International Hahnemannian Congress, 2007

Ettlingen (Germany), 27-29 Sept 2007



          I’m grateful to the organizers of this great event for the opportunity given to me.  I accepted it since I could make my pilgrimage to HAHNEMANN’s place and pay a small part of the debt that I owe him.  I am not a globe-trotter nor a high-flying, high-tech seminarist; I prefer to stay obscure and continue my work for the benefit of those who need my services.  I thank Dr. C. R. KLINKENBERG for this invitation. 

I came into Homœopathy 49 years ago and since then have been enjoying good health without any medication including homœopathic!  As a child I was puny, delicate and all the adjectives as in Dr. J.C.  BURNETT’s book.  As a youth too I was very frail. With my baptism into Homœopathy I was no more puny, delicate, etc. and that without any medication including homœopathic have been in sound health all through. I was in different parts of my country in its length and breadth and treated people with Homœopathy. I had the opportunity to meet very good and sincere genuine practitioners; I finally came to settle down in Chennai (formerly Madras).  Almost my entire waking hours are devoted to Homœopathy since the past several years.


        I should also say that I am self-taught and therefore have not been indoctrinated into any one particular practitioner’s methodology.  I learnt directly from the old masters’ writings.  I therefore practiced in accordance with the instructions by the masters and it was also my good fortune that about 50 years ago no neo-homœopaths, nor ‘innovators’ were coming up and there was no chance of pollution or allurement by neo-gurus.  I came across good ‘Key-note’ prescribers, avid Kentians, etc.  We did not have even Kent Repertory; only those who could manage to get old copy from the USA could see it; KNERR Repertory too was not available; Hering’s Guiding Symptoms were not available for love or money.  Of course there always were some who did poly-pharmacy, etc., but it was because they did not know; they did not justify their action.  After reading BŒNNINGHAUSEN’sLesser Writings I was awe-struck.  I decided to study the source material, and waited for the opportunity to learn German. In my 40th year I began to attend German language classes conducted by the Max Müller Bhavan (Goethe Institut).  I thus drank from the original fount, the MMP, CD, ORG. KMS, etc. I regularly read the journals ZKH and AHZ, since 1980.

Study of the source material and my own experience have strengthened my belief in genuine Homœopathy, - the similie, mono and minima; Often we repeat the doses but always only one remedy at a time.  All around I have been seeing poly-pharmacy, combinations, patents, etc.; as if to justify such practices there were reports like Rima Handley’s book ‘The Later Hahnemann’ that HAHNEMANN did not actually practice what he preached in his Organon especially during his last years!  David LITTLE has properly rebutted such charges. 

Fortunately my first prescription 49 years ago was a single remedy and it has been so till date and I see no reason to be different; I keep finding my own deficiencies which are many and I try my best to rectify them, without compromising in any way the fundamentals. There is no deficiency in the Law. I would also like to say that the Hering’s Law – I do not want to quibble with words ‘Law’ or ‘Rule’ etc. – does come up in some cases, and if it doesn’t occur, it means that I have not given the similar remedy, but only a ‘near similar’.  So I must carefully recheck my case analysis and symptom selection rather than say that ‘Hering’s Law’ is only an illusion.  If the correct remedy is given the disease must exteriorize.  If there is no exteriorization there is no ‘cure’; I must improve.  The homœopath has to keep evolving continuously.  Also I have no special methods of case taking, analysis, etc.  I have carefully read and re-read Dr. Pierre SCHMIDT’s instructions and Art of Case Taking and Interrogation.  I do not use a computer either for recording cases or analysis or repertorisation; I do not use any software.  Therefore I cannot present to you large repertorial analyses, of 15 to 30 symptoms or more and strings of remedies that come by the computer repertory methods; there are many who feed several, as much as even 30, 40 symptoms, and even more and work out through the computer.  This I feel, makes Homœopathy mechanistic and makes the homœopath only a machine operator, a mechanic which I do not want to be.  Of course I do use the repertories for almost all the cases.  Personally, I feel that bulkier and more bulkier repertories every year is not a good sign.

