No sooner does night come on than I am a prey to such dreadfully sinful desires that drive me mad.17 (in a woman).

Complains of a lump in the side at night.3

Thin, very bony, flat chested and hypertrophied glands in groins and both sides of neck.3

Deafness3, habitual alarming fright at night.3

Anaemic, dusky, notched incisors.3

Superficial glands are greatly  hypertrophied.3

Worms – oxyures.3



Periodical epistaxis.3

Bad colour of teeth.3

Hydrocephalus, skin of his head seems to him to be very tight.3

Bulging pot belly.  Spine bent from side to side, left scapular region forming the hunch.3

Much enlarged liver.3

Macrocephalic head.3

Teeth literally rotten.3

Inflammation of the nerve of sight.3

Headaches which are worse in bed at night.3

Teeth indented in dots, notched and imbedded more or less in tartar.3

Defective development of eyes and brain.3

Low forehead, blind from double Cataract.3

Frightened by least noise.3

Pent up syphilitic taint.3

Constipated much.3

Decay of teeth in children.3

Pretty bad pain in abdomen, from warmth of bed at night.3

Enlarged tonsils.1

Nocturnal enuresis.1

Chronic discharge from right ear of which he is deaf.1

Sleep walking.1

Ascites with enlarged glands.3

Bulging forehead, no eye lashes, dull expression.3 

Heavy sleeper.3

Indurated glands in the sides of neck.3

Grinds her teeth at night.3