Phthisic virus


High fever, restlessness, constant screaming.8

Collapsing state, and peculiar foetid smell of body.8

Tedious little hack of a cough.8

Tall for her age, long fingers, almond-shaped nails, long neck, indurated glands in the neck.8

Very large tonsils, chronic running nose, worse early in the morning on rising.8

Thick speech.8

Pigeon breast.8

Moist palms, and profuse sweat across nose.8

Distinct dullness on percussion at the apex of the right lung.8

Feels chilly and spleen enlarged.8

Emaciated, and the menses had ceased.8

Fretty, whines, indurated glands everywhere, hottish, drowsy, urine red and sandy, frightened by dogs.8

Abdominal pains and discomfort.8

Restless nights, cries out in her sleep.8

Cough worse on going to bed and on getting up.8

Strawberry tongue.11, 8

Morbid timidity.8

Whole circumanal surface red.8

Profuse menstruation.8