Abdomen, hard, hot, distended   Sil 
Abdomen large  Calc., Sars., Sil., Staph. 
Exhausting diseases, after  Carb-v. 
Watch every one eating  Sulph. 
Rapid emaciation (Gastromalacia)  Kreos. 
Emaciated  Kali-i., Sulph. 
Excitable, nervous, weak  Ambr., Anac. 
Falling, sensation of   Gels. 
Fear of falling  Bor., Cupr. 
Fair, plump  Calc., Bad. 
Fat, chubby, short-necked  Kali-bi. 
In whooping cough  Bad. 
Chronic diarrhoea (overfed)  Sec. 
Hold head, cannot (brain affection, whooping cough)  Cupr. 
Constitutional condition results in chest catarrah and 
  asthmatic condition  Nat-s. 
Disturbances with copious excretion of urate of ammonia  Puls. 
Delicate, scrofulous, esp. if  syphilitic, chronic 
  recurrence of phlyctenular opthalmia  Syph. 
Developing rapidly or slowly (epistaxsis)  Croc. 
Excess of lactic acid from overfeeding of milk or sugar  Nat-p. 
Becomes disgusted with meat  Ferr. 
Nervous during dentition, convulsion  Meli. 
Infants, old looking  Kreos,  Nux-v.,  Op.,  Sars. 
Old looking, hard to awaken  Kreos. 
Pale, delicate, sickly will not sleep day or night, but worry 
  fret and cry, or child is good plays all day, is restless, 
  troublesome, screaming all night  Psor. 
Pale, lean with large abdomen, love sugar and highly 
  seasoned food, abhor to be washed  Sulph. 
Scrofulous (tonsillitis) subacute and chronic enlargement   
  of tonsils in pale, scrofulous child   Chen-a. 
Spasms during teething  Zinc. 
Perspire easily (enuresis)  Merc. 
Puny rachitic, large abdomen (constipation)  Mag-m. 
Rachitic, voracious appetite  Ol-j. 
Bronchial affections  Sil. 
Otitis with tenderness of head  Kali-i. 
Crooked legs  Calc., Calc-p. 
School children headache from over-use of eyes 
  (asthenopia)  Ph-ac. 
Scrofulous  Am-c., Ant-c., Bar-m., Bell., Calc., Calc-p., Cina., Cur.,  Dig.,Merc.,  Merc-d., Ph-ac., Sil.,  Sulph. 
 Scrofulous, ascarides and lumbrici   Spig. 
 Scrofulous, with sweat about head, worm disease during  
  dentition   Sil. 
 Scrofulous, Outrageously cross  Hep. 
  and syphilitic (diurnal and nocturnal enuresis)  Kali-i. 
Glands, lymphatic, hard and enlarged  Calc. 
Hydrocele  Rhod. 
Scrofulous child, irregular formation of teeth  in 
  lower jaw  Phos. 
Catarrahal opthalmia  Merc-d. 
Inflamed, swollen (chronic) tonsils  Chen-a. 
Self-willed  Calc. 
Crying or screaming from undue sensitiveness  Kali-p. 
Shrunken  Calc-p. 
Snoring  Mez. 
Sour smelling, cry a great deal  Rheum. 
Sour despite careful washing  Sul-ac. 
Stammering  Bov. 
Sycotic or syphilitic taint, rather thin than fat, prone to 
  eruptions which on healing leave purple spots  Thuj. 
Syphilitic, cancrum oris  Ph-ac. 
Tubercular parentage, inordinate appetite for meat  Mag-c. 
Slow in walking, meningeal tuberculosis  Caust. 
Dislike washing or bathing  Am-c., Sulph. 
Infants/Children suffering from redundant acids   Nat-p. 
Colic, with acidity  Nat-p. 
Fed with excess milk or sugar  Nat-p. 
Acidity with spasms  Nat-p. 
Violent wind colic  Senn.  Ill-anise 
Urine, scalding  Med. 
Urinary difficulties  Petros. 
Snuffles  Samb-n. 
Fiery red rash around the anus  Med. 
Vomiting mother’s milk  Sil. 
Vomiting curdled, sour milk  Aeth., Calc. 
Vomiting even hours after nursing, weak stomach  Kreos. 
Chronic recurrence of phlyctenular opthalmia  Syph. 
Bronchitis  Ipec. 
Makes anxious face when lifted up from cradle  Calc. 
