later No significant
change. Stramonium XM.
Two more months later: patches started
clearing up from scalp, elbows, scapular and sacral
region. Anger and helpless feeling also reduced.
In the next three years, a dose each of the XM,
50M, and CM. 90% of Psoriasis gone. No longer
afraid of darkness. [Are the authors convinced that
Stramonium was the Simillimum? Of course the
fears have gone. And 10% of the Psoriasis
remains; we cannot say that the Psoriasis will not
relapse. What is the purpose of reporting a not-yet-
cured case? = KSS]
14. It isn’t just about the Remedy
BICKLET Anthony (AH. 12/2006)
A successful prescription for the patient has to
have several elements, all individualized to that
patient, apart from the indicated remedy.
Various aspects of selection of potency and
quantity of dose and its repetition are discussed.
15. A Case of adolescent Self-harm
SHANNON Tim (AH. 12/2006)
A 17 year-old girl seeking help for de-pression,
anxiety, mood swings, low self-esteem, feels
isolated at school and tendency to self-harm.
Various potencies of Palladium for 3 months which
appeared to help for a time only.
Dreams of terrible, violent things. Mostly
wears black color. Left sided head ache often.
Hatred of being weak in front of others. Self-
harming is to release the stress or anger. Elaps Q2.
A month later not so many self harm urges;
emotionally better. It seems self harm impulses
have been replaced by just feeling empty. For next
8 months on Elaps. A dose of XM helped for three
weeks and crashed again. On 4.4.2005 Agkistrodon
piscivorous M (Water moccasin) was given because
of emptiness, morbid and violent images.
Over the next seven weeks improved. Agki-p.
30 aq.sol. 4 drops once a week. A year later overall
The theme of this medicine and themes of
reptiles are given.
The author goes on in speculation and says “In
my experience you will often see pathology with
speech or the throat. In a way, snake patients are
often not so connected with their hearts. They are
often more identified with being intellectual. This
may explain somewhat why they often have
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
difficulty in speaking from their heart, and thus
they develop pathology in their throat, with
swallowing, speaking, etc. I have successfully used
the above themes and observations in many cases.
It has helped me to locate many snake patients
including young children which I wouldn’t have
seen before. I have also been able to use these
themes to help patients who needed snakes which
are unproven. [Bold letters mine. So here we
have again “modern”, “innovative” Homeopathy.
You can prescribe unknown medicines! Is it not
‘criminal’ to use medicines about which you
have no complete knowledge? Is it not legally
punishable? Homeopathy practitioners must
beware of these really dangerous trends which will
land them in criminal proceedings. You have the
‘defence’ in the case of the proven, clinically well-
known homeopathic remedies. You have the
support of the stalwarts. But an unproven, hitherto
unknown substance, and whose curative action is
only assumed, speculated, imagined, what have you
to say in defence. The Editor should be aware of
these and not publish such misleading articles =
16. Inflammatory and Irritable Bowel
GAHLES Nancy (AH. 12/2006)
Signs and symptoms of Inflammatory and
Irritable Bowel Disease are given and illustrated
with three cases.
Case 1: Molly, adolescent with IBS, which
incapacitated her socially, unable to attend school,
use school bus. Severe nausea every morning,
severe stomach pain and an immediate need to
access the bath room. Pains would bring tears,
scream and vomiting and fatigue. Panic attacks at
night. Afraid of being alone at night.
Domineering. Need for perfection in everything;
obsessive thoughts. Anticipatory anxiety.
Pulsatilla. Five days later she was functioning
without any problem. In the next eleven months,
only once repetition.
Case 2: Cindy. 11 years with Crohn’s disease since
her fourth grade. Frequent stools, preceded by pain
in right lower quadrant of abdomen. Nausea;
waking at night with pain and bloody diarrhoea.
She needs attention and wants to be comforted.
Worrying everyday about something. Needs
company. Going away from home and parents is
the most troublesome factor.
Tonsils and Adenoids removed in the second grade
and has had strep throat twelve times. Argentum
nitricum did not help her. Her father was very strict
with her. Carcinosin 200. She is more at ease.
Does not worry, enjoys normal social life.
Case 3: Lily, 50 years, with unresolved fear of
confrontation since childhood. Her father was
extremely controlling. Severe pre-menstrual
problems since adolescence, chronic constipation
with hard stool and rectal bleeding. Recent onset of
serious pain in intestines with bloody diarrhoea.
Diagnosed as Diverticulitis and hiatal hernia. This
was precipitated by a stressful situation at
workplace where she felt uselss and powerless.
Much anxious and nervous while dealing with
boss’s wife. Lycopodium LM 1. Five weeks later,
no anxiety, no pains before periods. Constipation
and rectal bleeding gone. Not feeling the ‘stress’ at
work. Three months later symptom-free. Major
changes had taken place in all her relationships.
Had recurrence of Mastitis and some PMS which
cleared with a dose of Lycopodium 200.
17. Progress with PC remedies
CHAPPELL Peter and JORDAN Pattie
(AH. 12/2006)
Peter CHAPPELL has been working in Africa
in such severe diseases as AIDS, Malaria and he
has prepared his own medicines also in his own
way and he has found them of great value in
treating these epidemics wrecking the lives of
people especially the poor. These remedies are
called PC remedies.
PC remedies are created by reverse engineering
the totality and essence of symptoms into a single
remedy. The exact process is ‘proprietor’s secret’.
PC 1 is for AIDS. PC Malaria is the fastest
verified cure for Malaria. Remedies for many
chronic diseases were prepared and used
His intuitive realization was that all chronic
diseases are the outcrop of epidemic diseases.
Coined terms CEEDS – Chronic Effect of Epidemic
Diseases and CEETS Chronic Effects of
Traumas. (These terms appear to replace the
homeopathic term ‘Miasm” coined by old
HAHNEMANN! PC is ‘one-up’ on the old Master
= KSS)
These provide a clue to treat each level and
these new remedies treat issues in sequence and
disentangle and improves clarity and much better
results in restoring health.
Website:vitalremedies.com gives details about
this. Other sites:
free videophone via Skype:stanlake.
18. Too much Fun in the Sun
SONG, James G. (HT. 26, 4/2006)
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
After much exposure to heat of Sun, the
author’s son, was shivering with red face. Heavy
breathing, skin hot and sweaty and was trembling.
Felt hot and cold; stinking breath. Mercurius
relieved his problem.
For Sun burns: Arnica, Cantharis, Causticum,
Urtica urens, Hypericum, Calendula.
19. Knee Pain! Homeopathy or Surgery?
TOROK Leonard J. (HT. 26, 4/2006)
In injuries and Surgeries of knee, homeopathic
remedies help decrease the discomfort and recovery
time as well as improve the end results.
When you block pain perception without
correcting the underlying cause of the pain an
accelerated destruction of the joint surfaces will
result. This accounts for the rebound phenomenon,
and increasing dosages over time.
The most severe, disabling pain of knee
associated with acute inflammation is relieved with
Rhus toxicodendron, Ruta or Bryonia.
The pain associated with chronic Arthritis is
more grumbling or aching. This requires a deep-
acting constitutional remedy. With that, symptoms
will decrease and the remedy will be needed less
frequently, as healing occurs over time.
Many cases of gouty Arthritis are under-
diagnosed and Urtica urens 6c startlingly improves
The other ‘adjuncts’ which he uses, not
contradictory to Homeopathy are Acupuncture,
gentle exercises, Prolotherapy (injection of a
dextrose solution into the joint, causing localized
inflammation, thereby stimulating the tissue to
repair itself), and Glucosamin and Chondroitin
(both in the sulphated form for best results).
Case: 75 year-old lady with painful Arthritis of
both knees. Left knee was replaced by surgery.
Seven years later, severe problem with the right
knee. X-rays showed big spurs all around the joint
and no cartilage. Based on knee pains worse with
the slightest motion and her grumbling nature,
Bryonia 6c once a day for a month. A month later,
she had lost 10 lbs. Able to walk as much as she
wanted. The knee still had big spurs and stiffness
but the swelling and tenderness were reduced. No
pain at all after three months. She is now 90 and
continues to do well on daily doses of Bryonia 6c.
