The evolutionary significance of Samuel Hahnemann-L.R.Twentyman

Current approach to Homeopathic Philosophy Organon

Examination of the Patient

What is the best method of selecting the Remedy

The integral of the Chronic Miasms

Characteristics of Psora Francisco Valiente                                                                              

Characteristics of Syphilis Francisco Valiente     

A visit to Flatland : The periodic table in Hemoeopathy

The role of the Bowel Flora in Chronic Disease - J.Paterson

The Chronic Miasms in prescribing Elizabeth & J.Paterson

Hahnemann's Doctrine of Psora in the treatment of disease in Children - William Boericke

Types, Temperaments and Constitutions - Report on a Symposium - Michael D. Jenkins

Types, Temperaments and Constitutions an Ontological Approach - Anne M.Clover

The Mysterium of prescribing Karl Konig

Hughes, Hahnemann and the half Hemoeopaths

Introductory to course of lectures at Hahnemann college of Philadelphia 1867-68 C.Hering

A proving of Sarcolactic ACID William B. Griggs Jaih

Medorrhinum - A summary of the Mental Symptoms Eugenio F. Candegabe Jaih

Provings of Medorrhinum Julian Winston 

Case reports of the use of Medorrhinum in three patients suffering from Exfoliative Deramatitis and one patient with Porphyria O.B Abdel-Hadi, C.O Kennedy, M.D. Jenkins

Radium Bromide Guy Beckley Stearns HG

A proving of Nidus Edulis - Peter B. Engel                                                                                

Pathogenesis of Myrica Cerifera E.M. Hale AHO - Jan. 1868

Sulphur, a drug picture L.R. Twentyman BHJ

Lilium and the relative value of symptoms Georg Von Keller

Lilium and the emergence of our guiding Symptoms Georg Von Keller

Ignatia and the constitutional thinking in Homoeopathy Georg Von Keller 

Thirty years of Clinical research and confirmation of the intestinal Nosode Dysentery CO.William B. Griggs Jaih

A physiological approach to the Materia Medica - Michael D. Jenkins BHJ. LXV

Drainage Remedies and the Liver Marianne E. Harling BHJ

Evidence based Homoeopathy : Clinical verification of Homoeopathic Methodology of Boenninghausen Ulrich Fischer RBH

Emotional Disorders of Childhood June M. Burger BHJ

Some interesting Homoeopathic cases Hector Mac Neil BHJ 

Iodine and its salts in Pneumonia S. Lilienthal Res

Homoeopathic reactions C.M. Boger IHA 1926

On the periodical annual recurrence of the certain Phenomena C. Hering

On Materia Medica considered as one of the natural sciences - a few questions with the answers - C. Hering

The indicated remedy C.M. Boger IHA 1922-23

Cancer cure reports

Insanity and cancer L.R. Twentyman BHJ LXIII

Foot-sweats E. Fornias MA, May-1885