Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 1&2/2010. For private circulation only 1
VOL. XXVII, 1 & 2, 2010
Lead me from Untruth to Truth
Lead me from Darkness to Light
Lead me from Death to Immortality
Adyaya I Brahmana 3 Mantra 28
(This service is only for private circulation. Part I of the journal lists the Current literature in
Homeopathy drawn from the well-known homeopathic journals published world-over - India,
England, Germany, France, Belgium, Brazil, USA, etc., discipline-wise, with brief
abstracts/extracts. Readers may refer to the original articles for detailed study. The full names
and addresses of the journals covered by this compilation are given at the end.
Compilation, translation, publication by Dr.K.S.Srinivasan, 1253, 66th Street, Korattur, Chennai - 600 080, India.
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 1&2/2010. For private circulation only 2
VOL. XXVII, 1 & 2, 2010
Part I Current Literature Listing
Part I of the journal lists the current literature in Homeopathy drawn from the well-known
homeopathic journals published world-over - India, England, Germany, France, Brazil, USA,
etc., - discipline-wise, with brief abstracts/extracts. Readers may refer to the original articles for
detailed study. The full names and addresses of the journals covered by this compilation are
given at the end of Part I. Part II contains selected essays/articles/extracts, while Part III carries
original articles for this journal, Book Reviews, etc.
1. Homeopathy and its Paradigms:
Semiotic, Vitalist and Fragmentary
ROSENBAUM Paulo (IJHR. 2, 5/2003)
This is an excellent study and difficult to be
condensed. The title of the article is self-explanatory.
Several basics are examined. It will be worthwhile to
read the entire article, ponder and respond.
2. Bemerkungen zu Homöopathie, Miasmen und
(On Homeopathy, Miasms and Cancer)
WÜRGER Wolfgang (ZKH. 52, 3/2008)
This article probes the theory of Miasms. What is
the connection between Miasms and Cancers? Can
modern Řscientificř experiments/enquiries, as for
example POPPERřs Řfalsifiabilityř, or METHNERřs
suggestions, etc. give the answer? Or since
Homeopathy is Řinductiveř science, should we Řreflectř
on the philosophical theory of Science, make self-
reflection and base our experience with Homeopathy?
[What was ŘScienceř for HAHNEMANN? Perhaps we
should agree with Ekkehard FRÄNTZKI Ŗ. . .
Wissenschaftlichen Charakter hat das Heilverfahren
nach HAHNEMANN dann, wenn es zum ersten auf
dem Boden der E r f a h r u n g steht. Jahre bevor die
erste Auflage des ŖOrganonŗ erschien, hatte
HAHNEMANN sein neues Heilverfahren unter dem
Titel: ŖHeilkunde der Erfahrungŗ der Fachwelt
vorgelegt. Erfahrung ist für HAHNEMANN Idee der
Wissenschaft von zentraler Bedeutung . . . . . Ŗ (Die
Idee der Wissenshcaft bei Samuel Hahnemann von
Ekkehard Fräntzki, KH, XVIII, 6/1974) = KSS]
3. ŖItřs Done with Mirrorsŗ
Observations on the Nature of Healing
NOSSAMAN Nicholas (AJHM. 101, 2/2008)
The metaphors of the mirror is useful in describing
the phenomenon that takes place when the simile or
simillimum is administered to the ill patient, to initiate a
healing process. This transformational event is
explored through references to the Organon of
HAHNEMANN and his concept of the power of the
Vital Force compared with the power of the similar
medicine in the promotion of healing. The relevance of
the mirror metaphor to the healing process in general is
explored in other fields, with reference to Jungian
Psychology, Mythology and the Bible, among others.
4. An analysis of the Concept of Miasm in the Light
of the State of Medicine as Existing in 18
MATHUR Mohit (AJHM. 101, 3/2008)
This paper reviews the circumstances in which the
concept of Miasm (acute and chronic) evolved and how
subsequent developments in the field of medicine, most
notably in the realm of infectious disease, have
improved our understanding about the nature of diseases
and brought into question the validity of the Miasm
theory. It concludes with an emphasis on the need to
further refine the homeopathic concept of disease.
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 1&2/2010. For private circulation only 3
1. Hartlaub & Trinks Pure Materia Medica: to save it
or lose it?
ZOBY, Elias Carlos (IJHDR. 2, 5/2003)
Homeopathic Medicine is based on ŘProvingř of
substances and faithful recording of the signs and
symptoms so obtained, i.e. empirically obtained Řfactsř.
Full symptom, with the location, the sensation, the
modalities with regard to motion, time and space,
remain for all time to be applied, researched, etc. Facts
survive time provided they are known. Our Pure
Materia Medica preserves its accuracy ; time helps
us to discover many previously unrealized features.
It is essential that we read these Řsource booksř and
discover for ourselves rather than follow secondary,
fancy writings.
The Řsource booksř are only few as available to us
now, for example HAHNEMANN, HERING, TF
ALLEN, HUGHES & DAKE, STAPF, et al. The main
pathogenetic compilations available are six or seven.
American Provings are not available in English.
