The homœopathic principle and practice are based on the concept of Vital Force.  The Vital Force “maintains the sensations and activities of all the parts of the living organism in a harmony that obliges wonderment.” (paragraph 9 of the Organon).  Further “when man falls ill it is at first this self-sustaining spirit-like Vital Force everywhere present in the organism which is unturned by the dynamic influence of the hostile disease agent.  It is only this Vital Force thus unturned which brings about in the organism  the disagreeable sensations and abnormal functions that we call disease.  Being invisible and recognizable solely by its effects on the organism, it can express itself and its untunement only by pathological manifestations in feeling and function, i.e. disease symptoms.” (paragaraph 11).  Therefore “the unprejudiced observer …. sees in any given case of disease only the disturbances of the body and soul which are perceptible …… .  The totality of these …. represents the entire extent of the sickness” (paragraph 6).  And it is this ‘totality’ that has to be cured in disease (paragraph 3, knowledge of disease).  The most similar remedy thus selected, that one remedy alone for the disease in the individual should be administered;  “In no case being treated is it necessary to give a patient more than a single, simple medicinal substance at one time ….  In Homœopathy, the only true and simple natural therapy, it is absolutely forbidden to give the patient two different medicinal substances at any one time.”  (paragraph 273).


All these have been unambiguously laid down in the VI Edition of the Organon after 40 years of practical experience by Dr. Samuel HAHNEMANN.  His genuine followers have, since then verified the Organon in practice for 150 years.


It is, however, unfortunate, that there still are many, who practice pseudo-homœopathy and prescribe multiple medicines at one time.


Boy aged 5 years had been suffering from recurrent colds, fever, cough and tonsillitis, vomiting at end of cough.  The child was under homœopathic (?) treatment since some months from a duly qualified graduate in Homœopathy.  I quote below some of the prescriptions:


1.7.91:                                     1.  Rhus tox    200

                                                2.  Spongia       30

                                                3.  Amm. c.      30

                                                4.  Bell.          200  

                                                                              For 2 weeks.



15.7.91:                                   1.  Ars.iod.       30

                                                2.  illegible       30

                                                                              For 2 days.

17.7.91:                                   1.  Ars. alb.      30

                                                2.  Cina            30

                                                3.  Teucrium    30



5.8.91:                                     1.  Ars. iod.      30

                                                2.  Dulc.           30

                                                3.  Hyos.          30 + Mephitis 30


23.8.91:                                   1.  Puls.           30

                                                2.  Bell.                        200

                                                3.  Rhus-tox     200

                                                4.  Ars. alb.      200


The prescriptions go on and on in this way, every 7 days – 15 days or so.  Here is one prescription to beat all the others:

1.      Dulcamara    30

2.      Rhus-tox       30

3.      Spongia         30

4.      Ars.iod.         30

5.      Amm.-c.        30

6.      Puls.              30  +  Syrup Raricarp


I have quoted only a few of the prescriptions since it will be a waste of time and paper to list all the prescriptions.


What happened after all these?  The poor child was nowhere near getting sustained relief.


While I have heard, and seen (and continue to see) more than one medicine prescribed at one time by many, in total violation of the instructions in the Organon, these prescriptions were shocking.  Prescriptions of this type are a shame to our teaching institutions.  (very recently I saw prescriptions containing even 16(sixteen) different ‘homœopathic medicines!) 


This child in spite of these heroic medicines continued to get recurrent colds, fevers, enlarged tonsils etc.


On 23 Dec. 1991 when he was brought to me I gave him after long careful casetaking, a single dose of Pulsatilla M and since then he was on the road to recovery.  The Pulsatilla M was repeated in May 1992 for a recurrence. (Mild, affectionate likes consolation, night agg., thick yellow discharge etc.)  In August 1992 he was given a dose of Silica 200.


I learnt that the child continues to be well.  [Follow-up after few years.]


The Pulsatilla was prescribed on the totality of the symptoms and the child’s constitution.


Let us obey the Law (Organon).  Let us be lawful; otherwise we will be awful.