Extracts from The Spirit of Homœopathic


                                                            by Dr. Didier GRANDGEORGE



Taking energy from others and leaving them literally

  “sucked dry”  Abrot.


Anxiety and fear of death  Acon.


Difficulty of establishing communication between mother

  and child.  Intolerance of milk.  Lack of thirst.  Aeth.


Disabled children who are slow to develop acquired skills  Agar.


Child breathes with his mouth open and drools constantly

  (adneoids, enlarged tonsils, diminished hearing)  Agra.


Children at 18 months refuse to sit on the toilet and instead,

  relieve themselves in hidden corners of the house  Ambr.


Children worried about what are we going to eat and

  are capable of devouring great quantities of anything they like; 

  they cannot stand to be touched or looked at.    Ant-c.


Jealous, rigid,  hard to please and unable to concentrate

  Asthmatic bronchitis    Ant-t.


Jealous rigid, hard to please and unable to concentrate enough to study 

  High Fever without thirst  Apis 


These children are anxious and subjects to fits of nervous

  fright, with phobic fear of crowded rooms.  Fear of height are

  also attracted to heights. Prevention of conjunctivitis  Arg-n..


Difficulty in understanding and retaining information.

  Developmental difficulties even those disabled to severe

  degree.  Bar-c.

Excessive restlessness. Otitis.  Nocturnal bouts of Asthma

  Gastroenteritis,  vomiting with diarrhoea.  Problems after

  vaccination.  Serious burns  Ars.


Recurrent urinary infection.  Inflammed mammary gland with

  secretion of milk as do Cyclamen and Tuberculinum infants  Asaf.


Reckless children who are inclined to transgress

  fathers’ laws.  Children dictatorial, quick to anger, generous

  they like having money .  Like to share their wealth with

  family and friends.  Otitis, Asthma during damp weather.  Aur.


Frequently, the child  becomes delirious, sees monstrous

  faces, grinds the teeth and bites.  Perspiration of the head

  while the feet are as cold as ice.  The child will have become chilled

  the day before from going outside with wet hair.

  The child may have a tendency to bite. (Mercurius, Stramonium)    Bell.


Vomit food that was ingested several days before 

  Clingier than Pulsatilla. Will make do with other

  familiar faces from the family circle.  Bism.

Troubles begin at 9 ‘o’ clock in the evening.  Wants to stay home.     

  They “fly-off the handle” for the slightest of reasons.  Bry.


Very sensitive to sudden noises even if they are very slight;

  Do not sleep at nights, esp. if it is hot  Bor.


Children will not venture to do anything as long as someone

  is looking at them.  They get up at nights and are perfectly

  able to act as long as they are  shielded from gaze of others.  Cact.


Smoking parents, coughing children.  Dazed and melancholic  Calad. 


A useful remedy for Insomnia in teething infants (Chamomilla, Coffea)  Calc-br.


Fears; if a child has more than three fears (for example

  darkness, dogs, of illness), strong craving for sugar, eggs and milk

  products.  Children frequently develop cradle cap.  The main

  mental symptom is fear.    Calc.


Cleft uvula, cleft palate, cephal haematoma      

  Fear of Poverty; from early on the child is interested in money,

  accounting, stock market, etc. .  Calc-f.


Children are thin and irritable. Swollen glands in the neck

  and groin.  Best meals for them are breakfast and afternoon

  snack. Sensitive to Injustice; “it’s not fair” they say. Love to   

  to travel but become anxious as soon as the nest is far away  Calc-p.


Children do not sleep when they are away from home     Caps.


“Paradise lost!” that’s the key to this remedy. Always looking back to

  what has been left behind, Capsicum misses out on life and

  ruins the present  Caps.


When mother smoked too much or lived in a smoke 

  filled environment.  Children who have had a serious illness

  and had come close to death, and have chronic troubles

  of some sort or the other ever since; and need to be fanned. 

  their capillary circulation is poor. 

  The skin has a marbled appearance.  Knee to foot cold. 

  Distended abdomen.  .    Carb-v.


Dramatic incident in their lives like difficult labour, birth.