Whatever given in the compilations by HAHNEMANN,
ALLEN only are available in English. For this reason
the repertories do not contain all that are in these
sources. It is however seen that even in these English
compilations there are several omissions, errors.
In this article the author examines some mental
symptoms in the HARTLAUB & TRINKS vis a vis the
books used in the daily practice and points out the
lacunae which are serious enough. It is hoped that this
will kindle interest in the members of the profession to
do further studies on these lines. [I would like to draw
the attention of colleagues that Dr. K.-H.GYPSER of
Germany is already carrying out such studies and is
engaged in the Materia Medica Revision Project; so far
about 10 monographs, one remedy in one volume, have
come out. We invite others to undertake such work and
centralise them all with Dr.GYPSER. This is my
personal opinion. = KSS]
2. Patogenesia Qualitativa de Arsenicum sulphuratum
(Qualitative Proving of Arsenicum sulphuratum
SOLON Luiz Ricardo (RH. 70, 1-2-3-4/2007)
Six volunteers, pharmacy students, proved
Arsenicum sulphuratum flavum 1000CH. This short
experimentation was conducted within the framework of
qualitative research on the epistemology of subjectivity.
A hypothetical configuration of the subjective pathology
was constructed: the remedy elicited anguish of
imprisonment, which gave rise to an imperious
explosion of feelings with physical restlessness, as well
as pressive headache, desire for chocolate and desire for
3. Proposta de Matéria Médica de Tormentilla erecta
(Proposal for a Materia Medica of Tormentilla
Barbara Susanne (RH. 70, 1-2-3-4/2007)
This paper presents the proposal for a clinical
proving of Tormentilla erecta, built upon the reports on
its effects mentioned in historic, traditional medical,
toxicological and pharmacological literature as well as
on the effects verified by the authors in clinical practice.
4. Provings
HOGELAND Anneke (AJHM. 101, 2/2008)
The authorsř experience in conducting proving
raised some profound questions regarding the nature of
the data collected and information revealed, suggesting
the importance of adopting a new, more inclusive
proving methodology. It seemed clear that not only
those participating who actually took the remedy being
proved developed symptoms, but also that there was an
amazing congruence with the symptoms that arose in
very sensitive Ŗproversŗ who did not actually take the
medicine. Consequently, the authors concluded that for
a proving to reveal the full potential of a remedy the
following information should be included: data gathered
from journal provings, data gathered from a group
setting where there is direct involvement with the
process of remedy preparation, and especially data
gathered from those who are so sensitive to the process
as to produce symptoms even at a distance.
5. Review of Proving Methodologies
HOGELAND Anneke (AJHM. 101, 2/2008)
The varied sources/methods of homeopathic
proving are discussed; included among them are;
trituration, toxicology, Hahnemannian (Classical)
proving, Modern classical proving, Modified Classical
proving, and finally seminar and meditation provings.
1. Hahnemannřs later Prescriptions
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 1&2/2010. For private circulation only 4
ADLER, Ubiratan C., ADLER, Maristela Schiabel
and PADULA Ana Elisa
(Med GG. 27/2008)
There has been much speculative statements about
the potencies used by HAHNEMANN in his last years
in Paris. It was thought that he used both the C and Q
potencies equally. It was thought that it would become
clear if the number of prescriptions in C and Q
potencies were identified separately, especially during
the last years of his Practice in Paris.
The six months period between 1 January and 30
June 1843 was taken up for study and a careful and
thorough analysis was made of Hahnemannřs Case
Register pertaining to this period available in the
Institute for History of Medicine of the Robert Bosch
Foundation, Stuttgart.
As a result 743 prescriptions wee identified out of
which 582 (78%) were Q potencies, 142 (19%) were C
potencies and 19 (3%) of unidentifiable potencies. The
Centesimal scales were mostly in C 30 in descending
scale, (C30, C24, C18, C12, C8 and C6). On the other
hand the Q potencies were in the ascending scale.
It may be concluded therefore, that in the last six
months of his Practice HAHNEMANN the 50
millesimal Potencies four times more than the
Centesimal. These findings agree with his
observations in the VI edition of the Organon.
2. Homöopathie Und Transpersonale
Psychotherapie als Integratives
(Homeopathy and Transpersonal Psychotherapy
as integrated treatment model)
SCHNEBEL Beata (AHZ. 253, 5/2008)
The synthesis of Homeopathy and Transpersonal
Psychotherapy is an effective and profound kind of
treatment. The author gives a case from his
Practice of a 54 year-old woman with depression. Her
case was worked out to be Pulsatilla. Simultaneous
treatment with transpersonal Psychotherapy involving
Dreams, Imagination and Creative works helped much
in restoring the health of the patient. This integrative
method would surely help difficult and complex cases.
3. Homöopathie und Naturheilfahren Ŕ eine sinnvolle
Kombination am Beispiel des akuten
(Homeopathy and natural healing methods Ŕ
appropriate combination, for example acute
Urinary tract Infection)
Stephen (AHZ. 253, 5/2008)
The homeopathic treatment of the acute urinary
infection often cannot be successful on first hand for
various reasons. Especially urinary tract infections tend
to relapse, so the dynamic of acute, chronic and
miasmatic diseases can be studied well in this example.
