1.Child Sad:

Hepar, Lycop., Sulph., Vio. Tricolor, Psorin, Graph.

CAUSTICUM .   cries at the least thing.

NATRUM MUR. .   cries if spoken to.

CALC. CARB. .   cries persistently.

KALI C. . .   moans, 3 A.M.

BORAX . .   cries when nursed or rocked.

2. Child Afraid, Full of Fear:

CARB. VEG.. .   of ghosts.

CAUSTIC . .   of ghosts, of strangers.

BARYTA CARB. .   of strangers, timid.

BORAX . .   of being rocked, of downward motion, of noises, clings to those near.

MERCURIUS .   restless, full of fear in the evening.

3. Child Apathetic, Indifferent:

PHOS. . .   cares for nothing, is restless.

PHOS. AC. . .   wants nothing, listless.

LYCOP. . .   loses its wonted brightness and becomes quiet.

BARYTA CARB. .   sits idly in a corner, cannot bear to read.

MERCURIUS .,   indifferent, stupid.

4. Excitable, Anxious:

Phos., Petroleum, Silicea, Mere., Sulph., Sulph. Acid, Borax, Kali Carb., Magnes. Carb., Psorin.

5. Child Irritable:

Sepia, Mercur.

SULPH..  hasty, hard to manage.

CALC. PHOS.   perverse,  peevish.

ANTIM. CRUD.   will not be looked at.

ARSENIC . .   becomes unmanageably angry, will not be spoken to; more soon awakening.

CALC. CARB. .   self-willed, cross before stool, also in afternoon; pupils enlarged.

CARB. VEG. . .   strikes, bites, kicks anxious.

LYCOP. . .   a mild child suddenly becomes refractory, cross, frightened, kicks on awaking, especially cross when trying to urinate; red sediment in the urine.

KALI CARB. .   easily startled by noises, awakens cross, strikes, wants now this, now that.

PHOS. . .   restless at twilight, anger makes the child worse.

ANT. TART. .   anger causes cough, will not be touched or looked at.

BORAX .. .   startled by least noise.

STAPHIS. .   cries for things, which received, he throws away.

IODIUM . .   especially with enlarged mesenteric glands.

SILICA . .   nervous, timid.

PETROLEUM .   easily angered.

PSORINUM . .   nervous, cries out at night.

SARSAPARILLA .   restless, screams on urinating.

GRAPHITES .   laughs at reprimands.

NATRUM MUR. .   cries if spoken to.

SULPH. ACID .   restless, hasty, nervous and weak.

ZINCUM .   brain affected.

ARUM T.,   restless, irritable, caused by sore mouth, etc.

6. Large Head, Sweating, Placid Expression, Mild Eyes, Want of Power to support itself (typical of rachitis):

Silicea, Calc. phos., Calc. carb., Mercur.

7. Child Precocious:

Calc. c., Sulph., Phos., Mercur.

Lycop. . .   mind active, body frail.

8. Delirious, Restless:

ARSENIC . .   tosses about, strikes its head with its fists.

ARGENT. NITRIC,   especially before and between convulsions.

LYCOP. . .   4-8 P.M., also awakens as if terrified, screams, knows

no one.

PSORIN. . .   awakens terrified.

SULPH. .   screams on awaking, becomes restless, cries at night start from sleep with screams.

BORAX . .  starts from sleep with anxious screams, throws hands about.

KALI CARB. . .   awakens cross and screaming, anxious, reaches for things, startled at slight noises; worse after 12 P.M., generally about 3 A.M.

CALC. CARB.   restless, cries out at night, makes an anxious face when lifted from the cradle face pale.

CALC. PHOS.  restless, grasps with the hands, anxious face, difficult respiration when raised in the arms.

OLEUM JECORIS   restless and feverish night, hot hands.

ZINC. .   on awaking screams, knows no one, brain affected.

ARUM TRI.   bores the nose, etc.

9. Stupor, Coma or Drowsiness:

APIS, SULPH. .   lies in a stupor.

CALC. PHOS. .   exhausted, limp, drowsy.

CALC. C. .   drowsy, pale, scratches its head when aroused.

PHOS. . .   comatose, wasted, pulse thready, cold.

LYCOP. .   sleeps profoundly, lower jaw dropped, rattling breathing, eyes dull.

ANTIM CRUD. .   drowsy all the forenoon.

ANT. TART. .   drowsy, sleepy, rattling breathing, cyanotic.

BORAX  falls into a heavy sleep.

SEPIA . .   drowsy by day, sleepless after 3 A.M.

CARBO VEG. .   lies as if dead, cold, blue pulseless.