  The infant is fearful, whimpering and cries when others

  cry.  They cannot go to bed alone at night due to fear of

  darkness.  They are afraid of dogs.  Sensitive to dry cold. 

  Prefer to drink ice cold water.  Children may stutter pronounce

  words poorly.    Caust.

This is a powerful remedy in chr. diseases corresponding to

  authoritarian personalities, jealous individuals who fear

  neither God nor humankind    Camph.   

Cannot tolerate meterological storms and is afraid of the

  Wind.  Childbirth, teething or Otitis, better when rocked

  or in a moving car.  Fever at its highest at 9 P.M. to midnighrt.

  Storm of rage    Cham.


Patients who suffered a head injury, perhaps

  like during a difficult birth. 

  Convulsions during fever and neurological illness after

  a ‘suppressed eruption’ etc. when a rash or skin problem

  is treated with an ointment      Cic.


Restless and agitated while teething  Cimic.


Bad mood, contrary, restless, refuses to be touched or

  caressed and desires many things, which are quickly rejected

  when  offered. A changeable appetite,  grinding of teeth 

  and fierce itching of nose and anus.  Coughs during teething.    Cina


If a stay at high altitude unavoidable, give a few days before

  to help the child adapt.    Coca


Lean and nervous children who suffer from insomnia

  especially during teething    Coff.


Terribly painful stomach aches that force the child to

  bend double    Coloc.


Teen agers who abandon their studies to engage in unrestrained

  Sexual activity, or who flit from one subject to another in

  their studies and never bring anything to completion  Con.


Episodes of sudden, severe, explosive diarrhoeas    Crot-t. 


Epilepsy in newborns like West’s Syndrome  Cupr.


Children who are subject to painful dislocation of the arms after

  traction, is abruptly exerted on the upper extremity (a child

  held by the hands)   Cupr.


Strabismus and mastitis with secretion of milk.  Cyclamen child   

  does not want to go out of the house for any reason.

  unspoken grief   Cycl.


Main remedy for whooping cough    Dros.


Children restless, nervous and tend to lie if there is a history

  of alcoholism in the family    Ethyl alcohol


Helpful for growing pains of children  Eup-per.


Children who are authoritative, strong-willed , red-faced, then

  suddenly pale and exhausted.  Tend towards obesity, and are

  predisposed to nose-bleeds  Ferr. 


Excellent remedy for the viral bronchitis that children

  get easily in winter, when a cold dry wind is blowing. 

  Congestive Otitis that can be very painful.    Ferr-p.


Teething slow, irregular.  Cavities appear early 

  Fingernails grow too fast; full of spelling errors  Fl-ac.


Relieves infants who out of fear of falling (Borax)

   cling to the crib when they are picked up    Gels.


Is paralysed before the blank page, does not remember anything  Gels. 


Skin problems and constipation.  These children are

  impudent and teasing, laughing when they are

  reprimanded, lazy and indecisive, timid, sensitive to

  music which makes them cry. Leiner’s disease with an

  extensive red eruption on the buttocks and greasy cradle cap on scalp. 

  Children do not like sweets or meat.   Graph.    .

Children who had difficult birth, in which strong  traction

  was applied to the head and spinal column    Hyper.


Cannot bear pain; wants to set things on fire   Hep.


Silly laughter, immoderately, strolls around house naked, play with

  with their genitals, wet the pants during the day  Hyos.


Obesity,  chilliness, constipation and slow growth in children    Iod.


Thick nasal cold with elastic plugs    Kali-bi.


Remedy  for children who do not want to work    Kali-br.


Infants resent others for the fact that they are suddenly

  so dependent.  Their resulting ambivalence towards the

  relationship leads them to  reject the company of others

  once  their appetite is satisfied.    Kali-c.


Anal fissures in infants    Kali-i.


Tooth problems.  The teeth comes in with cavities and a

  violent red eruption breaks out on the buttocks during

  teething.  The teeth will allow the child to bite, to be

  aggressive and thus autonomous, when they first appear,

  they are already eaten away from inside.  Turns aggression

  inward rather than other which is fertile ground for the

  development of illnesses such as Cancer    Kreos.


