Homœopathy Practice is, to me, fascinating indeed.   Very often I feel very humble before the great power of the single granule!  Never underestimate by the size of the medicine, I learnt.  It is very necessary that I should know my Materia Medica very well; I should know that I should study the source literature and lay greater faith in them.


And I should be watchful as to what all happens after a remedy is taken.  For example, a  Male, 36 years, had certain complaints; when he was given Lycopodium clavatum 200, he got much relief, and his ‘missing beat’ was also relieved.  Over the past 3 years the ‘missing beat’ has not recurred!


The Homœopathic journals are full of long articles giving out 2-3 pages ‘mental’ symptoms and in the case analysis ‘themes’ are discussed; and then a remedy not known hitherto to a small, humble homœopath like me, - may be “Dragon’s tooth” or “Black Swan” – is given and the patient keeps improving!  Even before the process of ‘cure’ is complete, half way or 60% improvement, the cases are reported.  Not only that, ‘additions of rubrics’ to the already bursting Repertory are provided!!


An infant girl of hardly 8 months age was suffering from Diarrhoea and from the telephonic report Arsenicum album was prescribed; there was no improvement.  Next day the infant began passing several large, watery stools and vomited 2 or 3 times and was admitted in a reputed hospital.  It was put on I.V. fluid but watery purging did not come down; the baby became weaker.  The Paediatrician ordered a urine and stool test, but collecting  sample of urine and watery stool was found to be difficult.  There was no improvement and the parents became anxious.  This was the second day after admission in the hospital.  Over the telephone the parents reported that now the stool was greenish, watery, copious.  Gratiola 30 was prescribed  and immediate improvement observed.  The dose was given in the forenoon and by afternoon completely normal.  This case was during the last week of July 2008. 


On the night of 8th August 2008 a 48 year-old man knocked on my door.  (0230hrs) with a severe urinary complaint.  Through the night he has been having painful, difficult urination and burning and it was reddish.  He showed about 2 ozs of urine collected in a glass and it was very red.  The urge was continuing.  The patient was in panic.


I looked for Cantharis  in the small medicine chest at my home.  The vial was empty!  I looked into the repertory and found Arnica too was given in three marks.   I gave him   Arnica montana 30 three doses – one every hour until better.  At 0700 hrs. morning he came smiling and the urine had become clear even with the second powder;  also there was no pain and the flow  was free.  He was advised to consult a Urologist to verify renal calculus.


Although cases as the above are normal in everyday practice and is no wonder to a homœopath, they are nevertheless fascinating; and makes the homœopath humbler before the mighty power of the infinitesimal.  I therefore always remember that Homœopathy could do much, much more.  What I experience is only a fraction of its potential.  The art of symptom-study, the understanding of the remedy in its generality, specificity and peculiaritywould lead to much greater cures.


I feel that ‘evidence’ can be obtained by every honest  Homœopathy practitioner. If Homœopathy is connected through every practitioner, the connecting chain would become stranger.


In the case of the baby with Diarrhoea, the baby was on I.V. drip while it had to wait for the Paediatrician for hours; in the case of the man who had Haematuria he will have to go in search of a Urologist in the night at 0200 hours. But I,  the Homœopathy practitioner,  on the other hand, is several specialists in one!


While in many cases we prescribe on the presenting symptoms what to do if the presenting symptoms are vague and only general!  Look for the modality, the cause, the concomitant – any or all these.  Even if it be one symptom as a ‘main’ complaint, if it is clear about modality/cause it would help much.


A 13 year-old girl Ms. Aswathy was brought on 21 August 2002.  she was slim, a Badminton player and she has won several championships and was now on regular ‘coaching’ for participating in championship at National Level.


Ms A’s main complaint was headache, chronic since more than two years, especially if she   does not get 8 to 10 hours of sleep every day.  Black dots before eyes; Photophobia during Headache.


She has been undergoing  Badminton training every morning,  but now that she has to spend more time for studies she has cut the training, but still she cannot afford 10 hours of sleep and if she does not have long sleep she gets Headache!  A young girl’s future depends upon this preparation for the college studies.  The parents said that she must be relieved of her headache quickly; they have come to Homœopathy with great hopes!


There were several other complaints like during Headache she could not move the head, needed fresh air during headache, salivation during sleep+ +, etc.; with these and several other attendant symptoms I could not find  a sure remedy for her.


I therefore took the main complaint with its modality: “Headache from loss of sleep: ant-c., arg-met., carb-v., cimi., cocc., coff., colch., Laur., Nux-v., rhus-t., sulph.


Searching for something more definite, to clinch a remedy,  I asked the mother about pregnancy and delivery.  The mother said that both were uneventful, except that the delivery was by Caesarean section.


A specific question was put whether the delivery was prolonged.  The mother said that she tried for hours in the Labour room and it was terrible and  ultimately the delivery was by a Caesarean.  And “how was the infant at birth?  Did she cry?”  Oh, no she did not cry.  She was blue at birth, and was give Oxygen and revived.”


With this information of having been a blue baby at birth and Headache from loss of sleep, Laurocerasus 200 one dose was given, on 21 August 2002.


On 26 Sept. 2002: Almost completely free from Headaches.


Coryza on waking in morning, Sneezing in morning.


No salivation in sleep.   Except for the Coryza, Sneezings, she was well.


November 23, 2002: “She is fine; maintaining well” – Sac Lac for two months.


Patient did not turn up after this last prescription.


Several months later, I learnt that she had been keeping well, no complaints whatever.


I would like to say that I have, in some more cases, before and after this case of Ms. A, experienced that in history of baby blue at birth, Laurocerasus has helped much.


To come back to what I said in the beginning, is not Homœopathy Practice fascinating?