Gist of  Lecture delivered at the SNUGGY Club Meeting, held at SINDOORI HOTEL, Madras  on 19.6.93.




[The audience consisted of parents particularly of Infants and small children.]


Homœopathy is the Science of Therapeutics.  It is a Medicine complete in itself capable of curing all curable diseases in a safe, rapid and long-lasting manner.  There are no adverse effects; no iatrogenic diseases.


Homœopathy has a scientifically laid down ‘law’ of application of the therapy, viz.  ‘Let Likes be cured by Likes’.


This Science was discovered/founded by Samuel HAHNEMANN (Germany) in 1796 and rapidly spread all over the world.


The medicines are derived from plants, animals, Minerals and Metals, Disease Products and such imponderables as Electricity, X-ray and Magnets, etc.


The medicines are prepared in a manner which is exclusive to Homœopathy, called ‘Potentisation’, or ‘dynamisation’.  (This was explained to the audience).


A long Question/Answer followed.