Dictactorial, extremely talkative, avoids heat and tight

  clothes.  Jealous remedy for oedipus complex, when the

  child must accept the father’s interference in the mother

  child relationship.  This is the prelude to the child’s

  socialization.  After passing through the oedipal stage, the

  child recognizes and accepts others as kindred human beings     Lach.


Overdevelopment of the right hand sphere leads the individual

  to a strong desire for power and macho temperament. wants

  to recover the last power, strength and dignity, lack of self

  confidence, intelligent also  stubborn and lack of open mindedness. 

  Children love judo and karate.  In School they suffer from dyslaxia,

  confusing sounds and inversing syllables. 

  Infants have  red sand in urine and right-sided umbilical or

  inguinal hernia.  They spit up abundantly, particularly in the

  late afternoon, a time when they are also subject to

  violent episode of anger    Lyc.


Hemorrhoids in children    Mur-ac.


Fear of being abandoned.  Fear of rains    Naja.


These children lisp a bit (Conium, Lachesis, Nux vomica)

  and have an intolerance to milk and to the sun. Ankles are

  fragile and they are subject to frequent sprains.

  Infants may be detected by early onset of thrush with

  restlessness and red eruption on the buttocks    Nat-c. 


Children have a problem with the father.  They are late

  in learning to talk and then speak little, telling nothing about

  what is going on in their lives (school for example) Jealousy

  among children (Arsenicum album, Nux  vomica, Sepia)   

  suffering come from lack of flexibility e.g. children who love

  fats and salt, along with everything that is indigestable.  Nat-m. 


Symptoms ameliorate while riding in a car.    Nit-ac.


Infants are overworked by intense digestive activity which

   causes them plenty of trouble.  They eat too much, have poor

  digestion, unable to burp, spit up the milk and are agitated.

  Umbilical or inguinal hernia (which may become strangulated). 

  Blocked nasal passage especially at night which disturbs

  sleep.  Frequent urging  to stool.    Nux-v


A traditional source of Vitamin D    Ol-j.


Children will deny the body and try to seduce the father

  and beyond the father to seduce the whole of society –

  with the brilliance of their minds    Pall.


Whooping cough sufferers; spasmodic cough that persists

  after whooping cough vaccine after whooping cough itself,

  or viral infections with similar symptoms (Carbo vegetabilis, Drosera)      Pert.   




Children lean on the desk, close to the doctors, their

  brilliant luminous gaze following every move, keeping close

  watch of  every gesture.  Salt craving.  Thirsty not reserved

  like Natrum muriaticum.  They suffer from diarrhoea, gastric

  troubles, problems with liver, kidneys or lungs.  Hemorrhagic

  tendency: nose bleeds, purpura.  Profusely sweat in the

  middle of the night midst very deep sleep.  Friendly children

  friendliness and natural sympathy for others but too ethereal,

  and need to have their feet put back on the ground.    Phos.


Children labelled “problem children” who have been sent

  from school for lack of discipline and interest.  Physical

  symptoms (abdominal colic, motor paralysis, chronic

  Nephritis)    Plb.


Newborn children who have just come into the world and

  left the relative paradise in the mother’s womb experience

  a great anxiety.  They must now breathe, struggle

  against the cold etc.  Fear of lack, fear of being abandoned, 

  fear of poverty. The skin of Psorinum children have dirty appearance,

  with moist Eczema eruption usually behind the ears.   

  Bad breath.  Feel best before phases of agg.  History of Hayfever,

  Eczema or Asthma.    Psor.  


Umbilical cord has never been truly severed.  The child

  finds a substitute if mother is not there.  They cry easily.

  Capricious.  Absence of thirst.  They are reckless because mother will be there,

  ready to intervene at the least sign of danger. 

  Pulsatilla is a major remedy for suppressions.  The first major

  separation umbilical cord that linked mother and child tangled

  up in its umbilical cord and so showing signs of circulatory trouble.

  Wants to sleep in mother’s bed.  Childhood illnesses like

  Rubella, common Measles     Puls.


Internal antiseptic.  Infection esp. in the mouth (abscessed teeth; fever with putrid

  discharges; septic fever with Insomnia; pulse too fast for the temperature (the person

  hears his/her own heart beating) puerperal septicaemia    Pyrog.