20. When Muscles, Bones, and Joints go
out of Whack
(HT. 26, 4/2006)
Any musculo-skeletal complaint needs to be
seen in the context of the whole patient. A simple
review of systems to see if anything has changed
since the injury or illness.
Case 1: Annette, a woman in her 70s has done well
over the past decade with the constitutional remedy
Lycopodium for the treatment of IBS. She
complained of arthritic hands, and pain and
stiffness in her wrists. Review of systems and her
physical Generals were same as ever. Just because
her arthritis symptoms were new, it did not
necessarily mean that she needed a new remedy.
Case 2: 40 year-old Renee, complained of Plantar
fasciitis, an incapacitating pain in the bottom of left
heel. Other problems like inflamed cold sores and
sinus infections each winter. Sensitive, loyal,
caring and pre-menstrual migraines which sent her
to dark quiet bedroom.
Natrum muriaticum 200 resolved her problems
over the course of few months.
Case 3: 45 year-old Jerry was successfully treated
for chronic Prostatitis. Developed back pain which
made him unable to walk upright. Worse on trying
to move and taking a deep breath. Became
impatient and thirsty. One dose of Bryonia 200
improved him and within two days back was
People who need certain constitutional
remedies tend to develop acute illnesses that
respond to related remedies.
21. Hurricane Katrina and the many Faces of
SEBASTIAN Irene (HT. 26, 4/2006)
After the flood, there was tremendous amount
of suffering in the general population. The most
commonly needed remedy has been Ignatia amara.
The grief was either due to death of a loved one or
the loss of a relationship but it may also be caused
by the loss of a house, possessions, money, a job or
a life’s work. Five cases helped by Ignatia are
22. Katrina’s Havoc, A full House and
Homeopathic Healing
BARKER Danni K. (HT. 26,4/2006)
A family affected by Katrina is helped by
Ignatia 30 to deal with their grief and Aconite 30
for those complaining of fear and sleeplessness.
74 year-old Grandpa with severe diabetes with
horrific open wounds on legs.
Aggressive debriding or digging out the
wounds, applying ointments, etc. did not help.
Puffy eyes, yellow complexion and deteriorating
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
eye-sight. Each wound was about the size of a
silver dollar. Bone was exposed. Calendula 30 c
twice a day for three days. Grandpa’s legs were
numb. Calendula tincture was applied to the
wounds and covered with gauze. Next day his
wounds were seeping yellow mucous. He slept
well and felt good (he hadn’t felt well in years).
His eyes started to drain pus and bruises around
them, for 5 days. He recalled being struck in the
eyes while boxing 50 years ago.
With each passing day, his legs started to
acquire a healthy, pink color and wounds looked
About three weeks later, he experienced severe
retching and vomiting that lasted all day. He
recalled that as an infant he had a similar problem.
A year later, his legs are almost completely
healed. Insulin requirements have improved. His
eyesight improved. [This case is an eye-opener.
Calendula 30 worked in such depth that it brought
even 20 year-old trauma sequelae as well as an
affection that he suffered as an infant! How can we
delimit a particular remedy as deep-acting and
some as not deep-acting when Calendula 30 (not a
‘high’ potency, mind you!) could dig in so much
and throw out the disease and restore a 74 year-old?
We respect all the remedies; if it is ‘homeopathic
to the patient, then it will do all that can ever be
done by any one! In this case the old symptom
surfaced and there has been clear reversal and true
cure. Good. = KSS]
23. Your Tender Feet
(HT. 26, 4/2006)
The commonest foot problems encountered in
Practice are Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma
and Bursitis.
Plantar Fasciitis manifests as a sharp pain on
the bottom of foot near the heel. Pain and
inflammation worse in the morning or after a long
Rhus toxicodendron or Bryonia are usually
indicated and stretching exercises and support to
arch of foot.
Morton’s Neuroma manifests as pain, burning,
numbness or tingling, usually on the ball of the foot
between the third and fourth toes - mostly due to
high heels or tight shoes.
Hypericum helps when there is numbness and
tingling, Bryonia when the foot is worse from
motion, Apis when there is stinging pain and
swelling, Pulsatilla when the foot is relieved by
removal of the shoe.
Bursitis is due to the inflammation of bursal
sac in the ball of the foot due to high arch or flat
foot or from high heeled shoes.
Apis, Arnica, Belladonna, Bryonia or Rhus
toxicodendron may be useful.
24. Help for Athletes with Ankle Injuries
SUBOTNIC Steven I.(HT. 26,4/2006)
21 year-old Mike, with painful, swollen and
bruised ankle. Arnica XM. Next day swelling and
bruising reduced considerably, He did not want
his ankle to be touched; worse with the least touch
or motion, Better with tight bandaging.
Bryonia M and Bryonia 9 c b.d. Four days later
able to move the ankle. Now the complaint was
stiffness, soreness and some numbness. Preferred
warm applications. Worried that he might never
get well. Ruta graveolens 200 and Ruta 9 c b.d. for
4 - 5 days. Two weeks later, still some stiffness
and lameness. As the patient was eager to get back
to sports activities immediately, finally an injection
of a “homeopathic” combination (several, almost
all vulneraries!) and then one dose of Calcarea
phosphoricum to prevent injury of foot and ankle.
[Everything was going on well with Homeopathy
and then comes this sudden nausea’, a
“homeopathicinjection! (How can a combination
be ever called as “homoeopathic”? The learned
author has fallen! = KSS]
Case 2 : Melanie, middle class woman, presented
with pain and stiffness in the back of her ankle to
heel cord. Swelling over the tendo-achilles and a
gritty sensation between the tendon and its sheath
which indicates Tendinitis. Stiff-ness not
improved by motion: Causticum 30 and 9 c twice a
day for a week. Three weeks later, the
improvement stopped and started worsening.
Causticum 200. Topical Ointments to massage the
area and advised to get walking shoes with a firmer
counter to hold her heel in place. No more tendon
25. Family’s move on to Sailboat inspires Self-
One mother’s story of converting to
GORDON, Katya (HT. 26, 5/2006)
Two year old, Cedar was coughing like she’d
never stop. She started coughing while eating,
reading, even going to potty. Rhus tox 30 and from
30 seconds later, no cough at all.
Later that winter Cedar had ‘cold’. Stuffed up,
chapping lips profuse nasal drip and cough. Rhus
tox did not help. Phosphorus 30. Over the next
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
two hours, her cough gradually disappeared and
fever started. Phosphorus 200, 2 doses brought her
back to normalcy.
26. Living Free in a prickly, painful World
Homeopathy helps kids with sensory
Processing Disorder (SPD)
LUEPKER, Lan (HT. 26, 5/2006)
SPD is a neurological condition that interferes
with the brain’s processing of information received
through the five senses. SPD may also affect the
sense of balance and movement children with SPD
may be either oversensitive or under-responsive to
sensory information. SPD can accompany Autism,
Cerebral palsy Dyspraxia and Dyslexia.
Homeopathic remedy creates a situation of
dynamic balance that enables a child with SPD to
more easily process sensations and to adapt itself to
the environment.
Lily, a five-year-old girl with great sensitivity
to touch, noise and heat. Marked tendency to strike
or bite when she perceived a threat. Frightful
dreams. Dilated pupils, Chronic Sinus congestion,
sensitivity to sunlight and history of high fevers.
Belladonna XM. Six weeks later, she was not
biting or becoming agitated as earlier. Less
stubborn. Sensory issues are better. Four months
later relapse mild. Over the 2 years 4 doses of
Belladonna M improved her.
27. Spider bites!
(HT. 26, 5/2006)
Very young, aged or immuno-compromised
victims often have more serious reactions to Spider
28. Adventure in the Rain Forest Sleeping with
KEARNS, Clifford (HT. 26, 5/2006)
The author’s son was bitten by a Spider in the
Costa Rican rain forest during sleep. the scrotum
was swollen, the tissues were bruised. It was
neither cold nor hot. Cold applications felt better.
Itching was intense. Worse from motion and
jarring. Ledum 30 dissolved in water, every 30
minutes. After two hours, he felt good. Dose
frequency was decreased. Next day swelling had
decreased significantly.
29. The Spider bite and the Neophyte
BOYER, Nancy (HT. 26, 5/2006)
8 year-old boy was bitten on left thigh by a
Spider. For three days only a slightly raised, itchy
red papule was there. Fourth day he was tired and
irritable and the area of the bite was getting bigger
and nasty. The bite site was a raised black pustule,
with three inches of redness radiating around it
temperature was 100º F. The area was cold, despite
the marked redness. Ledum 200. five hours later
woke up with black pus draining on to the sheets.
