(International Hahnemannian Congress, 2007

Ettlingen (Germany), 27-29 Sept 2007)





          I am a ‘general’ Homœopathy Practitioner and take up whatever that comes in; where they are serious I explain to them and it is up to them to choose.  Most of them choose to ‘try’ Homœopathy when the others have given up; at the end stage of a serious disease like Cancer, Renal Failure, etc.; hardly few stick and most would leave off after 2-3 or more visits.

            We get few weeks old infants, babies, children, grown-ups, male/female, old people.

            I want to present some difficult cases too; in most of these cases one remedy alone prescribed which did total work, sometimes one dose alone.

            If I am asked to speak about my experiences, it is very embarrassing, because I have seen that almost every homœopath would have cases which border on ‘miracle’; so whatever I or any other homœopath, for that matter, present will equally be a wonderful case!

            Nevertheless I would say some for whatever they are worth.  A young man, 26 years, complained of an ache and vertigo on top of the head (vertex), since several years, occurring mostly at 1100 hours every day; there was also a heat sensation on the top of the head.  Sulphur 200 one dose removed the complaints promptly and he remained well for several years.  What ‘power’ in 3 small globules, my God, I thought!   This was in the early days of my Homœopathy.  I was then reading NASH’s Leaders in Sulphur. 




A boy of 5 years was brought in the evening at about 1800 hours.  He was in the arms of his mother lying sagged, limp, without opening the eyes, high fever, not responding to calls or nudges. Everyone at home was very anxious.  No modalities, etc. were provided.  On careful questioning I learnt that he had been living for quite some time with his grandmother at a distant town and she had now left him with his mother and went back to her village.  He wept a lot that afternoon, constantly repeating that he wanted to go home (meaning his grandma’s); the fever came on then.  Bryonia 200 was given.  After about two hours, he was brought when I was closing my clinic; he was on the hip of his mother, no fever, eating a biscuit, smiling and wishing me Good evening!     The only indication was ‘wants to go home although he was in home’.  “Abends im Schlafe, mit hastiger Sprache, unter Einbildung, als sei sie unter fremden Menschen und Verlangen nach Hause zu gehen” (S. 187 G.H.G. JAHR Ausführlicher Symptomen Kodex, Erster Theil. Leipzig, 1848, Nachdruck, Bernd von der Lieth, Hamburg)

High fever went away like that fast (what organism caused that Fever?), leaving a child happy himself and spreading joy to those around too!  I realized that this was what HAHNEMANN meant when he said in his Preface to the 6 ed. of Organon “blessed business” (“beseeligendes Geschäft”) or indeed better in the Preface to the I edn. as “The Physician who enters on his work in this spirit becomes directly assimilated to the Divine Creator of the World, whose human creatures he helps to preserve, and whose approval renders him thrice blessed,” (“ . . . dreimal beseeligt”).

One leading, characteristic symptom was sufficient to get at the remedy!




There were at least two cases which I can recall at this distance of time, of Filaria wherein the legs had become swollen, even hard, periodic high fever completely laying down the person for at least 3 days, if not more, in spite of the medicines available then (about 40 years ago). One was my mother who got this disease, Filaria, when she was about 65 years.  She would suffer from high fever, would be simply lying without opening her eyes, severe splitting headache, no food, may be little water, and at the end of 3 days she would get over the fever etc. and her leg would be swollen, red and hard.  This was going on and sometimes she would get several cracks in the leg from which would ooze sticky fluid, burning pain.  For about 7 years I treated her with the medicines indicated, mainly Belladonna, Gelsemium, for her fevers, and Graphites for the lesions!  The interval between the attacks became longer and longer, the legs became better and better and in nearly 7 years she became totally free from the disease, and as days went by her legs became normal and no one could say that she had suffered Filaria.  She lived for about 15 years after this, and at 82 year age went to the USA where she lived for an year with her youngest son, returned home and passed away at 84 year age!

I had another case of a woman of about 30-year age.  She was afflicted with Filaria since some years – may be 5-6 years.  Worse in Winter.  Over a lengthy talk I learnt that it all came after she took a bath including to head in cold water, stored over the night in a brass vessel (quite cold), on an early morning.  It was also wet season. She felt the chill, when she bathed and shivered much and soon within few hours she came down with fever and then the leg swelled.  She was being treated for Filaria although the tests were not conclusive; it was difficult, the filarial worm is elusive, it was said.  No other information.  And she has been having it for some years. She too gets the periodical typical fever, headache and swelling of the legs. However, mainly on the basis of the ‘cause’, she was given Rhus toxicodendron and over a period of an year and half, with repetition of the remedy at intervals, I remember it never was above 200 potency, she became completely normal!    I have seen her several years later.

I had another case of a middle-aged male, who came to me with his right leg swollen double its normal size, hard, since few weeks.  This swelling was accompanied with high fever, treated as Filaria.  The leg was also tightly wrapped to prevent swelling and he felt very painful.  In this case too the cause was bathing in very cold water on wintry early morning, only 2 days after he had got over a fever.  He was given Rhus toxicodendron and he began to improve.  An ‘abscess’ eruption came on the leg and it began to ooze and it was let to discharge.  With no other medicine except Rhus toxicodendron he went on to complete cure.

In the above two cases the only characteristic I could get was the cold water bathing after which the complaints came on.  No long list of ‘mental’ state or ‘delusion’, etc.  I would like to emphasise here that these patients remained cured for several years.

When I speak of this there are doctors including homœopathic, who disbelieve.  I always make it a point to report cases, if at all I do, only after a sufficiently long follow-up.  I am not reporting to convince anyone; it is only self-conviction. Patience is required from both doctor and patient.

