Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 3 & 4, 2010. For Private circulation only. 103
VOL. XXVII, 3 & 4, 2010
Part I Current Literature Listing
Part I of the journal lists the current literature in Homeopathy drawn from the well-known
homeopathic journals published world-over - India, England, Germany, France, Brazil, USA,
etc., - discipline-wise, with brief abstracts/extracts. Readers may refer to the original articles for
detailed study. The full names and addresses of the journals covered by this compilation are
given at the end of Part I. Part II contains selected essays/articles/extracts, while Part III carries
original articles for this journal, Book Reviews, etc.
1. LM Potencies, Remedy Reactions, Aggravations
and cure
LITTLE, David (SIM. XXI, 2/2008)
The author discusses about recognizing and
managing remedy reactions.
1. A similar aggravation: This results from the too
large dose of the right remedy. Prolonged
aggravation demands intervention in the form of
very small dose of lower potency of the same
remedy. If still uncontrollable, antidote is required.
2. A dissimilar aggravation: New and troublesome
symptoms indicates wrong remedy. Remedy
selection is based on these symptoms and old
symptoms. If Aggravation still persists, antidote.
3. Accessory symptoms: Improvement in some
symptoms and new symptoms indicate partial
Similimum. Recasetaking and a better remedy to
be given. This leads to zig zag path towards cure.
4. A true healing crisis: The cure should follow the
direction of cure. The return of old symptoms
should be gentler and pass off more quickly than
the original incidents.
The major difference between a Řsimilar
aggravationř and a Řhealing crisisř is that an agg. is
controlled by the primary action of the remedy and the
healing crisis is controlled by the secondary curative
response of the Vital Force.
HAHNEMANN pointed out that the order of the
return of old symptoms can be disrupted in the case of
over-drugging, suppression, unnecessary surgical
intervention, etc. It may also be disrupted by an old
local complaint or a one sided pathology that has acted
on the organism for a long time. These may not be
removed until the rest of the health has been recovered
in most other regards.
2. The concept of Miasm Ŕ evolution and present day
MATHUR Mohit (HOM. 98, 3/2009)
This paper reviews the circumstances in which the
concept of Miasm evolved and how subsequent
developments in medicine have improved our
understanding of the cause of diseases. It concludes
with an emphasis on the need to further refine the
homeopathic concept of disease. [How to refine? How
would the author who seems to integrate Homeopathy
and the Hegemony Medicine consider the high
potencies which are not Řrationalř = KSS.]
3. Psychosomatic Healing
WHITMONT Edward, C. (AJHM. 101, 4/2008)
The efficacy of Homeopathy requires modern
medicine to revise its mechanistic paradigm of the
human body-mind and its physiology. Scientists such
as Sheldrake and Schrödinger have demonstrated that
the reality of shape or organization (i.e., the organizing
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 3 & 4, 2010. For Private circulation only 104
patterns of Nature) supersede the apparent material
reality of matter. This Pattern is equivalent to
relationship or context, which ultimately confers
meaning to existence. ŖMorphicŗ fields are postulated
by Sheldrake to surround each natural system and can
linger as a kind of memory even after the system has
disintegrated. WHITMONT suggests that in the same
manner Disease represents a field, as it were, that must
be reckoned with by the afflicted organism Ŕeither by
shielding against it, succumbing to it, or integrating it,
and in consequence achieving a new Řevolutionar
form. The concepts above all stem from the
phenomenon of the infinitesimal dose, which reduces
substance to Řexperimential memory.ř Additionally, the
Law of Similars phenomenon, in revealing the similarity
of form between the patient and remedy, reveal the
implicate order (or meaning) underlying each. Thus
existence is imbued with a sense of meaning. Similarity
is demonstrated as a healing principle not only in
Homeopathy but also in successful psychotherapy.
4. Diagnosis
MOSKOWITZ, Richard (AJHM. 102, 1-2/2009)
The problem with diagnosis centers on the
distinction between illness, which features subjective
elements (symptoms), and Ŗdisease,ŗ which is defined
purely objectively. Diagnosis, the identification of
disease, works very well to explain illness, by situating
it within the accumulated body of pathological
knowledge. It works much less well as a predictor of
illness in the future. Yet medical practice increasingly
focuses on identifying potential disease elements before
the patient is aware of them. These data are inherently
ambiguous and misleading, both by identifying
abnormalities which never materialize as illness (Ŗfalse
positivesŗ), and by failing to detect perceptible signs of
actual illness (Ŗfalse negativesŗ). Above all, they are
dangerous, by inculcating fear, reducing risk to a
statistical calculation, and promoting drastic, irrelevant,
and injurious treatments to Ŗcorrectŗ them.
5. Internal Psora
DIMITRIADIS, George (AJHM. 102, 1/2009)
The author describes the latent and secondary
stages of Psora as identified by Samuel HAHNEMANN
in his book, Chronic Diseases. This is the second in
the (interrupted) series of articles on Psora by George
DIMITRIADIS and is a reprinting (by permission of the
author) of various chapters from his book entitled The
Theory of Chronic Disease According to
1. The Fruit Remedies
DEROUKAKIS Marilena (SIM. XXI, 2/2008)
The indications of the following fruit remedies
Musa sapientum (Banana), Fragaria vesca
(Strawberry), Citrus limonum (Lemon), Punica
granatum (Pomegranate) Asimina triloba (Pawpaw),
Amygdala persca (Preach) are discussed and their
differential diagnosis of the more common remedies are
2. The State of Our Materia Medica
Substance Trials and Effects for Homeopathic
Application through the Study of our Primary
DIMITRIADIS George (AJHM. 101, 4/2008)
Our Materia Medica was born of Hahnemannřs
realization of the only path to discover the singular
effects of therapeutic substances through a methodical
and deliberate process of trials on the healthy, proving,
as they are termed, and such trials undertaken by
HAHNEMANN, and recorded pure, so to speak, form
the very substance for our application of similar.