Natural complementary medicine is suitable to gain
time and to ease the acute symptoms; the chances in
applying Physiotherapy are shown. In the so-called
irritable bladder are a complex of functional-vegetative-
psychosomatic symptoms Homeopathy Ŕ as long term
e.g. constitutional treatment Ŕ is the method of choice.
[While we do not want to enter into debate whether
homeopathic treatment is not successful on first hand,
it is our experience that it has been successful. In such
an early work as von BÖNNINGHAUSENs
Aphorismen des Hippokrates (1863) he has dealt with
Harnwegsinfektionen in detail and the homeopathic
medicines for that. However such help as may be from
physiotherapy, dietary regulations are not barred, they
may help hasten the cure. = KSS]
4. Die Behandlung des akuten Gichtanfalls
(The Treatment of acute attacks of Gout)
BÜNDNER Martin (AHZ. 253, 5/2008)
In this case of Gout with recurrence over the years
the patient who is a Heilpraktiker treated himself with
homeopathic medicines and every time the response
was good. The remedies were chosen after appropriate
repertorisation. However the complaints kept on
recurring. The author says that whereas the acute
attacks were promptly relieved every time, it kept
recurring. The repertories provide with information to
treat the acute attacks. A constitutional treatment
which would prevent the recurrence of the attacks must
be found, including dietic support.
5. Infertility and Homeopathy
(IJHDR. 2, 5/2003)
Female, 39, consulted for Sterility in May 2003,
with uterine Myomata diagnosed 6 years before. Very
concerned about her fertility, she had tried
unsuccessfully to conceive for 9 years. Other
complaints: constipation, flatulence, Hay fever, Acne.
Pulsatilla 200, 300 and M were given according
evolution of the case within a period o 3 months. In the
month she became pregnant. The author explains his
choice of the remedy. This case shows that the action of
the homeopathic remedy which is not related to matter
but to some kind of Ŗenergeticŗ action would act
immediately. Vitalism involves a most peculiar
understanding of the biologic phenomena, completely
against the materialist-mechanist paradigm
characteristic of contemporary Bio-Medicine.
Homeopathy developed outside the frame of Ŗofficial
scienceŗ, not only out of external exclusion, but also by
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 1&2/2010. For private circulation only 5
a sort of auto-exclusion. One way to correct this
negative trend, is to publish well-documented case
reports, which is the aim of the present article. [While
the case was worked out with Repertory with reference
to the symptoms, did not lead to Pulsatilla. A study of
the remedies obtained through Repertory seemed to be
inappropriate. Therefore the author used Key Note and
Řthemeř which also indicated Ignatia which seemed to
be not the remedy for this case. Therefore a few but
extremely characteristic symptoms (only 4 symptoms)
were chosen and the result was Pulsatilla which gave
satisfactory result. A word about Řthemesř. Themes are
not real symptoms they are interpretations and
extrapolations whereas Homeopathy has to do with
Řfactsř which are symptoms told by the patient. = KSS]
6. Bulbar Ulcer und Homeopathy
(IJHDR. 2, 5/2003)
27 year-old male, 10 Sept. 22; dyspeptic since 9
years. Sporadic attacks of Vertigo. Antecedents of
epileptic seizures since age 1, currently treated with
Fenobarbital, 200 mg/d. Splenectomy in 1988 after a
car accident.
Symptoms: Sour taste in the throat; Irritated, wanting to
scream; Dizziness, cannot focus things clearly,
perfectly; Workaholic; I ponder on new strategies 24/7,
my work absorbs almost 100% of my time. Worried
about the goals I set for myself, I must reach the goal.
Desire for Ice Cream; High Fevers almost always with
seizures; Grinds teeth during sleep.
Examination: Active Bulbar Ulcer (Sakitařs A2;
moderate erosive bulbo-diodenitis; positive urease test
for H.pylori.
Diagnostics: Clinical: Bulbar Ulcer; Epileptic seizures;
Miasmatic: Tertiary Psora Ŕ covert Egotropy (Masi
Elizaldeřs classification).
Repertorial analysis and then study of the Pure Materia
Medica: Nux vomica 30, then 200, single doses on 17
Sept 2002 and 12 Oct. 2002.
Improved. Patientřs attitude to work also changed.
He stopped blaming himself and thinking of
professional matters in his free time. Upper digestive
Endoscopy: healed bulbar Ulcer (Sakitařs S2); slight
erosive bulbitis; slight emantematic gastritis; positive
urease test for H. pylori. Upto this the patient remained
free from symptoms. He took new doses of Nux
vomica 500 and then 1000 in January and July 2003.
This case shows that the action of the homeopathic
remedies is systemic, not restricted to any particular
part of the organism.
7. Schlaf störungen bei Kindern - Drei Kasuistiken
(Sleep disturbances in children - three cases)
(AHZ. 253, 6/2008)
With three cases from her practice the author
demonstrates homeopathic treatment of sleep disorders
of children.