I had the good opportunity to have close contact (including through correspondence) with some of the best homœopaths; I would like to mention the late Dr. Will KLUNKER with whom I had for over 20 years regular, close and frequent exchange of ideas via letters; it included some ‘spiritual’ aspects too.    Similarly with the late Dr. Jacques BAUR of Lyon, France, for well-nearly 15 years!  I had some other close friends in my own country too – like Dr. H. L. CHITKARA of New Delhi, Dr. D.LAKSHMINARAYANAN of Hyderabad and lastly Dr. GUNAWANTE of Bombay.  These were my privileged colleagues for more than two decades; all of them mentioned above have passed on to eternity; their passing away saddened me very much and made me feel terribly forlorn.  It took some time to recover from these losses; life has to go on.   I still have good contacts with genuine homœopaths both at home and abroad, but those great days are over!  However, I must mention here the longest living practising homœopath, Dr.S.P. Koppikar of Chennai, a nonagenerian – he is 93 years – whom we regard as a great teacher.  I am privileged to have learnt lot from him for nearly 40 years! [He too has passed two years ago = KSS].

I come from a lower middle-class family and I have seen the travails of the poor and down-trodden; I see it still.  As a youth of 14 – 17 I took interest in the Freedom Struggle, by way of Mahatma GANDHI’s propagation of home-spun clothing, giving up casteism, non-violence, simple living, etc.  Biographies of Albert SCHWEITZER, George Washington CARVER, Abraham LINCOLN, writings of EMERSON, H.D.THOREAU, and so on were deeply absorbed at the impressionable age and they are still alive within me.  I would like to assure you that all these are relevant to my shaping up as a Homœopath.

I have always felt that Homœopathy is indeed the best for the poor and it is they who need it the most.  I try my best in this.  Whether one is able to pay only small fees or even no fees, it does not matter; my attention and treatment will be the same, as I would do to the well-off.  I am saying all these only to stress that Homœopathy is indeed the Peoples Medicine, including especially the daily wage-earner who lives by each day; and health care need not at all cost high; Homœopathy can, and indeed should, shake itself off from the clutches of high-tech, instrument-dependent, patent-promoting, industry-controlled, resources-depleting, affluence-driven, five-star hospital methodologies and do what HAHNEMANN urged one to do in Aphorism 1 of the Organon.   I know a colleague in the suburb of Kolkatta, in one of the islands there from which every morning right from sunrise several daily workers, like fishseller, vegetable hawkers, artisans like carpenters, smiths, housemaids, etc. go to the City for work; many of them will stop by at the door of this homœopath and seek homœopathic remedy for their complaints, like pains, colds, catarrhs, abdominal and stomach disorders, small injuries, fevers, etc.; they cannot afford to take off from their work, they are daily wage earners, like the washerwoman in HAHNEMANN’s case.  He would give them few powders and they will give small fees, whatever they could afford and go.  I have seen some more Homœopathy practitioners like this in other parts of my country.   It is these simple folks who benefit from Homœopathy, who keep up Homœopathy and not the small number of severe pathologies afflicting the rich and affluent.  To the affluent there are 5 star hospitals.  

I am convinced that Homœopathy can safely and efficiently be applied in Community Medicine especially among the deprived peoples.  In fact several homœopaths groups are working in India and the Africa and treat the common folks living in remote places.  Much more, much more remains to be done.  The international homœopathic community should turn their attention towards this aspect of “peoples’ medicine”, instead of constantly attempting to convince the unconvincibles with ‘evidence’, which they summarily reject. How can one convince those who having eyes refuse to see! I do not think that Homœopathy has to strain itself to prove its efficacy in Cancers, HIVs etc.; after all, these cases are much few and they form a very small percentage of the ailments of the  p e o p l e.  However, Homœopathy treats Cancer, and such other severe pathologies, several cases, indeed successfully.  There need not be any let-up in this. 

In so far as treatment of the rich is concerned, they need a change of Mind. Homœopathy should attempt to make them give up excessive greed, exploitation of the vulnerable persons, etc.  We have examples in Jean Pierre GALLAVARDIN who changed a miser into a generous person!  But first, homœopaths should become more service-minded before attempting on others.  Please do not consider that I am preaching; has not HAHNEMANN asked us to fulfill the higher purposes for which we have been put into this world?  Self-serving alone can never be ‘higher purpose’; Zen says ‘higher purpose’ means ‘higher good’.  I would like to draw your kind attention to HAHNEMANN’s ‘Socrates and Physon’ – in the Lesser Writings, about the model we should adopt.