But even our Pure Materia Medica is inclusive of
data derived through other-than deliberate trials on the
healthy, and this presentation will (briefly) review and
discuss these sources in order to highlight their
limitations and scope, both from a theoretical and
practical perspective. We will also clarify what is
meant by the term proving in relation to our Materia
Medica Ŕ to define and therefrom limit this term to its
originatorřs intention, itself forged upon an
unprecedented, methodical pharmacologic
experimentation and clinical verification. For this
purpose, we must establish a clear definition of terms,
which may best be done through careful examination of
sources Ŕ in this case, HAHNEMANN, whose literary
legacy, fortunately, includes unambiguous and
extensive writings on this very matter.
In the Appendix he has given xerox pictures of our
original Pharmacographic Records Ŕ the so-called
Řsourceř literature.
1. The smallest car in the world that can fit in a brief
BALDOTA, Sudhir (SIM. XXI, 2/2008)
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 3 & 4, 2010. For Private circulation only 105
A patient with cold and pain in and around eyes and
poor concentration. Based on series of questions, the
sensation of sudden shrinking and sudden expansion is
elicited. Cactina of cactaceae is prescribed in 30
potency. Three months later, feeling good, no
headaches at all. 7 months later, feeling calmer and
still. No distraction in studies. The remedy was
repeated twice in a year.
2. Cases of: Mentha piperita
MANGIOLAVORI, Massimo (SIM. XXI, 2/2008)
Two cases cured by Mentha piperita are presented
which had the following common symptoms.
GI problems
Cold flatus/abdomen.> warmth
Coldness in their bellies
Both bend double to help abdominal pain
Strong appetite. Overeating
Throat problems.
Attentive to personal appearance. Need attention
through their appearance; but donřt want much
Work hard, proud of it.
Strong reaction from loss.
Sleep problems.
Mental dullness; concentration problems.
Themes of the Mint-like Remedies
Extreme pains
3. Childhood Ear Infections:
A homeopathic Model for Diagnosis, Treatment
and Research
MOSKOWITZ, Richard (SIM. XXI, 2/2008)
Otitis Media has become the most common
paediatric diagnosis in United States and several
medical journals have begun to question the safety of
antibiotics and tympanostomy.
The author summarizes his experience with Otitis
Media in children. Emphasizing diagnosis, treatment,
Prognosis and long term case management.
Although symptoms often recede during treatment,
relapse is common. Critical requirement for success is
to re-educate the parents and develop an alternative
model that works and makes sense.
With significant ear involvement, it is helpful to
remind parents that antibiotic treatment is no more
effective than placebo.
It is imperative to take a careful vaccine history and
to look for familial influences or other factors which
may aggravate.
Chronic or recurrent Otitis is frequently reactivated
by a booster vaccine after a long period of remission.
If the child is not acutely ill, one dose per week of
indicated constitutional remedy, for up to three weeks if
necessary. One or more remedies in hand for acute
flare-ups are suggested. Once this critical phase of
illness is traversed without antibiotics, the rest of the
treatment usually proceeds quite smoothy.
Based on this clinical experience and research
MOSKOWITZ concludes that modern epidemic of
chronic ear disease is attributed in large part to two
public health blunders 1. The war on nasopharyngeal
bacteria, fought with antibiotics, tympanostomy tubes
and systemic cultivation of fear; and 2. The vaccination
of entire populations against a growing list of diseases,
with no end in sight.
The usual complications are resistant strains, super
infection with yeast and other fungi and/or chronic
serous otitis or Řglue earř Ŕ a common cause of
permanent deafness.
4 cases are presented:
1. C.Z., girl of 3 years with recurrent ear infections,
diagnosed by Otoscope. Since the age of 5 or 6
months, typically associated with colds of the
production of thick, green mucus requiring months
of antibiotics. No fever, mild earache. Irritable and
cranky as the cold ended. Teething was late,
painful and difficult.
Calcarea sulph.200 and two months later, best
winter ever with no ear infections and two light
colds that were quickly aborted with Calcarea
sulph.12c. A year later Pulsatilla over phone for
acute episode of wheezing. After a dose of Sulphur
200 for large quantities of chronic, thick greenish
yellow phlegm in her nose and throat, she never
came back. Five years later, upon telephonic
inquiry, she was in excellent health.
2. K.S. a boy of 16 months, with five courses of
antibiotics for ear infections. Perforation of ear
drum with discharge. Slow to nurse, fell behind in
gross motor development, considerable discomfort
with teething. Chronic diarrhea with the start of
Sulphur 10M. A month later, diarrhea worsened
since a week after medicine. Tº 103ºF on the third
day and no more Řcoldř and ear infections.
Calcarea carbonica 10M. Two months later, had
made good progress developmentally. Had a brief
cold, which subsided with Calcarea carb 12. A
year later Sulphur 10M and no more problems in
the next 5 years. Belladonna was highly effective
for her acute illness.