8. Müde bin ich, geh zur Ruh
(Iřm tired, and go to rest)
ZIPPERMAYR Philipp (AHZ. 253, 6/2008)
Sleep can be seen as retreat by the events of the
day and by the social surrounding field. The different
forms of sleep disorders are therefore disturbances of
this retreat. They refer to a specific social conflict of
the patient, not or not completely permitting this retreat.
The analysis of the temper and the message of the
dominating disease symptomatology bring to light a
disturbed bond of trust to the surrounding field as a
reason for the sleep disorder. The knowledge of the
cause, the motive of disease, makes it possible to
compare with motives of the remedies which are
applicable, facilitating the homepathic choice.
9. Carcinosinum und Medorrhinum bei der
Behandlung von Schlafstörungen
(Carcinosinum and Medorrhinum in treatment of
sleep disturbances)
HADULLA Michael (AHZ. 253, 6/2008)
The author demonstrates with two of his cases of
treatment of sleep disturbances in children with the
Nosodes Carcinosinum and Medorrhinum.
Case 1: Ten year-old girl had come to me before, with
nervous abdomen pain after the death of her
grandmother. She gave the impresssion of a very much
sad person. After examination, gave a dose of Ignatia
D200 with rapid improvement. Since her mother was a
strong, open, promoter of Homeopathy. She now came
with complaints of sleep, which she had unsuccessfully
treated with Coffee. The anamnesis: weeps
despairingly; the usual tricks of bedtime stories,
banning of TV, etc. did not help and the child woke up
every fifteen minutes and this torture the mother has to
undergo until mid-night. Throughout the day the child
is inattentive, annoying everyone. She has slided down
at school too. She has craving for chocolate; she is very
conscientious, ambitious, responsible and extremely
structured. Repertorisation brought out Carcinosinum
which was given in 200. In six weeks the mother came
with great exclamation at the wonderful change. The
child is her normal and studies very well, etc. The
sleep disturbance is not there anymore.
Case 2: 32 year-old female; she spoke of her two small
sons. During the second pregnancy she suffered much
from opathsleep disturbances. Sometimes she slept at
5 ořclock in the morning, and was finding it too weak
and tired and as a result Anaemia. She underwent
allopathic treatment and also from a homeopathic
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 1&2/2010. For private circulation only 6
prescription of Silica, and also a complex prescription;
and also a colleague gave her Sepia and Aconitum as
also Acidum phosphoricum Ŕ all to no good result.
Since the case appeared complicated, I could not come
to a homeopathic remedy, so applied Acupuncture, and
the sleep became better. Unfortunately the
improvement did not last and she again could not sleep
well. Became irritable and annoyed. She then told of a
craving for meat, sharp spicy food. She further
revealed of an unpleasant discharge, yellowish,
burning and itchy. There were also some mental and
emotional symptoms: Temper, aggressiveness,
impulsiveness, bashfulness, alternately introversion and
extraversion, could easily weep particularly when she
spoke of her complaints. She bites her fingernails right
from childhood. She washed her hands very frequently
particularly when returns after purchases. She is
grumbly through the day and during evening and night
Repertoriation indicated Medorrhinum which was
given in D200, three globules. There was a very good
response. For maintaining the improvement
Medorrhinum LM 6 sweekly.
10. Eine Rückschau über 20 Jahre Krebstherapie in
eigener Praxis und 10 Jahre in der Clinic Santa
Croce und Ausblicke in die Zukunft
(A retrospective study of 20 years of cancer
therapy in own Practice and 10 years in the Clinic
at Santa Croce and prospects in the future)
SPINEDI Dario (ZKH. 52, 3/2008)
The author has over 20 years experience in the
homeopathic treatment of different Cancers, and since
10 years experience with the St. Croce Hospital. Dr.
SPINEDI was trained by Dr. KÜNZLI. Accordingly
the following are the main guidelines in classical
- The Simile rule
- The Proving on the healthy
- The preparation of high potencies
- The invention of the 50 millesimal potencies
- The Kent Scale
- The exact technique of Anamnesis
- The homeopathic aggravation
- The exact dosage
- The second prescription
- The long-term follow-up
The knowledge of these are the foundation for the
cure of chronic diseases including Cancer. We are very
much grateful to the homeopaths of the past and
present who have worked so hard with these
Ŗmultifarious factorsŗ and have given us valuable
instructions. I think of Eli JONES, BURNETT,
and many, many others. Our attempts at the St. Croce
Hospital is to arrive at a methodology which
synthesises the best of the great homeopaths mentioned
above and others. We are lucky to have whole
generations of homeopaths and only a thoroughly
considered synthesis of their knowledge will result in a
optimum success.
The author gives 15 cases of different Cancers: 1.
Ewing Sarcoma. 2. Malignant inoperable coccyx
Teratoma with multiple Lung and Liver metastasis. 3.
Inoperable Sarcoma of the Uterus. 4. Inoperable Liver
Carcinoma in a one year-old child. 5. Primary
metastasizing Mamma Carcinoma. 6. Embryonal
Testicle Carcinoma and Mediastinal Sarcoma. 7.
Mamma Carcinoma. 8. Prostate Carcinoma. 9.
