Consumption (Fever).8

Formerly obese, lost 10 lb in 2 months.8

Very bad Typhoid fever, never quite throve since.8

Low intermittent fever (Typho-malarial).8

Aconite of the typhous or typhoid quality of pyrexia.13

In septicaemic conditions.13

Signs of Septicaemia.13

Blood dark and dissolved state, loose coagulum, the red corpuscles adhering in clumps and increase of WBC.13

Profuse perspirations from time to time, great aching in limbs, great thirst, breath foul, tongue not much coated but brownish, gets depressed if left alone and breaks out in perspiration, pain in the stomach, sometimes, bowels rumble a great deal, nose bleeds readily, throat sore and congested, gum ragged where wisdom tooth has lately come through, gets a pain if he drinks cold milk, Jaws very stiff so much so that he cannot separate his teeth but a very little.13

Incomplete fistula – discharging moisture and oozing of blood therefrom.15

Dusky and delicate looking, feverishness and indigestion.15

Sweating at the seat.15

Dry eczema of hands in warm weather.15

Dyspepsia from old Typhoid.8

Pyrexia accompanying variola as the causative agent.9  (hypothetical)

Pyrexia from blood poisoning.13

Muttering, talking and tossing about in sleep.13

Mouth feels so slimy.13

Craving for bread and butter.13

Patches on  both tonsils, tongue thickly furred, offensive breath.13

Rapid darkening of the skin in Sun’s rays is indicative of a consumptive tendency.8