In my experience the one disease that ‘cleanly bowls’ a homœopath is Malaria.  There are so many variations and combinations in which it appears; a remedy is given because the fever ‘characteristically’ is ‘postponing’, and the result is that the fever changes to ‘anticipatory’! a remedy is given because of its ‘peculiar’ time, and the time changes but the fever persists; treating Malaria is a very good exercise because one learns much more from it  in so far as knowledge of Materia Medica is concerned, than from any other disease.  I learnt much from treating Malaria; however, for some years now I have not been seeing Malaria in my Clinic. The work of P.P. WELLS and BOENNINGHAUSEN on Intermittent Fevers is a great help on this subject.

I remember a lady of about 35 years, with Malaria which she had been getting every year since some years.  This time she refused anti-malarial and wanted Homœopathy.  She got the chill, fever everyday for nearly a month and as I said it would change its time, etc. but nevertheless came.  She used to get this intermittent fever at some intervals earlier.  After carefully considering, and because she insisted to stay with me, she was cured by Homœopathy.  It is now over 20 years.  She never got another attack.  Her general health too improved.

Next to Malaria is the Asthma and Skin eruptions alternating.  Tired and worn out with constant use of the Inhalers (Salbutamol, etc), which one has to carry   wherever one goes, the patient approaches the homœopath and I take the case with all diligence and find out the suppression of Eczema which led to the respiratory disorder and give the particular remedy, the asthma improves for which the patient is grateful, but now there are eruptions, Eczema, it begins to itch and itch and he becomes miserable, sleepless, one has to toil; not at all easy.


I propose to present some cases at random, what is in a day’s work – sterility, heart disease, severe consequences after injuries, etc.





1. RSR, Male 48 years: Consultation on Sept. 27, 2004: Hypertension since 8 years.  Has undergone regular medication (‘Tenormin’) and then Ayurvedic since two years.  Bl. pressure 140/105 mm Hg.

Takes sleeping pills since 25 yrs; otherwise no sleep.

Suffered Typhoid thrice in 1966, 1971 and 1975; on treatment (allopathic) for three months each time.

In 1978 he suffered from Schizophrenia, was given ECT twice; in 4 years became normal.

Loss of memory, can’t concentrate; has to be told second time; memory very poor.

I easily drift in with my thought; always preoccupied with thoughts.  I am unable to walk normally.

I don’t understand what is expected of me.

Inferiority complex.

I want concentration and alertness; memory should improve.  BP should come down.

Loud noise and strong odors make me angry.


27 Sept. 2004: Aethusa cyanapium Q 1/10 ml solution, 5 gtt. once a day.


11 Oct. 2004: I feel my B.P. has come down as I am able to walk normally, straight and no giddiness.

Depression, Inferiority complex are all much better.

Memory also little bit better.

Alertness improved.

Have stopped Ayurvedic tablets I was taking earlier for B.P.

Blood pressure 120/80 mm Hg.

Sac Lac.


November, 2005 – one year later: patient confirmed that he was normal in all ways including his psychological state and blood pressure, sleep, etc.

Few weeks before when contacted over telephone he confirmed that he was well, and said “I am not taking any medicines at all”.


2.  Mrs. LB, Female, 56 yrs. September 2005.

Irregular Atrial Fibrillation.

Chronic cough, better only with Steroids.

Involuntary bed-wetting at nights, once in 2 – 3 months when she dreamt of urinating.

September 2005: Lycopus virginicus 30, ten powders one daily. (The patient was in the USA)

No improvement.  Was in hospital. Cardiologist said that Fibrillation was still there and she may need electric shock if the heart rhythm did not become better with their medicine.

13 Nov. 2005 she reported that she was much better.  Has been taking only Lycopus virginicus. She has taken no medicine from the hospital.  Said that her improvement was due to the Lycopus virginicus given in Sept. 2005.


Lycopus virginicus 30/ 8 powders weekly one.


7 Jan. 2006:  Felt she could walk better now.

Repeat Lycopus virginicus 30/8 weekly one.


16 March 2006:  Has been doing very well.  No problems at all; may be on some rare occasions but it is of no consequence.  “If I need further medicines please send”.

Lycopus virginicus/6 fortnightly.


12 June 2006: Cardiology report quite encouraging, no problem.

Sac Lac 8/fortnightly.


17 August 2006: Am able to go for long walks and well in all ways, Cardiology report is encouraging.  I have a right shoulder pain, raising arm above agg.

Sanguinaria canadensis 30/3 o.d.


5 December 2006: Rt. shoulder pain severe after I put pressure on my right hand and wrist while raising myself from the floor. “Heart rate is normal said my doctor here; there is some irregularity but it is alright, need no medication”.

Kalmia latifolia 30.


25 Jan. 2007: Generally well; last medicine has helped; shoulder pain is much improved.

In all these months she wetted the bed only once.

Dysentery co. 30 (Bowel Nosode) one dose.


As on June 2007 patient remains well; no medicine needed in so far as her ‘heart’ is concerned.


            This case is reported only to place on record the gentle restoration of health avoiding “electric shocks”, etc.  The patient panicked when she spoke to me over the telephone when the Cardiologist told her of it. [This patient contacts me at long intervals and ask for medicine for her lingering complaints = KSS. June 2011]



3. NK, Male, 31 years, 8 Feb.2006. Married, one child. Bank Manager. Childhood Eruptive diseases: Chicken Pox (1980), Mumps (1984-85), Measles (1984-85).  Ulcerative Colitis, first in 1987.  Subsided in about 3 months. Again in 1991.  Controlled.  Recurrence in 2003, there was a ‘major’ attack; blood and mucous mixed in stool; hospitalized for two months.  Steroids were administered.  Now more of mucous, less of blood.

