The Centre for Excellence in Homœopathy,  Chennai 

held a One day Seminar-cum-Workshop on the 8th August 2004.


The subject was ‘Congenital Diseases in Children’.

This subject has come into prominence particularly to Homœopathy since more such cases are being declared incurable by the dominant Medicine.  With more number of homœopaths coming out of Colleges, many with post-graduation, and fanning out into the Cities and Towns, establish Clinics, more parents with children with these ailments approach them.

      There were 25 participants.  What is the attitude of the homœopathic profession to these challenges?

      Do we also accept the incurability and turn down these cases?

      What would be our answer to a parent who brings a child with a confirmed diagnosis of Coronary Heart Disease; or a septal hole in the heart; where the Surgeon has opined that the child cannot be operated upon until 3 or 5 year age if the child survived until then?

      If the case is treated by a homœopath and the child unfortunately did not survive,  will there be a legal problem?  If so how and on whom or what, will the homœopath depend to defend himself?

      A case of severe Liver disease in a child of 2 year age in which the prognosis has already been told by prestigious hospital as very poor:

      A case of Haemophilia in a 2 year-old child,

      Cases of Autism at various stages

      Cases of Muscular Dystrophy, Muscular Atrophy.

      These cases come to the homœopath only after trying the allopathic, Siddha, Ayurvedic, etc. systems of Medicine.  What would the homœopath now do?

      Does the homœopath have sufficient knowledge about the disease?  Does he know his/her limitations?  What does he/she do to know more, so that the limitations are pushed farther and farther?

      Actual cases cited in the Seminar:

i.        Autism

ii.      Haemocitosis

iii.    Glycogen Storage Disorder

iv.    Precocious Puberty

v.      Septal  hole; Heart disease

vi.    Haemophilia

vii.  Muscular dystrophy & Muscular Atrophy etc.

were some mentioned where encouraging results were obtained. 

There is no ‘special’ method or fixed medicines; the homœopathic Law is applied; a good knowledge of the Materia Medica has to be attained; Continuous, renewed study of the source books, are all part of further learning.

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