Two hours later, new scale opened and additional
black pus drained from the site. He was reassured.
Within 48 hrs, red patch decreased in size,
discharge became white and bloody and healed. 8
months later, has a quarter-inch dimple at the bite
30. A Spider from down under Treating fire with
fire: Spider bites respond to Spider remedy
GRAY, Alastair (HT. 26, 5/2006)
J.T. KENT wrote that the best homeopathic
remedy for a Spider bite is Arsenicum.
White-tailed Spider’s bite causes redness and
burning pain at the bite site, followed by swelling
and itchiness. Blisters may develop. A near-
painless bite can progress to painful blistering and
inflammation, followed by blue-back ulcerations.
Occasionally local tissue necrosis with a deep
rolled ulcer.
Four cases of white-tailed Spider bite
(Lampona cylindrata) treated by Lampona
cylindrata 30 are given. This remedy is prepared
from that Spider itself. (Author himself confesses
that this is Isopathy).
A proving of this remedy was conducted in the
year 2000. The themes and symptoms are given
Visual disturbances; I feel like I am
Feelings of being long and squashed.
Sensitivity to all water, noise, music, smells.
Sounds seemed so loud, increased,
exaggerated, and intensified. Senses more
acute. “Any noise makes me irritable.”
Feeling confused, lost, and disoriented. Vague,
spaced-out feeling; light-headed. Time seems
to be running slow.
Hectic and frantic. Stressed.
Tired. Exhausted. Exhaustion and headache.
Poor concentration.
Feelings of being isolated.
The desire to kill. Compulsion to steal.
Defiant, naughty.
People in the trial were better from walking,
from cleaning, and from activity.
Some feelings of being anti-social.
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
Fear that “some one is doing voodoo on me.”
Feelings of suicide if ignored by others.
Head symptoms: Tension from above the
forehead. Intense boring pain in right temple.
Tension and heaviness over left eye.
Background headache with congested feeling
in head. Very heavy feeling in left temple.
Stabbing pain on the left side of head. Band
around head. Sharp pain that feels as if it is
Eye symptoms: Eyes are burning. Shooting
pain in the right eye.
Mouth symptoms: Metallic, bitter, or
disgusting taste in the mouth. tongue feels as if
it is burning.
Digestive symptoms: Stomach cramps.
Nausea, bloating, diarrhea.
Chest symptoms: Heart palpitations with
sinking feelings in the chest. “My heart felt
like someone had grabbed it like an orange and
let go and then grabbed it again.”
“My body feels so tired, limp, and heavy.”
General symptoms of numbness.
Difficulty sleeping.
A crawling sensation in the nostrils.
31. College bound
(HT. 26, 5/2006)
The author writes about the first-aid remedy kit
+ essential natural medicine for children when they
are away at college.
32. How Jake Beat Exam Exhaustion
CASTRO, Miranda (HT. 26, 5/2006)
18-year-old Jake was exhausted with heavy
load of courses at school. Kali phosphoricum 6c,
helped for a while. Even after a week of eating
well and rest, his exhaustion did not improve.
Twitchy legs were disturbing him very much, when
he was sitting down and on going to sleep. bursting
headache. Eyes felt strained sore and gritty.
Zincum metallicum 30 every two hours and then
next day twice daily for a day or two.
Next day he felt more tired than ever, but
headache gone as well as twitchy legs. Within a
couple of days, Jake felt his energy and good
moods return.
33. Take the stress out of School
Remedies for Anxiety, Mental Strain and Burn
LOCKWOOD, Amy. (HT. 26, 5/2006)
Indications are given for Argentum nitricum
and Gelsemium to over come the anticipation and
indications for Kali phosphoricum, Phosphoric
acid, Picricum acidum and Zincum metallicum to
help when the mental strain is too much.
Aethusa cynapium when there is inability to
fix the attention or think.
34. The Itch that Won’t Go Away!
ULLMAN, Judyth
(AJHM. 99, 3/2006)
A nine-year-old boy with recurrent fungal
infections and also behavioral and attitudinal issues.
Quick to anger, easily frustrated and prone to
distractibility. Fascinated by bugs. Tends to get
mosquito bites really easily. By using the “free
association” technique the theme of poking is
elicited. He exhibited attractiveness indicating
animal kingdom and the feeling of being tiny
indicating insect medicines. Culex musca
200, 1M 2 doses each and 10M was all that he
required over a period of sixteen months.
35. Homeopathy Extreme
(AJHM. 99, 3/2006)
By providing an interesting array of anecdotal
tales of personally treated acute and emergency
conditions with Homeopathy, TREUHERZ
illustrates the profound efficacy of Homeopathy in
“extreme” situations.
A person had eaten something and his throat
was closing up, could not speak, could not breathe
well and becoming worse rapidly. Apis 30 relieved
within 30 minutes.
Swelling of body after wasp sting. With Apis
30 recovered rapidly.
A woman appeared out of sea and collapsed on
sand. Arnica was given. She came round and
explained she sat on a quantity of jelly fish and so
blotchy rash on buttocks. Medusa 30. patient
recovered quickly.
Ficus religiosa, stopped the bleeding like
turning off a tap in a person who came to his house
through the glass front door having omitted to open
it first.
Acute episode of Thrombocytopenia – blood
loss was helped immediately by Crotalus horridus.
Latrodectans mactans brought back a man into
consciousness after heart attack.
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
Ustilago maydis stopped bleeding in less than
one hour in a woman who had been bleeding for 3
A toddler with a severe burn in her hand.
Arnica and then Causticum for pain. Her hand was
taped inside a bag filled with bactericidal ointment.
Predictably the wound went septic and during a
high Fever, Pyrogen did the trick. The bag was
removed; external and internal Calendula saved her
from the need for skin grafts.
Patient with Barber’s itch and terrible Spinal
pain after an accident. Hypericum cured.
A perianal Fistula, worse after surgery. Full of
pus. Impotency. Silica released him from his
symptoms and the next operation was cancelled.
An immigrant male patient underwent surgery
thrice for an abscess at the base of spine with
another surgery pending. After Silica and
Tuberculinum he was restored to health.
A patient was coughing blood. He was gay,
HIV + and had chronic Liver disease. Pain left lobe
of liver. Cardus marianus Q.
A small boy with whooping cough, little
sleepy, clutched at his parents. Antimonium
tartaricum produced fast recovery.
A longer serious case.
A patient felt unwell ‘in his tummy’ for a
week. apparently well indicated remedies failed.
Lower abdomen carried on becoming more painful.
burst lower bowel, Septicaemia, Peritonitis. He
was admitted and prescribed IV Metronidazole and
surgery. Patient refused surgery and medication.
The hospital doctors’ reaction was to invoke the
mental health legislation, to detain him against his
will. The patient escaped from hospital and went
home. Took Pyrogenium high potency few doses.
Recovery was helped by careful eating. After
China 200, recovery was rapid. A month later, the
doctors told the diagnosis must have been incorrect.
(The patient was Francis TREUHERZ)
In March 2002, TREUHERZ, had sudden
agonizing pain in back lasted for about 2-3 hrs.
screaming with pain. A colleague suggested
Calcarea carbonica 30 every 15 minutes.
Hospitalized. Pain left as suddenly as it had came.
Then urine was passed into a glass bottle and with
naked eye pieces of stone could be seen.
Calcarea renalis 30 once a day for next 3
months. A cyst in the eyelid of 25 years, became
inflamed. Every year it would fill up with pus, and
after Staphysagria it would burst and drain, but
small hard lump remained.
The eyelid was swollen, painful and red. Apis
30, every four hours, relieved a little. Opthalmic
surgeon, slit the undersurface and popped out some
fragments of stone. Healed with Euphrasia Q and
Staphysagria 200.
Some months later, calcified arthritic nodules
on knuckles had become smaller and no longer
Mother, in late seventies, had surgery twice
within a short span involving hip. she declined
rapidly. She was in despair. She is thrifty and has
fear of poverty. Psorinum 1M. Felt better and
recovery was sustained.