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 3 & 4, 2010. For Private circulation only 106
3. J.L., a girl of six, had frequent ear infections since
the age of five months. Mild acute episodes with
red cheeks, irritable mood. Vulnerable to changes
of weather. After Sulphur 10M, generalized rash
for several days, followed by buyont mood and
more lively energy. Strep-throat in the first follow
up was relieved by Pulsatilla 30X. Two months
later normal ears. Next winter, mild relapse.
Sulphur 10M. No problem in the next nine years.
4. L.P., a girl of ten months with four ear infections
already since the age of two months, when her
mother weaned her. A rash and unusually cranky
behavior on milk-based formula.
With Calcarea carb. 1M, and Chamomilla 30x
acutely. She did quite well with fewer colds and no
acute episodes. Agg. after teething and a booster
Lycopodium 10M and then Sulphur 10M a month
later. She did well on infrequent doses of Sulphur
in the next 9 years with their parents separation,
relapse whenever she stayed with father, who let
her eat dairy products and gave her full quota of
vaccines and antibiotics.
4. A case of Aether: Birthing New Life
BURCH, Melisa (SIM. XXI, 2/2008)
Five year old boy with undescended testis and
recent problems at school after he was reprimanded.
Terrified of school, clings, obsessive. Kicks when
upset. Sensitive to everything. Loves Nature and being
outside. Special relationship with Jesus and Angels.
His mother when discussing about his birth conveyed
the idea of blocked and trapped. The main feeling
elicited is feeling blocked and unable to finish things.
This and the symptom of seeing angels Ŕ indicated a
hydrocarbon and Aether fit the bill. Aether 200 for
mother and Aether 30 for the son.
The boy improved within three weeks of medicines.
Three months later a dose of 1M and testicles began to
descend and by the time of scheduled operation to the
surprise of both his parents and doctors they had
completely descended.
Over this period of time, mother also experienced
significant improvement with her menses, Migraines,
PMS, Heart palpitations, and began to make friends as
8 months later, deterioration due to the negative
remarks of his grandmother and was diagnosed with
Touretteřs syndrome.
He had recurring nightmares about witches and
dangerous animals. Developed convulsions and
twitching. Aether 10M. He became worse. Next day
Aether 50M. It worked almost immediately.
Twitching and convulsions ceased rather rapidly and
quite dramatically.
He improved in the next seven months and then tics
relapsed. 50M repeated and no more symptoms in the
next 17 months. [Notwithstanding the fact that the
patient improved, this is not Hahnemannřs
Homeopathy but Rajan Sankaranřs. Where is the
ŘProvingř of Aether? = KSS.]
5. ŖI canřt Talkŗ Ŕ A case of Mental Confusion
OLSEN, Steve (SIM. XXI, 2/2008)
46 year-old bachelor, shy, who could not speak at
all since few days. He was in a Christian study group
and they noticed that since few months he was having
more and more difficulty in reading and speaking
Helleborus 30, helped him for a day only.
Accompanying Pastor told that his parents gave him for
adoption and rejected him.
Baryta sulph, Alumina, Merc. vivus did not help
him. The author diagnosed this as severe sensorial
depression. Based on his proving of Taxus brevifolia, a
dose of 30 was given.
A week later, he was able to speak, think clearly
and his thoughts faster, able to record and understand.
Few more doses of Taxus 30, in the next year and then a
dose of 200. More sociable overall.
Proving symptoms of Taxus brevifolia:
Cloudy Detachment and Isolation
I feel separated from people, isolated, and
indifferent. A feeling of being detached, daydreaming.
I just want to sit and observe. (P1)
Aversion to talk to people. I wish the customers of
my shop would go away. I think they are silly. (P2)
I feel that I am not in reality, like I am asleep in my
mind, a dreamy foggy feeling. My mind feels slow. I
want to sleep more, and be alone. (P2)
A major effort to pay attention to things. I zone out
in conversations. (P1)
My mind is in a haze, and I want to avoid things.
Starting to feel the sleepiness again, mind fuzzy,
and a feeling of detachment. (P1)
I find I make dull responses at work, and I wanted
to go to sleep. I feel cloudy, foggy, and a misty feeling
in my mind. Things seem unclear. (P2)
I am still mentally sleepy, cloudy, and have foggy
feeling. (P2)
Two and a half-hours later noted a new symptom:
mind feels fuzy. Not able to engage completely in
conversation. (P1)
After third dose: headache continued, mental clarity
comes and goes. (P1)
Very hard to be self-reflective. (P1)
Of note was a feeling to want death to come, to
release me from the misery of this life. A sense that
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 3 & 4, 2010. For Private circulation only 107
death was Ŗsweet and restful.ŗ A liberation as
expressed by the words of the swanřs Song: ŖOh death
come close mine eyes.ŗ Death feels like a sentimental
longing. It would be okay to die, to go to sleep and
never wake up.(P1)
Sleepy with Low Energy
Not enough energy to joke around. (P1)
I feel I could sleep all the time, or at any time. I
want to take more naps. (P1)
At supper I found myself nodding off to sleep. (P2)
Generally tired and more loss of energy. (P2)
I felt extremely sleepy when taking the remedy Ŕ
this is unusual for me. I kept wanting to nod off. Desire
to go to sleep while driving Ŕ I was generally more
tired. (P2)
All evening I am nodding off to sleep while
listening to a lecture. (P2)
Irritability With People
Aversion to have any demands. (P1)
I found I was not thinking nicely of people. People
were demanding too much and I didnřt want to answer
any questions. (P2)
My body feels uncomfortable. I donřt want to be
bothered by anything. (P1)
I feel a down mood, depressed,. Listless; the whole
world is too much. (P1)
Slowness of Mind
Summary of what I experienced:
While taking the remedy, 5 doses in all of the 30c, I
felt more withdrawn in general. I wanted to be left
alone, and to be quiet. My mind was in a fog, and my
thoughts were unclear. My responses were slow, dull,
and I wanted to sleep all the time. (P2)
Conclusion: Taxus brevifolia is a remedy that is often
needed for cases of severe sensorial depression. I have
used it for children and for adults who could never learn
to read. This is the first case I have used it for loss in
the ability to speak.