When the urge comes, must rush.  Mucous comes out even with flatus. Uneasiness more in the left abdomen. 

Albumin in Urine for 3 months in April 1987. – Puffiness of Face. Treated with Penicillin for 3 months. 

Polyp in Transverse colon surgically removed in January 2006.

1997 – Malaria for 10 days.  Lariago (anti-malarial) weekly once for three years.

Two Molars filled.

He is General Manager of a Bank.  His job requires travel and he finds it very uncomfortable because of this disease.  Anaemia because of loss of blood.  Sleeps for about 10 hours, he needs it, he said. 

Impatience; hurried.

Colonoscopy: Δ Idiopathic Procto colitis with Pseudopolyps.   


8 Feb. 2006: Mercurius solubilis Q1.  There was some improvement: Stool solidified. Less mucous while passing flatus. Blood in stool very less. Mercurius solubilis Q2.


27 Apr. 2006: Again mucous increased, as also blood.  “Whereas there was 90% improvement after the first medicine, now with the second medicine it is only 75%.  One major change is the confidence during travels.” Sac Lac.

24 June 2006: Worser, become tired easily.   Last two laboratory tests show a decline in the Hb and Leucocytes while ESR etc. are within range.

Arsenicum album 30/7 one daily.


8 August 2006: “Very good relief” Repeat Arsenicum album 30/5 on alternate day.


27 November 2006: “Completely normal.  I have a normal life now.  A baby boy born two weeks ago” (second child).  Sac Lac.


6 Feb.2007: Maintaining well. Sac Lac.


15 April 2007:  ditto

This is only to say that 30th of Arsenicum has controlled Ulcerative Colitis of several years, completely. The patient is in contact until now (July 2007) and I am still waiting for exteriorization in the form of some skin eruption.


4.  KR., Male, 56 yrs. Financial Adviser in a big Govt. Undertaking: A heavy smoker. Suffers from Hypertension since 25 years.  In November 1990 he suffered a motorcycle accident and fractures; worst were the legs particularly the left.  Appropriate medical attention was given, hospitalized, surgery, etc.  There was infection after the surgery and the wound was very slow in healing. Sequestrum continued to come out from time to time; there were drops of serum oozing from a point on the upper end of the tibia.    Until date this discharge of serum persists, though now it is a very small quantity, in spite of various allopathic measures including further surgical measures. Sometime in 1995 he consulted me for pain legs; the pains were very severe when standing, walking even short distance; he also suffered from intermittent claudication.  A single tablet of Proteus 30 (Bowel Nosode, Nelsons, London) was given.  About 20 days later he reported that he felt  “good improvement, could stand and walk for more than half an hour; now I go for walks daily.”   In November 1995 he reported “remarkable” improvement; “I could now walk two kilometers in 20 minutes flat without any pain!  He needed no walking stick after the Proteus 30!  “I was not able to walk even 10 steps before.  After your medicine, in the evening I went to the beach.  I removed my slippers in the car and walked on the beach sands up to the sea and back without feeling any discomfort. After taking your medicine, now on an average I walk 5 km a day.  The pain is gone. The numbness is gone. . . .”  Subsequently he went on a tour of the USA and enjoyed it well.

      Over the years he has needed, may be about four times a repetition of Proteus 30 whenever he felt even least pain, but these were at very long intervals.  Very recently a month ago (June 2007) he needed Proteus 30 after 3 or 4 years and he has got relief promptly!  I am mentioning this only to stress the wonderful action of Proteus, a Bowel Nosode.  I must say here that this patient has had remedies like Hepar sulphuris, Silica, upto XM, but the thin, slight serum discharge persists!  Unfortunately 95% of the prescriptions in this case has been over telephonic reports, only 4 or 5 written.  The patient has retired from service some years ago.  He is in periodical contact. No complaints; except the droplet of serous discharge.


5. Mrs. P., 28 years.  Married in 1993.  No children after 12 years of marriage. Conceived once but it had to be terminated at 45 days.  Did not conceive after this.  Has been undergoing “Fertility” treatment, mostly with Allopathy.  All these have failed.  She said that Gynaecologist had said that there were “blocks”, the ‘scan’ showed “left tube patent” and “right tube mid-block”. She was also diagnosed as having bilateral polycystic ovaries. She is much depressed; has to bear taunts, insults from the ‘society’ and her family.  On the basis of her totality she was prescribed Calcarea carbonica XM on 8 Dec.2004. 

     She visited next on 22 May 2005, when she said that she has completed five months and entered into the sixth month!   At third month of pregnancy she tested positive for Diabetes and she was being given 4 units of Insulin.  She delivered a female baby on 13 Sept. 2005. The baby is under our care for acute complaints like diarrhoea, ‘colds’, etc.


6. Ms. P., 27 yr.-old female, living in London.  She was obese and was on ‘Thyroid tablets’.  Had protracted menses; otherwise her menses was erratic and once in 4-5 months it became protracted.  Sabina M, and her menses became normal.   She was eager to have a baby, but was not conceiving.  Sabina M was repeated and she became pregnant and delivered a boy.  Six months later she was diagnosed as suffering from “Corneal Ulcer in the left eye, conical, slowly progressing”.  She said that she was told by an Ophthalmic Surgeon that Corneal transplant alone would help her!  She became terribly panicky, bewildered as to what she should do.  Since 7-8 months she found it difficult to read bill-boards while moving in car; “my husband could read them, and I could make out only after few seconds”.  Kali bichromicum 200. 