Metastasizing Melanoma Clark Level IV. 10. Prostate
Carcinoma operated, PT2b GIII. Gleason-Score 7. 11.
Axillary Lymphnode metastasis left , an occult primary
carcinoma in a pregnant female. 12. Metastisizing
Ovarial Carcinoma Figo III/IV, G III. 13. Low
malignant Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. 14. Status after
amputation of a breast Cancer and high doses of
Chemotherapy. 15. Recurrence of a Rhabdomyo-
sarcoma in a boy.
Practically no side-effects of radiation were
11. Eine Schizophrenie? Homöopathie und Psychiatrie
bei einem schwer traumatisierten Flüchtling in
aufenthaltsrechtlichen Verfahren
(A Schizophrenic? Homeopathy and Psychiatry in
a severely Traumatised refugee in an Asylum)
EPPENICH Heinz (ZKH. 52, 3/2008)
This article has a two fold topic: the presentation of
a model case study of a successful prescription of
Anacardium with a verification of the Proving symptom
Ŗhe imagined he heard his name calledŗ, as well as the
problem as to which instance is legally legitimate to
judge the evidence of the truth (diagnostic and
therapeutic) in the Asylum Proceedings of severely
traumatized refugees. The middle part consists of a
correspondence of the author and a Psychiatrist; the
names of the persons involved have been made
unrecognizable with exception of the authorřs name.
12. Gentle little souls
Everyday uses for the humble tissue salt
CASTRO Miranda (HT. 28, 1/2008)
SCHÜSSLERřs Biochemic system is based on
supplementing the deficient mineral salts.
Sulking Cat
Ten year-old Minnie had exiled herself since two
days refusing all food. This started after another new
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 1&2/2010. For private circulation only 7
kitten sophie was rescued and was entrancing the whole
family and getting all the attention.
A tablet of Natrum muricaticum 6x was dissolved
in water and rubbed on to Minnieřs outraged nose.
About half an hour later, Minnie quietly came in to the
house, ate little food and then climbed into the basket
with sophie, curled up and fell fast asleep.
High in the Pyrenees
The author lived for two years in a remote hamlet
iun the French Pyrenees. Prone to horrid urinary tract
Infection with urge always and burning after urination.
Usually before menstrual period and during emotional Ŕ
weepy and irritable. Cracks at the corner of the mouth
or in the middle of lip. Natrum muriaticum 6x
frequently on the first day would improve immediately.
The common indications for all the 12 salts are
given. A handy cell salt index (Repertory) is given.
Dishrag, string Bean Kids
A course of Calcarea phos. during and/or after a
growth spurt to keep these kids from falling into a
slump. It improves the vitality and appetite. It helps the
horrid growing pains. Phases of complaining of
stomach and or headaches on coming home from
school. These usually occur before, during or after a
growth spurt.
13. Addicted to Love?
ASPINWALL, Mary (HT. 28, 1/2008)
James 33, returned from abroad and found his wife
of 3 years had left the family home, taking their two
year-old son with her and refused to have any contact
with him. His reaction was overwhelming disbelief.
Exhausted and yawning frequently. After Ignatia XM,
he felt much better, exhaustion and yawning improved
greatly and was able to understand the truth of the
An older woman happily married for 50 years was
terribly saddened and shocked by her husbandřs death
and completely withdrew herself, feeling life was no
longer worth living. She stayed in seclusion for 2 years.
a dose of Natrum muriaticum, lifted the feeling of grief
and she felt like her old self again.
Angela had a kind of loving partner. Unfortunately
she was still in love with a man with whom she had an
affair few years earliuer, though she knew the current
partner was by far the better. Antimonium crudum 30
helped dramatically. This remedy is for sentimental,
romantic persons.
Jeanette, who recently separated from her
husband, enraged by his hurtful behavior towards her
and their very young child. She felt she would kill him.
While talking she was picking invisible fluff her
clothing. Hyoscyamus 200 and within 2-3 days she
became relaxed, calm and able to see the funny sides of
things again.
Indications for Natrum muriaticum, Phosphoric
acid, Aurum metallicum, Lachesis are also given.
14. The Heart of the Matter
Homeopathy helps a woman with irregular heart
ROTHENBERG, Amy (HT. 28, 1/2008)
Abigail, 60 years, with atrial fibrilliation since a
month, especially at night, disturbing her sleep.
Anxiety worse at night. Felt light-headed and off
balance at that time chilliness of extremities. Felt cold
in her back. Great need for warm covering profuse
perspiration, over head, hands and feet. Tendency to
constipation and swollen glands. Much organized in
everything. Silica 200. No change. Kali silicatum 12c
once a day.
A week later better overall. Fatigue lessened and
sleeping better. Atrial fibrillation less. Continued to be
on Kali silicata12c. in the next two years AF only
during the time of stress. [This is interesting. Is Kali
silicate a ŘProvenř remedy? Or a synthetically created
Materia Medica only? = KSS]
15. Avoiding or Delaying Root Canal Therapy (RCT)
A case of Ŗirreversibleŗ pulpitis
SHORT, John. A. (HT. 28, 1/2008)
A 47-year-old woman with very deep decay in her
lower left first molar since a month. Increased
sensitivity to cold liquids. Pain was distributed
generally on the left side of face. Radiograph indicated
inflammation. She was withdrawn. Greasy face.