ARSENIC . .   lies comatose, twitches, hot, restless, as if disturbed.

PHOS. ACID .   listless, drowsy, but easily awakened.

MURIATIC ACID   in a restless, moaning sleep, slides down in bed during

sleep, sudden red face with coma.

ZINC. .   occiput hot, face pale, rolls head, hydrocephaloid.

10. Hydrocepheloid:

Sulph., Calc. C., Calc. Phos., Phos., Arsenic, Siicea, Lycopodium, Zincum, Apis, (Cinchon. prostration which precedes).

11. Fontanelles Remain Open:

Mercur, Puls.

SULPH.,  CALC. C.   sweat on the scalp.

CALC. PHOS. .   especially posterior fontaelle.

CALC. I.,  SILICEA .   head very large, whole head sweats.

SEPIA . .   jerks head backwards and forwards. 

12. Face:

SULPH. .  Pale, cold sweat on forehead (hydrocephaloid); sunken with deep hollow eyes, red, old-looking, wrinkled, spotted red. 

CALC. CARB.  pale, watery, chalklike, red at times, sunken, pale, pinched, veins show  through the face and scalp (sweat).

CALC. PHOS. .   sallow, sunken, blue around the eyes (hydrocephaloid).

  SILICEA . .  earthy, waxen, sweaty.

PHOS. . .   hippocratic (hydrocephabid), blue around the eyes, red cheeks, circumscribed, emaciated, with soft hair, delicate lashes, changing color.

  IODIUM . .   yellow, brownish or sunken.

LYCOP. . .   earthy, blue around eyes, wrinkles, one cheek red, after eating sweet.

PSORINUM . .  sickly, pale, emaciated.

BORAX  pale flabby skin, sallow.

SEPIA .   pale or sallow, sunken, yellow about mouth, yellow saddle across nose.

SARSAP. . .   yellow, wrinkled, old-looking.

  CARB VEG.  .  anxious look, pale earthy hue, green, covered with cold sweat.

  ARSENIC . .  hippocratic, waxen, sallow, skin drawn tightly over bones, green, cold sweat.

  ARGENT.NITRIC.   old, wrinkled, yellow or brown.

  NATRUM MUR. .   pale, shining, greasy.

  CAUSTICUM .   yellow, especially about the temples, distorted.

  BARYTA CARB. .  stupid, silly look.

  PHOS. ACID . .   pale, blue around eyes, hippocratic.

  MAGNES. CARB.   red after meals.

  MAGNES. MUR. . .   pale, yellow (from the liver).

  CONIUM . .   pale, yellow.

  STAPHIS. . .   pale, sunken, sickly, dark around the eyes.

  NITRIC ACID .  .   pale, eyes sunken, dark-yellow about the eyes, cheeks

sometimes red, bloated around the eyes on awaking early.

  MURIATIC ACID . .   suddenly red, pale, sunken with the exhaustion.


  OF LIME . .   wan, pale.

  ZINCUM . .   pale, now and then red.

  MERCURIUS . .  pale, yellow, at times red.

13. Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tarsi Thickened:

GRAPH. (and raw and cracked), Staphis., Borax, Antim. C. (Canthi. raw.).

14. Styes:

Sulph., Lycop., Hepar, Silicea, Staphis. (hardened), Graph. (Pulsat.), Mercur.

15. Ophthalmia Scrofulosa:

Sulph., Calcarea C., Hepar, Nitric Acid, Silicea (Phosp.), Borax, Graph., Arsenic, Psorin, Mer cur.

ARG. NITRIC. .   much pus, granular lids.

NATR. MUR. .   pus, spasm of lids.

CONIUM . .   disproportionate photophobia.

LYCOPOD. . .   bland pus.

16. Otorrhœa:

Sulph., CaIc. Carb., Calc. Iod., Cal. Phos., Graph., Lycopod. (Kali Carb., thin yellow cerumen), Arsenic, Ars.Iod., Cistus.C., Carbo. Veg., Psorin., Nitric Acid., Silicea, Borax, Hepar, Baryta C., Mercur.

17. Scrofulous Catarrh:

Sulph., CaIc. C., CaIc. Ph., Graphites, Phosp., Bary. C., Hydras., Psorin.

ARSENICUM .   every winter, thick yellow.

ARSENIC IOD. .   glands swollen.

HEPAR . .   worse at every exposure.

LYCOPOD. . .   thick, purulent, nose stuffed up.

NIT. AC., SILCEA .  ulcers bloody.

MURIATIC AC. .   thin, excoriating, nosebleed.

IODIUM . .   hot, watery, at every cold; glands swollen.

KAOLIN . .   scabs in the nose, bleeding, nose sensitive.