Father, in early 80s, had an intractable
troublesome cough which was helped by
homeopathic remedy and then relapsed. Company
made him anxious and exacerbated cough. Ambra
grisea. He recovered.
36. A case of Herpes Zoster
NOSSAMAN, Nicholas
(AJHM. 99, 3/2006)
59 year-old Professor with Ulcerative Colitis,
Sclerosing Cholangitis and Interstitial lung disease,
presented with Shingles on his left thorax since 3
days. Pain and number of sores gradually increase.
Pain was worse near spine and needle like’.
Worse at 4 a.m. and 4 p.m. Felt tight in his back
and worse from slight touch. Better by lying on
painless side and with heat. Agonizing pain.
Clusters of vesicles along T-5 Dermatome.
Arsenicum album 10M and then in water hourly
while awake. Next day worser. Agg. deep
breathing Amel. by pressure. Agonising pain in
one spot in his back, near his spine. He described it
as a “fist size”, a grabbing” and burning sensation
aggravated by breathing. Blisters worse from
touch. Zincum metallicum 1M, dry on tongue and
in water every hour over the next 8 hours. Two
days later, Zincum 1M, 3 doses in 90 minutes.
Better. Six hours later worse. Repeated Zincum
1M. 24 hours later, much less pain, 2/3
of sores
crusted. 2 weeks later, pain in residual lesions
formication. Rhus tox. 1M and Mezereum did not
help. Again Zincum 1M. No pain but itching. 6
weeks later Mezereum 30, relieved.
37. A case of chronic Renal Failure
POTDAR, Swapna
(CCR. 14, 3/2007)
73 year-old man of short, thin, built with
yellowish complexion. Pale and withered.
Professor of languages and had composed many
poems but stopped now. Diabetic since 20 years,
Hypertension since 15 years. Both detected on
routine medical check up and had no symptoms as
such. Since few weeks nausea and aversion for
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
food. On examination Urea and Creatinine levels
were high. Urea 220mg/dl; Creatinine 3.9µ/dl.
Renal Doppler suggested diffuse parenchymal
disease. Passes about one liter of Urine per day.
Man of few words. Indifference he had large
collection of books which he donated to a library.
Miasmatic analysis Psora and Tubercular miasm
initially and Syphilitic miasm now.
The theme of ‘Retention’ is arrived at with his
vast collection of books, reserved nature. This and
his past tryst with verse brought to mind Natrum
and the radical Chloride. So one dose of 2 pellets
of Natrum muriaticum 6x on 12.6.03. [Which
“Proving” or Materia Medica gives these symptoms
and how aunthentic are they? There are several
larger book collectors, stamp collectors etc.; there
are several wealthy people who ‘collect’ money.
Are they all ‘Natrum’? = KSS].
17.7.03: Urea 136mg/dl; Creatinine 3.15µ/dl.
He felt more energetic. Felt more interest. SL.
29.9.03: Urea 166mg/dl; Creatine 3.9µ/dl. Had
Vertigo. More irritated. He always wanted to
travel. He wanted all the restrictions off. Deep
yellow coated tongue. Natrum phos. 12X.
2 months later, Urea 97 mg/dl; creatinine
He needed only half the initial dose of
allopathic medicines.
Lastly Nat. sulph. 30x once and Nux vomica 30
once. He went on well for next 3 years and then
died of Cardiac arrest at 76 year age.
38. A case of Lymphangioma
DEY, M. (CCR. 14, 3/2007)
3 months old baby with painless, soft swelling
on right side of neck. Observed from 3
day of
birth. Gradually growing.
29.11.06 Thuja 200/2 doses.
13.12.06 No change.
Mother having Otorrhoea and feeding
the baby. Thuja 200/2 doses for her.
3.1.07 No change
7.4.07 No trace of the lump.
Otorrhoea of mother also improved
treatment discontinued.
[A straight, simply presented case. Good. But why
two doses? What justification! = KSS]
39. Pediatric cases
RUPNAWAR V., Vinayak
(CCR. 14, 3/2007)
1. Necrotising Enterocolitis
35 week old baby with Necrotising
Enterocolitis with poor prognosis. Hot head and
cold limbs, ecchymotic patches on flexor aspect,
dark bloody offensive stool, vomiting of brownish
red blood and distension of abdomen with
tenderness. Arnica 30, frequent repetition.
Responded within 2 days, all complaints
disappeared within 10-15 days. [Was Arnica 30
continued for the entire 10-15 days? In case
Reports there should be no vagueness; what is
‘frequent repetition’? Every hour or still less, or 2
hrs. etc.; as far as possible the cases may not be
‘anecdotal’. = KSS]
2. Ascaris Lumbricoides
3½-year-old male child admitted for pain
abdomen and constipation since 10 days. USG -
suggestive of large number of Ascaris lumbricoides
worms in small intestine. After Anti helminthic
tablet and enema only one worm passed out.
White spots on cheeks and hands abdominal
distention and tenderness. Grinding of teeth.
strains to pass stools. Cina 200, o.d. for 4 days.
Teucrium 200 4 doses, 4 hrly the next day. Passed
stools with worms and sticky mucus. No
distension. Passed many worms and mucus the
next day and then no complaint.
3. Haemorrhagic disease of the new born.
Four-day-old baby with severe bleeding for
around four hours was crying a lot, had
haematemesis. 6 episodes of vomiting and 2
bloody motions. Cold extremities, white, pale skin;
already received 50cc blood. Phosphorus 30/2
drops. Within 3 hours normal stools.
40. Case of Interstitial Lung Disease
MISTRY D.E. (CCR. 14, 3/2007)
Mrs. ST. 73, with Hypertension since 15 years
and cough since 15 months. Dry cough with sticky
expectoration, > lying on sides. Pain right shoulder
since 8 days. CT Scan s/o Interstitial Lung
Hysterectomy at 38 years, Cataract operated at
58 years. Grief with the death of daughter, husband
and sister. Rubrics – Anger on contradiction, Grief,
Fastidious, Fear water, company desire, Greedy
avarice, Anxiety about family. Breathing
difficulty after exertion.
Puls. –19/8, Lyc. 19/8. Aspidosperma 6c q.i.d. to be
continued lifelong
19.10.04 Cough better by 90% with better
shoulder movements.
Breathlessness better by 90%. 3
doses of Lycopodium 30.
12.11.04 ESR 95mm/hr. Bacillinum 30.
Lycopodium 30 monthly once.
19.4.05 Crataegus Q, 5 drops tds
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
12.7.05 Lycopodium 200.
22.11.05 Metallic bridges of teeth were
replaced by ceramic one
4.5.06 Lycopodium 200
Died in sleep on 10.1.07.
41. A case of Nephrotic Syndrome
MISTRY, D.E. (CCR. 14, 3/2007)
Ms. SMS 14 years diagnosed as Nephrotic
Syndrome. Irregular menses. since menarche
intermittent bout of nausea and vomiting, scanty
urine, swelling in face and lower limbs. calm,
quite, consolation > while weeping. Urine
Albumin +++
Over a period of 1½ years Pulsatilla 6c,
Berberis vulgaris Q, Equisitum Q, Apocynum Q,
Apis 30, 200, M, Thuja 30, 200, M. relieved her
and the lab findings were normal.
Chelidonium 30 tds for yellowish discoloration
of sclera, enlarged and tender liver.
42. Cocculus indicus cases
MANN, A.S. (CCR. 14, 3/2007)
Ten cases of Cocculus indicus treated by
Dr.A.S.MANN, based on Dr.M.L. SEHGAL’s
method are given. In all the cases one symptom
prominent was that the patient was mild, never
showed anger, does not want to displease anyone
43. Rhus tox, Pulsatilla and Belladonna
SINGH, Neelam Avatar
(CCR. 14, 3/2007)
SV, 40 years, chemist, inco-ordination of knee
while walking. Unable to walk fast or stand long.
H/o fall, 12 years ago. MRI Erosive changes of
subarticular cyst close to tibial spine. Problem
recurs once in a while. Fear of suffering again.
Fear he may also suffer depression like his father.
Rhus tox M. 4 months later. No problem on
standing long or walking long.
Uterine Fibroid – Pulsatilla.
39 year-old-lady with Fibroid uterus since
2004. Excessive bleeding during menses; frequent
Headache in the morning and frequent urination.
