Acne pustular and scarring.6

Dreadful distress of back.  Good deal of pain at the menses and in the left side, nights much better.19

Long lasting effects of the vaccinial poisoning (used successfully in cases of adenomata in axilla but also of tumour of the breast and of skin affection).19

Most certain, prompt and radical rearguard in the treatment of Herpes.21

Obstinate neuralgia of the abdomen.21

Useful in chronic Vaccinosis.19

Dizziness and swimming in the head.9

Sensation in left hypochondrium as if swelled up.9

Tumour of the tongue.9

Tumour of the left ovary, painful.9

Shingles involving left breast.3

Epileptic attacks when the double teeth began to come.3

Much of constipation.9

Sour breath, coating of tongue and disordered stomach during attacks.3

The pain in the tumor at night is dreadful.9

Fearful metrorrhagia.9

Tumour in left hypochondrium; had variola 40 years ago.9

“Chief remedy in shingles”23 wiped out the disease, eruption and pain as well.”