Makes anxious face when being put into the cradle  Bor. 
Cries when nursed or rocked  Bor. 
Attractive children  Ars. 
Bottle-fed, artificial food agg.  Ars., Calc., Calc-p., Lyc.,     Mag-c., Nat-p., Sulph. 
Abdomen  big, spindly legs  Abrot., Sulph. 
Abdomen big, due to bad digestion  Carb-v., Graph. (constipated) 
Nervous  Kali-p., 
Rachitic with voracious appetite  Ol-j. 
Well-developed heads, but puny, sickly and weak  Lyc. 
Takes cold readily with change of weather  Sep. 
Good all day, screaming all night  Jalap., Psor. 
Crying from birth, day and night, agg. Night  Luesin. 
Chubby children with stringy catarrah  Kali-bi. 
Fastidious  Ars., Carc. 
Wakes up screaming, cross, striking about  Lyc., Kali-c. 
Wakes up screaming, starting, anxious, throwing 
  up arms as if frightened   Bor. 
Worse when awaking  Bell., Bry., Cocc., Lach., Nux-v. 
Better when awaking  Kreos., Phos. 
With puffiness around eyes, awaking early  Nit-ac. 
Constitutional disturbances with copious excretion 
  of urates of Ammonia  Puls. 
Frequently waking at night, sleeps in cat-naps, 
  jerks limbs in sleep  Sulph. 
Puny, rachitic, large abdomen (constipation)  Mag-m. 
Afflicted with worms, scrofulous  Ferr.,  Spig. 
Large head, spindly legs, large abdomen, 
  poorly developed chest, pale rough skin, sweats easily  Sulph. 
Big head, big abdomen  Bar-c., Calc.,  Lyc.  
Fair, fat, flabby, sweaty, fearful  Calc. 
Delicate, sickly, always chilly  Psor. 
Jumping up and down,  screaming because of difficulty 
 in passing urine  Petros. 
Large head, coarse hair, heavy build, red lips, red ears  Sulph. 
Greasy appearance  Nat-m., Sep. 
Thin, growing tall fast   Ph-ac. 
Subject to sweats, palms, feet, head  Sil. 
Emaciated  Abrot., Ac-ac., Aeth., Calc., Calc-phos., Iod., Arg-n., Kreos., Nat-m., Op., Psor., Sanic., Sars.,  Lyc., Sulph., Tub. 
Partial sweats (sweat in patches)  Calc. 
Bowel complaints of rickety children  Med. 
Offensive foot-sweats  Sil. 
Clumsy  Bar-c., Capsicum 
Coarse hair  Sulph. 
Scrofulous, cervical glands indurated and swollen  Con. 
Kicks off covers at night, restless, hot  Sulph. 
Cheerful  Brom. 
With hard, enlarged glands  Calc. 
Face flushed  Caps. 
Aversion to milk, belly-ache if compelled to take  Mag-c. 
Cheeks red  Caps. 
With disagreeable smell about them despite washing  Psor. 
Slow in movement, sluggish  Calc. 
Hyper-active  Tub. 
Clumsy and awkward due to hurry  Nat-m. 
Cannot bear to be touched or looked at  Ant-c. 
Dirty  Psor., Sulph. 
Destructive, deceitful, foxy  Tarent. 
Listless, no self-confidence, timid, no grit, 
  no go, moral or physical  Sil. 
Movements awkward  Caust. 
Affectionate, mild, gentle, weep easily, 
  averse to heat, desire fresh air  Puls. 
Irritable, with rapid decay of teeth which become 
  dark and crumble  Kreos 
Serrated teeth; cupped teeth; teeth decaying at the 
  edge of gums and breaking off   Luesin. 
Fat, chubby, short-necked  Kali-bi. 
Crave sweets and suffer from gastric troubles thereby  Arg-n., Ox-ac. 
Delicate looking  Ars., Phos. 
Highly excitable  Hyos. 
Crying and screaming from undue sensitiveness  Kali-p. 
Hot, sweaty hands, hot soles, hot vertex  Sulph.  
Old looking, hard to awaken  Kreos. 
Always cold, tired, breathless and have cold clammy feet  Calc. 
Fear being alone, darkness, thunder and apprehensive  Phos. 
Too jealous, suspicious, dream of snakes, terrifying 
  animals  Lach. 