Anxiety for everything. Weeps easily and
consolation makes her better. Heel pain > by
continued motion. Calcarea carb. in various
potencies did not help. Fear of being neglected and
being alone. Pulsatilla 30, one dose and then in
next 6 months upto 1M. USG. No Fibroid.
Belladonna case
42 years, woman, with leucorrhoea, pain and
heaviness in lower abdomen. Erosion Cervix. Lot
of anxiety, but only to know what is wrong with
USG. Based on laughing, frivolous and light
desire. Belladonna 30, one dose. Much better after
a week.
44. Renal Cure
MEHER, Subash (CCR. 14, 3/2007)
10 year-old boy; Oedema and Hypertension;
USG; Urine Albumin +., Urea 38, RBCs 9-10 hpf;
pus cells 2-3 hpf; Acute Nephritis. Took herbal
medicines and was free from problems for an year
and a half. Then Mumps; Urine Alb. +++. Blood
Urea: 64 allopathic medicine. Parents unwilling
to do Biopsy. So opted for Homeopathy.
2.7.2004: Puffiness of face, nausea, poor appetite,
poor thirst, pain tendo-achilles. Pulsatilla 30 on
first day, next day Thuja 200c, from next day
Ferrum phos 6x. For intervening fever, etc. Aconite
30; continued with Pulsatilla 30,200. as on
25.1.2008: still under care of Dr.MEHER; Doing
45. Fertility success using Homeopathy and the
Vannier Method.
LALOR Liz (HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
Infertility is becoming an ever-increasing
problem in modern-day society. This fertility
programme uses homeopathic treatment based on
the Leon Vannier system, using lesional and
drainage remedies to clear toxicity of pathways.
The method was devised to treat women before or
after they had tried In Vitro Fertilisation
Programmes [IVF] with the belief that
Homeopathy should be tried first for infertility, not
second, as a detox from the IVF hormonal drugs.
This programme has been a statistical success –
since writing the article there are now 44 babies
from 54 women with infertility problems.
Fertility Programme
H/o PCOD or of miscarriage – one dose of
Syphilinum 200 or Carcinosin 200 based on the
individual miasmatic history. Folliculinum 200 on
day 10 of menstrual cycle – as a drainage remedy to
stimulate ovulation.
Thuja 200 or Medoirrhinum 200 on Day 14
as a miasmatic remedy.
e.g. Thuja 200 if menses were scanty or patient
with ovarian polyp. Medorrhinum if the mucus
were compromised by candida also from Oral
Contraceptive Pills (OCP).
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
Natrum muriaticum 200 one dose/week to
improve the poor quality mucus membrane of
Borax 30 one dose/day in morning. It helps
estradiol absorb.
Sepia 6c 1 dose 1 day at night to deal with
suppression of sexual energy from the OCP.
Pulsatilla 30 1 dose/day in the morning if
there was a h/o miscarriage.
Herbal support and nutritional support is also
included in the programme. Counselling and Diet
are also included.
46. Haliaeethus leucocephalus The North
American Bald Eagle
A case of Multiple Sclerosis. COFFEY, Shiva;
(HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
22-year-old male, presented with extreme
weakness, face droopy by the left corner of the
mouth. Long hairs oily and dirty. Eyes bright and
energetic. Urine and bowel incontinence, losing
vision in left eye, loss of control on the right side of
body. Lumbar pain, skin, breaks out in red, small
pimples. Worse with excessive exercise. He feels
‘wounded’. Fear of Spiders. Desire to jump from
heights. “I feel like a feather in the wind’.
The search in the Reference Works showed
Haliaeethus leucocephalus. A dose of 30c.
3 months later: Gained weight, firm hand
shake. No incontinence. No
2 months later: Sensation as if hands are
burned. Tightness of skin.
Haliaeethus 200.
2 months later: ‘Unclear’ emotionally. Feels
coming back of physical
symptoms: Haliaeethus LM 1
3 days later: <. Stop remedy.
3 days later: Still worse Haliaeethus 200.
7 days later: Felt stronger. Sounded
Mental state of floating cured.
No relapse afterwards.
[The reasoning given for the choice of the
remedy: The patient said that he felt like “a feather
in the wind”. And Prover No.20 in Jeremy
SHERR’s Provings had said “My hair felt like
feathers in the Wind”; and the authors seem to fit
the remedy to the patient. That the patient
improved is there. But there is nothing that I can
learn from these case reports. I have to learn to
fantasise. What if a patient had told that he felt like
“a straw in the wind”. = KSS].
47. I want to be at the Top of the Food chain
A case of Galeocerdo cuvier hepar-Tiger-
shark liver
(HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
38 Year-old, male, air-conditioning mechanic.
With Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in 1996. Had
bone marrow transplant and suffered reaction to it.
Bronchiolitis. Air trapping. Weakness of legs and
back. Worries about dying. Dreams about dying
and shark. He explains the shark as a symbol of
power and longevity. I want to be the Shark.
The feelings of being at mercy of employees,
being abused, of being very competitive leads to
animal kingdom. The words used “Watergate” and
“tailspin” indicates a animal related to water and it
has a tail. The dream of Shark gave the remedy on
a platter.
Galeocerda LM 3. Patient expectorated lot of
phlegm from his lungs. He takes a teaspoon when
needed, about once in 5-7 days.
Follow up: Gained 8 pounds. Able to run
without getting winded. Relying on employees less
and less. No more disturbing dreams. He has
expanded his business. Occasionally takes
Galeocerdo 200. [Every practitioner swears by
HAHNEMANN. In these novel methodologies the
doctor keeps on putting questions and in a way
corners the patient. In this case the patient said at
last that he felt that he was being held down. “May
be I want to be a shark” he says. And so the shark
remedy! Where are you? Father HAHNEMANN?
You went to great risks and exposed your family
members and friends by experimenting drugs on
them. You collected so much data carefully. You
laid down. Your observations that the last
appearing symptom will be the first to go, that the
peculiar, rare symptoms is the key to the remedy
that there is a miasm at the base of all chronic
diseases; that there should exteriorization of the
internal disease, etc. but see, how much more
intelligent we are. For us it is so simple that if a
patient said that he felt like feather in the wind, we
give him a feather remedy; if he dreams of Shark
we give him a remedy made from the Shark and so
on. Bye to your Organon, Materia Medica etc.
and also those of your followers like HERING,
48. Using Acute Intercurrent or Intermediate
Remedies in Chronic Diseases
(HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
Modern homeopaths no longer understand
how to use an acute intercurrent remedy. Many
homeopaths always try to find one “constitutional”
remedy that goes throughout the chronic case
history, and apply this one remedy no matter what
disease state arises. This article explains why this
strategy rarely works. The author discusses when
and where to use acute intercurrent remedies and
how they are essential for the chronic treatment.
Knowledge of HAHNEMANN’s teachings is in
these matters the only guide!
This article is an excerpt from the book
“Achieving and Maintaining The Simillimum:
Strategic case Management for successful
Homeopathic Prescribing.”
49. Diamond Immersion, Depression and Suicide
Part 1 of a 3-Part series
(HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
Diamond immersion is a homeopathic
preparation by immersing a whole Diamond crystal
in water and potentising that water.
Case: 40 year-old mother of 4 children. 10 years
of homeopathic treatment from various
practitioners with consistent results. Pain in right
back medial to her scapula. Worse at night,
blocked sinuses on waking. Yellow mucus from
nose. Desires spicy food, craving for white
chocolate. Unhappy and joyless for no reason.
Bleeding heavily during periods since 2 years.
Diamond immersion 200 daily for 3 days.
8 weeks later: Physically and mentally well. No
depressive mood. Not touched white Chocolate.
Desire for spicy food disappeared.
Blocked Sinuses cleared immediately. Heavy
bleeding never returned. Neck pain cured. To take
Diamond immersion as required.
Ten weeks later: Repeated twice during black days.
20 weeks later: No relapse.
Case: 45 year-old lady, divorced and remarried.
Feels as though she has lost her child. Feels lonely,
inept and low confidence. Irritable. No control
over self. Hands are swollen, feels trapped. Hates
herself. Has a sleep problem. Wakes up tired.
Eats two blocks of Chocolate/day. Violent dreams.
Diamond immersion 30, daily for 3 days.
