Tuberculinum koch 

It is artificially obtained in an incubator from colonies of bacilli thriving in beef jelly.  Only the artificial hatching is Koch’s discovery, not the remedy itself or its use as a cure for consumption.8

The mode of administration is injecting material quantities under the skin or in other words, straight into the blood.8

Good anti-tubercular remedy when administered internally as homoeopathic dilution.8

Urine full of albumin.8

Swollen abdomen and constipation, great and rapid loss of flesh.8

Patient could hardly get out of bed on account of weakness.8

Emaciation, dyspepsia, poor appetite.8

Irritative hacking cough.8

At times redness of face in Lupus.8

Loss of voice and pain in throat due to presence of tubercles in the larynx as was demonstrated by the laryngoscope.8

Sensation of weight in the right chest.8

Expectoration scanty, hanging about throat and difficult to get away.8

Feeling as if he could hardly breathe.8

Lump in the left breast.9

Swelling of the thyroid.9


“BURNETT recommends to give the Tuberculinum high if there is a strong tubercular element in the case; if that element is small, 30 is better.”23.