Bacillic virus

Over the acute laryngeal process (phthisis) the virus had no power whatever.8

Tubercular virus acts within its own sphere only.8

Severe headache, compelling quiet fixedness.8

Expectoration – non-viscid, easily detached, thick phlegm.8

Windy dyspepsia and pinching pains under the right ribs.8

Distressed sleep.11

The dirt of skin that would not wash off.11

Pustular acne.6

Strumous eczema in a baby.6

Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis of three years standing, affecting hands, feet, elbows and knees.6

Anaemic, pale almost to whiteness.8

Profound debility, dyspnoea.8

Irregular menses.8

Perspiration profuse.8

Drank huge quantities of fluids, sleepless nights, constant fever. 8

Number of strumous scars of various dates in the neck, dusky skin.6

Tubercular  Synovitis of left knee,  walked   with difficulty.1, 8

Hydrocephalus.  Alternately wakeful and delirious at night, talks nonsense by day at intervals.8

Notched incisors teeth, drum bellied.8

Grinding of teeth at night.

Great susceptibility of taking cold.8

Big head with bulging of forehead.8

Severe piles, constipation and brown cutaneous affection of the abdomen.8

Excessive menstruation.8


Limbs like sticks.8

Strawberry tongue11.

Chronic diarrhoea.8

Headache as if he had a tight hoop of iron round it.8

Sensation of damp clothes on his spine.8

Hectic flush over the cheeks.8

Greasy dingy skin.8

Cough worse at 6 am.8

Very bad haemoptysis.8

Rapid respiration.8

Listless, apathetic and always tired.11, 8

Severe haemorrhage from the bowels.8

Swelling of right knee after injury with intermittent pain.8

Soft bones, pallor and thinness and noctural restlessness.8

Sweat of hands, feet and arm pit.

Scaly eyelids and emansion (amenorrhoea  or delayed menses) of the menses.8

Languid and indisposed to talk.8

Talks and grinds teeth during sleep.8

Appetite small and hands blue.8

Foul breath, pain after food.8

Night sweats, bad cough, bloody expectoration, a tender spot in right lung. 18

Little lumps on scalp, Lipoma on left hip (size of an oyster).18

Patient was thin, evening flushes, Hay fever.18

Bacillinum has no influence over acute phthisis in full blaze.8

Diarrhoea, furious fever, burning hot skin, great heat in head, red flushed face and eyes turned upwards, quivering and rolling.8

Pneumonia very often in cold weather.8

Pale, neuralgic, distressed by cough.8

Cough worse after breakfast, 8

Teeth foul and discolored.8

Tuberculous disease of left knee, enlarged and tender.8

Teeth rudimentary and not above the level of gums in 11 year old girl.8

Bacillinum cures promptly the incipient stages of tubercular consumption in all parts – brain, lungs, skin, joints, etc.8

Frequent eruptions of red lumps on her skin, much rolling and tossing about in sleep.8

Chronic piles – pain about an hour after stool, 8

Distressing, inveterate dyspepsia with a characteristic symptom as if a tight rope were bound round his stomach.8

Moist rales; amphoric sounds in right lung.8

Increased vocal resonance right lung.8

Enlarged glands over apex of right lung.8

Tall, thin, long, thin neck.8

Right lung very flat.8 

Deafness of right ear.8

Nocturnal emissions, worse after the exercise of marital function.8

Sores in the corner of mouth.8

Beginning Cancer of Pylorus.8


Acrid and copious leucorrhoea.8

Feeling as of wet stockings.8

Bleeding freely from least injuries.8

Naughty, puny growth, irritable temper.8

Tubercular teeth (often more or less rudimentary with holes in their external surface – clinical observation).11

Ringworm generally disappears under the influence of the virus. (Clinical).11

Pigmented where the Sun’s rays impinged on him, but not on the covered parts of the body.8

Dirty green teeth.8 Bad temper.8

Dynamically cures ringworm and fungus.11 

Rheumatic tonsils.1

Phthisic acne.6

Pain in glands of the neck, worse on turning the head or stretching the neck.  More on right side.8

Pain deep in head, worse on shaking the head.8

Aching in teeth, especially lower incisors.  Teeth very sensitive to cold air.  This was felt at roots especially on raising the lower lip.8

Sharp pains of short duration in chest and various parts of body.8

Pain in left knee whilst walking, evening; passed off after persevering in walking for a short distance.8

Hysterical spinal irritation, curved spine, hip to foot, dead without any feeling.8

Rachitis Diarrhoea putrid.8

Nasal catarrh.  Pricking in throat, with sudden cough.  Single cough on rising from bed in the morning.  Cough waking in the night.  Easy expectoration.8

Sharp pain in precordial region, arresting breathing.  Very sharp pain in left scapula, worse lying down in bed at night, relieved by warmth.8

Indolent angry pimple on left cheek persisting for many weeks, leaving slight indentation at the spot.6

In gouty eczema, where the skin is brown or has brown patches.20

Tonsils of tuberculosic quality.1

Stubborn cases of enlarged tonsils.1

Hypertrophied submaxillary gland and tonsil of the same side, with some puffiness of the surrounding areolar tissue, the jaw bone being lost.6

Eruption all over the body, wetting more particuarly in certain more or less circumscribed patches and driving the patient almost mad with irritation, particularly at night.  Hardly any sleep at night from furious irritation.6

Pains of Rheumatic Arthritis worse when she starts off and worse in the evenings.6

Urticarious spots worst in the warmth of bed or becomes heated at anything.6 - Lichen urticarius.

