Severe constipation.6

Effects of vaccination.6

Left sided Varicocele and Eczema of the glans and sulcus of the penis.6

Alopecia areata, the patches were sticky and shiny, with a good deal of scratching and not dry, clean, ivory like surface which we are accustomed to see in such cases.6

Vaccinal acne.6

Urticaria from vaccination.   Lichen urticarus.6

Deafness from enlarged tonsils.1

Constant peeling of lips and the patient in habit of biting off the loose bits of skin.9

Profuse yellow discharge of gonorrheal origin (Male).9

Useful in Keloid.9

Pining delicate state, no upper incisors at all.3

Motions stinking dreadfully.3

Boy wet his clothes by day and his bed by night.3

Ravenous appetite.3

Sycotic state.18

Suppression of Leucorrhoea and Vaccinations – effects of.17

Patient waking up with pain between 3 and 4 a.m.18

Tongue mapped at the centre.18

Retention of urine from swollen circum–urethral tissue.18


“Lower half of body; greasy skin and greasy eruption.  Slow pustulation, never ending, as one heals another appears.”23

“A case of knock-knee in a child who was constantly handling his penis was cured.”23