Diarrhoea during teething       Rheum


After labour that has gone too long and caused the newborn to

  suffer.  Child who is sad, restless and falls ill when the teeth

  starts coming in.  In older children we run across with cold (nasopharyngitis)

  and hoarse coughing, provoked by sea wind or by getting caught in the rain

  while playing.  Good remedy for sprains and twists (If bone

  tissue are torn, Ruta graveolens is the remedy of preference)    Rhus-t.

Nasal obstruction in newborns. The infant wakes suddenly, begins to turn blue. 

  In older children it is a remedy for laryngitis.    Samb.


A remedy for urinary infections: the child cries before and

  during urination.  The urine itself is bloody and full of sandy

  deposits.  Rashes after vaccination and during hot weather.    Sars.


Has a dull complexion and is somewhat shy on her

  visit to the doctor’s office crossing her legs and constantly biting her

  lips.  White spots on the nails. Warts that cause itching on her

  hands and soles.  Children are jealous of other children (Arsenicum

  album, Natrum muriaticum, Nux vomica).  They are talented

  in sports and dance.    Sep.


At birth they often have a Cephalthematoma, a large blood

  filled lump in the head.  The teeth come in late and with

  discharge in the Eustachian tubes.  Children come back

  from school tired and take pleasure in hot bath      Sil.


The infant sleeps during the day, but not at night.

  Jealousy.  After surgery (Phimosis) children must be pushed to

  move forward, must be given responsibilities and told they are

  big kids now.  Lack of self confidence, constantly tries to regress.    

  The child begins to exhibit masochistic behaviour hurting himself

  with self-inflicted scratches or bites, knocking his head when annoyed    Staph. 


Infant wakes up screaming at the middle of the night.  Caught up

  in one of those horrible visions, they do not recognise anyone.

  Light must be left on for them to sleep.  In cases of high fever with possible

  convulsions such as we find in some childhood illnesses.  Stram.         


Sulphur is a  “centrifugal” remedy.  The  child throws out all ill towards the

  surface, becoming covered  with Eczema, while remaining in good health inside. 

  These  children do not want to bathe or wash, who have a liking for  untidy

  outfits especially since they cannot stand to be hot  and are prone

  to stripping down to a bare minimum.  Significant  thirst, taste for

  cold cuts, fat, meat and sweets. They lean against a wall or tree. 

  Subject to contracting worms.     Sulph.


Recurrent head colds and bronchitis; laryngitis; enlarged Adenoids,

  Catarrhal condition of the Eustachian tube.  The child sleeps with an open mouth.    Sul-i.  


The child is nauseous and pale.  Wants the abdomen to be covered    Tab.


Remedy for difficult children, children who are disobedient,

  quarrelsome, violent (they break everything), and who feign illness

  and injury.  Calmed by music.  Fear of dark.  Dreams.

  Witch turning him in to a slave      Tarent.


Helplessness, feeling of” (Helleborus, Kali bromatum, Petroleum,

  Phosphorus, Stramonium, Taxus baccata)      Tax.


Remedy for hiccoughs in nursing infants who famished, nurse

  greedily, then writhe with terrible hiccoughs during digestion   

  Psoriasis mostly on the thumb.  It is the remedy for children who

  have received numerous treatments of all sorts with no results, in whom

  no remedy seems to stimulate the least reaction.       Teucr.

Children who are frequently affected by cold in the winter, coming

  down with otitis, sore  throats, bronchitis, lung problems as well as

  recurrent urinary infections and painful constipation.  Children

  better from a stay in the mountains  at moderate elevation.  Health

  problems begin in general around the third month after the BCG is

  given.  Bluish vein can be seen at the root of nose    Tub.


Remedy known for its effect on lactation which is increased

  in nursing women under its action     Urt-u.


Children can feign illness (Aconitum, Belladonna, Moschus,

  Tarentula).  They can become ill when baby brother or sister

  is born.       Verat.


Useful for children who have complication in childhood illnesses

  The erutptions do not break out and neurological complication arise.

  Restless children who grind their teeth, fondle their genitals and

  sometimes long continuing diarrhea    Zinc.   


Yells, demanding attention –   Tub.