Suddenly seized by violent pains, throbbings, 
  throbbing headaches, delirium, convulsions, startings, 
  twitchings, with heat, redness, intense burning; 
  worse from having hair cut   Bell. 
Nervous during dentition, convulsions  Meli. 
Suffer from headache from mental work, 
  inability to think or concentrate; brain fag  Aeth. 
Thin and spare, emaciated unable to stand, weak ankles, 
  slow learning to walk, sunken flabby abdomen 
  with dirty white or brownish complexion  Calc. 
Fair hair, fine skin  Brom., Fl-ac., Puls. 
Fat, over-fat., clumsy and bulky  Ant-c., Brom., Calc., Caps.,     Caust., Sulph. 
Bent-back (Lordosis)  Bar-c. 
Slow in learning to talk  Nat-m. 
Mesenteric disease, teeth ill and irregular 
  formation in lower jaw  Phos. 
Very irritable, do not want to move, 
  want to be left alone, thirsty for large drinks  Bry. 
Wants something new every minute which throws 
  away with frantic irritability  Cham. 
Wants something new every minute which throws away 
  and with constant desire to pick or rub nose or bore into it  Cina 
Wets bed profusely, with thirst, lazy  Kreos. 
Arrested development  Ph-ac., Bar-c., Bor., Calc.,     Calc-p., Nat-m. 
Lethargic, lazy, fat  Calc. 
Vomits milk, will however again drink  Aeth., Cina. 
Afraid of failure  Sil. 
Urging for urination, must rush to  Kreos. 
Laugh when reprimanded  Graph. 
Inattentive in school, weak, summer heat agg.  Aeth. 
Hide in presence of strangers  Bar-c. 
Love water  Phos. 
Watch everyone eating  Sulph. 
Cannot bear to see cruelty in the cinema/TV or listen to sad, 
  cruel stories  Calc. 
Small baby (underweight, under-nourished)  Nat-m. 
Urinating and defecating everywhere  Sep., Sil., Sulph. 
Aversion to play, sits in corner  Bar-c., Bar-m. 
Excessively obstinate  Tub-bov. 
Makes a pretense of weeping without tears  Staph. 
Homesick  Caps. 
Lifeless, pining  Aur. 
Sleep position, knee-elbow (normal in infants, 
  but not in grown-up children)   Med., Carc. 
‘Cafe-au-lait’ complexion (muddy, earthy), numerous 
  moles  Carc. 
Sickly  Kali-s., Psor. 
Enjoys watching thunder-storms  Sep. 
Dislikes consolation  Nat-m. 
Likes consolation  Puls. 
Sensitivity to music  Sep. 
Extraordinary desire to travel  Tub., Calc. 
Mentally retarded due to excessive parental control; 
  fear of excessive sense of duty   Folliculinum 
Cry when spoken to   Nat-m. 
Heavy  Carb-v., Sulph., Thuj. 
Sallow complexion  Bar-c., Carb-v., Carc., Caust.,    Lyc., Sep. 
Precocious, mind active, body weak, puny  Lyc. 
Thickened upper lip  Brom. 
Thin upper lip  Fl-ac., Lyc., Psor. 
Agitated  Cham. 
Nervous, excessively emotional    Ign. 
Unstable, changeable, variable weeps for nothing  Puls. 
Sad, indifferent, apathetic  Sep. 
Greedy, always hungry, never satisfied, 
  anxious and irritable if he does not eat    Iod. 
Naughty, wicked, irritated for least cause  Hep. 
Impulsive, contradictory impulse, loss of memory 
  after overwork, the bad characters disappears after eating  Anac. 
Angry, no self-confidence, afraid of shouldering 
  responsibility  Lyc. 
Timid, anxious, weeps when he hears of misfortunes; 
  impressed by sorrows of those around him  Caust. 
Intoxicated, continual suffering cannot keep standing, 
  aversion to physical exercise  Sulph. 
Flabby sluggish  Brom., Calc., Graph., Kali-s., Sulph. 
Lifeless  Aur. 
Pale  Ant.-c., Graph., Sil., 
Sickly  Kali-s., Psor. 
Sluggishness, though well-nourished  Calc. 
Small (under-weight) baby  Nat.-m. 
Rachitic with bronchial affections  Sil. 
Rachitic with tenderness of head  Kali-i 
Wants to be carried constantly by mother or father 
(to walk about them) with bad temper  Cham. 
