Psorinum 30 relieved pain in right side (of biliary calculi) and also the cough 5.  (Gall stones and Asthma) - Asthma from Gall stones.5

In old cases of Consumption, equivalent to Bacillinum.8

Chronic equivalent of Phthisic virus.8

Scabs in  the scalp, bulging of forehead, bad nights all his life.8

Peculiarly fond of salts.8

Pale, spare, neck long and thin, visible glands in the neck from enlargement and induration.8

Severe pain through the right lung, rapid respiration, worse in the evening.8

Treating mother with Psorinum, when she was pregnant, the child did not acquire any skin lesions which all other 5 children suffered from.22 

Skin thick, dry, hot and scaly, notably on the extensor surface, with long cracks here and there.6

Alopecia areata.6

Cannot bear the light so well; the eye which is blinded waters very much.7

Deafness due to chronic inflammation and swelling of the walls of external auditory meatus on both sides.7

Retraction of nipple of right breast with tumor.19

Intense nausea; feels very weak.19

Small hard tumour in left breast, which was injured 30 years ago, paining a good deal, worse at night and on moving the arm.19 (along with Variolinum, Bellis perennis, Hydrastis)

Right ovary and left breast curiously alternate in painfulness, tenderness and several troublesomeness.19

Constipation of the most severe and obstinate kind.19

Hard painful portion of tissue over the site of left breast, which pains most at midnight.19

Hard tumour of left breast and was subject to labial Herpes.19

Nocturnal diarrhoea. 8

Brownish rash across the epigastrium.5

Ailments having their origin in the constitutional crasis of individual.5

Flushes and fullness in head.9

Unhealing flesh.9

Small tumour of right testis.9

Hard tumour about the size of a walnut, on the ribs behind on a level with the top of the liver.9


Recurrent boils.3

Much neuralgia at the back of eyes, most towards evening.9

Wheezy; cough worse in the evening. 9

Symptoms of Hay Fever.9

Tenderness of ovarian tumor.9

Catches cold easily. 9

Hard lump about the size of hen’s egg, but flatter, situated to the left and behind larynx, moved up and down with the act of deglutition.7

Has a good deal of tickling in throat and feels choky.7

Slight shew of eczema on her hands.9