6. Handle Hay Fever with courage
Modern-Classical-Practical prescribing
The Methodology of Hay Fever Treatment
BANERJEA, Subrata. K. (SIM. XXI, 2/2008)
Acute stage
Acute stage manifests sneezing, itching of the nose,
eyes, palate, profuse coryza etc. In this stage medicines
having pronounced action on main symptoms to give
immediate relief are given.
Gradually the Conventional Medication can be
In drug dependent cases, where symptoms are
meager, organopathic remedies alleviate to certain
extent. After weaning off the drugs, uncontaminated
symptoms of natural disease will surface and enable
constitutional prescribing.
Indications for Ambrosia, Arundo, Linum
usitatissimum, Phleum pretense, Rosa damascene and
Skoorkum chuck are tabulated. Also for Allium cepa,
Ars. iod., Dulcamara, Lac-can, Sabadilla and Wyethia.
The chronic latent stage of Hay fever is generally a
manifestation of trimiasmatic with tubercular
preponderance and so treated by antimiasmatic
7. A case of Aspergerřs Syndrome
SHANNON, Tim. (SIM. XXI, 2/2008)
Joey, 5 years, diagnosed with Aspergerřs Syndrome
having difficult transitions, isolating himself from peers.
Biting, hitting and kicking, distractable attention span.
Fear of the dark. Contrary behavior, restless physically,
wetting his pants during the day.
Following Massimo MANGIALAVORIřs family
analysis Solanaceae was arrived at and Stramonium was
given. Some good response for some months. Case
was reconsidered was given Mandragora 30.
Three months later, amazing transition. He is calm,
not freaking out, sleeping well with no fear. Violence
much less. Another dose during relapse. In the next
one year few more doses during relapse and then a dose
of 200 and continues to do well.
8. Atopic Dermatitis in a young boy
TESSLER, Neil (SIM. XXI, 2/2008)
A young Indo-Canadian man with unremitting
Eczema of face and body. Mistakes in speech, mild
retardation in the Autism spectrum with petit mal
Řabsencesř. Fear that brothers may hurt him. Kali
bromatum 1M brought a rapid and dramatic
amelioration of his Eczema.
Another case of severe Eczema in an Indo-
Canadian boy that two years of treatment failed to
improve. Intelligent yet underperforming at school. By
putting him on a single liquid nutritional product
containing essential fatty acids, whey protein isolate and
other nutrients, his Eczema disappeared in a week and
improved his stamina and school performance.
John, 10 months, with Eczema on face and limbs
and mild Asthma. Bloating and gas from dairy. Severe
itching at night. Drools in sleep. Irritable on waking.
Rhus tox 12 daily for 3 days. Skin appeared less
inflamed and no further improvement in the next one
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 3 & 4, 2010. For Private circulation only 108
Temper tantrums when he doesnřt get what he
wants. Based on the history of craving for sugar of his
father Saccharum album 200 was given and the Eczema
dwindled to about five percent of its original form.
Then two more doses of 1M and 10M in the next one
9. Individualized homeopathic treatment of
dermatological complaints in a public outpatient
PRIVEN Silvia Waisse, JURJ Gheorghe,
THOMAZ Luciana Costa Lima, TIERNO Simone
Almeida, FILHO Walter Labonia, SOS Andrea &
De SOUZA Maria Felicidade (HOM. 98, 3/2009)
This study sought to assess the effectiveness of
individualized homeopathic treatment on
dermatological complaints in a public outpatient clinic.
Methods: Children and adults spontaneously seeking
for homeopathic treatment for dermatological
complaints were prescribed single individualized
remedies and followed up for a minimum of 3 months;
assessment was clinical and recorded graphically.
Results: Forty-nine patients met the inclusion criteria.
Outcomes were positive (59%); no effect (4%); drop-
out(37%), from which 6% was due to homeopathic
aggravation. No manifestations of suppression were
Conclusions: Outcome studies are useful to point out
to the effectiveness of individualized homeopathic
treatment in dermatological complaints. Outcomes
suggest that actions focusing on pathological categories
do not lead to homeopathic suppression.
10. Homeopathic treatment in resistant livedoid
vasculopathy: case report
PRIVEN Silvia Waisse, JURJ Gheorghe,
THOMAZ Luciana Costa Lima, TIERNO Simone
Almeida, FILHO WALTER Labonia & BRADIA
SOS Andrea (HOM. 98, 3/2009)
This paper describes the successful outcome of
homeopathic treatment in a case of resistant livedoid
vasculopathy (LV). LV is a rare disease characterized
by chronic recurrent and painful ulceration of the lower
limbs, frequently associated to atrophie blanche (AB),
probably due to procoagulant conditions. Most
literature reports single or very few cases; response to
treatment is difficult, even resistant. This patient
suffered LV for 7 years before seeking homeopathic
treatment; ulcers recurred frequently, at intervals less
than 3 months, in spite of continual use of
pentoxyfilline. Configuration of signs and symptoms
strongly pointed out to the prescription of homeopathic
remedy Sepia succus that promptly elicited significant
improvement of LV and the patientřs overall state (non
suppressive treatment). Considerations are made on the
value of single case reports and the reliability of
prescriptions grounded on consistent signs and
coherence among the manifold features of individual
11. When the diagnosis is Multiple Sclerosis….
Homeopathy offers Hope & Help
ROTHENBERG, Amy (HT. 29, 3/2009).