I am not a specialist nor do I go about ‘teaching’; but many homoeopathic medical graduates, freshers, and post-graduates, come and I gladly let them sit with me and see for themselves; there are no ‘secrets’, ‘tricks’; it is all open.  They also have access to my Library. 

I do not see any need for modernising Homœopathy, or any innovation.  I do not feel that it can be made simpler than HAHNEMANN’s.  (“Thus Homœopathy is an entirely simple medical art, always constant in its principles as well as in its procedures.  These principles and procedures, as well as the theory on which they rest, if well grasped, will be found to be self-contained and only in this way helpful.” HAHNEMANN, Preface to the Organon 6 edn.)  [All ‘Innovators’ please note. HAHNEMANN has said this after 50 years of homœopathic Practice] I do not think that Homœopathy needs to be proved in the laboratory, that Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trials are essential for homoeo-therapeutics; at least the homœopaths do not need them.  I do not think that we will ever be able to satisfy the debunkers.  They cavil in the same manner that they did when Dr. Mahendra Lal SIRCAR, (1833 - 1904) the first M.D.  converted himself to Homœopathy (see Transactions of the International Homœopathic Convention, London, 1881).    The same objections raised more than 100 years or more ago are raised today, although several hundreds of ‘researches’ have taken place! I say all these from personal experience over decades; these are not theoretical.  I do not do any particular research; I feel that every case especially where I fail is an eye-opener, a research opportunity; and I re-search my case-taking, analysis, the Materia Medica.  These are my firm convictions.  Of course I keep reading the journals and new writings and keep up with what is happening around in the world of Homœopathy and I wish them all well; am very much willing to learn more from all. 

In my Clinic we  (myself and a colleague) see at least 50 patients a day, including 2 to 4 new cases.  We see whatever case comes along; of course when serious pathologies like – Chronic Renal Failure, serious heart diseases, Cancers in III or IV stage, etc. come.  I make the patient understand clearly that I am not a specialist in that field and that I am only a homœopath; generally these patients come only after going the rounds of all allopathic and other methodologies and mostly at the end stage, when every other therapy has washed its hand off and only prayers remain and that too half heartedly!  Hence our success rates are poor; but the patients and their relatives understand, particularly when we make their end stage less painful.  If we treat the day-do-day common cases homœopathically, chronic cases will become lesser and lesser. 

            There is another very important point I want to make.  To me Homœopathy is not just a therapeutic methodology; it is a way of living.  It is not only ‘die milde Macht ist Groß’; but much more than that, ‘the minimum quantity serve the maximum number’, the least would go very long.  There is the legend of a female buddhist monk who took up serving food to the poor and needy wherever; she had a bowl which mendicants carry with them to collect food and this bowl was a divine one; She can feed any number of people, it will never get exhausted and she used it so;  in the Indian literary classic, the ‘Mahabharata’ also there is mention of such a ‘bowl’; and at the end of the day the bowl will be cleaned and put upside down, when the day is over, but as long as there is a single grain of rice in it, it will keep giving food as much required! The need of everyone or anyone will be met!  In other words the single grain will multiply into many when needed.  So is my homœopathic medicinal globule.   For a happy life with a clear Conscience what is required is the ‘least’ or the ‘minimum’.  A genuine homœopath will find contentment in his work, his Conscience will be clear.  I feel that this is what HAHNEMANN meant when he wrote down in his ripe old age, wise with experience, “I sought truth earnestly and found it” (Samuel Hahnemann, Paris, 12 März, 1843) That’s Homœopathy for me.

     I wish everyone peace and happiness.




I.    Miss.S. age 32, from Myanmar (Burma). She has come to India in April 2004 (she is Myanmar citizen but Indian origin) for treatment.  

In Oct. 2000 a small growth in the right nose was removed and histopathology confirmed Adenocystic Carcinoma.  Right side Face and Eye swelled after this with lachrymation of the right eye. A CT Scan was done and patient advised radiation; patient did not undergo radiation but resorted to Traditional medicine without benefit and she steadily worsened and the growth came on in the left nose also and extended laterally to left maxillary region.  Growth in the right nose also increased completely blocking the nose, making breathing very difficult; all through this minimal pain only.  She suffered haemorrhages from somewhere in nasopharyngeal area, once in a month, and twice it was controlled by some injections.   However she still bleeds; we do not know whether it was from the gums, or nose or elsewhere.  All these happened when they were in Burma (Yangon).  She had no hospital records since they were with the Government Hospital here.