MERCUR. . .   recurs at every damp change of weather.

STILLINGIA .   excoriating, syphilitic, similar to Kali Hyd.

18. Eruption like Milk Crust:

Calc. Ph., Carbo Veg., Caust., Bartya C., Phos.,

Sepia, Coni., Cistus C.

VIOLA TRI. .   thick, pours out yellow pus, mats hair.

SULPH. . ,.   head and face bleeds easily; thick pus.

CALC. CARB. .   spreads to face; thick mild pus; at times in isolated spots and white.

HEPAR. . .   after salves; itches mornings.

SILICEA. .   more back of head; pustules.

LYCOP. . . .   thick, offensive, angry, oozes pus, worse on occiput.

SARSAPARILLA .   worse out of doors; pus spreads the eruption.

GRAPH. . .   sticky.

ARSENICUM .   angry excoriating discharge; branlike on forehead.

HYDRAS.   forehead.

ARGENT. NITRIC,   nape of neck.

NATRUM MUR. .   nape of neck, impetiginoid.

SULPH. ACID. .   with stringy stools.

LITH. CARB. .   skin dry, harsh, itching.

STAPHIS . .   humid, fetid, occiput and behind ears.

PSORINUM . .   down over ears, temples and cheeks; moist, fetid, or scaly.

PETROLEUM .   eczematous, purulent, cracking.

ANT. C.  hard thick crusts.

ARUM TRI.  corners of mouth sore, cracked, bleeding, alæ nasi bleeding.

MERCUR . .  herpes, becoming scaly; pustules; eruption worse in warmth of bed.

STILLINGIA  moist, brown, excoriating, on the scalp.

19. Aphthæ, Stomacace:

BORAX  mouth hot, mucous surface of palate shrivelled; child cries when nursing; red blisters on tongue.

NITRIC ACID  offensive ulcers, yellow ulcers, blisters on lips, salivation, gums sore, etc.

MURIATIC ACID  very weak, deep blue ulcers, etc.

SULPHURIC ACID  whitish ulcers, ptyalism, easily bleeding gums, ecchymoses.

SULPHUR  sour fetid smell; gums bleed; blisters and vesides; saliva mixed with blood; excoriated about the anus, etc.

CARBO VEG.  gums recede and bleed easily, oozing of blood, mouth hot, bloody saliva, edges of gums yellow, indented.

NATRUM MUR.  .  blisters in and around the mouth, scorbutic gums.

CALC CARB.  dry mouth alternating with salivation, constitution agreeing.

BRYONIA  beginning, mouth dry, so the child cannot nurse until it is moistened.

STAPHIS  gums ulcerated, spongy, white, receding, bleed easily; blisters; child weak, sickly; sunken eyes and surrounded by blue rings; cervical glands swollen, etc.

SEPIA, HYDRASTIS  tenacious mucus hangs in shreds from the mouth; tongue, red, raw, blistered; weak children; eczema on forehead at margin of hair, worse from being washed; bloody purulent mucus from the nose.

ARSENIC. . .  ulcers or blisters turn livid or black, ptyalism, restlessness and great exhaustion.

KALI CHLOR. . .  with extreme fetor, follicular stomatitis.

CONIUM  grayish ashy hue to ulcers; gangrene.

ARUM TRI..  great swelling of lining membrane and tongue; will not or cannot open the mouth; mouth raw, burning, bleeding; putrid odor; lips as if scalded; lips and nose chapped and bleeding; picks the nose or lips.

LACHESIS . .   ulcers bluish, fluids return through the nose can bear no clothing to touch the face or neck, etc.

RANUNC. SCEL.  tongue looks as if covered with “Islands”.

AMMON. CARB.   tonsils large, bluish; mouth raw; nose stopped up arousing the child at night.

APIS  rosy-red mouth and fauces; mucus surface swollen; tongue swollen and studded with small blisters; also in clusters on the tongue or along its border; slight thirst.

BAPTISIA  gums ooze blood and look dark, purplish, fetid odor; tongue brown; great exhaustion; can swallow only fluids.

CAPSICUM  suitable to fat, but flabby, sluggish children; small burning blisters in the mouth, having a carrion-like odor.

MERCUR.  scorbutic gums; saliva copious, offensive, bloody: ulcers with bases like lard; glands swollen; diarrhœa with tenesmus.

HEPAR . .   white aphthous pustules on the inside of lips and cheeks and on the tongue.

SALICYLIC  ACID .   mouth dotted with white patches; burning, scalded feeling; ulcers on the tip of the tongue; many cases.

KALI BICHR. . .   aphthous ulcers eating deeply; stringy mucus in mouth and throat; nasal catarrh.