College student with MS stays active and healthy,
with ongoing support from her homeopath.
18 year-old Robin, diagnosed with M.S. having
numbness and weakness in her limbs and also interstitial
cystitis and troubling tics in and around her eyes Ŕ since
a year. Robinřs attitude towards her illness was
positive. She had put a fair amount of stress on herself
in being competitive academically and at sports.
History of Eczema and acne. All her symptoms
worse in warm weather. Felt best on a cool, crisp day.
Sensitive and anxious. Agaricus 30 Ŕ one dose and
suggested meditation and yoga classes.
Two months later, much better. Bladder symptoms
disappeared. Neurological symptoms also abated.
Five months later relapse. Agaricus 200. In the
next three years, a dose of Agaricus whenever there
were mild flare-ups. She decided upon important career
change. She took up nursing instead of medicine which
involves stress of longer academic program. This
reflected a deeper understanding of her sensitivities and
genetic inheritance and a healthy decision for her.
Researcher Roy SWANK, developed a balanced
diet that is low in animal and saturated fats. This
lessened the MS attacks or exacerbations.
12. Homeopathic help for childhood growth Problems
GOLSHANI, Amber (HT. 29, 3/2009)
Bud, 6 year-old boy was suffering with Idiopathic
short stature (ISS) with no hormonal deficiency. The
treatment involves daily injections of growth hormones
for 4 Ŕ 6 years, costing around $18,000 to 36,000, rarely
covered by Insurance.
Large stool on alternate days, concerned about
cleanliness of hands. Strong sensitivity to bad odors,
but not bothered by his own odors. Dry, itchy cradle
cap in infancy. Hunger at 11a.m. Sulphur 200. Grown
taller by an inch in the next one month. Daily normal
stools. More acute sense of smell. Over the next year,
few more doses of 200 and a dose of 1M. Grown 3
inches taller. Sensitive to bad odors reduced.
William, toddler of 16 months had stopped growing
since a year. He enjoyed deliberately breaking things
and also throwing things. Stubborn. He slept with his
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 3 & 4, 2010. For Private circulation only 109
face buried in the pillow and rear end up in the air
Craving for eggs. Restless. Recently started banging
his head against walls. Tuberculinum 200. Gained
pounds and grown ¾ inch taller in the next one month.
He was mellower and less mischievous. Three months
later relapse and Tuberculinum 200 one dose and then 4
months later, a dose of 1M. In 9 months of treatment
he has grown 2¾ inches and gained 3 pounds.
13. The boy who stopped growing
KHANEJA, Seema (HT. 29, 3/2009)
9 month-old Joey, had not grown in the past 3
months and classified as Ŗfailure to thriveŗ (FTT). The
only possible stressor was his being in day care for few
hours on just few days a week since 2 months. He cried
while he was in day care and was clingy with mother at
home. Serious expression on his face. Hated sunlight.
Blisters on tongue. Had a severe diaper rash and
hydrocele which subsided on their own. Natrum
muriaticum 200. Few weeks later, had gained 1 pound
and grown ½ an inch, crying less and better in day care.
In the next few months, one more dose 200. Five
months later, night terrors, craving for cold drinks, ice.
Diaper rash returned. Again banging his head.
Medorrhinum 200. In the next three years no problems.
14. Secrets of a fitness expert …
Hereřs the best way to heal and prevent injuries, get
back in the game
THOMAS, Emlyn (HT. 29, 3/2009)
Twenty years ago, the author, while skiing in
Austria, injured his knee and damaged medial meniscus
and a tear in the ligament. Movements were painful.
Doctors recommended painkillers, pressure bandages
and crutches for 6 weeks. While bandaging the nurse
suggested Ruta graveolens, three tablets a day. Next
day pain stopped, pressure bandage stayed off, crutches
not used. Three days later started running gingerly and
was playing rugby in 2 weeks. Found a book on
Homeopathy and began a journey that has not yet
In his experience, Ruta aids the recovery of any
injury whether from trauma or overuse that involves
connective tissues like tendons, cartilage and
periosteum. Acts on all joints. Deep bruised sensation
and stiffness or lameness of the joint worse from cold,
lying, sitting and exertion and better from warmth are its
1. A rugby player with knee pain after every training
session and game. His physio gave a bleak
diagnosis suggesting surgery with uncertain
outcome. Ruta 30, 4 tablets b.d. for 2 days. Arnica
30 before and after training and playing. No more
pain and he went on to play for the England team
that won the world cup.
2. William 40, active mountaineer, rock climber and
skier. To keep fit, plays badminton once a week.
While stretching for a stroke, partial tear of tendo
achilles and was suggested restorative surgery with
a long recovery period. Arnica 200, 2 doses,
followed by Ruta o.d. for 3 days and then
Symphytum 30 o.d. for 7 days. In 6 weeks walking
without support, and in next four weeks returned to
full activity.