She came to India in April 2004 and consulted in Government Hospital and as she was still having haemorrhage they did not venture surgery and began Radiation and 26 sittings were carried out over three months period April to June 2004 with three Chemotherapy also simultaneously.

The ‘growth declined; however, adverse effects like loss of hair and difficulty in protruding the tongue because of which she was not able to speak clearly; she could not open her mouth well to put in her feed and depended only on liquefied feeds until recently.  The Hospital has proposed Chemotherapy for an year now.  The patient and her parents were unwilling for this, since the Doctors were not sure of the outcome.

At this stage someone who had been treated by me for some serious pathology, recommended her to see me.

Ms S, was stoic; she said that meditation helped her a lot; and she and her parents were determined to take homoeopathic treatment even after my explaining to her and her parents that I was not a Cancer specialist and that I too cannot say what the outcome would be.

Paternal Grandmother and Uncle died of Haemoptysis (Tbc).

Suffered from diarrhoea with undigested food, at 15-16 year age and underwent allopathic treatment off and on for 3 – 4 years.

Below the right eye and medially to it an opening, which used to discharge watery fluid when there was swelling of whole right face/eye; after radiation and Chemotherapy now there is scanty discharge on some days.

She was religious (Hindu) and did with interest work associated with it.  She was also interested in social work.  She was keen that ‘our’ (Hindu) way of life must be scrupulously followed.  Cannot support conversions.

Examination fear

Tendency to urination very frequently at nights before falling asleep; worse before menses.

She felt that someone had done some evil magic on her and hence this dreaded disease.


Fear of ghosts

Easy with money in the sense that she is not tight-fisted; would give to those in need

Menarche at 16 years

Menses cycle 40 - 45 days, scanty, two days only



On 12 January 2005 when she consulted first, she was given Carbo animalis Q1 and as she was to return to Myanmar in the next week, Q2 was given to be taken when the Q1 was completed, but to contact me before that.  It is very difficult to send any homoeopathic medicine to any country; the airport, mail checks simply throw them away and sometimes the beneficiaries are questioned severely; all these due to the world terrorism of the present Era.  Therefore we provide in advance the possible or probable next course.

Since January 2005 to August 2007 – two years and eight months – treatment has been only in absentia, i.e. through correspondence; Communication is difficult in the part where she lives; feed back has usually been insufficient and meantime time flies; however this is the best that could be done; it is not easy for the patient to come over often; there are difficulties of passport, expenses etc.; they would come better by clandestine method but there are risks. 

Over these years the prescriptions have been – after Carbo an., Lycopodium clavatum M, twice; Sepia M, Kali bichromicum 200, Hydrastis 30, Mercurius solubilis 200.


In January 2006 CT Scan done in Yangon “no marked difference seen compared to the last CT of Dec.2004.  No definite tumor recurrence noted.”

She was status quo – no improvement, no worsening until recently in March she reported that she had improved weight but still couldn’t open the mouth fully but is able to eat rice and food, and still there was blood in mouth in mornings and otherwise no specific complaint.  Sepia 200.


In May 2006 again Mercurius 200,

There were reports over telephone and in Sept 2006, I sent her Aurum metallicum M and after this she had no more bleeding per mouth.


In Nov.2006 she told over telephone that she felt well but still there was difficulty in opening the mouth fully and small growth was still there in the right side maxilla; repeat Aurum metallicum M; this remedy reached her late only sometime in mid or later December 2006.


In December 2006 she reported that there was no flow of yellow fluid per right nose, opening the mouth fully is still difficult and the small growth in the right maxilla was still there. “Generally better”.

Someone who is well known to her in Yangon was to return to Burma shortly and so he came to take the next medicines; this person informed that S was far better although not fully cured.  I have given Sac Lac. In July 2007, her father came and took next set of powders.  He said that S was doing well.

This is not a classic case to be presented where generally successes are presented.  I have presented this to appreciate the difficult circumstances in which we have to prescribe; distance, poor communication, time intervals, etc, yet for two years and eight months we have been able to hold on this patient thanks to Homoeopathy without any serious set-backs or difficulties for the patient.  The Government Hospital Cancer Department had given her a gloomy future and a short period.  She has come now quite a long way.  Perhaps if we had hospital facility we could surely have done far better.



[She is still on our Medicines, with up and downs = KSS.  June 2011].