IODIUM ..   aphthous eruption in the mouth; offensive odor; copious saliva; nasal catarrh, thin, excoriating.

MERCUR. CORROS..   mouth terribly swollen; lips swollen and everted; ptyalism; nose sore and stuffed up with a gluey secretion.

20. Tonsils Enlarged:

Baryta Carb., Calc. lod., lodium, Lycop., Arsen. lod., Calc. Carb., Hepar, Nitric Acid, Sulph., Mercur., etc.

21. Goitre:

lodium, Spongia, (Calc. Flour.), Calc. lod., Calc. Carb., Hepar, Conium (Lapis Alba), (Kali Hyd.), Lycopod., Natrum Mur., Causticum (Apis), Sulph.

22. Appetite or Hunger:

Nat. Ph., Staph.,. Nat. M. (Zinc).

SULPH. . . .   weak and hungry 10 to 11A.M., also at night, grasps at everything and thrusts it into the mouth.

CALC. CARB.  craves eggs.

CALC. PHOS. .   craves bacon, etc.

SILICEA. .   no appetite, or voracious hunger, but on attempting to eat, loses all desire.

PHOSPH. . .   even at night craves cold food.

PETROLEUM .   after stool.

IODIUM . .   very restless if hungry; appetite excessive; better while eating.

HEPAR. . .   child seems stronger just after eating.

LYCOPOD. . .   inordinate, but soon surfeited.

PSORIN . .   even at night.

GRAPH., BARY. C.   constant desire to eat, but averse to sweets.

ARGENT. NITRIC .   wants sweets, but they disagree.

23. Thirst:

Carbo V., Nitric Acid, Natrum Mur., Silicea, Mercur., etc.

CALC. C. . .   especially P.M., and night.

SULPH. . .   much thirst, but no appetite.

ARSENIC . .   burning, unquenchable, or little and often.

PHOSPH. . .   for cold drinks.

PHOS. ACID. .   for something refreshing.

24. Vomiting:

Silicea, Arsenic, Phosph. .(Calcarea Acetica), Ant. Crud., Ant. T.

SULPH. . .   chronic.

CALC. CARB .   curdled, sour milk.

ÆTHUSA .   vomits, green curd, exhausted afterwards.

KREOS. . .   even hours after nursing; stomach so weak it will

tolerate no kind of food.

25. Eating, cries as soon as he Eats:

Arsenic, Calcarea Phos., Sulphur, Staphisagria, Croton Tig., Staphis., Phosph., Phos. Acid, Sulph., Lycopod., Sulp. A., Carbo V. (Cinch, Fer.).

ARSENIC, ARGENT.   eating or nursing causes

NITRIC. . .   diarrhcea.

26. Fruit provokes Diarrhea:

Arsenic, Lith. Carb., Magnesia Carb., Sulphur, Muriatic Acid, Kali Carb., Cistus Canadensis (I..aches).


27. Milk Disagrees:

Arsenic, (Kali C.).

SULPH. . .   passed undigested, vomited, causes colic.

CALC. CARE. .   vomitted in sour lumps, passed in white curds.

MAGNES. CARB. .   colic, indigestion, sour, white and green stools.

ANTIM CRUD. .   vomited or passed undigested.

SEPIA . .   also if boiled.

CARBO. VEG. .   abdomen swollen.

NITRIC. ACID. .   will not digest.

SEPIA . .   vomits mother’s milk.

CONIUM . .   abdomen inflated.

28. Worse from Bottle-Food—From Artificial Foods:

Arsenic, Sulph., Lycopod., Calc. C., Calc. Phos., Magnes. Carb., Natrum Phos.

29. Worse from Fresh Meat:


30. Worse from Smoked Meat:

Calc. Carb.

31. Better from Ham, Bacon, etc.:

Calc. Phos.

32. Worse from Eating Potatoes:

Alumina, Sepia.

33. Worse from Cold Water:

Arsen., Lycop., Sulph., Carbo. Veg.

34. Worse from Sweets:

Argent. Nitric., Zinc., Calc. C.

35. Abdomen Swollen:

Sulph., Calc. C., Phosphorus, Lyco., Graphites, Caust., Arsenic, Baryta C., Staphis. Stillingia.

MAG. MUR. .   from enlarged liver.

NATRUM SULPH..   from flatus.

CONIUM . .   hard and distended.

PHOS. ACID .   with gurgling, rumbling flatus.

MERC. . .   swollen especially about liver with sensitiveness.