3. Lydia, early 40s, equestrian had a fall and fracture
of femur 3 months ago. Despite treatment bone
ends were not fusing. She reported she was well
otherwise. Arnica 200, 2 doses. Symphytum 30
o.d. for 14 days. Then again for 14 days after a
weekřs gap. Six weeks later, happily reported that
fracture was resolving and walking comfortably
and riding horses again.
Symphytum is useful for torn Achilles tendons, as
well as for meniscus damage and ligament tears in the
knee. It can also help with vertebral fractures,
degeneration of the spine and for trauma or blows to
eyeball and socket.
15. Hereřs help for Golfers, Racquet players and
Over use injuries and tendonitis
(HT. 29, 3/2009)
Tendonitis is often the result of over-using and
repeatedly stressing a joint. Common symptom is pain
around the elbow - toward the outside for tennis elbow Ŕ
when picking things up and toward the inside for golf
elbow when gripping things or shaking hands.
Arnica is a great preventive for intense overuse
injury. Lachesis, Nat.sulph., Rhus tox or Ruta might be
indicated in individual cases.
16. Thrills & Spills
CASTRO, Miranda (HT. 29, 4/2009)
Wonderful, exciting things can be stressful too!
Homeopathic remedy helped to set them back on an
even keel.
Rena was in labour for 12 long hours without
necessary dilatation of cervix with painful irregular
contractions. She was desperate for a natural childbirth.
She had been an exhilarated bundle of fun all day,
except during the painful contractions when she
shrieked. After Coffea 200, she calmed down and
relaxed. Back pain eased and regular contractions. In
an hour the cervix started softening and dilating and
delivered a healthy boy.
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 3 & 4, 2010. For Private circulation only 110
Six year old Marjorie was sick with fever, chills
and sore throat. Lethargic just wanted to sit and close
down his eyes. For a week before there was too much
excitement for his 6
birthday. Had eaten lot of fast
foods, less hours of sleep. On the party day lot of candy
and cake.
After Nux vomica 30, he fell in to a deep sleep for 4
hours. Woke up and asked for a bowl of fruit salad.
After the second dose, brightened up, watched T.V. and
then slept for 12 hours woke up just fine next day.
14 year-old bubbly Emily was exhausted physically
and mentally after exerting much for her schoolřs
annual holiday musical and received tremendous
acclaim. Excitement kept her awake in the nights
leading up to the play and after that she couldnřt relax
Kali phosphoricum 30, 3 times a day for 2 days. By 2
day she was better and by third day, back to her
17. ŘTis the Season to Jolly!
Ailments from …joy?
JEROME, Ann. E. (HT. 29, 4/2009)
Joy is a form of excitement and may have
physiological repercussions such as accelerated pulse,
shallow breathing and elevated Blood pressure. These
can lead to problems in sensitive individuals or people
with underlying problems.
The indications for Aconite, Causticum, Coffea,
Crocus, Pulsatilla, Cyclamen are discussed.
18. Real food is Real Medicine
How Diet supports homeopathic treatment
Diabetic says goodbye to twice-daily insulin shots
and laundry list of drugs
DELANEY, Susan (HT. 29, 4/2009)
In our fast paced, modern-era, diet and lifestyle
issues have become increasingly complex. As a society,
we have grown fatter, sicker and more prone to a pill for
every ailment.
Homeopathic treatment Ŕ used in combination with
healthy lifestyle changes, a diet of real food and food
based nutritive supplements can be a powerful way for
practitioners to address the complex health problems
being seen in the clinic.
54 year-old deputy sheriff, Hanet Smith with her
diabetes and cholesterol spiraling out of control despite
numerous drugs and Insulin shots. She was also under
medication for high B.P., anxiety, depression and
gastric reflux.
She was sensitive, caring, feeling lonely and
unhappy in her marriage but lacked the strength and
determination to leave her husband. Weeps easily,
changeable moods. Worse in hot weather and sleeps
with open windows. Fatigue. Pulsatilla 1M with strict
dietary advice. Nothing made with flour, walking 20
minutes daily. Turn off T.V. for one month and instead
listen to radio or to music and read books or magazines
and nutritional supplements.
A week later, renewed energy and well-being and
no need of evening shot of Insulin.
Three weeks later, more dramatic improvement.
No need of even morning shot of Insulin. Blood
pressure returned to normal. Lost 10 pounds. No
gastric reflux. Now walking 30 Ŕ 40 minutes daily.
Six weeks later, depressed and lack of energy.
Pulsatilla 1M. Within three days feeling well.
Three months later, she had discontinued all her
Blood pressure, Cholesterol and diabetic medications
with the prescribing doctorsř blessings. In the next two
years her health has improved in many ways and lighter
by 30 pounds, on occasional doses of Pulsatilla.
The dramatic progress was clearly due to her
extreme compliance of recommendations along with the
support of homeopathic medicine.
Many unhealthy lifestyle patterns seem to be tied to
issues of self esteem and feelings of worthlessness and
despair. Why people try to change, they bump into
these emotions and they try to cover up, rather than to
deal with them. At these times, right homeopathic
remedy can do wonders to help in healing process Ŕ
improving a personřs outlook, giving them more
motivation and smoothing the way for positive lifestyle
changes. [Let all colleagues note this instead of seeking
an alternative medicine to Insulin = KSS].
19. You are what you Eat?!
Four stories of healing with diet and homeopathy:
Hypertension, Eczema, Liver disease, Arthritis
DOOLEY, Timothy (HT. 29, 4/2009)
Diet is the simplest way to purify the blood and
raise its vitality. A simple nutritional diet encourages
detoxification through the liver, kidneys and intestines.