II.        Mr. UCJ, 62 yrs. Multiple Myeloma Gr. III B.  26 March 2006: Right knee pain felt on Jan.4, 2006 (about 8 years ago he had similar pain but unable to say how it was relieved); no relief from warm application.  After 3 days the doctor opined there was inflammation; prescribed for 3 days without any relief.  Pain < night; in all positions.  X-ray showed no abnormality.  MRI impression: ligament tear; antibiotic given without >.  Admitted to Orthopaedic Hospital.  Ocid tablets and Indomethacin, but “it made me worse; no appetite.  After 3 months fluid syringed out from knee; there was pus too and it was all drained out and for 5 days antibiotics.    One Pint of blood was transfused.”

After further consultations, they advised him to seek further treatment with Ayurveda or Homœopathy.

The Knee was swollen and shiny.

Urination: no discomfort; urine pale, yellow.

Walks without placing his right foot on the floor, walks with limp; cannot extend the leg because the Orthopaedist advised him not to put any pressure on that leg.  He keeps the leg about 20º flexed.

Eight years ago he was diagnosed with Hypertension and prescribed allopathic drug that reduced his weight by 8 kg. (He has always been thin; he belongs to the ‘Jain’ community who are strict vegetarians, and do lot of fasting.)

Right-sided Hernia since 6 years.

Typhoid 27 yrs. ago.

Right sided abdominal pain at 13-year age (suspected Appendicitis but relieved by Ayurvedic medicine).

“Have never entered hospital except now for this knee problem”

Back itching, < evening

He emphatically says that he has had no “sickness” as such – except Typhoid; very rarely he catches a cold or any kind of ache.

Lean, lanky, dry skin. Positive outlook.  Unlike many patients who when faced with a bad diagnosis become sad or depressed, he was normal.  “I feel perfectly well in every way – sleep, appetite, urination, stool, etc.  Only now I am unable to walk normally; cannot go to the temple, etc.”

Wife: “He never complains, never choosy about food, no fears, no anxieties, etc.  If he has poor business, he does not mope about or worry, if he has good business he does not become cheerful unduly; does not store or keep anything including money.  His needs are very less.  If he wants anything he will tell one of his sons and it would be attended to.  Satisfied life.”

Thirty years ago suffered Piles for a very brief period.  Many years ago Taenia infection in the groin and external application relieved it.


Phosphorus 200 and placebo.

Pain, knee; Inflammation, knee: Apis, Arn, Bar-m, Benz-ac, … Phos, PULS, … Sulph.   + Contented.


3 April 2006: Telephonic report: Better, able to place his foot on the floor for some time.

To continue sac lac.


22 April 2006: Able to walk up to the nearby temple; mentally also well.


21 May 2006: Urine foamy; this has been so since long.

Rt. Ankle swelling is minimal.

Right Knee 90% better, can flex, squat, etc.  Can walk half kilometer without pain.

Can go up one storey, and descend.

Appetite normal

Continue Sac lac.


8 July 2006: He does difficult works too now; still he is not able to stretch the leg fully.

Repeat Phosphorus 200.


6 August 2006: Status quo. Phosphorus M/1 dose.


24 September 2006.  Able to walk well.

Urine: still foamy

Says emphatically: no other problem.  “I have right-sided Hernia since over 20 years; now it is bulging some more; earlier it used to reduce if I lie down. Now not reducing so much.

Lycopodium M.

Urine frothy + right hernia + Complementary to Phos.


26 November 2006: Telephonic report:  Walking about and doing normal duties.  No complaints.  Sac lac.


29 January 2007: Son reported that his father was well and when asked to visit me for further medicines answered “Why should I visit the doctor when I am well and have no complaints whatever.”  Patient’s wife says that her husband goes to his business place daily, visits the temple daily all by walk and attends to his personal work without any problem; “he does not need any medicine”.


30 May 2007:  Underwent Surgery for Hydrocele right side, and also for Hernia.

Radiological Report:  A focal sclerotic and cystic area seen in the left Pubic bone and ileo pubic ramus? Metastases? Osteomyelitis.

Pain in left inguinal bone when moving about.   

Urine: foamy.

Bld. Urea: 35 mg/dl.

Creatinine: 2.5 mg/dl.

Calcium: 8.9 mg/dl.

Phosphorus M.


