CHECK LIST: ACUTE DISEASES
Please write only the actual symptoms which you have very certainly observed.  The formulation “aggravation” may also be a cause of the disease or it may also signify “painfulness” (Polarity Symptom in Green) 
Cause of the Ailment: 
Basic modalities 
Warm agg./amel. 
Cold agg./amel. 
Becoming warm agg./amel. 
Becoming cold agg./amelk. 
Wrapping up agg./amel. 
Uncovering agg./amel. 
In open air agg./amel. 
Need for open air/aversion to 
In room agg./amel. 
Lying agg./amel. 
Sitting agg./amel. 
Standing agg./amel. 
Motion agg./amel. 
Need to move/aversion to 
Exertion physical agg./amel. 
Rest agg./amel. 
Weather humid agg. 
Falling asleep (going to sleep) agg. 
Coughing agg./amel. 
Rising from bed agg./amel. 
Muscles tense/limp (slack) 
Touch agg./amel. 
Pressure agg./amel. 
Rubbing, massaging agg./amel. 
Lying on back agg./amel. 
Lying on side agg./amel. 
Lying on the painful side agg./amel. 
Lying on the painless side agg./amel. 
Sitting up erect agg./amel. 
Sitting curled/crooked agg./amel. 
Hanging the limbs agg./amel. 
Continued movement agg./amel. 
Walking agg./amel. 
Ascending up agg./amel. 
Descending down agg./amel. 
Turning the affected part agg./amel. 
Drawing the limb agg./amel. 
Stretching the limb agg./amel. 
Raising the affected limb agg./amel. 
Change of position agg./amel. 
Bowing, bending agg./amel. 
Straightening up agg./amel. 
Rising, from bed/after agg./amel. 
Rising, from bed/sitting up agg./amel. 
Sitting down agg./amel. 
After lying down agg./amel. 
Dropping up the limb agg./amel. 
Beginning movement agg. 
After movement agg. 
Putting the foot down hard, agg. 
Becoming wet, drenching thoroughly agg. 
Becoming wet, from sweat, agg. 
Draft agg. 
Being alone agg./amel. 
Company agg./amel. 
Further modalities not given in the check list.