Four months later she was reported to be better and wanted a repetition of the same remedy.  Kali bichromicum 200 was repeated.   Again two months later she reported that she was still better now and wanted to have a second baby but was not conceiving and wanted medicine for that.  Her eye was alright.  Kali bichromicum 200 was sent.  Soon she conceived and delivered another boy!   Free from eye problem also.

Homœopathic Practice would actually make everyone of us humbler.  In the same person Sabina which set right menstrual irregularity and helped her to conceive a child, and some time later Kali bichromicum the remedy which cured her Corneal ulcer helped her conceive for a second child!  What could one make out of these experiences?  Of course we find both these remedies with two marks in the Synthesis under ‘Sterility’.  Can we ‘delimit’ the action of any homœopathic remedy on any particular person?


7. RR.  Male, 58.  Sneezings on waking, off and on since two years. Four months ago, had severe pain in left maxillary region, left side of head; consulted ENT Surgeon who made a puncture; RR fainted and so the procedure was abandoned.

He has obstructed nose and that is “my main problem”, left side of nose; sleeplessness because of this, worse since one month.  One month back, dark clots when blowing the nose.  Sometimes itching inside the left nose and it causes sneezing.  Post-nasal obstruction cleared by scraping often.  No seasonal variation. A CT Scan showed “opacification of frontal, left ethmoid and left maxillary sinus; expansion of left osteo meatal unit with bowing of medial antral half.”

Diagnosed as a ‘heart patient’; One year back in 2005 Angiogram revealed 90% block in one artery, and he is taking medicines (allopathic).  He is a diabetic since 8 years.  20 years ago he had undergone surgery for anal fistula.  Sleeps on abdomen.  Impaired hearing lt. ear.  Memory weak since many years.


25 Sept. 2006: Sepia M,  and he began to improve.  No nasal problem or sinus problems. Every 30, 40 days review and the last review on 9 June 2007 when he came to tell me that he was going to the USA for 4 months, that he was doing well, the last Tread Mill Test two days ago showed that he was normal.  The Cardiologist was happy with his condition.  (He is on the routine allopathic drugs for Blood sugar, Hypertension, Cholesterol – no allopathic doctor ever asks his patient to stop these drugs even though the patient may remain normal for years and years!)  However, the patient was quite clear and said that he had the greatest benefit from the Sepia.  


8. Mrs. GB, married, 38 years, living in the USA.  She is one among 7 daughters and one son, of a famous musician.  Every year during December – January, there will be Classical Music and Dance festival in my City and famous musicians and music lovers   would visit this City to take part.  There are regular annual visitors, including from the West.  During one of those visits Mrs. GB who had come to give a performance and also participate in discussions and listen to senior musicians, was brought by her brother, who too was working in the music department of a famous Movie Studio and who had benefited very much from my treatment. 

Mrs. GB was suffering from a lumbar back pain, since some years and she has been undergoing medication in the US but no relief.  She was somewhat desperate.  This pain was hindering her functions; she could not sit for even 30 minutes when the pain would become severe.  Now during this visit for the Music festival in which she was also a performer this back pain was causing much problem.  She was sceptical of Homœopathy, when the big brother (USA) himself had not been successful!  She was heard patiently.  I also observed that she perspired more on the lower half of her nose. (Bell., Cimex, Cina, Laur., Nat-m., Rheum, Rut., Tub.) G.B. said that that was her ‘characteristic’.  No other symptoms could be elicited.  In his article on Tuberculinum published in the JAIH. Vol. 79, No. 4/1986, Dr. T. P. PASCHERO has said that the rheumatic pains of Tuberculinum are likeRhus toxicodendron; they are worse at rest.  This and the perspiration on nose and her frequent travels made me decide for Tuberculinum and Tuberculinum one dose of the 200 cleared her backache rapidly, within next few days.  She was all praise for the treatment and before leaving she said that during the next visit she would like to ‘interview’ me and write in the magazine about Homœopathy!  Next year during the Music Festival she had come, she was free from the backache since the Tuberculinum 200, but was too tightly engaged with the programmes and would meet me later.  For 2 or 3 more years I kept track of her when her brother and other sisters would visit for their ailments and Mrs. G.B. remained well.  This case was about 15 or 16 years ago.


9. 57 year-old frail woman appeared much agitated; she was brought in by her son and daughter-in-law.  As soon as she came in she told me with folded hands “please do not send me to Adyar” (Adyar is the place in Chennai, where the famous Cancer Institute is).  She was repeating this, begging me, falling at my feet.  Her son told that she had some discharge PV and was taken to the Gynaecologist. She examined and then took the son, daughter-in-law aside and told that it could be Cancer.  This lady heard the word ‘Cancer’ and panic seized her.  This happened 10 days or so before.  Since then she has been sleepless, sitting up at nights, attempting to run away, lamenting, etc. in short making herself and those at home also very miserable.  After collecting some more information about her, I assured that she will not be sent to the Cancer Institute, and gave her a dose of Psorinum 200 (fear of Cancer) and Sac Lac for 3 or 4 days.  That was all, and I did not hear from her subsequently.  About six months later, one day while on the road I was accosted by this lady and her grand daughter who were returning from shopping.  The woman said that after the dose of medicine given – Psorinum – she made dramatic and rapid improvement and all her fears, gloom went away, even her discharge p.v.!  She apologized for not having informed me promptly.  (Such experiences are not new).  I wished her well and parted.  This too about 20 years ago.  At this time, I was reading the Nosodes with great interest particularly the picturisation of Psorinum, Medorrhinum and Syphilinum by JULIAN, KENT.  The pictures remained impressed and this lady’s brief story fitted Psorinum, the decisive point was her intense fear of Cancer.  In Synthesis Edition 5 which I have been using ARS. and PSOR. have been given 3 marks, for this fear.




