In Liver Cancer along with Cholestrine.5

Pain in the swelling, from jolting in the carriage, had to support it and prevent its feeling the effects of the shaking.5

Angina pectoris with flatulent dyspepsia.21

Good antidote to the ill effects of ‘Flu’.2

Scaly, scabby eczema of external ear and meatus.6

Fibroid tumour of the womb.9

Roused by feverishness at midnight.9

Hard tender mass in epigastrium, corresponding in position to the Cardia.9

Swelling of the thyroid gland.9

Left sided ailings.9

Good deal of salivation, worse towards morning.9

Severe low back ache.9

Offensive Leucorrhoea.9

Many flat warts.9

Ovarian tumour and breast tumour.9


Nocturnal incontinence of urine.3

Roused in the night with such fearfully horrible, sinful feelings calls for Medorrhinum.17

Sycotic taint in a gouty eczema case.20


Troublesome, severe Leucorrhoea.18

Pulmonary affection from suppressed white discharge.18

Cough worse in early morning.18

Expectoration thick yellow.18

Severe morning sickness.18

The pain in left ovary is worse after sleep.9

When she urinates she passes stringy whites.9

Pains in the eyes in the morning on awakening.9

Sensation of pins and needles in the hands and arms on awaking in the night and towards morning.9

Dreadful pains in the uterus and its region.9

Much inflammation in eyelids.9

Rheumatic Gout ever since the menopause.  Right knee and left ankle much swelled; cannot walk; dreads cold water, urine thick; is much distressed by inability to retain her urine; altogether she is in a sorry plight.17

Rheumatic Gout, crops of red lumps, with stiffness of legs and corns at the joints, accompanied by much pain, worse by day on moving and in warm weather.  The joints are swelled and crack and grate.17

Flatulence wakes her up and her breath is very foul.17

Roused from sleep is a thoroughly reliable keynote for Medorrhinum.17

The most frequently indicated remedy in Angina pectoris which helps radically and really.21

Commonly flatulent dyspepsia present where it is indicated and often catarrh more or less inveterate.21


- BURNETT cured with Medorrhinum1M  the following23:

1.     A patient who had fits at every menstrual period, the fits coming on in the early morning.

2.     A man who had clonic spasms, the legs suddenly shot up from the bed.

3.     A case of right wrist rheumatism.

4.     Polypi having their origin in a chronic suppurating discharge.

5.     Masturbation in children.

6.     Albuminuria when the urine contains some mucus as well.

7.     Sycotic Asthma <2-4a.m.

8.     Psoriasis palmaris.