36. Remedies known to have enlarged Mesenteric Glands:

Sulphur, Calc. Carb., Calc. Phos., Calc. Iodata, lodium (Conium), (Silicea), (Baryta Carb.), (Arsenic). Probably we may include: Hepar, Phosph., Graphites, (Natrurm Phos.), Staphis.


37. Fatty Degeneration of the Liver (Common in Tuberculosis):

Phosph. (Aurum, with caries of bones or syphilis), Arsenic, Silicea.

38. Enlarged Liver:

Sulph., Magnes. Carb., Magnes. Mur., Mercur., Lyco., (Nux Vom.), Sepia, Silicea, (Chelid.), (Teucr.), (Leptand.).

39. Diarrhœa, Undigested:

Sulphur, Baryta Carb.

CALC. C. . .   contains curdled milk.

GRAPH. . .   thin, brown, half-digested and fetid.

CALC. PHOS. .   and hot.

PHOSPH. .   with great exhaustion.

PHOS. ACID ..   without much exhaustion.

HEPAR . .   and sour, white or green.

ANTIM. CRUD .   hard lumps of curdled milk.

ARSENIC . .   at once when eating.

ARGENT. NITRIC.   on eating at night, gurgling through.

NAT. PHOS. .   bottle-fed.

CONIUM . .   and sour.

40. Watery:


SULPH. . .   sudden urging.

CALC. P. . .   hot.

PHOSPH. . .   white.

PSORIN. . .   black, offensive, at night.

ANTIM CRUD. .   containing fecal lumps.

ANT. TART. .   profuse.

GRAPHITES .   half-digested.

CARBO VEG. .   rather a dark thin, fecal diarrhœa, very offensive.

ARSENIC . .   brown or black, with restlessness and anguish.

PHOS. ACID., .   like Phos., but with much gurgling in abdomen.

SULPH. ACID .   with irritability and weakness.

MAGNES. CARB. .   green, sour, frothy.

NATRUM SULPH.   yellow.

NITRIC ACID   yellow, white.

MERC. . .   green, watery, sour.

41. Smell.

Iodium, Graphites, Lycop., Sepia, Psorin., Lith. Carb., Sulph. Ac.

SULPH. . .   sour, fetid.

CALC. CARB. .   like rotten eggs, pungent, sour.

CALC. PHOS. ,   with offensive fiatus.

PHOSPH. . .   sour.

HEPAR . .   sour, like rotten cheese.

ARGENT. NITRIC,   fetid.

ARSENIC . .   like carrion.

CARBO. VEG. .   putrid, offensive.

SILICEA .   small, liquid, putrid.

BORAX . .   like carrion.

STAPHIS . .   like rotton eggs.

42. Purulent:

Arsenic, lodium, Calc. C., Kali C., Lycop., Sulph., Sepia, Silicea.

43. Mucous:

Nat. Sulph., Sulph.

SULPH. . .   with fever.

SULPH. ACID .   chopped, stringy, frothy.

PHOSPH. . .   white, granular.

BORAX . .   yellow.

SILICEA . .   fæces.

GRAPHITES .   coated frces.

CALC. CARB. .   green.

SEPIA . .   green.

CALC. PHOS. .   green, slimy.

MAGNES. CARB. .   green, like scum in frog-pond.

ARGNT. NITRIC. .   green at night, with much flatus.

ARSENIC . .  brown.

IODIUM . .   frothy.

ARS. SULP. FLAV....   green, slimy, offensive.

NITRIC ACID .   green, fetid.

MERC. . .    green, with tenesmus.

STILLINGIA .   white, pasty.

44. With Much flatus:

ARCENT. NITRIC,   at night.

CALC. PHOS.  . .  fetid. 

CARBO VEG. . .  putrid.

SARSAP…  with much flatus; faint afterwards.

45. Bloody:

Argent. Nitric., Arsenic, Phosph, Sepia, Silicea, Mercur.

46. Bilious:

Arsenic, Sulph. (Ars. Sul. Rub.), Phosph. (golden), Mercur. (green).

SULPHUR . .  in streaks.

47. White:

CALC. C.,  HYDRAS.  chalklike.


PHOSPH.  grains.

MAGNES. CARB. .  like tallow.

KALI CARB.  gray fecal.

LYCOPOD.   .  .  pale fecal.


48. Diarrhea with Excoriation or Redness of the Anus:

Sulph., Arsenic., Phosph., Graphites, Anti Crud., Staphis. (Natrum Mur.), Mercur.

49. Stools Costive:

Sulph., Lycop.

MAGNES. MUR.  .  crumbling as they pass.

ANT. CRUD.  hard white lumps.

GRAPH.  mucus-coated.

CALC. CARB.  claylike, gray, fecal.