10. DB, 33 years, male, married, one son. Owns an Industry.   In November 1993 he suffered intermittent pain in the chest, left side.  He consulted in two large ‘star’ hospitals and both the hospitals diagnosed ‘congenital heart disease’, ‘coarctation of aorta’; cardiac catheterization was proposed.  The patient asked for time and came to consult me.  DB had Hypertension also.  He has cleft lip which has been repaired early his life.  This is indicative of syphilitic Miasm.  He was given Aurum metallicum 30, one dose a week for six weeks.  In December 1993 he said that he had gone on holiday tour, climbed steep steps, gone up the Golconda Fort (in Hyderabad), without any problem whatever.  However, has had pain few times; Aurum metallicum M.  PHATAK’s Materia Medica of Homœopathic Medicines mentioned under Aurum metallicum, Heart: “… Aortic disease.  High Blood Pressure …”

After two months, his close relatives who were all allopathic doctors, pressed him to consult again the big hospital, as they felt that the homœopathic powders, just two grains, was just a hoax.  He went to the same hospital where he was earlier diagnosed.  The Cardiologist went through his file and asked him to fix a date for his ‘catheterisation’.  DB who himself was feeling well insisted on a ‘scan’ before the catheterization procedure. This Scan showed no coarctation!  The Cardiologist was surprised.  He opined that the earlier diagnosis might have been a mistake.  But the earlier diagnosis was done in two different reputed hospitals; can both be wrong? DB did not reveal that he was under homœopathic treatment, and came away on some excuse.  DB continued to do well without any pain.  During the year 1994 Aurum metallicum M was given thrice.  It is now thirteen years after the last dose of Aurum metallicum and DB has no chest pain whatever; he goes about his work, holidays, play tennis, etc. and remains well, upto now.  No Hypertension.



11. MR, Female, 26 years. Prof. of Psychology.  While coming down the steps slipped and fell plumb on her seat and hurt her Coccyx.  Pain was severe.  She was given pain-killer tablets and advised rest.  An x-ray showed no fracture.  The Surgeon said that she had to take the pain-killer tablets and that it may take some days to overcome the pain fully.  Pain killer tablets did not relieve to the desired extent and she suffered much.  She had takenHypericum 200 already without result.  KÜNZLI’s Repertorium Generale, has the black dot distinguishing Hypericum. 

            The other remedies are Mez. and Sil.

            CLARKE’s MM was consulted.  Under Mezereum p.488 was found “Coccyx tender and sore, from a fall”. 

Mezereum 200 one dose was given and it gave complete relief and in 48 hours she was able to go about normally!   Until this time I used Mezereum only for Herpes and the peculiar burning pains after Herpes eruptions had faded away (whether with medicine or without).  


12.    This Case was 20 years ago.  A 56-year-old industrialist came with complaint of sleeplessness, he takes sleeping pills every night, otherwise no sleep.  He has this since over one year.  He has consulted well-known neurologists.  In the course of our ‘conversation’ I learnt that he suffered Herpes on the scalp about an year ago, and although the Herpes had gone, the burning remained, it was worse and indeed it was this burning which made him sleepless!   Mezereum 200 was given in the evening and he was asked not to take the sleeping pill that night; he was sure that he will not be able to go to sleep if he did not have the sleeping pill.  However, reluctantly he agreed.    Next morning he came and was all praise for the wonderful powder, which has helped him to sleep well without sleeping tablets!  No burning in head.  He remained well when I followed up for about two years.  I don’t remember where I read, “for burning remaining long after Herpes, Mezereum”.  I have verified this in few cases.  A 46 year-old lady who herself was a Homœopathy Practitioner suffered Herpes in the waist and got over it; however for several weeks since then she had been suffering from burning in the part and could not wear a Saree; she had to keep indoors with a loose night gown and she felt very embarrassed.  She wanted to get over this distress.  A dose of Mezereum 200 relieved this state in less than 24 hours!   Since past 10 or 15 years we do not see Herpes cases.   Perhaps the Virus has mutated into something more virulent!


13. Mrs. A., 27 years, married since 5 years, no children.  She has been taking treatment from ‘Fertility Clinic’ but has not succeeded in pregnancy.  Gynaecologist diagnosed block in tube.  She also tested Monteaux positive and was on Anti-tubercular treatment.  There were some bald patches on the scalp.  Calcarea carbonica 200.  Next visit after 45 days she said the sweat on the scalp smelt urine! Medorrhinum M.  Two months later sweat scalp much less, no urine odor!  Because of the tubal block the Fertility Clinic suggested artificial insemination which she was unwilling.  She was also to take Clomifene tablets one daily for 5 days from the 5th day of the menses.  She had urinary complaints, frequent urination, almost every hour, normal quantity of urine, irritation in the urethra, vagina burning, itching nights.  Scalp hair fall ++. 

        Calcarea carbonica XM.  75 days later: hair had started growing again, no bald spots; her menses was only for 2 days, appetite increased, desire to eat something constantly, has added weight around waist, hips, thighs, No medicine.

         75 days later: Dryness of Vagina with much pain during coition.  She wept a lot because she has not conceived and the Fertility Clinic has suggested artificial procedure.

         Natrum muriaticum Q1 in 10 ml. Aqua, five drops in a spoonful of water b.d. five succussions every time.


         One month later – Nausea >, dryness of Vagina >; still on Natrum muriaticum Q1; she had missed the next menses and when tested she was positive for pregnancy!  

         On 20 October 2000 she delivered a healthy girl baby.   In August 2006, she delivered a second child.  All well.  She sent later 2 women who were unable to conceive. 