Menstrual colic and unrefreshing sleep. Preliminary
removal of decayed part was done and antibiotics not
given. Natrum muriaticum 200. She remained
symptom free and a Radiograph couple of months later
showed dentinal bridging, a sign of healing. Over the
years 30-40% of patients with homeopathic medicines
did not require RCT.
16. Dissolving Scar Tissue, growths & Tumors
The homeopathic remedy as Řsurgeonř
ST. JOHN, Gloria (HT. 28, 2/2008)
Anna, 60 year-old with painful, large neuromas in
both feet and had enforced a sedentary life style.
Surgery was advised but she was not willing. Feet were
more painful when standing better when siutting and
somewhat better when walking. Silica 12c daily and to
stop it whenever the relief was felt. Three weeks later,
she lamented that she was doing so well at first and
then all the pain is back. She had taken Silica 12c, even
after she had significant pain relief. Within 2 days of
stopping Silica12c, pain was gone. Five weeks later
many positive changes. Lost 15 pounds due to her
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 1&2/2010. For private circulation only 8
increased mobility. A year later, no pains but the
status of neuromas not known as she was reluctant to
undergo X-rays.
Bill, 66 years had series of accidents as a young
man and lot of suffering due to it. One knee replaced.
Continued back pain and several surgeries to relieve it.
He had twisted. Spine pain worse in cold, damp
weather. He had melanoma (resolved). His hearing
was compromised from military and industry noise
exposure. He was on Thyroid Medication and Quinine
for muscle cramps. He was on Morphine. Back pain
increased after each surgery. Hypericum 200 and 12c
did not help. Thiosinaminum 6c daily. Pain briefly
increased, but now much reduced. Memory better. Felt
better overall, with increased energy. He was on
reduced dosage of Morphine. Thiosinaminum 12c few
times and Morphine at 25% of the original dosage.
17. Bridging Thought and Homeopathy
LUEPKER, Ian R. (HT. 28, 2/2008)
Six year-old Simon had delayed milestones and
with apraxia of speech i.e. difficulty in sequencing the
motor movements needed for volitional speech. He
also struggled with a sensory processing disorder and a
tic disorder. Flaps hands often. Mother was under
much stress during his pregnancy and as an infant had
the inability to co-ordinate the motor movements to
Now he miususes or omits words while speaking,
gives irrelevant answers. Grinding teeth. Enjoys deep
pressure. Has high pain threshold. Alternating moods.
Nux moschata 200.
Six weeks later, his sensory issues had improved
by 50%. Speech more clear. No hand flapping.
Four months later, irrelevant answers decreased by
Two years later progressing in all areas. (Overall 7
doses were given).
[By the appropriate homeopathic remedy,
communication became appropriate and that is much in
day to-day life; it meant one expressed, verbalized what
are thought. Thanks to Homeopathy = KSS].
18. Clear your seasonal Allergies
And revel in the springtime again!
GAHLES, Nancy (HT. 28, 2/2008)
Indications for Allium cepa, Euphrasia, Sabadilla
and Wyethia are given.
45 year-old Sally with spasmodic sneezing attacks
in the presence of flowers, perfumes and scented soaps.
Itchiness of eyes and mouth. Chronic vaginal yeast
infection, burning and irritating. Feels bloated,
tightened. Sabadilla 200. For 4 days much worse and
with throat pain. Knee pains and gum abscess flared
up. Then felt much better. In the next 4 years, two
more doses.
Skylark, with runny nose, cough and wheeze since
one year of age in the hay season and then in wet, damp
or cold season. First mucus in throat, then hoarseness,
dry, burning throat, incessant cough and the tormenting
attempts to cough up the mucus. Causticum 30 helped.
Later he could explain that it started with itchiness
of palate. Wyethia 30, stopped the problem.
19. Hay Fever magic and the Minimum Dose
ASPINWALL, Mary (HT. 28, 2/2008)
Authorřs brother with Hay Fever since 7 years of
age intolerable itching of eyes and swelling of eyelids.
Repeated and violent sneezing. Running nose with
soreness between nose and upperlip. Itching inside
nose and roof of mouth. Sabadilla 30, 7 pills. One pill
to be taken and wait. To repeat only if there is
disimprovement after improvement.
He took one pill daily and had terrible bout of Hay-
fever Ŕ homeopathic aggravation. He was reassured.
In the next twenty years another bout of Hay fever. He
is now one of Homeopathyřs greatest fans.
20. Goodbye Itchy Eyes!
COWARD, Steven (HT. 28, 2/2008)
Bella, years old with severe allergies that got
especially bad each Spring and Fall. Intense itching of
eyes with sneezing, running nose. Better in rainy
weather and when she was indoors. Hated to cover her
feet. Past history of rapid tooth decay. Kreosotum 200.