End stages of urinary tract infections  B. coli mutiabile 
Students who “cannot think during an examination”  Aeth. 
“Examination funk”  Arg-n. 
Undescended testis  Aur. 
Diarrhoea from eggs  Chin-ars. 
Restless and agitated, teething  Cimi 
Patients who suffered a head injury, perhaps a 
difficult birth, convulsions during fever and neurological 
illness after a suppressed eruption etc. when a rash or 
skin problem is treated with an ointment  Cic. 
Bad mood, contrary, restless, refuses to be touched or 
caressed and desires many things which are quickly 
rejected when offered.  A changeable appetite, 
grinding of teeth and fierce itching of nose and anus 
coughs during teething  Cina 
Kent, Clarke, farrington, Foubister, Knerr, Leon Vannier, et al. other journals. 

Herewith some more indications collected from various sources over the years:

Emaciation, children, with irritability –   Abrot.

Emaciation, children, weak head,,  cannot hold up –   Abrot. 
Excitement, children, in –   Abrot. 
Touched:  child does not let its head touched –     Acet-ac. 
Emaciation, children, with chronic diarrhea,–   Acet-ac. 
Emaciation, children, sucklings, from poor quality mother’s milk,  bluish and sour,–    Acet-ac. 
Shrieking,  child cries out and grasps genital, –     Acon. 
Throat, swelling, tonsils, dry –  Acon. 
Jealous of brothers and sisters –   Calc. 
Diarrhea, children in, watery, in summer, child crying, restless, sleepless –     Acon.  Retention of urine in new born,  with handling genitals –   Acon. 
Anguished crying, dentition diarrhea, during –   Aethusa 
Extremities, weakness, children, cannot  stand or bear weight,–   Aethusa. 
Nose, pinched, alae nasi drawn in –   Aethusa. 
Vomiting after deep sleep –   Aethusa. 
Stomach, digestion affected, overstudy from –   Aethusa. 
Speech slow; embarrassed –   Aethusa. 
Sleeps    after stool –     Aethusa. 
Dullness, do anything new, cannot –   Agar. 
Speech indistinct, jerky –  Agar. 
Cold tendency to take –   Diph., Apoc. 
Stomach, appetite, ravenous, but child too weak to eat –   Ant-c. 
Extremities, crippled feet –   Ant-c. 
Weeping infants, while nursing, suddenly let go nipple and cry out as if out of breath – Ant-t. 
Cough, child bends backwards,  during cough –   Ant-t. 
Moaning, whining, constant –   Apis, Bar-c. 
Puberty, girls at, hysteric, cannot concentrate in reading or writing –   Apis. 
Head, hydrocephalus, forehead projecting and loss of vision –   Apoc. 
Nose, obstruction, snuffles thick yellow mucus –   Apoc. 
Girls anaemic –   Alet, tub-k. 
Lifeless, pale, drowsy children –    All-s. 
Constipation,  bowels inactive –     All-s. 
Extremities:  legs do not grow as rapidly as rest of the body –   All-s. 
Walk: children, do not –      All-s. 
Emotional, children, chat and laugh –   Aloe. 
Puberty,  in dried up and wrinkled girls –   Alum. 
Mistakes, speaking and writing, in, hastiness from–   Alum, med. 
Face, expression, old and wrinkled –   Alum. 
Hearing deafness, throat deafness –   Agrap. 
 Leucorrhoea, girls, anaemic ,in –    Alet. 
Stomach, Digestion, all foods disagree –   Amyg. 
Speech, flighty, flitting, girls, in –   Ambr 
Head falls backwards or to sides, from weak neck –  Arnica. 
 Dysentery in children –     Ars. 
Genitalia, Excoriation about, children in –   Ars-s-f. 
Ear, Excoriation, behind, children,  in–   Ars-s-f. 
Emaciation, children, appetite loss of, with –  Arum-t. 
Head, pain, children in –  Arum-t. 
Head, child puts hand on back of head and cries, from headache –   Arum-t. 
Examination funk –  Stroph, sil, Kali-  
  br., med., plb. 
Thirst, constant, in children –    Arundo. 
Diarrhea, bloody, in children –     Arundo. 
Extremities, swelling, Hands, oedematous, children –   Arundo. 
Extremities, swelling, feet, Oedematous, children –   Arundo. 
Skin, Eruptions, papules, itching, children –   Arundo. 