CALC. PHOS.  hard, causing great depression.

CAUSTICUM  urging causes red face

HEPAR  hard, difficult, often with eruption in bends of joints.

SILICEA  . .  more than diarrhœic; rectum inactive, spine weak; stool slips back.

50. Alternately Costive and Diarrhœic (said to denote mesenteric disease):

Antim. C., Phosph., Lycopod., Sulph.

51. Urine Suppress

Sulph. (with hydrocephaloid), Lycopod., Silicea (hydrocep.), Carbo Veg., Arsenic (Zinc), (Apis), (Camph.).

52. Wetting the Bed:

Sulph., Calc. C, Graph., Silicea, Ars., Nat. Mur., etc.

SEPIA  .  .  first sleep.

CAUSTIC   .  .  worse in winter or when coughing.

53. Stool passes with Urine:

Muriatic Acid.

54. Urine.

CALC.CARB.  strong, fetid, but clear.

NITRIC ACID  strong, like that of the horse.

BENZOIC ACID  strong, turbid.

IODIUM  ammoniacal

PHOS. ACID  milk-colored.


CARBO. VEG.   fetid.

VIOLA TRICOLOR .   smelling like that of the cat.

SARSAPARILLA .   .  depositing a sandy sediment.

LYCO .   .   .   red sediment with crying before passing.

GRAPH. .  becomes sour or turbid with reddish sediment.

CALC. CARB.  sediment like flour.


MUR., SEPIA .   .  all have reddish sediment.

BORAX .   .   .  acrid, fetid urine; aphthæ.

55. Hydrocele:

Silicea, Graph., Arsenic, Conium (Apis).

56Bronchial Catarrh (often a symptom of atrophy; frequently, also, tuberculosis):

Calc. Ph.

SULPH.   dry cough, flushes of heat, rattling of mucus; sputum yellow, purulent.

CALC. CARB.   .  rattling of mucus; loose cough.

PHOSP.  .  .   violent cough, quick breathing, oppression of the chest; cough with diarrhœa, hoarseness, etc.

HEPAR . .   croupy, harsh even if loose.

IODIUM . .   croupy, hoarse, worse in warm wet weather.

CONIUM . .   dry teasing cough, worse when lying.

LYCOP. . ,.   loose rattling cough, moist rales; sputum yellow, purulent.

SEPIA . .   dry cough, causing bilious vomiting.

ARSENIC . .   dry cough, or with frothy sputum and emphysematous dyspncea.

BARYTA CARB. .   glands of neck enlarged, also those of the bronchi.

ANT. TART. .   cyanotic symptoms: dyspnœa, child cannot nurse, cries with cough, also cough when angry.


OF LIME, SILICEA   rachitic children: pain under sternum; loose cough, with purulent sputum, nightsweats.

SULPH. ACID. .   belches when coughs.


KALI HYD. .   lungs hepatized; sputum frothy, green, looking like soap-suds.

KALI CARB. .   predominant stitches; shortness of breath; sputum contains pus globules.

57. Jerks the Legs on dropping off to Sleep:

Sulphur, Arsenic, Borax, Ant. Tart., Lycopod. (Zinc.).

58. Hands Twitch, Thumbs Clenched:

Viola Tric.

ARSENIC . -   twitching, hot; stupor.

59. Ankles Weak:

Causticum (Natrum Carb.), Natrum Mur. (also topically) Sulph. Acid, Sulphur, Calc. Carb., Calc. Phos.

60. Will not stand: Spine Weak:

Sulphur, Calc. Carb., Cale. Phos. (head drops), Silicea.

61. Every Wound or Abrasion Festers:

Sulphur, Calc. Carb., Hepar, Silicea, Petroleum, Carbo Veg., Graph., Lycopod., Mercur.

62. Ulcers on the Fingers:

Sepia, Borax.

63. Appearance of Health, Plumpness:

Sulphur, Calc. Carb., Calc. lodata, Antim. Crud. (Arsenic), Graphites, Hepar.

64. Skin clear, thin, veins shine through (often in tuberculosis):

Phosph., Calc. Phos., Calc. Carb., Lycopod.

65. Induration of Soft Parts:

Silicea, Sulph., Conium, Hepar, lodium, Baryta Carb., Phos., Magnes. Mur., Graph., Lycopod. (Carbo Anim.), Carbo Veg., Staphis., Sepia.

66. To Soften Cicatrices:

Graph. (Phytolac.)

67. Emaciation:



ARSENIC.   child looks like an old man. 





(SELEN).   emaciated, yet appetite good

NAT. MUR.,  

CALC. PHOS.  emaciation of the neck.

SELEN., PHOSPH..   of the face and hands.

