The feeling of grief is gone. Sense of failure is
also gone. Confidence returns. Sleep normal.
Desire for chocolate disappeared.
50. A pathological case of Varicose Ulcer
SHETYE, Prasad & KHARIWALA, Falguni
(HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
52 year-old female with painful Varicose Ulcer
on right leg. Non-healing ulcer after an injury since
1990. < by first motion, change of position; severe
burning. Itching around the ulcer. Hysterectomy at
39 years. Had bleeding Piles. Cervical
Spondylosis with pain right side of body.
quarrelsome, jealous, selfish, censorious. Hasty
speech. Lachesis 200 in June ’98. She started
feeling better. Her ulcer started healing and shrank
in size. In May 2000 her past problem of bleeding
Piles recurred and subsided in a week. Medicine
was repeated infrequently in deviated doses. By
November 2000 her ulcer had healed completely.
[Why is this article titled as “A pathological case of
Varicose Ulcer”? A Varicose Ulcer is a pathology
of course. There is no ‘Psychological Varicose
Ulcer’ = KSS]
51. Baryta in Intelligent Adults
TREE, Jenni (HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
Wendy, aged 60, with Bronchiectasis and
Aspergillosis for forty years; coughs blood. Thick,
green, foul tasting phlegm. Allergies to fish.
Eczema with skin cracks on hands, hang nails. Her
mental symptoms are analysed and Baryta
arsenicosa is arrived at and 200
potency in
plussed doses until LM1 could be obtained. A
pleasing result in the 2 years follow-up.
[Repertorisation of 20 rubrics(!) gave Baryta
carbonica (in the mental state) and Arsenicum (in
the physical state. So Baryta Arsenicosa was
given! A synthetic remedy = KSS].
Case 2: Audrey, 72 years, with Osteo and
Inflammatory Arthritis in knees, Spine, wrists and
neck for fifteen years. Arthroscopies b/l.
Unsuccessful replacement of knee joint in 1996.
Emotional stress and depression. Sharp pain in
knee, worse when flexed. Better pressure bandage.
Wrists are agonisingly painful. Fear to be alone,
Psoriasis in my ears. Husband left nine years ago.
Misses him. Need of support. Affection of glands,
tonsillitis, TB, colitis and constipation in the past.
Baryta carbonica LM 1 one drop t.d.s.
Three weeks later: Much better. No pain in knee.
Walking better Baryta
carbonica LM 2.
Two months later: Cervical Spondylitis
completely gone. Wrist
still painful. LM 3 & LM
Two months later: Knees lot better. Not
sleeping well. Anxious
about her daughter’s
health. Baryta arsenicosa
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
Two months later: Sleep improved. Baryta
arsenicosa LM 2-6. over a
year. X-rays revealed
improvement in Osteo and
inflammatory Arthritis.
She now told her birth had
been terrible. Her mother
was small, the patient was
big and tore the mother.
She was in bed for 3
months. Staphysagria.
Six moths later: Everything is fine.
52. Kreosotum, an Adult Male
Case with 12 year follow-up
(HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
Eric, born 1954, with dryness of skin on back
of hands since 1991. Itching more in the evening.
Backache since 1980. Restless mind and sensitive
to all influences. Fear of failure; of high places.
Lot of plans. Divorced in 1986. Fear of pain,
injections. Desires alcohol, sweets and salt.
Earning money is important. Impatient. Likes
grandeur. Sulphur 200.
6 weeks later: Eczema completely gone.
8 weeks later: No change. Herpes on lips.
Indecision over trifles. Unable to
satisfy himself. Caries teeth since
childhood. Kresotum 200.
8 months later: Eruption again since a week.
Kreosotum 200.
6 months later: Kresotum 200.
4 months later: Fear of failure, Insecurity and
Anticipation. Dysenteric co 200.
Over the next years remedy repeated as and
when required. An intercurrent dose of
Carcinosinum adeno mammae 200 was also given.
A fairly long, well-documented article.
53. Night watching
A renewed view of Lost Homeopathic
GRIMES, Melanie
(HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
The author calls for a review of the remedies
under the rubric “night watching”
The original meaning of the rubric Night
watching” in the 19
Century and before is waking
in the middle of sleep for 1-2 hours; in those days
one went to sleep early and after few hours woke
up and remained so far an hour so and then went
back to sleep. Thus the first sleep and second sleep
between the first and second sleep is night
Merely keeping awake for long is not night
watching. We must study the Proving and source
Materia Medica relating to the remedies in the
54. LM or Q Potencies
Review of Their Use Over a Fifteen – year
(HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
São Paulo, July 1989: Five homeopathic
doctor colleagues initiated a revision of
Hahnemann’s work. The sixth edition of Organon
was used as a systematic structural base to which
principles that were in concurrence from Materia
Medica Pura, Chronic Diseases and Lesser
Writings were added. This standardization soon
reached the Pharmacy, in a permanent search for
the best-quality LM preparations. Jundiaí, 2003:
after fifteen years of clinical and pharmaceutical
development, a multidisciplinary team of
collaborators launched the first course in
Specialization of Homeopathy offered by a
Medical School in the State of Sao Paulo, the
Jundiaí Faculty of Medicine where Hahnemann’s
most perfected method has been shown to be an
effective and safe therapeutic method, simple to
apply and teach, due to its easily comprehensible
Case by Mariostela S. ADLER.
Female born in 1992 with generalized Eczema
with unbearable pruritus since 1997. Scratches
until bleeding without relief at night. Since 1998
fortnightly Asthma crisis. Wakes up with
nightmares. Screams, weepy, depressed phases.
From April 2001 and March 2003 the patient was
treated with forty potencies of Sulphur from LM1
to 40 receiving on a daily basis one drop.
No signs of cutaneous pruritus, pain, burning
or flaking. The warts on soles disappeared.
55. Can you hear what I cannot tell you?
Accompanying children in crisis with
SCHULZ, Elisabeth
(HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
The child’s soul is confronted early in life
through difficult family situations and divorces
with abandonment, fear, helplessness, anger and
sadness. Aethusa cyanapium, Antimonium
tartaricum, Cicuta virosa and Bufo rana are
important remedies to support children in such
The article is very interesting, and comes from
a well and experienced practitioner who has been
working for over 32 years with sick children.
56. My Black Inside
A case of Falco Peregrinus Disciplinatus
LEFEVRE, Bert (HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
This case is an example of Rajan
SANKARAN’s new way of case taking, where the
level of the vital sensation is explored to find the
14 year-old Iris, with Bulimia and post
prandial vomiting (Name: Level 1). Inflicted
injuries on herself with burning cigarettes and even
cut her hand (facts: Level 2).
Others say she must watch her weight. This
‘hurts her; she feels sad if she does not vomit.
(emotion: Level 3). Sadness is felt as if stuck in a
cage (delusion: Level 4). It is a gripping feeling
(sensation: Level 5).
Dreams of herself being ugly, disgusting and
felt forsaken. Recurrent dream with a crushing
feeling totally black.
Animal kingdom and Leprosy Miasm. Falco
peregrinus disciplinatus 200.
2 weeks later, black feeling and dark sensation
completely gone. After a month feels good. No
In the next one year, a dose of 200, and two of
M when there was relapse.
[I have no access to the ‘Proving’ (if already
proved) of Falcon peregrinus. As I suspected there
is signaturein this remedy selection. The author
says at the end: for a long time I had been brooding
over this case and was looking for an animal
remedy that strongly had the feeling of being forced
and at the same time had a strong urge for freedom.
The black cape that came over the head of the
Falcon made me think of the falcon and then the
picture became complete.
Is it not the nature of all creatures to want to be
free and not wanting to be forced? But man
enslaves all creatures and force them to work for
him. And every one of these creatures would like
to run away to freedom. Unfortunately man ‘trains’
these creatures to submit. Even the falcon which
sails thro’ the skies high and freely has been trained
to come to its owner/trainer = KSS.]
58. Chorioretinitis
POTDAR, Swapna
(CCR. 14, 1 & 2/2007)
51 year-old, male with blurring of vision of left
eye inspite of correct spectacles. Orbital
sonography revealed post-inflammatory chorio-
retinal thickening with floating bands in the
posterior vitreous chamber.
Diphtheria at 5 years of age. Quarrelsome.
Impulsive. Hair splitting analysis of everything.