Head, pain, headache, students of –     Aur., Cimic., Iris, 
Pain,headache, students with precordial anxiety and flushes of heat to the head –   Aur. 
Awkward, clumsy children –   Asaf. 
Respiration, Impeded, breath stops when child is lifted –   Calc-p. 
Chest palpitation, violent, puberty at –   Aur. 
Infection, tendency to numerous infections in childhood –   Carc. 
Character troubles of children –   Carc. 
 Diarrhoea, in infants, copious with subnormal temperature and dehydration –    Coli., Psor. 
Chilliness, progressive, in new born –   Coli. 
Tired easily, children –   Diph. 
Acetonemia of child –   Dys., Gaert. 
Abdomen: spasms of pylorus, infants –   Dys. 
Rickets –  Bac., Syph. 
Growth,  affected, puny children, too small for age –   Bac., Diph., 
Chest, Bronchiectasis, children in –   Bac. 
Nutrition, malnutrition –   Gaert. 
Fear, nightly, children in –   Gaert, Syc. 
Mouth, Inflammation, tongue exfoliative, infants –   Syc. 
Chest, Oedema, pulmonary, babies in –   Influ. 
Head, enlarged, children in –   Med., Syph. 
Playfulness, gaiety in children, evening, refuses to sleep –     Med. 
Respiration, Asthmatic, children lie on abdomen and protruding tongue –   Med. 
Rectum, Diaper rash –  Med., Calc. 
Primary complex –   Morb. 
 Erythrocyanosis, girls, young –   Morg. 
Toxaemia of children, infants –   Bapt., Parat. 
Light, desires, child,. will not sleep without light –   Psor. 
Toxicosis of babies –  Pyrog. 
Pining, lifeless, lacks boyish go –   Aur., Lyc., 
Nat-m., Ph-ac., Tub.    
Precocious, with puny physique –   Lyc. 
Boyish habits in girls –   Carb-v., Nat-m., 
Petr., Plat. 
Epistaxis, children in –   Sep., Phos. 
Shrieking, before urination, from  painful urging –   Apis, merc. 
Rudness, naughty children, of –   Med. 
Runs about, Impulsive running etc. –   Acon., Ars.,  Canth., Con., Chin., Cupr., Cup-ars., Hell., Hyos., Med., Nux, Spig., Verat. 
Rocked, being, amel. –  Carc., Med., 
Plb., Rhus-t., Stict. 
Precocity –    Bufo 
Regressive behavior: teenagers suddenly behaving like kids etc. –   Med. 
Aversion to play, amusement,–  Arum-t., Bar 
m, Calc., Carc., Cina, Ign., Merc., Rheum. 
Aversion to play,  just sits in a corner –   Hep. 
Laughing loud, shrieking, wild –   Atro, Calc., 
Forsaken, children deprived of parental  care and nurturing –   Anac., gallic ac., 
Eats  anything, puts everything into mouth –   Calc., Plat. 
Opposes every move of parents –   Lyc., Tub., Arg-n 
Rolls on the floor  in tantrums –   Thuj. 
Carried being, aversion to, kicks and gets stiff; weeps etc. –  Bry., chel., cina, cham., sil.    
Carried precariously, being dangled playfully, child dislikes; fears falling and clings –   Bor., Calc- p., 
   Gels., calc. 
Anxiety night, Night terrors,  children,  in –   Cic., Cypr., Kali-  br., Scut., Rhus-t., sol-n. 
Sexual intensity begins at young age –   Carc. 
Cruel, mean, children –   Med., tub. 
Energetic, outgoing intense child –   Carc. 
Constipation and Insomnia since childhood –   Carc. 
Aversion to bathing, washing,  –     Caps. 
Much weakness, after a  spurt of growth -     Hipp., Phos. 
Desires,Inedible things, lime, slate pencils,  earth, chalk, clay  –   Chel., hep., hyos., oci. 
Convulsions, child stiffens and bends backwards –   Ign. 
Cannot stand or hold head up, weakness –   Aeth. 
Extremities, feet crippled –   Ant-c. 
Chubby, fat,  well-nourished, rosy–  Art-v., cina,  bell, kali-bi., seneg. 
Lax fibre, flabbiness –   Agar., Bor., Calc., Caps., Cinnm, hep., kali-c., Mag-c., Sabad., sil., spong. 
Mouth, cleft-palate –   Tub. 
Yells, demanding attention –   Tub.