14 July 2007:  Generally well; not able to place the left foot flat on the floor; slightly achy.

Tuberculinum 200.


13 August 2007:  Am able to walk comfortably; can plant both feet and walk.



When contacted over phone recently in early Sept. 2007, he said he was doing well.


III.       Ms M (6611/2004):  32-year-old, unmarried female. Social worker, member of a leftist political party; voluntary work to take care of the rights of the tribal, the farmers; women’s rights, etc.

19 Dec.2004: she underwent left mastectomy. Biopsy Report: “Breast shows extensive areas of Sclerosing Adenosis.  Tumor measuring 0.6 cm. shows Intra-ductal Carcinoma solid type.  Basement membrane is not breached”. We do not have any details of the tests etc. carried out by the hospital since it is a Government Hospital and no records/copies are made available to the patient.  However the Xerox of a paper the patient obtained says “positive for malignant cells”, “Ca. Breast Lt.

The patient refused further allopathic treatment in the Government Hospital and chose to undergo homœopathic treatment.

Since three years Appetite wanting; very light sleeper, would wake up for the slightest noise.

Tendency to lament over the state of the down-trodden; much empathy.  Easily affected by disappointments, betrayal, injustice, exploitation of the poor; these affects her much.

Anxieties, care about others and no care about self.

Since two years fear of thunder, lightning, cracker blast, dark, dogs.

Aversion to sweets.

Never suffered coryza, catarrh (strange)

M.P. 22 – 26 days; 2-3 days duration; alternate M.Ps. copious, large dark clots.

Exposure to sun for sometime causes headache.

Natrum carbonicum Q1, 5gtt b.d. 5 succussions every time before taking.


10 January 2005: Able to eat better; Pain whole head once in 2 – 3 days; slept better for first 5 days after last visit and then sleepless till 0200hours.  Vomiting with the headache.  Once had coldness of body with trembling

LMP 1 Jan. 2005, three days, normal.

After last visit underwent tests including Mammograph with the Govt. Hospital; continuing with the medicine (Placebo)


12 Feb.2005: Small complaints of some pains MP normal; continue with the placebo.


10 March 2005: Left axillary gland, painful when pressed since two weeks.

Left arm pain.

Bleeding upper inner lip on some days; last such episode 10 days back.

Since 5 – 6 years, a small, 3-4 mm size spots, moist, color as if blood in them.  These eruptions will be preceded by heaviness of head, headache which will all be relieved after the eruption discharges.  This has occurred last few months ago.

Crotalus cascavella Q1 dissolved in 5 ml. Water, 3 gtt.b.d.


26 April 2005: Telephonic report: maintaining without any complaints.


9 May 2005: Along the ‘stitches’ after surgery of the breast, stitching pains since 15 days as if ulcers are active: Kali carbonicum 200


9 June 2005: Pain mentioned last promptly relieved.  Around midnight feels suffocated for about 15 minutes, then it subsides; this happened four times (this is peak summer).  Had headache four times

Felt pain in the old healed lesion area.  Scanned and declared that there was no problem.  Placebo to continue.


9 August 2005: MP normal; three days before mp had headache one sided (migraine) took one Paracetamol and one Dispirin

Fever after siesta; fever starts suddenly without any cause after 4 or 5 p.m.; normal in mornings

Migraine lt. sided with eyes becoming drowsy, dull vision, drooping of eyelid.

Natrum carbonicum Q2, 5 gtt.  5 succussions.


28 August 2005: In this interval has exhausted herself thoroughly with recurring political ‘protests’ and ‘demonstrations’, involving long hours of standing (in hot sun), shouting, etc.

Since 22 Aug. pain sprain like, in back, moving the body <.  Better after onset of menses on 25 August.

Severe headache.  Gradual loss of vision in left eye, stiffness of left elbow and numbness of lt. half of body; could not speak.

Dry cough since a week. Taken Benadryl syrup and also some Ayurvedic cough syrup.

Sleep much disturbed; cough less since 27 Aug.

Still numbness and stiffness of left half of body, but lesser (This accompanies severe Migraine)

Hiccough while eating and also at some other times –began 15days after operation (Mastectomy)

Loquacity during headache, in a semiconscious state; throbbing in left temple

Lachesis 200.


10 Sept.2005:  Dry cough, warm drinks >.

Travel sickness from closed cars. Air hunger, she needs air.  She had Migraine twice in this interval once with slight transient dimness of vision

Dulcamara Q1.


