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The Centre For Excellence in homoeopathy was started with the intention to connect homeopaths with the knowledge which has been growing at a rapid pace during last 2-3 decades..

Why Homeoxls ?

There are so many websites pertaining to Homœopathy; why another one? There is this difference. This site has been opened by me with my over 50 years’ practice of Homœopathy; Besides ‘practice’ as such I have edited homœopathic journals, have contributed several articles over the years both within India and outside; also partaking in Seminars, Conferences, both within the country and abroad; active exchange of ideas with senior homœopaths wherever they were, by correspondence; have been editing and publishing a journal titled ‘Quarterly Homœopathic Digest’ (QHD) which covers information/material carried by reputed journals world over that can be accessed; this journal has completed 27 years and is still alive!

It is not a ‘publication’ as such but a privately circulated literature. The sole intention is to bring to the attention of colleagues the current knowledge with regard to Homœopathy, since only a very small member of homœopaths subscribe to homœopathic journals; the high subscription rates in respect of the foreign journals is also a deterrent. While colleagues are free to read the QHD and draw all benefits thereby, the ‘downloading’ will be restricted to subscribers and that under clear understanding that such ‘downloaded’ material would be used for self-study purposes only. We should not cross the limits prescribed by Law.

Similarly with reference to the several articles of mine so far published in the Indian and German journal. They are governed by Copyright Law of the respective countries.

Then there are the ‘lectures’ I had delivered at different times over these years.

I have a large library which contain also several non-English titles in Homœopathy; especially old journals which contain a goldmine; some are very rare material.

At last we have the “blog” which is “open”.