14. SDS, Male, 24 years.  This case and its outcome are baffling indeed.  This young man came to Madras (Chennai as it is called now) all the way from his home in Rajasthan, about 1500 km. if not more from here to consult the famous Eye Hospital and Research Centre – Sankara Nethralaya.  He had been diagnosed Iridocyclitis and was considered a ‘hopeless’ case.  Someone in the hotel where he was staying told him to see me. 

       He came to me on 24 March, 1996.  He knew only his dialect and there was an accompanying person who could speak some English and Hindi.  He briefly said that this young man had undergone Surgery for his right eye on 26 December 1995 because he felt pain in the right forehead, maxillary region and the eye became red, vision lost.  No other data could be got.  The Surgery did not restore the vision.  Soon, two months after in February 1996 the left eye was also affected – loss of vision.  The Eye Hospital at Chennai opined that the right eye was lost and perhaps the left eye may be helped to some extent.  Several tests and studies were being carried out since some days.  The patient could give no cause or any additional information.  He was wearing dark glasses and avoided looking straight.  No other data whatever could be got, nor any details of the investigations, or medicines. The homœopath was in as much dark as the patient! After a lot of talking about various things, he said that a week before the loss of vision of the right eye he dreamt – on four consecutive nights – of a dark, black apparition, which was threatening to harm him.  He then developed right-sided headache and the loss of vision.  In the case of the left eye also he had headache during night and next day there was loss of vision.   The only clear and expressed symptom was the black apparition threatening him, followed by loss of vision.  Stramonium M one dose was given on 24 March 1996.


        On 31 March 1996 the patient came and said that he felt perceptible improvement; can distinguish the electric light in my room, he is able to make out the light and even persons very hazily.

        11 April 1996:Very good improvement “I could see”.  Last week was able to distinguish playing cards; now can see his wrist watch and tell time; is able to see my pen while I write sitting across the table; can see Car and Bus numbers; read head-lines in News papers.  Yet to read small letters.

Upto last visit the patient was wearing dark glasses and was always looking down and never looked at me straight.  Today he was not wearing dark glass and he looked at me.  However he could not distinguish features in pictures.  “Earlier someone had to take him by hand to the toilet and into the toilet room too, now it is not necessary.  With left eye closed he can only make out light and darkness, but with the right closed he can see things.”  He was sure that even his right eye showed some improvement.  Sac lac.


       16 April 1996. He had been examined by the Sankara Netralaya Hospital on the 12th April.  The patient said that the Ophthalmologist opined that there was no need for any interference on their part since there has been good improvement “spontaneously”.  The patient did not (rightly) reveal that he was undergoing homœopathic medication.

His vision is improving, even the right one!  Datura Stramonium M one dose.


         May 20, 1996: There is improvement but not as ‘spectacular’ or good as before.  Right eye upper half vision of a circle of light, but not more.

Left eye: can tell the time; vision less for distant vision. Stramonium XM.


         July 21, 1996: Left eye improved more.  Right eye, which had some pain is not paining anymore.  Vision, may be slightly better, but that too only for upper half, lower half completely lost.  Hazy light seen in the upper half of the vision (right eye), lower half completely dark.  Aurum metallicum M.


         26 October 1996: About 10 days ago developed a small eruption (pustule) in the left eye inner corner (Lachrymal gland); he applied some ointment and then vision became poor! Earlier it had improved very well.  The Sankara Nethralaya opined that surgery with only less chance of recovery.

         Before the pustule came on the eyes he had herpes-like eruption on the left forearm anterior side; used external application and it went off!  Silicea 200.

Upto now the patient was traveling to his home and Madras every time after visit to the Hospital and my Clinic.  After the visit on 26 October 2006, he did not return and I lost touch.


         This case is reported factually, as it happened.  The ‘how’ and the ‘rationale’ and ‘scientificity’ of this is beyond me.   There are many Homœopaths who are brushing aside cases of this type.  Why?  Because something cannot it does not mean that it will not.


15. Baby P, female born 17 April 1990.   In 1992 enlargement of breasts and simultaneously Leucorrhoea were observed.  She was examined in a large corporate hospital, diagnosed “isolated sexual precocity (idiopathic) (Premature Thelarche Variant)” and under treatment since then.  She was reviewed periodically in the hospital but the costs of the treatment were considered by the parents as very high and couldn’t afford – although both of them were employed.  The parents were told that long-term medication and review were involved.  They felt that over a period of one and half years of treatment they have not observed any worthwhile improvement.  They therefore sought my help.  At this time the child was on “Androcur (50 mg) one tablet in the morning and 2 in the evening, Tab. Danoyol (10-0 mg), Tab. Eltroxin (0.1mg) half tablet once daily; review after three months”. The mother of the child said that she had undergone medical termination of her first pregnancy and her second was premature at 7 months pregnancy and the infant died.  Because of the earlier ‘premature’ she was put on ‘Dynazol’ for about seven months.  P’s dentition was a little late, at eleven months, but other milestones were normal.  The child was sluggish, did not take active part in running and play; she was  ‘slow’, timid.  She complained of burning  during urination. 


       She was prescribed Calcarea carbonica M and slowly her allopathic drugs were withdrawn.  Began to improve; she began to play and become active.  For all her other ailments from time to time, ‘colds’, ‘fevers’, etc. she continued Homoeopathy and received Calcarea carbonica M, and later XM, and two or three times Calcarea phosphorica for school headaches, and by 1999 her visits became very rare and only once in 1999, thrice in 2000, and at 12 years she attained normal puberty, and all activities and functions normal.  The last when she came was in June 2006 was for headache.  On recent enquiry, remains well.  