PSORINUM    of whole body.


NITRIC ACID .   of arms and thighs.

LYCOPOD. . .   of upper part of body:

68. Glands Enlarged:

Sulph., Calc. C., Calc. Phos., Calc. lod., Phosph., Phos. Acid, Siicea, Oleum Jecoris, Natrum Mur., Graph., Carb. Veg., Arsenic Ars. lod., Cistus, Mercur., Therid., Petrol, Baryta Carb., Nitric Acid, Staphis., Sepia, Caustic., Psorin., Conium, Magnes. C., Magnes. M., Sulph. Acid, Hepar.

69. Bones: Imperfectly Developed:

Sulph., Phosph., Hypop. of Lime, Sili., Calc. P., Calc. lod., Therid., Hepar., lodium, Phosph. Acid, Oleum Jecoris;

CALC. C. . .   and soft joints large.

MERCUR. . .   pains worse at night.

70. Bones:  Brittle:

CALC. PHOS. .   skull.

71. Caries, Necrosis:

Phos. Acid, Therid., Calc. Carb., Lycopodium, Chlor. of Gold,  Chlor. of Platinum,  Iodium, (Stillingia).

PHOSPH. . .   especially lower jaw.

SULPH., SILICEA   fistulous openings, thin pus.

GETTYSBURG WATER . . of vertebræ or at joints.

NITRIC ACID .   mastoid, skull.

STAPH. . .  necrosis of fingers.

  AURUM . .   syphilitico-mercurial cases, of mastoid, nasal bones, skull.

ASAFŒTIDA.  skin around bluish, adherent, sensitive even to light dressing.

STRONTI. . .   necrosis of femur, diarrhœa.

FLUORIC ACID .   like Silicea, but symptoms relieved by cold.

MEZER. . .   with intolerable pains at night after mercury.

OLEUM JECORIS   fistulous openings; pus flocculent, nauseous.

CISTUS CAN. .   submaxillary or maxillary bone.

72. Bony Tumors:

Silicea, (Calc. Flour.), Sepia, Calcarea. Carb., Cal. lod., Cal. Phos., Sulph., (Hecla lava), (Aurum), Lycopod., Asafœt., Merc.

PHOS. . .   of skull, or clavicles.

73. Spinal Curvature: Bones Curved:

Sulph., Calc. Carb., Calc. Phos., Lycopod., Silicea, Gettysburg water, Nitric Acid, Phosph., Phos. Acid, Oleum Jecoris, lodium, Hepar, Sepia, Mercur.

74. Complicated with Syphilis:

(Kali Hyd.), Nitric Acid, Hepar, (Mezereum, mercurialized), (Aurum), (Fluoric Acid), (Phyto.), (Stillingia), (Asafœtida), Mercur.

75. Joints:

SULPH., CALC. C.   white swelling, pains intermit at night.

CALC. PHOS. .   suppuration, pus contains spicule of bone, tendency

to articular pains at every damp change of weather.

SILICEA . .   fistula, caries.

GETTYSBURGWATER . .   caries, thin, ichorous discharge.

LYCOP. . .   awakes screaming, cross, violent; beginning of hip-disease.

IODIUM . .   swollen, doughy; fistulous openings, with watery pus.

OLEUM JECORIS   fistulæ, with flocculent pus.

APIS . .   synovitis, with copious exudation.

ARSENIC . .   fetid pus, œdema, great exhaustion.

CARBO VEG. .   similar to Arsenic, but with less irritability of fibre,

restlessness, etc.

BARYTA C. .   white swelling, pains intolerable at night.

OZONE . .   hip, see Part I.

CAUSTIC . .   burning pains, caries.

76. Tuberculosis (Remedies known to have been useful):

PHOSPH. . .   brain or lungs.

SULPH. . .   in the beginning, but must be selected strictly.

CALC. CARB. .   follows the former well.

SPONGIA  of lungs, with dry, harsh cough.

HEPAR .   after the former, cough harsh, but at the sametime much phlegm.


LIME, CAUST.   of the spine.

BARYTA CARB. .   of the spine; also with indurated glands.

LYCOP. . .   lungs; also of the liver.

SILICEA . .   with purulent breaking down, abscesses, lungs, liver.

MAGNES. CARB. .   of liver.


HELLEB., APIS.   of brain.


PHOS. ACID. . .   of lungs.

NITRIC ACID .   of lungs; follows Calc.; morning diarrhœa; sputum purulent; great emaciation.


ARGENT.MET. .   of the larynx.

OZONE . .   of the larynx.

GLANDERIN .   is said to have caused it in lungs.

LACHES. .   one of the best after pneumonia when tubercles are present.