Eruption on nose and two cheeks. (Bat’s wing disease)6  - Lupus.

Circular baldness in patches here and there16  - from Ringworm of scalp - Growth of hair after the medicine.16

Hairs of moustache coming out.6

Alopecia areata.6

Fistula in ano from bursting of a peri-anal abscess.15

Syphilitic eruption from head to foot, eyes like raw flesh.8

Idiotism and Cretinism – short statured, teeth hidden in gums, could hardly stand on her feet, unable to walk or talk, head front narrow, and large on the back, several smaller or larger elevations on the skull, some soft, others hard, nose, eyelids and lips extremely large.8

Upper limbs, lame, legs crossed under the chair; positively impossible to move, very little feeling in his legs.8

Lupus exedens over left superior maxilla.8

Herpes tonsurans or Ringworms.11

Strumous swelling of right breast.9

Neuralgia of the jaw.9

Ovarian tumour.9

Hard mammary tumour, nodulated.9

Periodical epistaxis, wherein she loses a great deal of blood, of 3 years duration.3

Tongue pippy.18, 11

Enlarged uterus from sub-involution from her earlier pregnancy in which the placenta had been adherent.18

Rectum packed full of piles and bleed often very severely.18

Leucorrhoea and profuse periods.18

Deep pigmentation of vulvar and rectal region.18

Effusion of blood from the fallopian tube, left side.18

Never well since a bad miscarriage.18

Tubercular disease of left elbow joint.1  

Right knee had long been the seat of strumous disease.  The knee ¾th anchylosed whence came oozing matter from the diseased joint.1  

Huge tonsils, they literally held the uvula tightly between them and breathing was distressing, swallowing miserable.1

One tonsil becomes normal in size while the other is still enlarged.1

Worse since the change of life.17

Whirlings like windmills in her head.17

Neuralgia of face, aggravation at bed time.17

Vomiting in the early months of pregnancy.17

Phthisic manifestations at change of life.17

Tuberculous swelling of the testicles.1

Enlarged tonsils, of tuberculosic quality, pains in stomach after food, snoring at night, restless sleep, dull and stupid.1


Improves Eczema marginatum.11, 8

Never been well since he had Ringworm.11

Cervical glands hard and visible.11

Head covered with scurf, hair breaks off, and has become quite thin and short.11

Duskiness of body.18

Tumid mass in left ovary, which is an effusion of blood from fallopian tube.18

Pain  in the breasts at period.18

Horror of child bearing, could only be described as awful.18

Life long constipation.18

Thin and absolutely no breasts.18

Obliged  constantly to pass water from neuralgia of the bladder, burning pains.18

Dark under eyes.18

Very depressed before the periods.18

Tumour of right breast – outer upper aspect.9

Blotches in skin.9

Huge salt eater.9

Extreme emaciation.17

Sleeps – very badly.17

Rheumatic Gout at change of life.17

Submaxillary strumous scars.17

Neuralgia of the face with 17

Constant vomiting in (last months of) pregnancy with loss of flesh and not able to keep anything in stomach. Vomiting worse in the afternoon and there was some fever and hectic flush.17

Nasty eruption of the scalp, mass of scales and all the hair is going.17

Scrofulous ophthalmia17

Strumous form of mammary abscess.17

Chronic pain in left foot and left thigh like lightning.21

Rufous constitution.21

Urinary fistula of syphilitic and tuberculous origin.   Alternated with Mercurius solubilis.15

Anal trouble characterised by a sticky gummy discharge. An examination of the part disclosed a wart like growth of the size of a walnut and also a pile.15

Puny, pot bellied, sick, bad headaches, face too small looking, head swelled, teeth dirty, glands everywhere feel like nuts, most sick on awakening, better as the day wears on,  sleeps badly, dreams of falling.3

Tartar  of teeth falls under the influence of Bacillinum.3

Deafness after ringworm was cured (?).3

Pippy tongue, dusky in neck.3

Glands under right ear enlarged and indurated.3

Bad croupy cough.3

Very bad teeth.3

Silly expression.1

She did not breathe nicely, a little phlegm in her throat see sawed backwards and forwards without seemingly ever being got rid of 1

Delayed eruption of eye teeth.3

Ringworm of scalp and Pityriasis Versicolor on the body are indications of tubercular diathesis and they respond to this remedy.23