Tuberculinum testicum

Alopecia areata.6

Spinal curvature and stunted growth, indurated glands in both sides of neck and groins and very small testes.3

An unusual openness in their gaze and approach, too much empressment, full of confidence, jump down your throat, meaningless laughing, unconsciousness that is very striking and not entirely pleasant.3

Children, pale, weedy, non-thriving, sleepless and restless at night, and grinding teeth at night.3

Rudimentary teeth, teeth have really not grown properly.3

Nocturnal enuresis.3

Periodical pain (every third day) in the spleen region.18

Persons, losing flesh, had hectic flush of cheeks worse in the afternoon.18

Haemorrhage from uterus since miscarriage.18

Very bad backache.18

Enlarged uterus.18

Urine very thick.6

Scurfy hair and scalp.6

Ill smelling copious discharge from vagina, thick, mattery and yellow.17

Severe floodings coming on at regular intervals like periods, lasting six or seven days.17

So short of breath that she cannot even stand.17

Tuberculosis of testes.1

Enlarged tonsils.1

Sub mammary pain; pain under the left breast. Probably subsequent to the disappearance of Leucorrhoea.18

Severe haemorrhage subsequent to the delivery of dead baby.18

Deeply pigmented skin.18

Enlarged inguinal glands.18

Swelling and tenderness of right breast.17

Worse in summer than in winter.17

Unable to lie on her left side.17

  “This preparation has been used by BURNETT as having a more direct relation to the lower half of the body than the pulmonary Bacillinum.11   My  own experience confirms the correctness of this inference; but it must not be supposed that Bacillinum testicumdoes not act in pulmonary cases or vice versa.”23