JECORIS, HYDR.   of lungs, with weakness at the stomach and diarrhœa.


77. Serous Membranes (commonly attacked in tuberculosis):

Sulph., Arsenic (Bryonia), Hepar, Phosph. (Kali Carb.), Ant. Tart. (Apis, Synovitis).

78. Feels bruised all over, worse from any motion (often anticipates rachitie):

Calc. Phos. (Ruta), Hepar, Silicea, Phosph., Oleum Jecoris.

79. Skin has an offensive odor, despite frequent washing:

Sulph., Psorin.

80. Skin Dry, Hot:

Sulphur, CaIc. Carb., Lycop., Arsenic, Oleum Jecoris, Viola Tric.,

81. Skin Cold:

Arsenic, Carbo Veg., Sulph. (Camph.), (Verat. Album), Cal. Carb., Calcarea Phos., Mercur. (Clammy).

82. Kicks the clothes off

(said to be a symptom of rachitis):  Sulph.

83. Aggravations:

NATRUM SULPH. .  worse living in damp dwellings.




MERCUR.  worse when the weather changes.

SARSAP.  worse in the spring.



CARBO.V., SILICEA  worse in summer, in hot weather.

SULPH.  eyes, worse in hot weather.

CONIUM  photophobia, worse in summer.


PETROL ( RHOD.)  worse in electric changes.





ETC.  worse when washed.


84. Relations of the Remedies in the symptoms given:

SULPH., followed by:

CALC. C. . .   child nervous, pupils large, etc.



OZONE, PHOS.  in general.

MERCURIUS  is an appropriate intercurrent remedy when

Sulph. fails or only aggravates.

CARBO VEG.  similar to Arsenic, Camph.


CALCAR. CARB., followed by:



SILICEA  bones ulcerate.

NITRIC ACID.  debility continues, child thin.

BELLAD.  intercurrent.

CALC. PHOS.  similar to Sulph., Phosph.

SILICEA similar to:

PHOSPH.  abscesses of glands, nervousness, etc.

FLUORIC ACID  bone diseases.

NITRIC ACID  bones, ozæna, etc.

GETTYSB.    spine.

MERCUR.  said to be inimical to Silicea.

PHOSPH.  similar to Arsenic., Silicea, Carbo V., Hypophos. of Lime, Petroleum.

CAUSTICUM  inimical to Phos.

ARSENIC  similar to Argent. Nitric., Cinchon, Veratum Alb., Ferrum. Graph., Phosph., Ars.Iod., Ars.Sulph.Rub., Ars.Sulph.Flav., Secale,

BARYTA C.  similar to Causticum.

CALC. I., CONIUM  similar to Baryta C.  (glands)

LYCOPOD.  similar to Arsenic (cross on waking)




IODIUM, LACH.   similar to Lycopodium.

ANTIM. CRUD.   similar to Bryon., Sulph.

ANTIM. TART.  similar to Verat. Album. (diarrhcea).

ARGENT. NITRIC.  similar to Natrum Mur.

SEPIA  similar to Natrum Mur., Nat. Phos., Borax, Sulph.

PHOS ACID  similar to Arsenic, Cinchona: both suit in anæmia (brain exhaustion from protracted diarrhœa.)

MAGNESIA GARB..  similar to Calc. C., Coloc., Chamom, Rheum.

MAGNESIA MUR.  similar to Silicea.

STAPHIS  similar to Merc., Chamom., Carbo V., Graph., Coloc.

HYDRASTIS  similar to Silicea, Sulph.

LYCOPODIUM  similar to Hydrastis (intertrigo).

CLEMATIS  similar to Hydrastis in eruption, worse from washing.

MURIATIC ACID  similar to Carbo Veg., Ars., Phos. Acid., Nitric Acid.

RHUS TOX.  similar to Muriatic Acid (irritable weakness, etc.).

SULPH. ACID.  similar to Sulph., Pulsat

NATRUM SULPH. similar to:


S TA P H I S.  Sycosis.

BRYONIA  Diarrhœa.

SARSAPAR.  Similar to Lycopod., Sepia, Calcar. Carb., Mercur.,

Viola Tric.


Mercurius similar to Bellad., Hepar, Carbo Veg., Nitric Acid, Staphis., Hydrastis, Sulph. It symptomatically resembles Calc. Carb. and Silicea so closely as to require great caution in its choice. The latter remedy is said to be inimical to Mercury. When Sulph. ceases to improve, or acts too energetically, Mercury may be interposed. Arum Tri. similar to Nitric Acid, Lycopod., Silicea, Ailanthus, Arsenic and Phosphorus.