The simple natural health modalities of diet and fasting
are not suppressive and often aid homeopathic
prescribing through the resolution of confusing
superficial symptoms.
Four cases are presented where diet and
homeopathic medicines resolved the problems.
20. Heading off the Misery of Migraines
After 40 years of suffering, this teacher gets her life
ROTHENBERG, Amy (HT. 29, 4/2009)
Linda, 58 year-old teacher, was suffering with
migraines for more than 40 years Ŕ mostly
premenstrual, but worsened after menopause. Also mild
inflammation of joints, chronic constipation and
insomnia due to worry. Chilly and tends to sweat
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 3 & 4, 2010. For Private circulation only 111
easily. Difficulty in losing extra weight. Stressed with
difficult financial situation. Calcarea carbonica 12c
daily and herb Butterbur with Vitamin B complex. Six
weeks later, only once Migraine. Feeling good overall.
Sleeping better. No joint discomfort. Normal easy
bowel movements. Same treatment plan. Two months
later, no Migraines.
1. In the next several months, due to stress again
relapse. Calcarea carbonica 200. Two months
later, better overall.
Over the ensuing years, she made good progress
and especially during times of stress, benefitted from
additional doses.
21. Miracle for a Migraine Sufferer
No more trips to the ER, no more vomiting, no
more pain?
KRAFT, Andrea (HT. 29, 4/2009)
Becky, 26, Environmental consultant with Migraine
since 4 years. overwhelmed with stresses of work and
school. Migraines in the morning, even waking her.
Sudden sharp pain with waves of nausea and dehydrated
by vomiting every 2 weeks. Perfectionist, restless,
amel. by vigorous exercise. Cold & thirsty.
Arsenicum 30 one dose. Six weeks later no
Migraines. No irritability. Relapse 8 months later, due
to the use of vicks inhaler. Amel. by another dose of
Arsenicum 30. No more Migraines.
22. From Savage to Civil: A Dramatic Case of
Tarentula hispanica
ROBINSON Karl (AJHM. 101, 4/2008)
A case of a hyperactive child with behavior
disorder is presented. The patientřs characteristics Ŕ
hyperactivity, violent anger, destructiveness, cunning,
love of music, and feigning illness Ŕ all pointed to
Tarentula hispanica, which was prescribed in two 200C
doses. The transformative effect was profoundly
positive, demonstrating the powerful and incomparable
effects homeopathic medicine is capable of producing
in ADHD children.
23. Barberry and the Treatment of Sexual Trauma
LANGE Andrew (AJHM. 101, 4/2008)
(A chapter excerpted from his book entitled
Getting at the Root: Treating the Deepest Source
of Disease) Full article in Part II.
Post-traumatic stress disorder, particularly in
response to past sexual abuse, is far more prevalent in
todayřs society than is commonly acknowledged. Many
patients suffering the consequences of such trauma,
particularly those presenting with genitourinary and/or
biliary (and arthritic, with wandering pains) symptoms
and who are prone to emotional suppression and
secretiveness, will find an impressive balm in Berberis
vulgaris. Many homeopaths are unaware of this
association; here Dr. LANGE makes his case for
considering Berberis a major remedy for this condition.
Two impressive cases are presented, one of multiple
personality disorder and another with presumed biliary
24. A Case of Severe Fibromyalgia and Gastroparesis
SALTZMAN Susanne (AJHM. 101, 4/2008)
A case of Fibromyalgia and Gastroparesis is
reported; the patient also had a history of having
suffered physical and sexual abuse as a child, leaving
her emotionally flat and distant. She had a Řfrozen,ř
staring expression that Dr. SALTZMAN has come to
realize after extensive clinical experience as consistent
with the remedy Papaver somniferum, especially when
the past history contains a frightful experience, be it an
abusive past or, as in the case of many children sheřs
seen, surgical trauma. Other Papaver somniferum
characteristics are a dissociated or numb state, mental
fogginess, high tolerance to pain, inordinate sleepiness.
25. Eine Rückschau über 20 Jahre Krebstherapie in
eigener Praxis und 10 Jahre in der Clinic Santa
Croce und Ausblicke in die Zukunft
(Looking back over 20 years own practice and 10
years in the Hospital at Santa Croce and look into
the future)
SPINEDI Dario (ZKH. 52, 3/2008)
Looking back at his past 20 years practice and since
10 years in the hospital at Santa Croce, with regard to
the treatment of Cancer, the author discusses 14 cases.
Dr. SPINEDI recalls the past (and some present
too) masters who have made great mark in
homeopathic treatment of Cancer Ŕ Eli JONES,
MASTER, Drs. PAREEK and several others. The
following rules lead to success:
The Similie Rule
The proving on the Healthy
The preparation of high potencies
The discovery of the Q (50-millesimal) potency
Kentřs scale
The right technique of anamnesis
The exact dosage
The homeopathic aggravation
The second prescription
The long-term follow-up
These are the basis for cure of chronic ailments
including Cancer. Cancer is a special disease.
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 3 & 4, 2010. For Private circulation only 112
Drs. PAREEK of Agra (India) run a Hospital where
Homeopathy is exclusively used and surgery where
needed is one of the best and the Pareeks are the most
experienced as far as Cancer is considered including the
most difficult cases. From them we learn of the use of
organotropic medicines often at the bed side in
advanced Cancer cases. The work at Santa Croce is
synthesis of the best from all over the world. We must
be grateful to all the masters whose fruits we now have
and we have to work to obtain the maximum results.