‘wild’ face and wild talk. Calcarea phos. CM on
8.11.2004. 15 days later he was looking calmer,
more tame’. He was able to see clearly even in
dim light.
Orbital Sonography, a month later showed
significant improvement in chorio-retinal swelling
with regression of floating bands.
59. A case of Hepatoblastoma
MISTRY, D.E. (CCR. 14, 1 & 2/2007)
Male child, DAB, 10 months old, brought with
massive abdominal swelling. Recurrent cough and
fever since 6 months. Flatulent problem from the
age of one month.
USG and Biopsy revealed Hepatoblastoma.
Less appetite, thermally hot, prefers to sleep on
right side. Bellis perennis 12 b.d. for 8 days. Then
Chelidonium Q; Antimonium tartaricum for rattling
cough; Baig’s Nosode No.1 as the distension
Then Chelidonium 200 in morning and Natrum
sulphuricum 200 at night. Then Baig’s Nosode
No.1 & Chelidonium Q. Two months later, child
was active. No complaints. Sadness in his eyes.
Ignatia 200. Four days later, child passed away in
sleep. It was an incurable case from the beginning.
60. Febrile convulsion
(CCR. 14, 1 & 2/2007)
ST, 3½ year-old-male child with maculo
papular eruptions with itching and fits of anger and
obstinacy since 29.7.2004. He was given Calcarea
ost.30, 200 with intercurrent doses of Tuberculinum
and Sulphur.
On 5.7.2006 pain abdomen before stools with
sticky, semisolid offensive stools since 10 days.
Merc. sol.30, 2 doses. On 12.7.2006 relapse. Merc.
sol. 30, 4 doses b.d. Relapse again from 15.7.2006.
Merc. sol. 200 on 19.7.2006. Febrile convulsions.
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
Belladonna did not help. Opium 200 brought him
out of deep sleep within two minutes. But fever
persisted and he was again sleeping. Opium 1M.
In the evening trembling of extremities during
fever. Cuprum metallicum 200. Next morning,
looked fresh, fever came down. Ferrum phos. 6x
and Mag. phos. 6x for 3 days.
61. A case of Breast Cancer
MISTRY, D.E. (CCR. 14, 1 & 2/2007)
56 year-old lady with three surgeries for Ca.
breast and six cycles of Chemotherapy and 28
sittings of Radiotherapy. Several homeopathic
remedies were given as indicated over a period of
two years which relieved her until she passed away.
62. Cases of Gluten Allergy and some other cured
SINGH, Neelam Avtar
(CCR. 14, 1 & 2/2007)
1. Girl aged 23 years with Gluten Allergy. Since
childhood intake of wheat results in severe
stomachache with nausea, vomiting and loose
motions. No > from any treatment so far. She is
depressed. Much anger. Worry about future
because of this. Avaricious. Wants to be alone.
Natrum carbonicum 30 was given. Her mother told
that during her pregnancy, father was wrongly
convicted and she felt as if she had no place in
15 days later: felt better. Placebo. A month
later was told to have Chapathi and had no
problem. Natrum carb. 200. Even after 8 months
no problem with daily intake of wheat.
2. Girl aged 8 years with Gluten Allergy since 1½
years of age. Pain abdomen with loss of appetite
and loose stool. Face becomes pale and eyes sunken
and complexion becomes black. She is intelligent,
mischievous, fear of dark, fear of being alone and
fear of noises. Very sensitive and lot of sympathy
towards suffering people. Desires ice cold things
and shares her things. Phosphorus 30. In the next
5 months, gradual intake of wheat did not < and is
able to tolerate well.
63. A case of Prostate Cancer
DEY, M. (CCR. 14, 1 & 2/2007)
Mr. D.S., 70 years with frequent, ineffectual
but urgent urge for urine. Worse night. Burning
anus for an hour after stool. Stool 2-3 times daily.
Adenocarcinoma of prostate. Ichthyosis from early
life. Lies on left side. Chilly. Worse in rainy
season. Vaccinosis.
Thuja occidentalis 0/1. As there was
improvement, he was given 0/3, 0/5, & 0/7. No
further changes. Sabal serulata Q 5 drops tds x 7
days. Better. Then Thuja 0/9, 0/11, 0/13, 0/15,
0/17, 0/19 & 0/21. After this the patient is well
with no complaints. In spite of repeated urging to
undergo a Biopsy again to confirm the cure of the
Adenocarcinoma, the patient refuses to undergo
since he is ‘well’.
64. A cure for Diabetes?
(CCR. 1 &2/2007)
69 year-old MEHANDALE, is Diabetic since
30 years. By-pass surgery 10 years ago. Blocks in
all arteries of lower limbs. Glaucoma with very
poor vision. He being an avid reader of
Homeopathy books, took one dose of
Pancreatinum 30. Sugar level came down by 25
points. He replaced his evening Insulin with 2
doses of Pan. 30 and next day his fasting sugar
levels were normal. So he is continuing that. After
a week of medicine, sugar levels are normal in the
next one week. He had similar results with his
close acquaintances.
He requests this study be conducted by
Homeopathic Colleges or Hospitals.
65. Cases of Chronic Renal Failure
SHINDE Prakash (CCR. 1 & 2/2007)
Dr. SHINDE has reported five cases of
Chronic Renal Failures treated with one or 3-4
doses. One homeopathic medicine, and patient is
on the mood to recovery; follow-up of few months
are given. Good work.
1. Clemens von Bönninghausens
“Systematisch-alphabetisches Repertorium”
“Systematic-Alphabetical Repertory”
PLATE UWE (NAH. 2,1 & 2/2007)
Clemens von BENNINGHAUSEN worked
out the first Repertory which systematised the
understanding of the symptoms, categorized and
graded them. So far neither the structure of the
Repertory nor the significance of the grade’ has
been understood. Its wrong interpretation, as it
until today is as partly characterizing “value”-
Grade lead to think right from 1833 as a broadening
simplification of the homeopathic methodology
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
removed from the study of Materia Medica and
the sure selection of a remedy.
The first part of this article is - as noted from the
correspondence between Samuel HAHNEMANN
and BÖNNINGHAUSEN - regarding the history of
origin of the Repertory and the second part
discusses the misunderstanding until now of the
structure and rationale of this work.
2. The First Repertory
Bönninghausen’s Model for our Profession
(AJHM. 99, 4/2006)
The form of the Repertory as we know it for
the most part has its antecedents in
Bönninghausen’s Systematic Alphabetic
Repertory of Homeopathic Medicines. Our own
research in this area has provided some insight into
the process of repertography developed by
BÖNNINGHAUSEN, and the ramifications on our
modern-day reportorial derivatives whose lineage is
traced to this original work.
3. The Reliability of Our Repertory
(HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
WINSTON refers to the rubric Crawling’,
under Larynx and Trachea p.747 of Kent’s
Repertory. The remedies in bold are Conium
maculatum, Kali carbonicum and Natrum
muriaticum. The sources for these remedies are
searched for in the Provings.
For Conium, the symptom is in Hahnemann’s
Chronic Diseases, Symptom No.530. The word
‘kribbeln’ is wrongly translated as tingling’,
instead of crawling.
For Kali carbonicum, the source is traced to
Chronic Diseases, Symptom No.962.
For Natrum muriaticum the reference is from
Chronic Diseases. Again the word is mistranslated
as tingles instead of ‘crawling’.
There is discrepancy in the grading of Natrum
muriaticum in the first 3 editions of Kent’s
The accuracy of Kent’s evaluation and the
translation of Chronic Diseases is called into
question based on the above facts.
[How many among us study the Repertory vis-a-vis
Materia Medica Provings, in this manner? It would
certainly enrich us, if we study so. We will then
know the grain and the tare = KSS]
1. Clinical Management of Idiopathic Epilepsy in
Dogs with Homeopathic
Belladonna 200 c: a Case Series
(HOMEOPATHY, 96, 1/2007)
Epilepsy is an important neurological disorder
in dogs. Belladonna 200c was evaluated in 10 dogs
with idiopathic Epilepsy. During the seizure phase,
3-4 drops of Belladona 200 were administered
orally at 15 min. intervals until considerable
reduction in seizure activity, then four times daily.