Her symptoms went away immediately and no further
21. Give Hives the Heave ŔHo!
ROTHENBERG, Amy (HT. 28, 2/2008)
Shelly, 44 years, with hives since five years. first,
small, on abdomen, before menstruation and colder
months on right side. Then grew larger, itchier and all
month long. Confused, irritated and short-tempered
during hives. Later dysphagia and dyspnoea during the
attacks. Tendency to indigestion and bloating. Right
sided ovarian cyst. Heavy menstrual flow due to
Uterine Fibroid. History of Fibro cystic breast disease
worse in right side, chilly feeling with a need of electric
blanket. Craved sweets. Lycopodium 12c daily. Six
weeks later, fewer and less severe outbreaks. To
continue daily. Two months later, worse since 3 weeks
Lycopodium 30c. in the next one year need of a dose
every 2-3 weeks. In the next five years occasional
attacks subsided with a dose of Lycopodium 30. A
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 1&2/2010. For private circulation only 9
remedy that addresses the whole person, including but
not limited to the hives, has a broader and deeper-acting
22. A wonderful Remedy for Anger
Chomomilla helps angry kids of all ages
RAUNIAR, Rashana (HT. 28, 2/2008)
Siya, 3 months old born with a blocked tear duct,
constantly discharging clear watery fluid. Worse from
wind. Redness of eyes. Mother was much stressed and
angry during her pregnancy. Cranky and cried a lot
with cough. Better when being held or carried.
Chamomilla 200 1 pellet dissolved in 11 teaspoons, one
teaspoon every hour. Within three doses, she started
improving. After 10 days no discharge from eyes.
Two year-old Beth with running nose, mild cough,
progressed to watery discharge from eyes, sneezing.
Antihistamines did not help. She became exhausted,
irritated, increased salivation. Acon., Ars.alb., Puls. did
not help.
Red eruption on right cheek, 10 days before the
cold, other cheek was pale. Chamomilla 200. After 30
minutes she started improving.
23. ŖHello, This is the Homeopathic Helpline!ŗ
TREUHERZ, Francis (HT. 28, 3/2008)
In the spring of 1996, David NEEDLEMAN,
Pharmacist managed to convince the official UK
telecoms regulator that a Homeopathic Helpline was a
legitimate service to operate a premium rate (i.e. Pay-
per minute) number and enlisted the author to help.
Since then more than 165,000 calls have been dealt
The Homeopathic Helpline is open from 9 a.m.
through midnight, 7 days a week. It costs callers $3 a
minute of which British Telecom keeps $1.
Few of the cases are discussed.
The author has much satisfaction from this work of
offering service to many thousands of largely unknown
callers. [Very interesting article, that would gladden
the heart of every genuine homeopath. = KSS].
24. Appendicitis strikes thrice!
NEEDLEMAN, David (HT. 28, 3/2008)
On a Christmas day, three mothers phoned each
reporting that their child with pain in lower right side of
The pains started around the navel and then
descended and moved to right. Children felt better
when applying pressure and worse on release of
A dose of Bryonia 30 and a dose of Lycopodium 30
both be given on the way to the Emergency Room and
doses to be repeated if the patient is kept waiting in the
Emergency Room.
First child was pain free on arrival at the ER and
sent home. The second child was also pain free on
arrival at ER but was kept overnight for observation.
Both these children had no further problems. The third
child was operated within ten minutes of arrival. This
was timely, as just after the surgeons opened him up the
appendix burst. The child recovered well.
25. Running on empty no longer
Working holistically with a person who has Cancer
ASPINWALL, Mary (HT. 28, 3/2008)
Rita, 54 was convalescing from double mastectomy
for Breast Cancer. Recent incoordination of hands and
feet because they felt numb and clumsy. Chronic
insomnia. Son died in an accident at the age of 17 and
many years later a beloved godson died tragically in a
fire and all the pain and sadness from her sonřs death
returned. Anxiety decreased by exercise. Had PMS,
painful periods, benign cystic breast disease and
Hysterectomy. She loved to be very active always.
Sudden impulse to kill in anger. Iodum LM 3, daily
doses alongwith macrobiotic food and Juices. 4 weeks
later, worrying less, palpitations less, constipation much
better. Six weeks later, further improved. Sleep better.
After the third chemo session nauseated and black
vomiting. Cadmium sulphuricum 30c helped. Higher
LM potency of Iodum every four or five weeks.
26. Comfort Remedies
Relief for Chemo, Radiation and surgery side
ASPINWALL, Mary (HT. 28, 3/2008)
During conventional Cancer treatment,
Homeopathy can help to ease the side effects.
Homeopathic remedies are very gentle and do not
interfere with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, so they
are a perfect choice for those who are weakened or who
prefer an alternative to conventional Ŗcomfort
Success depends on individualizing, and itřs
important to remember these golden rules of acute
homeopathic prescribing:
Match the symptoms carefully to the best
homeopathic medicine you can find.
Take one pill of a 6c or 30c potency. If you feel
better, there is no need to repeat unless the same
symptoms return.
Remember, you may need to switch to a different
remedy as the symptoms change, to ensure you donřt
break Rule #1. Ideally, however, you should consult a
professional homeopath to prescribe for you. They
will not only be able to help you with Ŗcomfort
medicine,ŗ but will also work with you to identify and
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 1&2/2010. For private circulation only 10
address the underlying dis-ease that produced your
cancer symptoms.