16. SS, Boy, born 19 March 2003. Second child; was brought to me on 9 Jan. 2006.  Has been given all immunizations, up 1 yr.6 months age.  The child has been diagnosed as suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome one year ago and was on allopathic treatment.  In Dec.2004 he was found with puffed up face, dull, drowsy; tests revealed Urine Albumin ++++.  Nephrologist’s prescription first six weeks 35 mg. o.d. Prednisolone, next 2 weeks alternate days 25 mg. Prednisolone.  Then stopped.  Again April 2005, Albumin +++, suffered cold and cough.  Prednisolone 35 mg. for 2 weeks, 25 mg. alternate days for 4 weeks, then Albumin was Nil.  In June-July 2005, again Albumin +++, repeat Prednisolone as above; again came to normal.  Again in November 2005, recurrence, same prescription plus Vermisol for 4 weeks.  By first week of January 2006 Albumin ‘nil’.  The child still looked somewhat puffed, especially eyelids, urination was not satisfactory.  The parents were not sure whether the child would become normal at all since every time after Prednisolone the symptoms vanished only to return as soon as the drug was stopped.  They came to Homœopathy. 


         9 Jan.2006, he was given Apis mellifica Q1, 3 gtt. b.d.


        2 March 2006: Since two months ‘Albumin trace’.  The parents said that according to their experience with Steroids the Albumin would be on the higher side after stopping of the Steroid.  Now there is no puffing of the face; daytime sleep is lesser; urine quantity is more than usual since last visit.   He has a ‘cold’ now.  The parents are always afraid when the child develops the least symptom of ‘cold’ because then the Albumin too would increase. This time the boy has a ‘cold’ but no swelling of the face. The parents told rather excitedly “we have never seen such improvement in him so far”.  Apis mellifica Q2, 10 ml. 3 gtt. b.d

       April 29, 2006: Tested two days ago and Albumin ++, slight puffiness under the eyes.  To continue the Apis Q2,


       May 20, 2006: Urination normal; no oedema anywhere; last medicine over.  Apis Q3 to be taken as before.


        June 24, 2006: Upto 21 June Urine showed Albumin Nil; but on 22 June, it was +++. Mild swelling between eyebrows and upper eyelid in mornings on waking, after an hour normal, no oedema.  Apis to be taken once a day only.


        June 29, 2006: The puffiness have all well passed away.  To continue the Apis Q 3 o.d.


        17 July 2006: Recently urine showed Albumin ++.  In the meantime he has a ‘cold’.  “Since beginning your treatment he has not got a cold, since over 5 months.  Pulsatilla 30.


        August 30, 2006: “We have not tested the urine, but he is well; no swelling around eyes.  Urine normal flow; overall his anger has come down. Earlier he used to have variable moods, now it is not so. S.L.


         Sept.7, 2006: ‘cold’ since 2 days; cough rattling; vomited while eating; asks for warm water to drink since yesterday.  Bryonia 30.


          Sept. 10, 2006: Swelling between the eyebrows and upper eyelids on waking, subsides in 60 – 90 minutes.  Short tempered, throws in anger, beats his sister.  Apis Q4/10 ml. To be taken once on alternate days.


          October 30, 2006: Five days ago urine tested and Albumin was trace; no swelling under eyes; “absolutely normal”.  The Apis was given until 10 days ago only, then kept it to be given if there is swelling.  No swelling now, urine normal. S.L.


       April 1, 2007: He is getting on well; no urine problem, no swellings, no puffiness, etc.

Will be going for holidays to his grandparents (250 km. from here, “some medicine if he gets cold, fever, etc.”)  Arsenicum album 30, 5 powders as and when necessary.


       June 30, 2007: “He is definitely better. Urine flow o.k. No swelling under eyes.  No colds.  Last medicine – Apis Q4 was very effective”.  Now for some months free from Albumin, facial swelling, etc.  Child well grown. Apis Q5/10 ml. 3 gtt. on alternate days, as required. 


17. Baby S.  Girl child, Date of Birth. Nov. 18, 1996 was brought to me on 28 Sept. 1997 – the child was just 10 months old with the diagnosis made in a prestigious hospital “Glycogen Storage Disorder Gr. III”. The parents had been told that it was a serious disorder and the child needed to be given feed every 2 hours and that the child must be on regular monitoring.   Liver Biopsy was done to confirm the diagnosis.  The mother of the child had Diabetes and Hypertension during pregnancy.  The child had suffered ‘fits’ on 10 August 1997 and again on 21 October 1997. 

     Because the Hospital told the parents that the disorder was difficult to be completely overcome, the parents sought Homœopathy.  The child came from a Town about 170 Km from my place.  This town is well-known historically and more famous because of a prestigious hospital, where Post graduation Specialities are taught.  

      The child suffered from Hepatomegaly, Spleenomegaly and many other attended disorders, as also the common colds, fevers, diarrhoea, severe limb pains etc., from time to time and on homœopathic medication from time to time by a colleague in her Town.  All these crisis periods were got over through Homœopathy, most often only through telephone consultations.     Even for emergencies the local doctors (allopathic) were not willing to treat because of the ‘severe pathology’.   They did not want to ‘risk’ their name, they said! The child is now past 10 years and has been under our homoeopathic care almost exclusively since these 10 years.    There were many ups and downs.  For example, in July 2006 this child suffered from ‘Chikunguniya’.  After the fever subsided she had severe bone pains, joint pains, her abdomen was more bloated, felt very weak.  Sarcolactic acid 30, in ten ml. aqua 5 gtt. b.d. until better.  Some weeks after she suffered from pain abdomen, enlarged abdomen; wept much from pains.  My colleague at the place examined and said that there was  “much enlargement of liver and pancreas. No doctor or Nursing Home here is willing to take her in.  She was therefore taken to the big hospital (who had diagnosed her during childhood), who too were unwilling to take up.  They said that they will carry out several tests and only after that think of treating.  They gave poor outcome.  The child is afraid of this hospital and stubbornly refuses to go there and wanted them to take her to the homœopathic hospital at Chennai meaning me”.  We gave her Calcarea carbonica 200 one dose.   Since then no need for any medicine for 5 months and then Calcarea 200 was repeated (February 2007) since the abdomen was still large (but much less than it was).         