Four dogs with head shaking syndrome in addition
to seizures were given Cocculus 6c, 3-4 drops
orally weekly for 3 months in addition. Numbers
of fits reduced to 2-3 during first weeks post-
therapy and then became occasional in next 2
weeks. With continuation of Belladonna therapy,
no fits within 15-25 days of cessation of therapy.
Belladonna therapy was resumed and seizure
control was again achieved. Owners were advised
to continue the therapy at least twice daily until
there were no fits for 2-3 months. Liver specific
enzymes were monitored, no abnormalities were
2. Homeopathic Treatment for Infertility in a
Prize Nellore Bull
(HOMEOPATHY, 96, 1/2007)
Treatments for infertility in Bulls are not
described in homeopathic literature. A few
treatments, such as changing the Protein content of
the diet, giving extra minerals, etc., have been
proposed. This case report describes homeopathic
treatment for Infertility in a prize bull. A Nellore
bull, considered infertile for three years, was treated
with homeopathic Pulsatilla nigricans 200 cH.
Decreased total sperm defects, increased sperm
motility and a very impressive increased number of
doses of semen produced were observed. The bull
relapsed after treatment was withdrawn, but again
responded when it was resumed. Since only one
animal was observed one cannot assume that the
observed changes were due only to this treatment.
Further studies may establish the real benefits of a
homeopathic medicine in bull infertility.
Clinical Management of Babesiosis in Dogs
with homeopathic Crotalus horridus 200 c.
(HOMEOPATHY, 96,2/2007)
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
Homeopathic Crotalus horridus 200c was
evaluated in 13 clinical cases of Babesiosis in dogs,
compared with another 20 clinical cases treated
with Diminazine. Babbesiosis is an important
tropical tick-borne haemoprotozoan disease in dogs
clinically manifested by Anorexia, Dehydration,
Temperature, Dullness/ Depression,
Diarrhoea/Constipation, pale mucosa,
Hepatomegaly, vomiting/nausea, Splenomegaly,
distended abdomen/Ascites, yellow-colored Urine,
emaciation/weight-loss, and ocular discharge. The
diagnosis of Babesiosis was based on cytological
evidence of Babesia gibsoni in freshly prepared
blood smears. The dogs were treated with oral
Crotalus horridus 200 c, 4 pills four times daily for
14 days (n = 13) or Diminazine aceturate 5 mg/kg
single intramuscularly dose (n = 20) All the dogs
were administered 5% Dextrose normal saline at 60
ml/kg intra-venously for 4 days.
Initial clinical scores were similar in both
groups and showed similar progressive
improvement with the two treatments over 14 days.
Parasitaemia also improved in both groups, but
haematological values showed no change.
No untoward reactions were observed. It
appears that Crotalus horridus is as effective in
causing clinical recovery in moderate cases of
Canine Babesiosis caused by Babesia gibsoni as the
standard drug Diminazine. Large scale randomized
trials are indicated for more conclusive results.
[Always at the end is the rub. The results say that
the homeopathic potency 200 of Crotalus horridus
has cured Babesiosis. All that is required for a
homeopathic physician is to administer the
medicine in more cases of this disease if it occurs.
Collect the cases and see; why a “large-scale
randomized trials”? Foisting a method which is not
well-suited for homeopathic research is improper.
Homeopathy should not let it be judged by
allopathic or other so-called “scientific” standards.
If it is not taken for what it actually is, let it be so.
Still Homeopathy will continue to cure, and that’s
all that matters. = KSS]
4. Management of Gastroenteritis in Pups: A
Comparative Clinical Study
VARSHNEY, J.P. (AJHM. 99, 4/2006)
Gastroenteritis is a common clinical entity in
pups. In poorly managed, unvaccinated pups it is a
common clinical manifestation of canine Parvo or
Distemper virus infection. The present study was
conducted to assess the efficacy of Arsenicum
album 30c as a complementary and alternative
medicine in the management of Viral
Gastroenteritis in pups.
Twenty pups, aged two to four months,
brought to Referral Veterinary Polyclinic of the
Institute with clinical manifestations of vomiting
just after eating or drinking, anorexia, loose, watery
feces mixed with mucus and/or blood, dehydration,
cold extremities, almost normal/slightly subnormal
rectal temperature (98.8 to 101degrees F), dullness,
weakness, prostration, and no detectable cardiac
changes, were included in the study.
Epidemiological considerations clinical signs of
vomiting and loose, watery feces with or without
mucus and/or blood, marked leukopenia due to
lymphopenia were suggestive of Canine Viral
The pups were divided into two groups
consisting of ten pups in each group. Pups of
Group A were treated with Ringer’s lactate (60ml
per Kg body weight, I.V., b.i.d. for 3 days) and
Arsenicum album 30c at the dose rate of 4 pills PO
at thirty minute intervals x 2 and then q.i.d. for 3
days). Pups of Group B were treated with Ringer’s
lactate (60ml/per kg body weight, I.V., b.i.d. for 3
days), Ondansetron (0.5-1.0 mg per kg body
weight, IV first dose, then PO, b.i.d. for 3 days), a
suspension of Metronidazole (100mg per 5ml) and
Furazolidone (25mg per 5ml) at half to one
teaspoonful PO, t.i.d. for 3 days) and Cefotaxime
(30mg/kg body weight 1M t.i.d. for 3 days).
Clinical response and recovery rate (Group A
80.0%, Group B 80.0%) in both the groups was
comparable. Total cost of treatment in Group A
was lower (Rs.35 to 40) than that of Group B
(Rs.275 to 280).
From the preliminary clinical trial it appears
that Arsenicum album was cost-effective as a
complementary and alternative approach in the
management of Gastroenteritis in pups.
5. A case of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a
OBANDO, Jacqueline Sehn
(HL. 18, 3 & 4/2005)
Hank, 17 months old Labrador Retriever with
chronic loose, watery stools, halitosis, offensive
flatus, pica, poor appetite and emaciated body
condition .
From 9.4.02, his medications were tapered and
stopped on 19.4.02 and put on gluten-free diet. In
10 days energy levels improved and gained weight
Mercurius vivus 30 on 22.4.02.
30.4.02: Flatulence gone, breath much better, stools
are much firmer and are large.
25.5.02: From 10/5, scratching around his neck.
Large flaky dandruff and shedding lot of hair.
© Centre For Excellence In Homeopathy
Appetite is great. Stools remain formed. Add new
elements to diet.
No further improvement. Sulphur 200.
18.6.02: Lycopodium 1M.
8.7.02: Itching subsided, hair grown back. No
21.8.02: Diarrhoea since 4 days. Lycopodium 1M.
13.1.03: Watery spurting diarrhoea. Lycopodium
4.4.03: Diarrhoea after Pasta. Lycopodium 50M.
29.11.03: He continues to do well.
7. Veterinary cases
MISTRY, D.E. (CCR. 14, 1 & 2/2007)
1. Dog Rocky, 3 years with gross hair fall,
nates with redness and itching on that part small
wound in that part. Sulphur 200. Wound healed
and itching less.
2. Softy, female dog, 8 years with vomiting
once and blood-stained stool thrice, after eating
chicken liver. Drinks ice cold water. Reduced
appetite. Affectionate. Phosphorus 200. Alright
within 24 hours.
3. A cow from one farm was transported to
another farm in vehicle and since then refused its
usual feed. On the surmise of travel trauma Arnica
1M and the cow started to eat.
4. Two cows had fever, reduced appetite.
Ferrum phos.30 4 doses. A week later Gelsemium
30 for some weakness remaining.
5. A cow, 3 year-old was becoming weak and
emaciated since a month. Violent, aggressive. Nux
vomica 200, 3 doses 12 hourly. Started eating
better than before and at times aggressive. Nux
vomica M one dose and reports said that the cow
has calmed down.
6. 5 year-old female dog became ill after
eating too many bones on a party day. Offensive
vomitus. Antibiotics precipitated diarrhoea. Lasted
3 weeks Dog became skin and bones, not thirsty.
Nux vom. 1M. Vomiting and Diarrhoea stopped
within 24 hours. 7 days later, still thirstless and hot
and suspicious. Apis 200 4 doses. Completely
1. Prover Susceptibility and the Ascending
MUELLER Manfred (AH. 12/2006)
“Did randomized, placebo-controlled trials
disprove the homeopathic Proving Hypothesis?