While side effects of conventional treatment vary
widely and any of a large number of remedies can be
indicated to help, here is a selection of remedies that
cover the most common discomforts during such
After surgery
Arnica helps heal all traumas to soft tissues and is
useful after any surgery.
Bellis perennis is especially useful after
trauma/surgery of the abdomen or breast, when deep
soreness is present.
Staphysagria may help if the incision site is very
Phosphorus can help if there is nausea after general
Calendula is a wonderful antiseptic that reduces
the risk of infected wounds. It can be used topically or
given internally.
Belladonna can nip potential infections in the bud
if there is heat, redness, or throbbing in the wound.
Hepar sulph. If the person is extremely chilly with
a pus-filled, painful wound, this medicine works very
well to heal the infection.
Silica. Think of this medicine if the wound is
infected and pus-filled, but, strangely, painless.
During Chemotherapy
Arsenicum album. The person who needs
Arsenicum feels very cold and restless. Emotionally
they may feel distraught, anxious, and despairing,
especially if left alone. They are thirsty, taking
frequent sips of usually warm drinks, but are likely to
vomit food and drink as soon as it reaches the stomach.
They may also have diarrhea. Although both the
discharges and pains are burning, they are relieved by
Cadmium sulphuricum addresses very violent
nausea and vomiting especially when the vomit is
black; the vomit may also contain tough mucus and
there may be retching and gagging. The person may
feel so nauseated that theyretch at the very touch of
food or drink to their lips. They are extremely
exhausted and may feel faint. They feel better when
they stay still and quiet.
Ipecac (the Ŗdilutedŗ homeopathic preparation of
Ipecac, not the pure form of Ipecac used to induce
vomiting) can be very helpful to relieve nausea that is
constant and unrelenting. Think of this remedy when
vomiting brings a person no relief from their nausea.
Phosphorus not only helps with the after-effects of
general anesthesia but may also help with side effects
of chemotherapy. The person feels theirsty for cold
water, but vomits it as soon as it becomes warm in the
stomach. They may actually feel hungry during the
nausea, but are still unable to keep anything down.
Tabacum. The person needing this remedy has
tremendous nausea that may feel like motion sickness
and be accompanied by vertigo. Cool open air makes
them feel better, and they may prefer to be uncovered,
even though their skin is cold to the touch. They feel
better lying still with their eyes closed.
During radiation therapy
Calendula, known for its ability to heal abrasions
and wounds of the most superficial layers of the skin, is
sold in topical ointments as well as pills. The pills can
be taken internally and/or dissolved in water and
applied to a dressing for the wound (or a diluted
tincture may be used on the wound).
Urtica urens is ideal for superficial, first-degree
burns that sting and/or itch. The area feels worse from
heat and after bathing. It can be taken internally or
applied topically in the same way as Calendula.
Cantharis. burns that respond to Cantharis are of
medium severity and may blister. They are raw and
sore and feel better with a cold compress. The pains
that respond to Cantharis are described as cutting,
smarting, and burning.
Causticum. Known as a remedy for serious second
and third-degree burns, Causticum addresses the deeper
layers of the skin. Burns that do not heal in a timely
manner, or that are accompanied by symptoms
throughout the body may respond to Causticum. The
burns may itch, crack, or ulcerate. The person feels
better in warmth and worse from cold and wind, and the
burn is likely to feel better when it is covered.
Hypericum. The primary remedy for damage to
nerves, Hypericum can ease side effects of radiation
when they include shooting pains.
Radium bromatum. This is the most specific
remedy for radiation burns. The skin may itch and
burn; there may be swelling and even ulceration. If
there is a systemic reaction, it is likely to include aching
pains all over the body, with a sensation of heat, and the
person feels better from cool open air.
Note: If a person develops nausea and vomiting
after radiation, also consider the remedies used during
27. Pharmaceuticals, Homeopathy and Natural
Can we use them all together?
ROTHENBERG, Amy (HT. 28, 5/2008)
Many patients present with long list of medicines
they take. Few are essential and many others are
ineffective, unnecessary or even detrimental to health.
According to a Journal of the American Medical
Association article, 108,000 Americans died in 1996
from adverse reactions to FDAŔapproved medications
that had been properly prescribed by licensed medical
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 1&2/2010. For private circulation only 11
professionals and another 2.2 million Americans had
negative drug reactions.
The author in her practice uses Homeopathy with
almost every patient and advises with regard to diet,
lifestyle, stress reduction and natural medicine and
helps them figure out which prescription and over-the-
counter medications they need versus which are more
optional and can be safely reduced or stopped.
She was on a long list of medications for many
years without much improvement.
As patients begin to feel better from homeopathic
treatment, some conventional medications can be safely
reduced or discontinued. Many drugs used on an Ŗas
neededŗ basis, can often be decreased or stopped
without issue slow and steady route is usually the best
way to wean off medication. Strong drugs such as
Prednisone, high blood pressure medications, blood
thinners and anti-cholesterol drugs need to