Fifteen cases are briefly given:
1. Ewing-Sarcoma of the left shoulder in a 23 year-old
2. Malignant inoperable Coccyx teratoma with
multiple and Liver metastasis.
3. Inoperable Uterus Sarcoma
4. Inoperatble Liver Carcinoma in a one year-old child
5. Primary metastasizing Breast Carcinoma
6. Embryonal Testicle Carcinoma and mediastinal
7. Breast Cancer
8. Prostate Cancer
9. Metastasising Melanoma Clark Level IV
10. Prostate Carcinoma operated, PT
b Gill Gleason Ŕ
Score 7.
11. Axillary Lymph Nodes Metastasis left, an occult
Primary Carcinoma in a young pregnant woman
12. Metastasizing Ovarian Carcinoma Figo III/IV, G III
13. Low malignant non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
14. Status after amputation of a Breast Cancer and high
doses Chemotherapy
15. Recurrence Rhabdomyosarcoma in a boy.
26. Von Bönninghausens Verschreibung Praxis
(Boenninghausenřs prescribing)
KUNKLE Luise (ZKH. 52, 4/2008)
The manner of treatment of Clemens von
BOENNINGHAUSEN have been recorded in his Case
Registers, well documented. These case journals are
available for study, in the Institute for history of
medicine of Robert Bosch Foundation, Stuttgart. On
www.bar-do.net some data have been published from
these journal by Luise KUNKLE. These data cover 50
journals studied by Ms. KUNKLE. They were selected
randomly, but they cover the entire period of practice of
This article describes her evaluation of his method
of prescribing. It shows that for the first few years, he
prescribed single remedies. From around 1833 he also
prescribed several remedies at a time to be taken at pre
determined intervals. Furthermore this article presents
details not so far published.
27. Die homöopathische Behandlung von
Hauterkrankungen - akutes pustulöses Ekzem bei
einem kind
(The homeopathic treatment of Skin diseases Ŕ
acute pustular Eczema in a child)
GEBNER Beatrix (ZKH. 52, 4/2008)
Presenting a case of Pustular Eczema in a year-
old girl, the author discusses important aspects of
homeopathic treatment of skin diseases; whether these
are typical Řskin remediesř, the evaluation of rubrics
concerning the skin and the relevant modalities.
Particular light is thrown on the dosology of Q-
potencies, the accompanying dietetics and the local
treatment of skin diseases.
28. Das Therapeutische Taschenbuch bei
(The Therapeutic Pocket Book in Skin Diseases)
HOLZAPFEL Klaus (ZKH. 52, 4/2008)
The author presents six(6) cases of skin diseases
which have been treated with the help of homeopathic
remedies chosen by working out with Boenninghausenřs
Therapeutic Pocket Book. The clarity of structure of
the Pocket Book and its closeness to remedy proving
makes it a valuable instrument of homeopathic
Practice. Selection of characteristics and complete
symptoms of the case are necessary.
The author has prescribed Q potencies (50
millesimal) by olfaction.
29. Ekzem Ŕ Arnica montana (Eczema Ŕ Arnica
WEGENER Andreas (ZKH. 52, 4/2008)
A 12 year-old girlřs Eczema was cured by Arnica
monatana. The decisive symptoms were her
indifference to the Eczema and the symmetrical
spreading of the eruption in both bends of elbow.
30. A case of Sciatica and Back pain
SHANNON, Tim (AJHM. 102, 1/2009)
A case of Sciatica and back pain is presented.
Based on several characteristic symptoms Ŕ jesting,
sinking in the epigastrium, dreams of unsuccessful
efforts, offended easily, clairvoyance, doubtfulness of
recovery Ŕ Stannum metallicum was prescribed with
good results. Stannum is a remedy characterized by
great weakness, especially of the chest and epigastrium;
the delusion that he has an incurable disease, is a
peculiar symptom of the remedy.
31. Scope of Homeopathy in ŖAutismŗ
Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, Vol. XXVII, 3 & 4, 2010. For Private circulation only 113
BASU Biswajit (HH. 33, 11/2008)
ŖTotality of the symptomsŗ with the perspective of
fundamental causes from individualistic approach
would be the sole means to treat every case according
to homeopathic approach to improve the quality of life
in such cases.
Autistic disorders may be considered as response to
abnormalities in the parents who are schizophrenic or
characteristically cold, detached and obsessive and have
significant aversion to conversation. Moreover, toxemia
during pregnancy, prolong labour, birth asphyxia is also
an important factor to be considered for development of
this disorder.
In order to improve all skills through and
behavioral therapy and psychotherapy must be applied.
In all cases collaboration and cooperation is essential
between trainer and parents, otherwise all effort will be
32. My Clinical Experience in Paediatric Practice
DARYANI J.D. (HH. 33, 11/2008)
Many times it has been observed that medicines are
unnecessarily given by the parents even for minor
ailments of their children. It is forgotten that the
inherent immune response or vital force effectively acts
against disease and resotres health.
The medicines are prescribed on the basis of signs
and symptoms recorded in the Materia Medica. Others
are based on clinical observations.
Medicines given in paediatric cases are given.
33. What is impact of GMP (Good Manufacturing
Practices) on the Fast growing System of Medicine
Ŕ Homeopathy
(HH. 33, 11/2008)
Good Manufacturing Practice Ŕ A holistic
standardization procedure for production, storage and
drug delivery assures the high quality GMP ensures to
eliminate the failures due to substandard products.
Apart from physiciansř proper eva