18 Oct.2005: Left upper triceps region, rather hard swelling;

Fever fortnight ago Fever. Blood test +ve Widal. But not Typhoid. Took allopathic drugs and relieved.

No Car sickness after last medicine.

Vision no problem.

Ten days ago severe pains in C1 with Vertigo, vomiting.  Took Vertin once and >.


16 November 2005: Maintaining well enough.


15 December 2005: Occasional profuse bleeding during menses before I began treatment here.  It was not there for a long time. Now last menses was profuse on the second day only.  Placebo.


18 Feb. 2005: A week ago severe left sided headache; dry cough since a month, < cold air; cough from obstruction to breathing in trachea; “I cough to clear the block, > by slapping on the back.

Pain left upper rib below clavicle, off and on since one month; sudden. Lachesis 200.


May 18, 2006: Since about two weeks: headache left temple; Cough, dry, < if exposed to draft:

Lachesis 200.


14 June 2006: A week ago after lying down for 10 minutes, around 2100 hours, had giddiness and vomited bright red blood about ¼ glass of blood with clots; this lasted about 15 minutes (similar episode 5 years ago). Since then severe heaviness of head as if I had two heads, > pressure.

Cough since 3 days, < talking; this started after getting wet in rain

3 – 4 days back underwent all tests at the Government Hospital and was told that all was well.

Ailanthus glandulosa 30


17 August 2006: Since a month, severe pain in left upper limb and in left upper back, as if suppurating, ulcerative.

Since two cycles menstruation was more, but lasting only 2 days.

Doctors (in the Govt. Hospital) told that there is a swelling in the left arm and advised bone scan, but patient unwilling.

Kali bichromicum 200


16 October 2006: Since 4 days fever; with pain all over body; joints, nape etc. pre-menstrual.

Left breast pain as if ‘gathering’ and would suppurate; formication all over face (pre-migraine aura); all my symptoms are worse during nights from 2200 hours until daytime.  LMP was profuse.

Phosphorus 30.


16 December 2006: “I am fine; two months ago had copious flow for 3 days.  Pain in left breast as if suppurating is not there;

Occasional suffocation during sleep awakening me since 60 days; would sit up and become well in 10 to 15 minutes.  Today doctors at the Government hospital said that “8 lymph nodes are weak and if at any time there is pain to consult them”.  “I am very active”.  Placebo.


20 January 2007: She has slight cough; heavy breathing while sleeping; otherwise well (this is winter);

Lobelia inflata 30.


She is on no other medication since over 2 years as on date.  Doctors at the Government Hospital (Oncology department) are annoyed with her that she is not willing to undergo bone test, etc. while “at the same time,” she says, “they feel that she is getting along well” The patient and her colleagues are stubbornly holding on to our homoeopathic treatment; on our part we have made it clear that they should undergo regular monitoring by the Hospital.


15 February 2007:  Cough, dry, not subsided.  Similar cough in Feb. 2006 was relieved by your medicine.  Cough from obstruction in trachea. 

Lachesis 200.


22 March 2007:  Last m.p. was copious.  She was in prison for 15 days in this interval (Social activism).  Vertigo on lying down.  Swelling of feet after the m.p.  Symptoms seemed to due to Anaemia.

Baryta carbonica 30/5 doses one daily.


8 May 2007:  Cough persists since a month.  Cough of medium intensity.

Lachesis 200/1.


16 May 2007:  No > of cough.  Single cough.  Pain hips.  Pain thighs anterior side. Consulted Oncologist in the Government Hospital.

Chest X-ray: Normal.

Pelvic Scan:  Fibroid intramural 3x2.7 cm. in the posterior wall of the Bulky uterus. 

Pelvic pain.

She refused the hospital treatment and came to Homœopathy again.  Left sided frontal head ache.  Wait since Lachesis 200 given only a week ago. 

Sac Lac.


4 July 2007:  Feel feverish internally < night. Weak.

Phosphoric acid 200.


30 July 2007:  Fever (low temp.) < afternoon.  Headache.

Arsenicum album 30/5 o.d. 


The case rests at this stage now (August 2007).


[During 2010 there was a mild recurrence of the Ca. and she promptly underwent treatment of the Govt. Hospital, and recovered well.  Still continues with homœopathic treatment as and when needed = KSS.  June 2011.]