       She has come out through all these crisis periods, grown and attending school.  She plays, runs, sings, etc.  I was told by my colleague at the home Town of the child that when he mentioned this child to the allopathic friends they ask him “is she still alive!”

     There have been several medicines used during these 10 years that it is difficult to mention the details. 

     I do not know whether cases like these are less serious than Cancers. 


18.  LP. 83 year-old, agriculturist. 17 Aug. 2006:  Cough, mucous blocks in the throat, since 10 years. This recurs periodically.  Since 1 month worse.  The long cough is so deep that he suffocates, severe sweating with lachrymation; eyes turn upward.  “We fear that this breath will be the last”.    < while eating.  Can’t swallow water for 15 minutes or so after cough.

            He suffered left lumbar back Herpes three months ago.  Treated allopathically including external applications over the herpes.  Still has burning pain in the place where he had Herpes.  Pain in right inguinal hernia from coughing.  17 August 2006: Mezereum 200 one dose in water given.


       20 August 2006: Cough bothers him; he feels suffocated when he coughs, becomes breathless.    Now he was given Lycopodium 200.


       30 August 2006:  Much better.  Sac lac.


       13 September 2006: Still better, coughs rarely.  No breathlessness.  No burning in the old herpes region.  Going back to his village. Sac lac.


        26 0ctober 2006: Pain in right inguinal region once 2/3 days.  Otherwise normal.  Mezereum 200.


         20 December 2006: No pain inguinal. Suffered Chikunguniya 10 days ago. Mild knee pains since then.  Also has ‘cold’.,  Rhus toxicodendron 30.


         26 December 2006: “Father is well”.    


        11 February 2007: Cough since about a month, “due to Winter”.  Deep cough due to mucous in the throat pit.  Mezereum  200 water dose.


         26 March 2007, 15 May 2007 and 12 July 2006: Remains well.  On Sac Lac.


         12 July 2007: Remains well. Sac Lac.


It was Lycopodium that cured his chronic cough of 10 years duration.  This old man is much loved and cared for by his family; all members of the family are therefore “very, very happy that he has been brought back to good health”.


19. HKP, DOB 16 Sep.1976: Fracture of the Tibia and Fibula right leg in April 2003.  Fixed with external nuts and bolts, plate, etc. promptly.  However bone union is very slow. 

24 August 2003: It is four months now since the fracture.  The Orthopaedists opine that it will take much more time for the bones to unite and he has to wait.


       In January 2003 when his blood was test it was seen that his Hb. was low.  He was surprised.  He was regular blood-donor and it was never found to be low HB.  He had suffered Jaundice once very early.  One-sided headaches at 17-18 year age; even now occasional one-sided headache.


      He has become fat because of restricted movements.  His obesity, Anaemia and slow repair of fracture made me give him Thyroidinum 200 one dose.  (Synthesis quotes CLARKE, SCHMIDT for Thyr. In ununited fracture)   


     It was reported, when I enquired in October 2003, that the nuts and bolts have all been removed and the fracture had united well.


20. S. 15-year-old lad, dry, puny, with poor comprehension, etc. was under treatment from 1991.  A single dose of Sulphur 30, produced sex  very aggravation and he brought out eruptions all over, with severe itching.  He was under our care until 1999 when there were no more eruptions and still there was some itching here and there. During these years several remedies for Colds, Coryza, joint pains, fevers, etc. were given.  He was comparatively well from 1999.  He came again in 2005.  In the meantime he has married but he is a “poor performer”.  He complained of crack in the prenuptial skin, frequents colds, itching, burning after scratching, noise in ears, etc.  He wasSulphur Q1 to Q3.  The rawness, itching etc. came down.  He  complained of pain in the right testis.  There was Varicocele.  Now it was revealed that in childhood he suffered from Varicocele. He was taunted for the sterility.  In January 2007, tests revealed Azoospermia.  Sour eructation, mild offensive sweat, pain and itching in left ear, cold and dry cough. 

        A careful consideration of his whole history decided for Sulphur and it was given in the 200th in January 2007 and again in February 2007 and April 2007.  In May 2007 his wife conceived!





I would like to quote from Rainer Maria RILKE “The Book of Hours” (1905):

   “Ich finde dich in allen Dingen,

    denen ich gut und wie ein Bruder bin;

    als Samen sonnst du dich in den geringen

    und in den großen giebst due groß dich hin

   “Das ist das wundersame Spiel der Kräfte ,

     Daß sie dienend durch die Dinge gehn;

     In Wurzlen wachsend, schwinded in die Schäfte

     Und in den Wipfeln wie in Auferstehen.”


English translation:

   “I find You Lord, in all Things and in all

     my fellow creatures pulsing with your life;

     as a tiny seed you sleep in what is small

     and in the vast you vastly yield yourself


  “The wondrous game that power plays with Things

    Is to move in such submission through the word:

    groping in roots and growing thick in trunks 

    and in treetops like a rising from the dead.”


I think it most apt to end with this. The translation of Rainer M. Rilke’s poetry is by Stephen Mitchell; there could be no better translation.